Erin's Dispair

by neff trebor

Copyright© 2012 by neff trebor

Fiction Sex Story: Erin is forced to humiliate herself for the sake of her husband and daughter.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Blackmail   Heterosexual   Wimp Husband   Cuckold   Wife Watching   Humiliation   White Male   White Female   First   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Size   .

March 14, 2012

This story started out as a constructive comment to the author whose pen name is Vulvus and has written prolifically for Storiesonline I offered these changes for him to use as his. He did not seem interested. I believe he encouraged me to submit this on my own.

The names of the characters and basic premise of the story are all his. I offer this story only as an alternative. I do not claim credit for any originality. You may read his story: "My boss wins, my wife and I loose."

I have submitted one story on this website, and this is the second. I do not anticipate writing any more, and am curious what others think about these two stories.

Vulvus wrote his story through the eyes of the husband. I tried to write it in the third person. There may be lots of mistakes because I have tried to use the "Word Search," and "Find and Replace" commands to globally change things like "I" to "Dean," change "We" to "They," etc. Don't try it!!!

Ray and Dean had known each other all of their lives. Their parents were best friends and next door neighbors so they didn't have any choice but to try and get along. But for some reason, and nobody could say why, they never liked each other. They had made an uneasy truce and a less than friendly rivalry. They started playing together at their parent's insistence. Even back then though, even at the ages of three or four they didn't like each other.

They graduated from high school and Ray and Dean both went away to college. Ray's dad owned the only bank in town. It was a very big bank that was the only place for anybody to borrow money from. He put Ray through college and when he graduated Ray planned on coming back and going to work for his dad.

Dean went to a small Liberal Arts School and finished with a degree in Business. Dean was able to start an online business selling repaired airplane parts. Dean had started out with a small lathe and was able to sharpen drills. That led to repairs of larger parts and tools.

Part of their conflict was that they still had the same friends. So that whenever they came home from college if there was a party or just a few guys getting together then more often than not both of them were there.

All through school they had competed in everything. They competed for grades. They competed in sports. They competed for girls. When they got cars they nearly killed themselves racing on the back roads. Most of their friends thought it was amusing. They knew that they competed in everything. But they thought that it was a friendly rivalry. It wasn't. They couldn't stand each other.

Ray met a girl in college. Kathy was a beautiful blonde from upstate. She was smart and funny and personable. Dean never knew what she saw in him. But they got married right after they graduated from college. They came back to town and Ray's dad helped him build a nice little house on a few acres of land down by the river just outside of town.

When Ray came back to the Bank after he graduated he seemed to have settled down a little. Dean had met Ray's wife and saw her now and then. She seemed real nice and Dean thought that maybe she would settle Ray down a little. And at first she seemed to.

It even seemed like Ray and Dean tolerated each other a little better at first. But that didn't last long. It wasn't six months before Kathy left him. He went after her and made all kinds of promises and she came back after a few weeks. For a while it looked like things were getting back to normal, like they were going to make a go of it.

It didn't last though. It was only about three months later that she left, for good this time. They got divorced and there were some rumors about things Ray had done, or tried to get Kathy to do. But Dean didn't know who was spreading them or if they were true.

Ray started acting more like his old self after the divorce. Dean couldn't do anything but take it though. Some days Dean went home from work so mad he couldn't talk to anyone for hours.

Dean wasn't dating, but he wasn't a hermit. He had a lot of friends and they got together regularly. He would have liked to have had a little love in his life. But He was still young and wasn't desperate. He figured it would come eventually.

A mutual friend invited Dean to dinner that evening. There was nothing unusual about that and Dean accepted gladly. When he showed up he was introduced to Roger's cousin, Erin. Erin was the office manager for Ray's Bank.

