My Blind Date

by Richard the Third

Copyright© 2012 by Richard the Third

Romantic Sex Story: Rejoining life and losing the only woman I had ever loved, I went on a blind date -- my life changed forever!

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Incest   .

Burying my wife's been such a life-changing event!

I'd known Jackie, short for Jacquelyn, for two years, before we started dating ... then four years of dating, finally getting married on Catalina Island on the Fourth of July! Married fifteen glorious years together - until she was diagnosed with lymphoma!

Refusing treatment - because she didn't want to live messed up by it - it didn't take long for her to weaken into a person I didn't recognize anymore. I loved her to the very end, sobbing by her bedside as she took her last breath!

To this day, I visit her gravesite every weekend, sometimes just pulling up to it, and play her favorite song - Nadia's Theme, which I've kept in the car on CD, just for these visits.

For the first month after she was gone - I was in denial - waiting for her to walk in the door, or come out of the bathroom, or the kitchen. Slowly, I realized I was alone - just like I'd been ... before I met her!

Eventually, I packed up her clothes to give to Goodwill, but couldn't make the call to actually have them pick it up. I've a room full of her stuff I can't go in, or I instantly start to cry, like a little baby. I keep the door open and glance inside, but going in ... is such a chore.

She died a little over six months ago!

My name's William Manchester, but people call me Bill or Billie. I was 24 when Jackie and I got married ... I'm now approaching 40. I've been in something of a funk, because I'm alone again.

It's been 19 years since I've gone out on a date, just the thought of asking someone out on a date again actually makes me sick to the stomach. I like to look at pretty girls - don't all men of all ages - but nowadays, I feel inadequate to even start a conversation with a total stranger, other than 'good morning' or something like that!

There are four of us who were born to Matthew and Sylvia Manchester; Michael's 50, Shirley's 46; my other sister Mary's about to turn 43! I'm the baby of the family!

There's a knock on my door; I yell, "Come in" from the couch! Didn't even want to get up and answer the door - its Shirley!

"Hi, Sis ... you're looking good!" I at least stood up, Dad told me to always stand when a woman walks into the room — it's a respect thing!

She walked over and sat down on the couch and said, very matter-of-factly, "Bill, I know you miss Jackie, but she'd want you to move on, and find someone to love! Come sit by me."

"OK, Shirl - but I'm ... so out of practice! I haven't been on a date with anybody - except Jackie - for almost 20 years. I don't know where or how to pick up a girl. Jackie practically fell into my lap, I didn't have to be smooth, or a sweet talker. We'd been schoolmates, then friends - then lovers - and then 'boom' we're married; now I'm a widower, a widower turning 40 in two weeks."

Turning to me and looking me straight in the eyes she said, "You want me to set you up on a blind date, Bill?"

"Oh, Shirley — No, not a blind date - Anything but a blind date?" I rolled my eyes to help make my point.

"I actually ran into someone who knows about your situation, and she told me she'd love to out go on a date with you, but was afraid to ask you herself?"

"Why's that?" I questioned.

"You're damaged goods to most women, Bill!" she said putting her hand on mine.

Ouch - that hurt, but it's accurate.

"Jackie was the first girl you'd talked to in high school, wasn't she?" she said.

"Yeah, Shirley - I fell in love with that silly, crooked smile of hers. If there ever was a case of 'Love at First Sight, ' it was Jackie and I. We dated for four years, all through college. Then on our graduation day, right after she got her diploma, I dropped down on one knee and asked her to marry me."

"Yeah, Yeah Bill, and you were married two years later. I'd always wondered how my little brother snagged someone as nice as Jackie."

"Actually Sis, I was always on the lookout for someone who reminded me of my big sisters. You and Mary were, and still are, my 'Standard' when it comes to beautiful women, who're also smart as a whip!"

"Good to know, bro - and how long has it been since you've kissed a woman. I mean really kissed a woman, you know with a little bit of tongue and..."

"Shirley, don't be crude; I loved Jackie. It must've been about a month before Jackie died - yeah about a month. So, altogether it's been ... seven months since I've been in a relationship with a woman."

"Really? OK, Bill we need to get you back on the horse. This woman I've spoken with — she's got it bad for you, but she's just as scared as you sound."

