The Hunter

by Sidewind

Copyright© 2012 by Sidewind

Sex Story: My first translation from a story in my native language, about a rapist. A story with a twist.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Torture   Violent   .

I am a hunter. I only hunt the greatest prey on the earth, man. Not any man, only the female of the species. But age has no consern to me. I take what I want, at any given time, and place, where ever that is. This is from one of my hunts.

Monday, noon. I'm heading for city, walk the pedestrian street in center and enters Sears, and I roam the place, looking for a pray. In the department for lingery I spot her, a yount woman, 5'4" and around 120 pounds, nice figure and blond. Discretely I follow her, watching as she finds some frilly underwear, and then when she enters the changing cubicles. After 10 minutes she comes out again, without the lingery, and walks toward the stairs. I follow her, and while she desends the stairs, I catch up with her, ask her to excuse me, but "Will you please follow me" while I show her a ID card, and she blushes.

I lead her down to the basement, and into a room, turn on the light, turn around, and tel her that I have a asumption, that she has something that she has not paid for, to which she protests, but I ask her to open her bag so that I can see what it contains. She reluctant opens the bag, and I search it. She has nothing that is not her'sin it. She has this triumphant look on her, untill I ask her to please take off her jacket, so that I can search that.

Again she is reluctant, but finally she hands me her jacket, and I search it with no luck. Now I ask her, where she put the lingery, she took to the changing room, and didn't bring back out. Her face blushes, while she answers that she left it in the room. I inform her that it is not so, because I looked into the room just after she left it.

Now I give her the choice to take her outerwear off, or to stay there while I call for the police, so they can do the same, after they have written a report, and I tell her that if she does it now, the only thing that will happend, if she wears it, is that she will be given the choice, either to return it, or to pay for it. After a thinking about it for a minute, she starts to unbutton the shirt she is wearing, takes it off, and are standing naked from the waist up, except the bra she has taken. I then asks her to take off her skirt, to whish she tells me NO, after which I grab the telephone, and now she collapses, says OK, unzips the skirt, steps out of it, and stands proudly in front of me.

She has every right to be proud, standing there in the lingery, with a reasonly big chest, blond, slim, with these blue eyes, looking like a maniquin. I approch her, strechs out my arm, let my hand glide down over her lefty breast, and then she tries to hit me in the face, I catch her with my right hand. Quickly I grab her left wrist, holds her wrists in front of her. While she still is in shock, I quickly takes out one of those new strips the police uses as handcuffs, and put them on her. When she finally starts to protest, I put a rag, I have had in my pocket, in her mouth and ties it behind her head.

I push her to the table, and lifts her up on it, so she sits on the edge. With two strips, I secure her legs to the legs at the near end of the table, and lets her sit and strugle for a moment, before I hit her. Shaken she sit without moving, and I tell her that I have plans of raping her, right there on the table. She looks at me with fear in her eyes. I undo the bra, and pushes it down her sholders, til it nhangd on her lower arms, then I takes out a set of cuffs, secure one end to her wrist, pushes her back till she is flat on the tabletop, and secures the other end to one of the legs at the far end. Then I get a pair of sicors, and while I with one hand hold on to the arm that is uncuffed, cuts of the nylonstrip, pull the bra of her arm, I then takes out another set of cuffs that I use to secure her free arm to the last leg on the table.

There she is, stretch out on the desktop, in only panties, stockings and high heels. Slowly I let my hands roam, rom her neck, down her tits, over her abdomen, over her panties, down her inner thighs, and up again. When I reach her crotch, I slowly pulls her panties to a side, and notices her pubic hair is cut back to a very small triangle. I rub my hand over her mons, and I can feel that she is dry.

I take the tube of AstroGell from my inner pocket, opens it, and apply just a dab on my index finger. Then I spread it over her pussylips, pushes the tube into her pussy, and squise. I then lower my pants, and with my dick in hand, I approaches her, swap it up and down between her pussylips a few times, and plunge into her. When I hit buttom, I hold still while I enjoy the feeling of her pussy fluttering, and listens to her cry of pain behind the rag.

Now I grab het tits hard, and starts to slam into her fast and hard. Only moments later I can feel my orgasm approaching, and just before I let it go, I jerk my dick out of her, and plunges into her ass. I only get to bottum out when I am shaken with a tremendous orgasm, and after I come down from my high, I pull out, grabs her skirt and uses it to clean myself up. I then pull out two strips and swap them to get my handcuffs.

I look thru her bag, take her purse and empy it from her money and takes her socian security card. I take her keys with me, walks out the room, and lock the door. After a short search I find her car, and uses it to go to her adress. Once there I search the car for anything of value.

Then I cautiosly walks around the house, just to be sure that nobody is at home. Then I lock my self in, and cautiosly I start searching the house for values. Now I only need to look thru the second floor, and has almost convinced myself that the house is empty. I open the last door on the second floor, and right there in the doublebed, is what to me looks like the woman I just raped in the basement of Sears.

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