She and Dean hit it off immediately. She was smart and funny and pretty and damn she was hot! She had the looks and vivacity of a young Kelly Ripa. She had the same tanned complexion, smile and giggle, but had much longer hair and legs. She had a very innocent way of curling her legs up under her wearing those incredibly short mini-skirts. Dean didn't think she knew what she was doing when she sat like that ... They ended up going for a walk after dinner that lasted for three hours. They didn't go anywhere and they didn't do anything. They just walked around town and talked. By the time Dean dropped her off that night he was in love. Dean was pretty sure that she was falling for him too.

When Dean invited Erin to go for a ride in the morning, she accepted immediately. He drove home that night with his head in the clouds.

Just like that, they were married six months later. It was a simple, civil ceremony held in her parent's home. His parents were there and a dozen of their closest friends. Since he was her employer, they felt that they had to invite Ray as well. Dean was very disappointed when he came.

Dean wasn't worried about Erin and all of the attention she received from Ray on their wedding day. He knew that she could hold her own with him. But Dean felt that he was spending entirely too much time with her and he resented it. It was obvious; In fact it was too obvious that he was infatuated with her. People noticed and he thought even her parents were embarrassed.

They had been living well within their means over the last few years. Dean wasn't making a lot of money by big city standards. But he was doing alright. He had managed to save a pretty good bit of money so they could have afforded a nice honeymoon.

They decided not to though. It would have been nice. But they decided to save the money instead and start watching for a good buy on a nice house.

They were perfect together. Neither of them had much experience with sex. Neither were virgins or had much experience, but they both loved their sex life. They were somewhat adventurous and open minded. There was more than enough lust in their lives, especially those first few months.

Eventually things settled down in their lives. Dean's business was doing alright, but t was still new. He spent lots of the profits on new equipment and set aside lots of it for down payment on a big new house. They were doing alright though. All of their entertainment was free or almost free. They got together with friends. They had cookouts and swimming parties at the river. Maybe once a month they would drive into the city for a meal at a restaurant. It was a different lifestyle than people in the city are used to. But for them, it was what they were used to. It was what they were comfortable with. It was what they enjoyed.

For the first few months after they got married Erin would come home to have lunch with her husband. They would eat together out on a picnic table under a tree in back. Ray started to be a problem though. He constantly hung around and flirted with her. He would almost hit on her. It didn't seem to bother him at all that Dean would hear about it. Once Ray started showing her lots of attention, she seemed to put all of her provocative clothing away. Her dresses got longer. Everything buttoned all the way up. Dean didn't like it, but could understand the change.

They weathered those problems and felt closer and stronger for having survived them as well as they did. They started that spring with an unstated but mutual resolve to put all of that behind and get on with their lives. They were still grieving for their loss of both of their parents. They had both been close to their families. But they they're determined to get past it.

When the River's were moved into an assisted living home by their son who had moved to Connecticut they put their home up for sale. A good friend let Dean and Erin know about it before it was even advertised and they jumped at it. The house was a little large for their needs. But now that they had a teen-aged daughter, they didn't think the extra rooms would go to waste. It took every cent they had in the bank and the payment was higher than they would have liked. But they loved the house and buying it seemed like a good hedge against inflation.

All of a sudden things went bad for Dean's business. The economy went into the tank. The airlines cut back drastically. His online parts company was going bankrupt. Dean would clearly need a very large loan to get some better equipment to get things built cheaper. The orders were cut down by about 80%. Erin made decent money, but it would be a real struggle to get by on Dean's business draining all of their savings. Without her income now, they would easily lose a house that was about 80% paid for.

Dean went in to see Ray about a loan. Ray said he would get back together with Dean in a few days. Unknown to Dean, this was playing right into Ray's hands. He had been suppressing a crush on Erin for a long time. He had tried to make advances on her continually since before she had been married. Now he saw his chance. When she got home that evening, Erin looked visibly depressed. Dean asked her what was wrong. She said "Ray had mentioned that you had applied for a loan."

Dean said: "We already discussed this. You said you would have no problem with it. They have no other choice. We need the money."'

