Fiance's Encounter With a Pony

by rodeotexas

Copyright© 2012 by rodeotexas

Sex Story: Old High School Girlfriend finally gets engaged with the help of her very close bestfriends

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   True Story   Group Sex   Polygamy/Polyamory   First   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Size   Body Modification   Big Breasts   .

March 2012

My wife and I are best friends with another married couple who have been our dearest friends since grade school. This other married couple is also a bit unusual as they have two other women living with them and they as well were in school with us. It was well known in high school these four were exceptional close. We did not know how close until over time we spent many very intoxicated nights over the years sharing a hot tub or pool shedding inhibitions only as best friends could, no secrets held between us. Our friends requested my wife and I to write their story...

Now in their own words:

We all grew up in and around a small ski resort town. I commuted in from the family ranch 30 miles away up in the high mountains. Being a small town, Cindy and I had known each other and been best of friends since grade school. I watched her grow up and developed into a world class beautiful, intelligent and gifted woman and we started dating in the beginning of our sophomore year - even though it seemed I was dating three girls because a majority of times her two best friends, Michelle and Lori tagged along on our dates. I really did not mind because they were my very good friends as well and have been for a number of years. Despite their own beauty and personality, they never seemed to date anyone for very long. Plus they had an disconcerting habit of outlandishly and blatantly flirting with me with my steady and serious girlfriend Cindy apparently encouraging it to her great amusement!

It went beyond just those two holding hands with me with Cindy holding my other hand - it seemed to be a game with all them who could shock me the most, her best friends kissing me at times full on with delving tongues, wearing the skimpest attire around me especially when I was at one of the girl's homes, unabashedly revealing and flashing intimate areas to me when in private and public! And when we all went dancing I seemed to be the exclusive property of all three of them and they kept me constantly embarrassed with their very suggestive "dirty dancing", not to mention their wandering hands. You all get the picture, and it went far beyond this but I was serious with Cindy - I was in love with her, deeply, and she with I, though it did not stop me fantasizing of being in a naked pile in bed with all three of them and Michelle and Lori certainly were not coy in the numerous outright statements, nor suggestions, to me and Cindy about doing exactly that!

Our senior year Cindy and I were elected Homecoming King and Queen and of course Michelle and Lori were her court!

We seriously discussed about getting married after college and as our senior year drew to a close there many intense serious discussions of our future, our plans and with that an unacknowledged and unacceptable realization that our path together was to part.

We had a traumatic and painful breakup when she decided to go to a university that had an outstanding business/financial department in another state and I to a university with an top ranked agriculture department for I was to manage the ranch after graduation while my parents retired and went traveling.

Both of our parents as well as all of our friends thought it was tragic we broke up and could not fathom the reason why even after it was explained to them. We kept hearing the same comments – "but you two were made for each other, you are really soul mates!"

Dad and mom both came from very successful old ranching families that a little oil money helped with along with selling some land to a ski resort and exclusive high end vacation homes for an exorbitant amount of money that was wisely invested. They were able to buy out a small adjoining ranch to make up with what they sold to the ski resort and still had plenty to establish a trust fund to take care of the ranch in perpetuity. Mom and Dad raised cattle and a few horses. While I was attending university my parents began breeding a few very select high quality gentle ponies discovering a small lucrative market for the wealthy with small children.

I only saw Cindy four more times during our university years, each time only during the Christmas holidays. She was on a fast track to earn her undergraduate and graduate degrees in investment counseling in four years so she did not come home for Spring Breaks or for the summers being in summer school. During the Christmas holidays I guess we spent more time together than we should but it felt so natural for us to be together. We held hands, held each other and we kissed but we never slept with each other - both afraid what would happen if we did, it would affect Cindy's future career plans not to mention the painful parting that happened each time we left to go back to the university. Even so the goodbyes each holiday season were painful tearful affairs for both of us.

I saw Michelle and Lori constantly as we all attended the same university and Michelle and Lori were getting agribusiness degrees with a minor in public relations. We three were together frequently all through our university years and still the outrageous flirting and blatant come-ons continued but I thought it was still just a game for them as nothing romantic ever really happened between us despite all their big talk and flirtatious actions.