"Really - who is she?"

"Then it wouldn't be a blind date, would it?" Now she rolled her eyes and slapped at me.

"You really know somebody ... is it someone I already know?"

"Ask away — I'll tell you nothing! Are you game?"

"Why're you helping me, Shirley? What's in it for you?"

"Because I love my little brother, and I want to see him happy again!"

I pondered it all for a moment, and then said, "Well - all right! Set it up and text me the particulars ... this weekend?"

"Yes, I'm certain she's available for this weekend! I'll text message you where you'll meet, and what to wear?"

"What to wear ... Are you questioning my fashion sense, Sis?"

"The clothes make the man, Bill," Shirley said. "Don't you remember Dad always saying that!"

"Yeah, I do!" Dad always looked his best and expected us to as well.

Later that night, I got a text message from Shirley:

"Dinner at Fowler's Restaurant. Reservation for 6:45pm on Saturday, dress to impress! That means wear a tie, dummy! Love you, Shirley!"

Damn! She didn't tell me anything about this woman, what her name was, what she'd be wearing, the color of her hair, anything like that.

I texted her back: "How'll I know her?"

Her response:

"She knows who you are ... she'll come and sit at your table, the rest is up to you, bro!"

Oh, shit! I'm already sweating.

All week, even at work, all I could think of was this blind date! What if I didn't like her? What if I disappointed her? What'll I talk about? What if she's somebody I know and dumped, because I met and fell in love with Jackie? All of these questions were swirling around in my head, making me nervous -- making me sweat!

Saturday came and I was laying out what I was going to wear tonight! Mom used to say 'always wear clean underwear!' So, boxers, plain white undershirt, dark blue dress shirt, dark blue beltless slacks, black socks, and a red power tie!

All I need now, is a wide brim hat and I'd look like a pimp from one of those 70s exploitation films. Or that guy from Soul Train — what was him name, Don Corleone — nah, that's Brando's character from Godfather.

I called Shirley, asking what my date would be wearing! She cryptically said, 'a little black dress!' It is a classic!

Fowler's restaurant, where we were meeting, was 15 minutes from my place, so I took a hot shower and changed into my outfit, remembering at the last minute to put on some underarm deodorant, along with a splash of Old Spice on the face. I combed my hair to look younger, yeah right!

I drove myself to the restaurant, changing my mind at least half a dozen times to not show up, thinking I'd just embarrass myself due to the fact that it'd been so long since I'd been on a date. I was ready with some chit-chat, 'nice weather' 'you look lovely' and 'beautiful dress' and 'you have lovely eyes' ... stuff like that!

I parked and went inside, and they'd set me up at a quiet table in the corner ... thank you Shirley!

Every girl who walked in, I looked at, to see if I knew her and if she could be my 'blind date!'

At 6:45 exactly, the bell on the door rang.

I saw the legs first, and then I saw a beautiful set of curves encased in the most delightfully sexy Little Black Dress, as I moved my way up to her face!

'My god, ' I said to myself. 'It's my sister, Mary!'

I stood up and managed to get out of my mouth the words, "Mary - what the hell are you doing here?"

"I'm here for a blind date, that our sister Shirley set me up on ... oh my god, our sister set you and me up on a blind date?"

"You didn't know that it was me who'd be here tonight at 6:45?" my beautiful sister said.

"No, Billie! She told me that she met a real cute guy at a party, who'd be perfect for me to date ... honestly, I never knew it could possibly be you?"

"Oh," I flirted leaning forward, "You ... don't think your little brother's cute? You look fabulous in that little black dress you barely have on! I had such a crush on you as a kid growing up; I peeked in your bedroom a time of two, but never got to see anything good!"

"So now - what do you think of how I turned out?" She said with a sparkling smile on her face.

Deciding to dodge her question, I asked, "What're you doing on a blind date, anyway Mary? What about Donny? I heard you two were engaged!"

"That blew up when I caught the dirty sonofabitch screwing my best friend two weeks ago - on our bed! So I'm back on the market - having survived the car accident that killed my husband and now, having lost my fiancé and my best friend, all in the same day!"