"Well, there's been a new development that I am not comfortable with but don't know what to do about. He asked me to come in with a shorter dress and not wear a bra or panty hose. At the end of the day there was a package in my mail box. There was a note in it. He had picked out a dress and heels for me over his lunch hour. He said for me to wear this to work when you come back in for your next review for their loan application. If you aren't wearing the dress don't bother bringing your husband in." She said looking down at the table.

"Fuck him! I will keep this business gong without his damn loan!" He said.

"If I don't do what he says, he will fire me whether you come in for the loan or not. Then we will not have your business or my job. He will blackball me, and I will not be able to work anywhere in this town. Everybody owes him money. He will pull their loans if they hire me. Besides, nobody else will pay me what he is paying me. We will lose this house that is almost paid for." Erin said tearfully.

The next morning when she came downstairs for breakfast, Dean noticed that she was wearing the dress and heels Ray had put in her mail box. Dean cocked his eyebrow when he saw her. "You can't do this!" He whispered.

It was a form fitting thin gray silk mini skirt that buttoned down the front, and stopped above mid thigh. She had on matching very high-heeled gray suede boots that zipped up the side and stopped just below her knees. Dean couldn't believe his incredibly shy wife would have the audacity to wear something this short. Although the skirt was way too short by itself, with opaque tights, she was covered as if the dress went to her ankles. No skin was showing except for her beautifully bare arms. The first button above the hem was missing, so it would open further if she sat down. Dean knew a button was missing, because there was an eye hole about six inches above the hem. That was probably too high for the first button anyway. It should have been at the hem. He could see that the button had been cut off. All in all, it was a very tasteful outfit that made her look very tall and athletic.

When she sat and crossed her legs, Dean knew how far the hem would rise and open to reveal her beautifully shaped legs. He didn't think she realized how much she would be showing when she sat down. He made a derogatory comment about it, and she went upstairs and got a very small safety pin and pinned the bottom together with the pin on the inside. She thought she could live with it because she would be hidden behind her desk when she sat, and when she stood, the sides would hang together. Her sleeveless dress revealed her beautifully tanned and toned bare arms as she reached over the table to pick up the cup of coffee he had set for her. The pearl bracelet on her wrist help set off her long toned and tanned arms as she held the coffee cup in front of her. Even her arms looked beautiful.

Dean was stunned by her beauty, but appalled and envious at what they would be seeing of her at work. It was killing him to see her go to work this way. He was proud of her beauty, but unwilling to let Ray, her boss, see her like thins. It wasn't so much the way she looked or dressed as the fact that he had given her the dress and asked her to wear it.

One thing he wouldn't see was that she had a long pearl necklace that was looped several times around her neck. With her front buttoned as high as it was, it didn't really show, but Dean had seen her when she was naked, except for her high heeled boots before she was dressed, and the white strands against her beautifully tanned body accentuated the features of her face beautifully. It's too bad nobody else would ever see the pearls which Dean knew looped down to the bottom of her cleavage. Subconsciously, Dean knew that woman who looked like this, naked, were meant to be that way for everyone to appreciate. Her large looped earrings sparkled and framed her face beautifully. Her lips sparkled. He did not know she wore lipstick, but there had to be some type of clear lipstick of some kind Dean did not realize she had.

Her long, heavy, blond hair had been combed and pulled to one side and braided a couple twists at the base of her neck. The thick part below the braid hung over her right breast. She looked fantastic in her high-heeled boots, and Dean was insanely jealous of the people at work who would be around her that day. It was easy for anyone to see why he had married her.

"How do I look?" she asked apprehensively, hoping for her husband's approval. "You are the most stunning woman on the planet, but I am afraid you are going to turn that bastard on, which drives me crazy. I really hate to see you go in like this."

She shrugged and said, "I'm fully dressed. If it keeps him happy ... well, what the hell!"

Dean asked, "If you give in on this issue what will his next request be?"