One night during our second university year during Spring Break, Michelle, Lori and I had gone back home. We had all been out dancing and drinking quite a bit, it was still pretty cool at night and we three wound up in the hot tub at the ranch. Michelle and Lori were wearing outrageously skimpy bikinis that showed off their beautiful toned athletic bodies and bountiful assets, they had continued with the teasing and flirting they had started while we were dancing. I was determined once and for all to see if Michelle and Lori were serious about starting something. We were taking shots and finally after we all were quite intoxicated I slipped an arm around each of them and brought them in close to me.

Both of them looked at me with sparkling eyes and I leaned in and kiss Michelle deeply, kissed her with an intent that she knew I was serious and not the playful kissing that had occurred for years. As I kissed her I felt a hand move up my thigh and I realized it was Lori's. I eased off the kiss and looked at Michelle, her face was deeply flushed and not with the alcoholic intoxication flush and she was breathing deeply and rapidly with her eyes wide. Lori was looking at me expectantly as her hand worked its way under my swimsuit and and she let out a gasp as she felt my full erection for the first time with her bare hand. I leaned in and kissed Lori like I did Michelle, I definitely knew I was impacting Lori's libido as well gauging by her reaction of trying to free my cock from the confines of my swimsuit as she deeply moaned into my mouth. I could feel Michelle start caressing both of us as she leaned in to kiss us both as her hands caressed Lori and I and her hand fully exposed one of Lori's beautiful breasts.

Suddenly, Michelle stopped and pulled back and looked at us. Lori had a very disappointed look upon her face. Michelle slowly started shaking her head looking directly at Lori with a sad whimsical smile. Lori nodded and then both looked at me.

I was surprised to see tears start to form in both of their eyes and start streaking down their lovely faces.

Hesitantly, Michele started speaking

"It is about time you knew that Lori and I as well as Cindy both had serious crushes on you that began when we all were in grade school that later on became love. There is nothing more we both want to do right this instant is for both of us to show you how much we have always loved you. But, we also love Cindy as well, perhaps a bit more than we love you ... and we know that at this stage in our lives that if we proceeded, it would wound Cindy and possibly irreparably damage not only our relationship with her but for all of us. We still have hopes that one day Cindy will realize what is really and truly important in her life that also impacts the lives of others in her circle"...

Lori then spoke in a trembling voice as both women tightly held my hands

"Michelle and I had decided that upon reaching thirty, and if there have been no significant changes in our lives, that we have some serious decisions to make. We both plan to move back home after graduation and start our own business together. When we reach thirty, if at that time you are still willing, we will revisit this conversation. Just know that for now we cannot, must not allow ourselves to ever go beyond what we three did just now. Our love for Cindy and our hopes for you and her to get back together one of these days take precedence over our own desires for we recognize, as everyone else does that know you both, that you two are truly destined soul mates, Cindy just has to discover this again for herself..."

For our remaining two years of university, it seemed the three of us grew even closer. Of course the blatant teasing never stopped and there were numerous times we spent mostly platonic nights together at my apartment in my king size bed wearing the skimpiest, revealing and alluring lingerie, but we never went all the way.

While I may be with Michelle or Lori alone without the other during the days or just grabbing a bite to eat, whenever there was drinking going on, Michelle and Lori always ensured they were always together and I realized it was a self protection mechanism they had agreed upon to prevent one or the other in going all the way with me during a loosing of inhibitions as drinking will facilitate. Still, I found it odd that that they rarely went out on dates with other guys but seemed to prefer my company and going out with their other college girlfriends. Both women were gorgeous, smart with fun personalities and loved to do all the outdoor things guys like to do.

The Christmas holidays of our final university year came and Cindy and I backslide - badly and disastrously. I can only blame alcohol, the romance and comradeship of the season. I had surprised Cindy with a sleigh ride and picnic. I had included a bottle of brandy to ward off the cold which we finished off. We got back to the ranch and my parents were away. We got in the hot tub and I lit the outdoor fireplace that was situated by the hot tub. The stars blanketed the night sky and were twinkling brightly with soft music playing in the background. A herd of Elk had come down and were grazing nearby in full view easily lit up by the snow and bright starlight, seemingly attracted by the soft music. We had continued drinking and had wound up in front of the large blazing fireplace in the great room making passionate love to each other the remainder of the night. Unbidden, unspoken hopes started to emerge from deep within my heart, reinforced by a remembered heartfelt conversation one night in the same hot tub with Michelle and Lori. I told her I loved her and always will. The reaction I got was definitely not what I expected. Upon hearing my words Cindy buried her head in my shoulder and started sobbing. No entreaties from me could get Cindy to open up to me.