A waiter came up and asked, "What'll you and your lady friend be ordering tonight?"

I responded, looking directly into my sister's beautiful eyes, "Mary here ... will have a rib-eye steak, cooked medium-rare, with baked potato, extra butter, with green peas and a side order of onion rings!"

Mary looked at me and mouthed, "You remembered that?"

"And I'd like a Petit Filet mignon, cooked medium well, with new potatoes, butter only, and some raw kale, please!"

"And to drink, sir?"

"A bottle of your oldest Wild Horse Pinot Noir Unbridled, please!"

"Thank you, sir!"

"No sense letting a good wine go to waste, right Mary!" I said.

"Certainly, Billie ... I can't believe you remembered what I ordered over ten years ago, when our entire family came here together, to celebrate Mom and Dad's 50th Wedding anniversary!"

"Well, that was the last time we all were together before ... before the plane accident that killed mom and dad," I replied. "So, what last name do you go by these days, Mary?"

"I kept Roger's last name, Billie! I'm officially Mary Newman! Why do you ask, anyway?"

"I think I know why Shirley set us up?" I pondered.

"Tell me, Billie!" she said, leaning forward, causing a distraction to my eyes for a moment.

"She knew I had a crush on you for a long time, still do as a matter of fact - and your last name isn't the same as mine! Can I ask you a potentially horribly uncomfortable question?"

"Yes, but I reserve the right to not answer it?" Mary said, smiling quite seductively.

"Have you ever had a crush on me, and did you ever tell Shirley about it?"

"That's a very loaded question, bro ... I'm not sure I'm prepared to answer that, yet! Can I get back to you on that before our blind date's over?"

"Sure, beautiful ... that way I can look at you and see just how gorgeous you've become? After dinner, would you like to go dancing? I remember you were a very good dancer!"

"Let's just see how the evening goes, Billie?" she responded with a great deal of sultriness.

"Uh — Mary ... tonight at least, could you call me William? You're the only person still alive that calls me Billie! I'd love for tonight to be as magical as you may be willing to make it!"

"Bill, Billie ... William, are you actually going to treat this as a 'real' date?"

"As real as you'll let me, Mary."

"But we're..."

" ... two people, who happen to be sitting in a nice restaurant, making small talk, and wondering how the evening might end." I quickly reached across the table, and took her hand.

The waiter came back with our wine order, giving us each a glass, and then showing me the bottle, handing me the cork to smell, and then pouring me a small taste. I swirled it around then took a sip, and nodded to our him who refilled my glass and then Mary's glass. Then he left.

"What was all of that about? Did you know what you were doing?" Mary asked with a delicious giggle.

"I've seen it enough times to know that's what's done when a bottle five years old or older is opened. What the cork smells like or why they swirl the wine, I don't have a clue?"

"That's priceless, William!" Mary laughed - what a pretty laugh. What a gorgeous woman!

"I must admit, that you calling me William is already turning me on a little! What do you say to that, Ms. Newman? Ready to live a little dangerously tonight!"

My phone rang. I looked and saw it was Shirley, so I answered it.

"Got to take this!"

"Hey Billie, Did your blind date show up?"

"Actually, Sis - I'm sitting here with the most beautiful blonde I've ever seen in my life! She couldn't be any prettier, if I'd designed her myself! Thank you so much for your help. This girl might be exactly what I need to get over my loss! I'll take over from here - Love you Sis, goodbye!"

"Did you mean all of that, William? You just might get lucky tonight, you dog!" Mary said.

Our food arrived just then, or I may have jumped across the table to started kissing my older sister Mary!

We were through dinner with our bill taken care of by Shirley. We were enjoying some coffee, Mary started the conversation.

"So, William ... is this your first 'date' since your wife died?"

"Yeah, Mary — I've been in something of a funk, and finding someone to date didn't seem important enough for me to do anything about it!"

"Do you still want to go out dancing, or are you too pooped to party?"

"Well, what're my options, Mary?"

"William, we can go out dancing to some place full of drunks and music that might be too loud, or we could just go back to your place!"

"And what might me do at my place, Mary?" I blatantly flirted.

"Use your imagination a little! How long since you've been with a woman, William?"