Dean knew what Ray was thinking right this minute. He knew that Ray had the upper hand and had every intention of having sex with Erin and he wanted Dean to know it. It was pretty obvious where this was leading. Dean was pretty sure that the reason he was taking his time and leading up to it the way he was instead of just taking her was to prolong the torment he knew that Dean was experiencing. He had to know that Dean was dying to go over to his house and kick his ass.

Ray had them over a barrel. If they didn't go along, at least up to a point, they would lose everything. But Dean didn't doubt for a second that he was going to push them just as far as they would let him.

Dean explained that to Erin. But all she knew was that she loved their house and this town and she would do anything to keep from giving that up. Dean tried to point out that that was exactly what Ray was counting on. But she insisted that she could handle him. Dean didn't think that she could. He just didn't know what to do about it.

When it was time they went out and drove to the Bank. It was also the big day for the appointment with Ray when the bank opened. He wore his best suit. Ray was pulling up behind the bank at the same time. He smiled at them. It was an arrogant smile and Dean wanted desperately to knock it right off his face. He was daring Erin's husband to say something, anything.

He didn't though. He struggled to keep his anger in check and waited for Ray to unlock the door. He said good morning to Erin and ignored her husband. Dean knew as he turned his back that he had screwed up. He should have said something. He should have threatened him. He should have done something. In his mind he had just given Ray permission to sexually harass his wife.

He had seen that she was wearing a miniskirt as requested. Dean didn't doubt that Ray would soon realize that she was wearing a bra. When Dean didn't object to what Ray was doing, he was in effect, giving him permission.

Dean had shown himself to be helpless. Ray was not going to let that go. Ray unlocked the door and they went inside. He waited for Erin to enter behind him and as soon as she stepped inside he put his arm around her shoulder and they walked off towards the office. He glanced at her husband over his shoulder as they walked. He grinned widely as he moved his hand slowly down her back.

His hand was still moving down as they turned into the hallway leading to their offices. Dean just stood there like a retard and watched Ray lead his wife away. Dean finally stepped inside and sat down, waiting for the receptionist to call him into Ray's office.

When the secretary called, she led Dean over to Ray's office, opened the door and introduced them to each other. Ray stood, shook hands, and offered Dean a seat. He buzzed the intercom and asked Erin to come in. He asked her to sit.

When she did, Dean's heart went into his throat. Dean could see Rays eyes light up. He could see Erin's sudden panic. She thought she would be just standing or sitting behind her desk. She didn't have a purse she could set on her lap for cover. Actually Dean didn't think it really mattered. The dress was very short, but the tights covered everything. It wasn't so much what she showed, as much as what they were aware of.

When she sat, the dress rose obscenely. It was above mid thigh when she stood. Now, it wasn't doing much more than covering her crotch. Dean had to admit, though, her incredible figure with that summer-in-the-sun complexion was spectacular. Embarrassed by her short dress riding up, she laid her hands between her crossed legs. The pearl bracelet on her wrist only seemed to call more attention to the area and her embarrassment.

"Normally, for a business loan, I would just ask the person applying for the loan to come in; not necessarily both people. This is a little different loan. Dean, the economy is bad; on the other hand, your house should be adequate collateral for this size loan. But we are in a big recession and lots of houses are being foreclosed. Basically, your only asset is Erin's stable job. What it gets down to is whether or not Erin can keep her job until the loan is paid." Erin fidgeted uncomfortably in her seat. "I also ran a credit check on you. It seems that Erin's father had a few bad years before he died. He had borrowed money against the farm that she inherited. You have a large farm that doesn't have a lot against it, but no one will loan more money against it, and without Erin's income, she could lose that too."

"Erin; what did I ask you to do today?" "You asked me to wear this dress." And ... Erin looked down at the floor. "You asked me not to wear a bra or pantyhose anymore." She said, turning a beet red.