"You know that just hearing you call me William might be all I need tonight! Are you asking out of curiosity or because you might be interested in ... breaking my streak?" I said.

"Maybe a little of both - I must admit the concept of us ... making love is well within my personal belief, that if two people meet and have a connection, then those adults should share their feelings, regardless of the circumstances of their birth!" Mary responded licking her lips.

"Well, then - why don't we get into my car, and head back to my place ... put on some music, dance a little and see what else happens tonight! We can do, or not do anything we want ... don't you agree with that?" I said.

Her answer to that was to get up, which got me up — she came over to me and took my hand. I dropped a twenty on the table on my way out, seeing our waiter giving me a thumbs up!

As we walked into my place, I was glad that I cleaned up before I went on my blind date. I certainly hadn't expected to be bringing anyone back to the house - much less my sister -my 43 year old, blonde, stacked sister!

Physical descriptions are now in order!

William, that's me — almost 40, 5 foot 10, 166 lbs, Brown Hair, Blue Eyes; Mary — 43, 5 foot 8, 132 lbs, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes. My guess is that her measurements were 36D-26-35.

Mary closed the door and leaned back up against it saying, "I hope you got some more wine, William ... I don't think I'm through drinking tonight!"

"I see," I said walking up to her very close. "Your plan is to get me drunk and take advantage of me?"

"I don't need to get you drunk, William! I can tell by the look in your eyes since I walked into Fowler's, that you wanted me? The only question I have is 'Is this a fling or is it going to be the 'Real Deal?'"

The silence added to the sexual tension that was quickly filling the room.

"Mary, do you want to open this bottle in here, or in the bedroom?"

"William, I thought you'd never ask!"

She grabbed my head and we kissed - Wow, she's a great kisser! I wonder what else she's good at? As if she read my mind, she pulled me by my belt into my bedroom and sat me down on my bed. Now my head was at the same level as her breasts, Mary untied the knot in her dress and let it fall to the ground.

As I'd suspected, she wasn't wearing a bra, so all she had on was a cute yellow pair of panties, that weren't see through. She leaned forward, putting her breasts in my face saying, "Yes, they're real, and yes you can touch or suck on them all night if you want!"

Without getting up, I put my hand out and lightly touched her breast, causing Mary to shudder a bit, and I got the rest of the way erect. I wouldn't doubt that I might cum at her first touch — If I want?

I reached out with my other hand and now had both of her breasts in my hands. She'd opened the bottle of wine Id and glugged herself a drink. Since my hands were busy, she put the bottle in my mouth and I also took a big gulp.

After the drink, I moved my mouth close to her breasts and licked her nipple, causing it to pop up like one of those things they put in turkeys, to let you know they've reached the right temperature. I know that I've reached the correct temperature, and quickly stood up, pulled off my shirt and dropped my slacks and boxers to the ground. Mary immediately grabbed me by my dick.

"Be careful, Mary - I'm very close to cumming!"

"Good," she said, as she dropped to her knees and licked the very end of my dick. "I want you to cum in my mouth, so you can take your time in my pussy, little brother!"

That was enough for me, and I started cumming, with her lips on my dick ... she quickly put it in her mouth and by the second spurt, I was cumming in my sisters mouth. She was sucking on my dick, trying to coax more out of me, but I was done for the moment.

She stepped out of her panties and threw herself on the bed and spread her legs wide for me! I wasn't about to refuse this beautiful woman who wanted me to drink her juices ... I wanted to do that for the last 15 years or so! I'd always expected that would stay an unfulfilled fantasy.

Not tonight!

I quickly grabbed her legs and very slowly grazed my hands up and down her legs, which caused her to start cooing a bit ... with each pass up and down, I moved closer to her beautiful hairless pussy. I was closing in, and my head got close enough for me to lick the inside of her thigh, changing her cooing into moaning.

I backed up and stuck her big toe in my mouth and starting slurping on it, moving back and forth between her big toes ... I felt her tremble beneath me. I moved quickly to her clit and wrapped my lips around it, causing her to really start to shake, making me think that she was close to orgasm, and then I stopped!

"William, don't — don't - get back there, I'm about to cum all over you, please — pretty please, with Mary on top?"

That got me interested and plowed my tongue deep inside her luscious lips, causing her to clamp her legs tightly around my head, keeping me in place. Using my tongue I started to lick all around the outside of her labia ... she really enjoyed this - I could tell!

I heard a very strange sound, considering her thighs were covering my ears. Like when you put a shell up to your ears and you hear the ocean - that's what I heard, I heard the ocean from between my sister's thighs!

Mary started yelling, "Oh, William, oh oh, William, I'm I'm a squirter, I hope you're ready for this, because - I'm - about — to cum ... ohhhhhhhhhh ... ohhhhhhhhhh!"

I'd never been with a woman who squirted, but I knew of it, so I was expecting a gusher ... and Mary didn't disappoint! I opened my mouth up real wide and caught what I could, swallowed and got some more, swallowed again and then, only got a trickle.

My sister's a squirter, I think I'm love with my sister - and she's a squirter!

She was coming down from her orgasm and I quickly ran into the bathroom and cleaned up my face ... I was back out again, before she may've known I'd even left.

I leaned over her and started kissing her all over her face, making her giggle like I used to do, back when I was 10 and she was 13! All I had to do was touch her face and she'd giggle. At 13 she was already starting to fill a bra, and the boys started coming over to the house to swim, but they really came to see how big Mary's tits were getting!

Over the course of that particular summer, Mary went from flat to a small B cup. I remember noticing myself, but I certainly couldn't say or do anything. I wasn't really sure what boobs even were back then!

I moved to her mouth and started giving my sister the kind of kiss I used to give my wife! Suddenly my wife's face popped into my head and I got up and off Mary. I started to cry - I didn't really understand why! My mind must've thought I was being unfaithful, but my body wanted Mary so very badly!

"What's wrong, William?" Mary asked. "Why did you stop? That all felt so wonderful! I hadn't had an orgasm like that since my first one with Donny!"

"I'm sorry Mary ... I — I just had a flash of Jackie in my head. It made me realize what I was doing! I'm sorry, Mary? Give me a minute please!"

"We've got all night, if you want William?"

"Oh - I want!"

After I calmed down, Mary had put on one of my robes and held me in her arms, slowly rocking us back and forth together, trying to calm me. I hadn't felt this loved since the last time I held Jackie ... but my mind was conflicted. You'd think that my conscience would've stopped me from doing 'anything' sexual with my sister.

I'm certain that I could get over this 'block' in my head that stopped me from having intercourse with my sister Mary. She was stroking my hair, just like Jackie used to, she was humming my favorite song, "Always On My Mind!"

I had my sister 'on my mind, ' all the time! My god, I never in my life thought that any of my fantasies about my sister Mary would come true!

Mary and I'd decided to find a late night snack, so we put our clothes back on and found an all-night diner. After finding a quiet corner of sorts, I thought I'd try to explain to my wonderful sister what exactly happened, back there at the house.

"Mary?" I asked tremulously.

"Yes, William?" her smile was effervescent.

"I need to talk to you about - why I broke down tonight."

I started to tear up a little, Mary put her hand on mine and said, "Take your time, William ... I've been waiting for over 20 years; I can wait as long as you need to find your way in this matter. Let me tell you what's going on in my head right now. Is that all right with you?"

"Please do Mary, maybe listening to you and your story can help me get, to what's bothering me."

"OK, William. Back when we were kids, 20 and 17, I saw you growing up finally! You'd been a bit of a scraggly young man, who never combed his hair, and didn't change his t-shirts often enough." She giggled.

"You mean - I literally stunk?" I asked, stunned at this revelation.

"Yeah, a little ... but I was also starting to recognize that you were turning into something of a stud. You'd grown over two inches taller from your 16th to your 17th birthday, and you were finally taller than me."

"Yeah," I responded, "but you were very athletically inclined, by swimming and diving for your University, while I just went to dad's workout place and went through the machines, learning how to use them, what each one of them did. You got me swimming - which really helped my coordination and my confidence. That was almost exactly when Jackie, who had been my biology partner, along with my best friend, noticed I was cute. She actually asked me out on our first date!"

"Really ... I never knew that! Where did the two of you go?" my sister asked.

"To the Zoo, Jackie loved all of the animals, especially the monkeys."