"Erin; this loan to your husband is a lot of money. I am almost taking your word about your ability to repay. You say you will, but I also asked you to do something you did not do. It's not a big thing, but If I can't depend on you to do as I ask, how do I know that you will keep your word about anything?"

"You know that you can depend on us to do what is right." Erin said again with her eyes glued to the hem of her dress which was rising uncomfortably up her crossed legs. She wanted to tug it down, but knew Ray would be angered.

"I notice the bottom of your dress is pinned together. How did that happen? Was that part of what I asked you to do?" he asked. Erin turned red and looked up at Ray, then over at her husband. The room was silent as she flipped the hem inside out and removed the pin. She stuck it back into the inside of the fabric and pinned it to one side of the dress. She tried to re-cross her legs and fold her hands over the now loose flaps at the bottom. "Put your hands to your sides young lady!" he whispered loud enough for all to hear. Erin blushed in embarrassment as she brought her hands to rest on the arms of the chair. She refused to look down as she felt the fabric fall away. The only thing hiding her pubic area was her crossed legs and a couple of inches of fabric in her lap.

"I want you to stand up." Ray said softly. Erin stood. "Now as a sign of your worthiness, I think you need to demonstrate you are a person of your word. First of all what about the bra?" Erin looked around for another room to change in. "Do it here! Do it now!"

Erin stood and walked over to her boss. "Please, Ray; don't make me do this in front of both of you." She whispered hoping only he would hear. "At least allow my husband to leave. This is going to kill him! Please don't make me do this to him." She pleaded.

"Your husband needs to know the terms of all the agreements too." Ray said grinning widely and intoxicated with the power he was gaining over the couple...

Erin walked back over in front of her chair and glanced at her husband as she turned to face her boss. "Please don't do anything. I will get through this." She said looking over at Dean. Her husband was in turmoil. He was enraged not only at his wife's humiliation, but also transfixed with the show he was hoping he wouldn't see.

"Ray; could you please at least lock the office door?"

"Forget that. You are going to have to get used to having an audience. You are going to have to get used to the rest of them seeing you this way too! Let's get going."

Glancing over at the door to make sure it was still closed; Erin reached for the top button of her dress. She looked over at her husband; hoping he would stop her. She stopped; and grabbed his hand to lead him out of the room. "Erin; you need to think about what you are doing. We will lose the house, the business and your dad's farm..."

Erin's eyes started to tear up. For the one brief moment when she was ready to walk out, her husband had abandoned her! With no options left, her hands trembled as she reached up for the top button. Her knees trembled so much she could hardly stand in her high heels. She opened the first button. Her hands slid down to open the next. When she had unbuttoned it down to the waist, she stood there, fighting her reluctance to take the next step. She wiped her nose to clear the tears. She reached up and slid one shoulder of her dress off. When she slid the second sleeve of her dress over her shoulder, the top of her dress slid down to her waist and folded over her belt.

What a waist! She had the narrow waist and hips of a young boy. She crossed her arms in front of her breasts instinctively to cover herself. Her bra was the sheer nude transparent fabric of normal pantyhose, and did nothing to cover her. Ray was fascinated with this spectacular creature. "You're not done yet; Erin." Ray whispered.

Slowly, Erin dropped her head as she reached for the clasp behind her. When the clasp opened, her breasts sprang free. Erin reached up quickly to keep it from falling away. She looked over at her husband. He had a blank expression.

Ray extended his arm with his hand open palm up. Erin walked over to him with tears in her eyes, and shrugged off the bra. She chocked on her sobbing as she handed it to him. The chill from the air conditioning and her fright made her breasts and nipples stand out as they became covered with Goosebumps. Erin instinctively crossed her arms over her spectacular breasts. It was probably an instinctive reaction that she pulled her long hair over her shoulder and hung on to it with both hands in an attempt to further cover herself. They were not huge, but firm mounds that stuck straight out. Except for the length of her hair, she looked like Shalom Harlow in Purple Magazine. ( They weren't big but her overall look was spectacular.