"So - she liked the monkeys! Since you kind of looked like one of them, she decided to lower her standards and ask you out?"

"Oh, that's so funny Mary!"

Our waitress came back to check on us, telling us that our food would be out momentarily. We went back to our conversation.

"So, we went to the Zoo and while we were there, Jackie just put her arm in mine and we're walking along together and it felt perfect!" I felt my emotions coming to the surface.

"And that was your first date with your future wife?"

"Yeah, after that we started holding hands on our dates, until our 6th date."

"Where did you go on your 6th date, William?" Mary asked, holding my hand.

"To a friends house - her friend not mine. There was alcohol there and somebody, a senior, brought a keg and Jackie decided to have a couple beers. She suggested I have one, but I begged off, saying one of us needed to stay sober to drive."

"That was very logical, and the smart thing to do, William."

"So, since I hardly knew anybody there, I stayed close to her and when she realized she was sick, she turned towards me and blew chunks all over my shirt."

"Oh, William ... what happened next?" her hand gripped mine now.

"Well, she apologized and apologized and apologized for the next 15 minutes. I went to the restroom ... I took off my shirt and rinsed it as clean as I could, rang it out and put it back on. She'd followed me in to clean her face up. She'd rinsed her mouth out with some Scope that was by the sink. Then she touched up her makeup and turned to me and asked, 'How do I look, Billie?' Well, she looked real nice and she smelled even nicer, considering ... so I leaned over and gave her a relatively chaste kiss on the lips. I must've surprised her, but she quickly got her footing and kissed me back."

"Awww, William - that's such a cute story. I remember when that happened ... I was the one who asked you, 'why was your shirt wet.' You said there was a food and beer fight and you had to take off your shirt and wash it before you came home. You protected the honor of Jackie that night from mom, dad and me! Oh, I remember thinking 'what a jerk' but now that I know, I think I care even more for you." She was quietly crying.

"All of our dating was a series of events that culminated with me asking her to marry me." I responded.

Our food arrived and we didn't talk much while we ate, but I did look up and always saw Mary giving me a great big smile. Her smile was a little crooked actually, the left side of her mouth drooped a little and it made her smile look like a little girls. This was the only thing that could be considered an imperfection to my sister Mary. She may be 43, but she's really has kept herself in great shape.

Our meal finished, I paid and we left. I was feeling a lot better about myself, and how I was feeling about Mary. Back in the car, Mary wondered if my problem tonight could've stemmed from the fact, that the last time I made love to a woman, it was Jackie, and it was in that exact bed that Mary and I performed oral sex on each other.

I turned around and headed downtown. I found a Hilton Inn and got us a room. Mary said that we didn't need to do anything else tonight until I was through grieving. I got the key and our room was on the 37th floor. We were the only ones in the elevator and Mary and I started kissing each other very hard. The elevator stopped on 35 and a younger couple came in and saw us kissing.

Mary turned to them and said, "We just got married yesterday. We're still on our honeymoon, but needed to air the room out a little, if you know what I mean! I hope we don't wake up our neighbors, because I plan to scream a lot!"

I said, "She's a little drunk, but I love her!"

After getting into the room, Mary and I sat down and continued the make out session we'd started in the elevator.

"You certainly are a nice kisser, William!"

"You certainly are a wonderfully willing participant in this inevitable incestuous irresponsibility that we're hurtling towards, Mary."

"'Inevitable incestuous irresponsibility?' What the hell, William ... are you going to write about this or something ... that sounds like something a cheesy erotica writer would say, if he was writing a story about an 'ill-fated brother and sister, ' who were 'destined to be together - despite all the odds.'

'He, a widower, who still pines for his long-dead wife, and who meets his sister on a blind date set up by another sister. Their emotion-filled glances during dinner are the pre-cursor to a night of passionate, raw and beautiful incestuous sex, without regard for what they face the next morning!'"

"That sounds pretty good, Sis!"

"What, the story or the sex in the story?"

"Both, actually." I continued her story, 'He gets up from the sofa where they'd been making out ... he grabs her hand, ' take my hand Mary, 'and pulls her into the bedroom, where he slowly starts to take off her clothes, paying close attention to her breathing. He realizes how turned on she is, while he's inevitably getting as hard as steel inside his now, tight slacks.'

"Let me write some more of this William," 'She's so turned on by the touch of his hands on her breasts, that she shudders a little, awaiting his soft and gentle hands all over her body. She reaches down and starts to unbuckle his belt, ' move closer to me, 'and finds out he's as truly hard as she thought he might be. Now, she's in only her bra and panties.'

"'And he's only wearing a pair of boxers, ' I continued, 'He's ready for his sister, knowing she's wet and anxious for him to violate her, she hopes that he won't start to think too much about all of this, and let his head get away from him ... thinking that somehow he's being unfaithful to his recently deceased wife. But that won't happen tonight, no ... he's in love with his sister, and he wants her and is hopeful that she wants him, just as much... '"

"Mary, please take off your panties - I want to make love to you, I want to love you like you've never been loved before, and I hope you can do the same for me? You're so very beautiful, Mary! So loving and caring - All my life I've hoped for, but never expected this moment."

I took off my boxers and she removed her bra and panties ... we fell on to the bed kissing each other like two long lost lovers. Maybe that's what we are ... I've been lost since Jackie died, and Mary has been lost since she found her fiancé between the legs of another woman.

I took my dick and placed it at her entrance, causing her to moan and cry out, "Yeah, put it in me, all of it, real hard, real fast, real good ... oh oh oh oh - William, you're so big, so big — I can't believe we've waited so long for this to happen ... yeah, oh yeah, push it all the way in, all the way, deeper, faster, harder — oh ... god William, who knew that my little brother, ooh - ooh, would be such a — a great fuck, I guess Shirley must've. Ooh gosh, oh fuck William, that's it — that's it, go bro go, go, go — I'm - I'm c-c-c-cumming, bro — fill me up, fill me, are you about to give me a load? Come on, come on ... give me a load, a full load, William..."

"Ooooohhhhh, Mary ... oh my god — oh my, oh wow, I'm cumming Mary, I'm cumming Mary! I'm so sorry about before, I just — just, I love you Mary, and I love my sister ... Oh Mary, what're we going to do, nobody would understand, nobody would want to try to understand what's happened between us? They'd just see that we're brother and sister, and keep us from each other." I started to sob again, but not nearly as bad as before.

"William, I live by myself, 25 miles from here. You've that big house, we could move in together, live as boyfriend and girlfriend, or as fiancés, or, since my last name isn't the same as yours, maybe we could get married and move away from here completely! That's how much I love you ... that's how much I care for you so very deeply!"

"Now lets take a nap for a bit and then fuck some more, before we talk about what this all means. Oh, and to answer your question about whether I ever had a crush on you ... I hope that's settled now!"

I rolled off of my sister and we got under the covers and fell asleep, wondering about what lies ahead for the two of us!

About 2am, we dressed and moved things back to my place, where we kissed for a while and fell back to sleep.

"Who is it?" I asked, hearing someone enter my place.

"Your sister Shirley, Bill. I need to talk to you. I tried to call Mary last night and my calls have all going to voice mail."

"Come in, Shirley," Mary said.

"Mary, you're in there with Bill, oohh ... I'm sorry you two?" she turned around, but you could see her shoulders moving, as if she was chuckling.

"Come on, sis ... I know you're dying to find out everything that happened last night, and this morning."

Shirley walked up, covering her eyes. Still giggling!

"Shirley, stop it already. You knew this could've happened?" I said.

"Could've? Evidence clearly shows something happened, you two!" As she looked around the room seeing all of the clothes all over the place, a smiled formed on her lips. "So, tell me already ... every juicy detail?"

"I have to pee, so Mary tell your sister all of the sordid details, both at the hotel and here." Attempting to shock my oldest sister, I got out of bed and walked naked to the bathroom. Shirley's eyes went straight to my erection.

As I relaxed and started to pee, I heard the girls talking, so I stayed in there and brushed my teeth, combed my hair, and yanked on my dick to get it a little bit hard, just to embarrass Shirley some more. As I was walking back in, I heard Mary say " ... and then we came back here and fucked two more times. You've no idea what kind of lover your 'little brother' is ... he's fabulous!"