The bra was an item of modesty to keep her Bai Ling nipples from showing through her dress. Her breasts had no sag. They seemed to defy gravity. Since they were cold, her nipples probably stuck out further than normal. These pink nipples were at least ¾ of an inch long and looked like brand new erasers on a number two pencil. Erin was devastated at having to stand in front of her husband and employer exposed like this.

"Put your arms down!" Humiliated, she dropped her arms to her sides and stared at the wall behind him.

"Get your shoulders back!" Her breasts jiggled to telegraph her sobbing as she clasped her hands behind her. The involuntary movement of her breasts was humiliating to her. She felt her husband would think she was doing it willingly. Ray walked over and around to inspect her. His hand fondled her breast as He reached out and brushed her long hair behind her. Erin cringed mentally, but struggled not to outwardly offend him by moving away. She looked over at her husband, afraid that he would explode into a rage and rip this man to pieces. She tried to fake a smile over at him to assure him everything would be o.k. Her trembling lip gave her away.

Ray got behind her and reached out with both hands to caress her nipples. "You look spectacular, Erin. Your clothes don't do you justice. I feel I would be willing to make you account executive for all new business. You would be good at getting new investment accounts with me picking your clothes and hair styles.

Ray stood behind her and began fondling her nipples. He repositioned themselves so they were both facing her husband. Erin could see his blood boiling and his body trembling, trying to control his anger. Ray was sitting on the edge of his desk and repositioned themselves, moving to the end so her husband could get a good sideways view of them so he could see everything he was about to do.

Ray turned her to face him. He had his arms around the back of her now. Erin tried to put her arms over her breasts for cover and to keep herself away from Ray as much as possible. Ray used one hand to lift her chin towards him. He turned his head a little and tried to kiss her. She tried to lower her head in a futile effort to keep from the appearance of completely cooperating.

Ray reached up with his right hand and pinched her left nipple. He slowly increased the pressure until she was ready to scream. She got the idea. She turned her head sideways, and wrapped her arms around his neck. Ray let go of her nipple. He opened his mouth and his tongue crept between her lips. Reluctantly, Erin relaxed her jaw and her lips part to let him enter.

In a sense, it was only a kiss; but it was a passionate on Ray's part. It was more than a kiss. It was a symbolic struggle between them of who's will was going to prevail. It was symbolic of his intent to snake something bigger into this embarrassed, tormented woman's openings, and she knew it. She reluctantly opened her mouth and let this slimy monster slither into her mouth. Her moan was a sign of reluctance and despair that her husband mistook for ecstasy. It was killing him. His feeling of rage was also matched by his curiosity about what his wife would allow herself to do.

To her husband who was not aware of the pain and coercion, it looked like she was cooperating. Their heads were twisting in a passionate embrace. Erin was exponentially humiliated because of what she was forced to do and the perception to her husband that she was willingly participating.

Ray's fingers crept up to her breast again. Erin tiptoed up in her high heel boots and wrapped her arms tighter around his neck as she tipped her head more to meet the bigger man.

Ray turned her again so she was facing away from him and they were both facing her husband. Erin's panicked eyes searched desperately for her husbands, trying to figure out what was going to happen next.

Ray was sitting with his butt on the end of the desk, his legs spread with his feet on the floor. Erin was standing between his legs with her back to him. Ray had been rolling his fingers on each of her nipples, and slowly let his right hand drop down her body. Erin's hands lifted to cover her eyes to blot out the image she knew she was presenting to her husband.

As Ray's hand slowly dropped down past her belly button, she knew what he was heading for. His hand gripped her dress and inched it up until he could feel her bare stomach. His hand snaked down inside her panties. Erin placed her left hand over Ray's left hand on her nipple as though she could hide what he was doing from her husband. She placed her right hand over Ray's, hoping for some unfathomable reason that she could stop what he was about to do.

She knew better than to apply pressure to stop the movement of his hands from going where he wanted. Instead she desperately pressed her hands against his, adding pressure to somehow telegraph some sort of protest without actually stopping him.

Ray's hand reached her clit. Erin increased her pressure, desperately hoping to stop him. His middle finger searched for the opening and inched itself towards the back of it. It was dry because she was petrified with fear and humiliation. Ray brought his finger back up to her lips.

"Lick it! He whispered into her ear so only she could hear. She wouldn't stick out her tongue, but reluctantly allowed him to insert his finger into her mouth. The action of forcing his hand into her mouth pushed her head back so her nose was pointing straight up in the air, with her head resting against and over Ray's neck. She turned her head away from him, but kept her eyes shut, knowing she would be facing her husband. Ray snaked his hand back down to her entrance. It was a tight and awkward fit.

"Open up!" Ray whispered into her ear. Ray grabbed her right thigh and lifted her leg up over his. She was now standing on her left foot in high heels. She was humiliated, knowing the picture they were displaying to her husband, and wobbled on her one high heel boot being her only support. Her hands which were being used to shield the humiliating groping of her nipple and vagina now pressed tighter against him for support.

Her husband was boiling in rage. What started out as an attempt to humiliate both of them now appeared to be a scene of his wife in ecstasy with this evil monster. Her head was back, and her hands were clutched tightly against his, with her right leg up over his to make room for his fingering of her. Dean could see their bodies moving in reaction of Rays hand being inserted into her.

Ray's hand withdrew. He raised it back to her mouth for more lubrication. Erin's head thrashed from side to side when she sensed what he was doing. "Open up hon." He said.

Erin was facing her husband as she opened her eyes. Humiliated, she allowed her mouth to open and admit the finger that was slick with her own fluid. It had no smell, but the thought of her husband watching this finger coated with her own fluid made her gag. Ray inserted his finger into her mouth like he was fingering her vagina.

When he withdrew, Erin used her left arm to wipe her mouth. Her hand went back to cover the groping of her left nipple. Her eyes were open now and pleading with her husband to get her out of this. Without words, they both knew they were too far into this ordeal for any escape. Finally, Erin released her right hand from covering her vagina. Her back and legs were killing her. She wrapped her right hand and arm around the back of Ray's neck for more support.

Erin could not stifle little groans of pain, but to her husband, her position and moans appeared to be a woman in the throes of rapture. Ray removed his hand from her vagina, put her right leg down and stood. He turned her around. He made her lick off his fingers.

"That will do for a start." Ray said as he pushed her back about half of an arm's length. "The next item we had an agreement on was to get rid of those pantyhose."

Erin turned red. The cost of the loan approval was escalating. She walked over to her chair; sat; crossed her legs; bent down and unzipped the side of one high heeled boot. Her short dress parted up to the last button above her hem. She re-crossed her legs to undo the other boot. The dress crept up past mid thigh as she bent over in her chair. Erin kicked off her boot and used her feet to line her boots up under her chair. She looked up to meet Ray's eyes who silently glared at her. She was gradually beginning to lose her embarrassment of just her breasts being bared, out of the additional despair about where this was leading to. Where would it stop? Had he no compassion for either her or her husband?

Daring not to anger him anymore, she reached up under her dress and grabbed the top of her pantyhose and rose up momentarily to slide them past the edge of the chair. She bent down; pulled them off of her legs and took an agonizingly long time straightening and folding them. She put them neatly above her high heels. Humiliated, Erin crossed her arms over her bare breasts and laid her torso against her thighs for cover. She wiped some more tears from her face, silently waiting for the next order.

"Put your high heels back on and stand up. I want to know how you will look in your new job." Erin sat up to put on her high heels. First she started to slip the dress back on over her shoulders. "Forget that. Just put on the shoes!"

Erin sobbed, knowing she was not going to be allowed any dignity at all. She bent down to put on her high heels. Her breasts swayed in front of her, adding to her humiliation. When she had her high heels back on, Erin returned to her former position with her head down and her arms crossed in front of her, unable to stand because of her humiliation and embarrassment.