"Is that so, William?" Shirley said, which got me hard right in front of her.

"Wow, that's a nice sized dick you've got there, bro ... it's too bad I set you up with Mary — I sure wouldn't mind having a bit of that, myself." I saw her lick her lips, Wow!

"I haven't branded him yet, sis - I have to go to the bathroom; I'll be a while. You've got the time it takes for me to shower and make myself beautiful."

"You're already beautiful, Mary - you don't need a bit of makeup!" I told her.

"Awww, isn't that sweet, William! Take your time Mary, he'll be wasted by the time you get out."

All the while Shirley had been talking; she'd also been taking off her clothes. She was removing her bra as we made eye contact. I motioned for her to climb up on the bed. I laid back and she grabbed my dick, and started to furiously jerk me off. She had me completely hard, so she climbed aboard sinking slowing onto me, and started to ride me.

"Oh, William ... I'm so sorry you lost Jackie, but now you've got Mary. I can tell that she loves you. She told me when we were real young that she saw your dick when you were 14, and wanted to attack you. But I told her to wait - she'd get her chance. Then you met Jackie - and things happened. About a week ago Mary told me she's been having sex dreams and you were in them. That freaked her out a little. Let's roll over, I want my baby brother on top."

I started fucking Shirley really deep and hard, and she went on with her story.

"I asked her what kind of sex dreams, and she said she dreamed about you waking her up, by eating her pussy. Freud would tell you that means 'LOVE, ' so when I walked into your place last week, I'd just talked to her, telling her I'd be happy to get you two together, by fabricating a 'blind date!'"

"Well, thank you, Shirley, for everything! Can I cum in you Sis, please?"

"Sure, bro ... all I ask is that you two really need to get your brains out of the way of this new relationship that you've got, just love her. That's all I ask of you, along with ... cumming inside me right now."

I ramped up my speed and felt that wonderful feeling, and told Shirley, "Here it comes, sis — a load for my matchmaker sister, OOhhhhhhhhhh, Yeeaaahhhh, I love you, Shirley!"

Just then Mary walked in from the bathroom and said, "You better not've ruined him, Sis. This is one time, or I'll scratch your eyes out. I love him and we're gonna make it work, OK?"

Drained, of both energy and semen, I pulled out of Shirley, and Mary came over and licked her off me. Mary looked up to her sister and said, "This was a one-timer sis, you can't have William, I got him already and he's all mine."

"He's yours Mary; now that you two are a couple, I guess it's time to spring the other news to you. Michael, your brother, is leaving his wife for me. We've been having a sexual dalliance for about a year. Maybe we can all double-date?"

Some exposition is necessary to fill the gap between where we left off and where we are now!

It's been almost ten years, since my blind date with my sister Mary. My other sister Shirley set us up. Yeah, I know that's a little fucked up, but as somebody once said, 'You find love, where you find it - or it'll find you first.'

My sister, Mary Newman and I, William Manchester, in a matter of 30 days after our blind date, had sold both of our homes and moved into a nice 2-bedroom home on the North Side of Cedar City, Utah.

As a result of our massive amounts of sex, Mary became pregnant, and we now have a 9-year-old son, named Matthew Richard Manchester, after his grandpa. Mary's pregnant again, this time with a girl, and is four months along.

I've heard very little about Shirley and my brother Michael, who did the same thing we did, but they moved to a town in Western Colorado. Haven't heard much from them, outside of their announcement that they had a baby girl, and had called her Ruth Sylvia Manchester, who's now also 9 years old.

When I first heard she had a girl the same age as our little boy, what popped into my head was, 'could her daughter be mine?' I immediately thought I was being arrogant, so I went on with my life of becoming the West Coast Distributor of Mars Incorporated, while Mary does the 'housewife' thing. I make real good money, selling franchises. I occasionally travel around to about 2 dozen different cities in 8 states. I don't have to be on the road - but I like it!

I got a call, and it was from Shirley.

"Hey Sis, great to hear from you! What's going on?"

"William, Ruth needs a bone marrow transplant. Don't worry, she's in no immediate danger, but I thought I should call you and ask, if you'd come to us in Colorado and be a donor."

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