"Erin, dear, you need to show more confidence than this. Put your arms down and your head up. You are a beautiful woman. Show some confidence!" Erin reached up with both hands to wipe some tears from her eyes and nose. She tried to use this pose as long as possible to cover herself. As instructed, she stood; put her arms to her sides and looked over at her husband before turning to stare at the wall above Ray's head.

"Erin; I am going to be depending on you to do whatever you can to bring in new business in your new job. I need to be comfortable with your commitment to this job. This look is very becoming for you. There are going to have to be some more changes. Lift your dress." Erin's blood raced. How could she do this in front of her husband? Thinking about what would happen if they lost the house she grabbed a pinch of her dress in each hand and raised the hem to her waist. Her panties were high-waisted and made of the same sheer material as her bra. They hid nothing. Ray could see her beautiful pubic hair because the panties were made of the same sheer fabric of her bra. "Take off those dreadful panties, Erin. Those are for old fuddy-duddies!" Erin cringed at the command.

Her husband started to lean forward in his chair. Erin was afraid he was going to leap up and hit her boss. "Please, honey. Please don't do anything. It will be alright. I can get through this." She tried to say it as softly and calmly as she could even though her heart was pounding and she was about to vomit.

She tried to force a smile as she looked assuringly over at her husband while she stuck her thumbs into each side of the waistband and pulled them down. She bent forward and pushed them down past her knees until they fell to her feet of their own accord. Once they puddle around her feet, she stepped out of them, bent over to pick them up, and set them on her pantyhose. Once she had straightened, the hem lowered past her crotch to cover herself. Erin stood there totally humiliated. Even though her lower half was technically covered by the dress, just having everybody in the room know, was almost as humiliating as having them see.

Ray got up and went over to his desk. He pulled open a few drawers until he found what he was looking for. Ray came over to her husband and handed him a clear plastic bucket. It was big enough to have an electric razor, small scissors, safety razor, small towel and some shaving cream. He had prearranged his office for this specific situation. "I don't think she can do all that by herself. You are going to have to help her, or I will. She needs a good shave. I want to see that vagina from across the room!" Erin shuddered and covered her face with her hands.

Erin, you are simply stunning in that dress. This is how I expect you to dress as long as you work here, or until the loan is paid off; whichever comes first. But for now, I don't want to see that dress ruined while your husband shaves you, so you need to take it off.

Erin's body shook as she sobbed. She could no longer hide what her body was doing. Her hands instinctively rose to cover her mouth and nose. She took a couple of breaths with her eyes closed to gather herself. "Just get through it." She thought. Erin looked down at her dress, and grabbed the hem. She started at the bottom and began unbuttoning the last few buttons that held it together.

Once that was done, she grabbed the sides to hold them momentarily before bringing it around to the front of her now naked body. She used it as cover as she straightened it up and folded it.

"Go sit on the desk; get up on it; and spread your legs. Make this easy on your husband, Erin."

Trying to look defiant, Erin flicked her head to flip her hair over her back. Her dress was folded over her right arm like a waiter carries a towel. Her breasts jiggled as her high heeled boots clip-clopped across the room and echoed off of the high plaster ceiling. Her legs were magnificent. She had nicely developed calves and thigh muscles. Her legs tapered back in above her knees. Her thighs tapered back just under her butt. Her butt did not jiggle when she walked. Her glutes tightened and loosened with the walk of a former distance runner or high-jumper that she was. Her medium-bronze complexion shimmered because of the perspiration forming from the anxiety she was in.

Once Erin got to the desk she stood there, petrified. Her husband walked over. Ray moved a waste basket over to the side of the desk, and moved Dean's chair over in front of the corner of the desk. Ray picked her up and set her over the corner of the desk. Erin tried to cross her legs to cover her crotch, and her arms to cover her breasts and eyes. Her stomach was convulsing.

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