Cindy and I awoke and uncharacteristically for her, Cindy was quiet and seemed slightly withdrawn. She continued to be like this for the remainder of her stay home. Michelle and Lori quickly picked up that something had happened between us and knew that something was wrong as I did.

I saw Cindy off the last day of the winter holiday. She bade her goodbyes to her parents and I walked her to her SUV. Just before she drove off she told me that just before the holidays started, she already had received a job offer from a prestigious leading investment company that would entail a lot of world traveling and she was going to accept. She would immediately start upon graduation. She climbed in her SUV with tears streaming down her face and me with a lump of lead in place of a heart.

In the Spring of our final university year I noticed that Michelle and Lori had stopped talking to me about Cindy and what she had been up to lately and actually became evasive whenever I inquired.

It was one month after our graduation. Michelle and Lori and I moved back home and I assumed management of the large family ranch. The mail came one day and in it a wedding invitation – Cindy's. With blurred eyes I could barely read it. I did note it was going to be a small civil ceremony and not in her home town but in the city across the country where she was employed.

I felt totally crushed and a rage quickly built into an inferno that was quickly doused by overwhelming despair. In a numb fog I saddled two pack horses and my horse as my parents mutely helped me with dejected, down cast looks upon their own faces.

Just as I mounted my horse, Michelle and Lori came recklessly speeding up in Michelle's truck. Both leapt out and ran to me with very red eyes and tears streaming down their faces, clinging to me begging me not to go. I leaned down and kissed each of them telling them I loved them both and I turned and rode off up into the high mountains. My last view of them for quite a while was my parents tightly hugging Michelle and Lori as I spurred my horse on.

I spent a month in the mountains seeking solace and refuge, not caring when or if I ever went back. Michelle and Lori however knew these mountains as well as I and we all had the same favorite spots. Concerned for my well being and no one had heard or seen me during this entire time they had set off to find and bring me back. It took a three day ride up into the mountains and then three more days for them to find me. They were shocked at my appearance as I had not shaved and had dropped a lot of weight as I had hardly ate.

When I got back and recovered I threw myself into working the ranch and went through a period of plowing through the ski bunnies and summer tourists, often times the same ski bunnies that came during the summer to reacquaint with me.

In the warmer months after the snows had melted, I started a small guide service for packsaddle trips up into the high mountains for tourists who preferred riding versus backpacking with a heavy pack strapped to their own backs! I also led fly fishermen (and women!) to select spots on on our ranch and neighboring National Forest which we shared the property boundary with. Surprisingly, this little venture became widely successful and I could not keep up with the trip requests. I was approached several times by clients I led who were also business people, inquiring if I was interested in expanding the operation and backing it as an investment. Politely I turned down all the offers, I had the money to expand it if I wanted to, except I knew the chronic seasonal labor issues that surrounded resort towns would be problem.

That late Fall I wound up marrying one of these ski bunnies much to the disapproval of Michelle and Lori. My parents readily accepted her but with reservations. After several intense discussions with Michelle and Lori in which culminated in one final frustrated outburst by me which shocked Michelle and Lori to their core, severally hurting their feelings and making them cry with racking sobs as they clung to each other - I could not help pointing out that the woman I so wanted for years to marry more than anyone else in the world had suddenly married some other guy no one has ever met and did not even have the decency to have a proper wedding at home surrounded by her friends and family. That her two best friends had some romantic notion that one day Cindy would come to her senses and we would finally get together - nor could I carry on with the type of almost platonic relationship the three of us had, because I loved Michelle and Lori almost as much as I loved Cindy and now that I apparently no longer had a future with Cindy, that you two still continued with this silly fantasy and refused to let our own relationship between the two of us or even the three of us progress now that Cindy had decided her course!

I told them their actions hurt me as much as Cindy's has and I could not stand it anymore. More words spewed from me and evidently it dawned on Michelle and Lori how much I still hurt and the extent of that hurt and their almost platonic relationship with me greatly exacerbated the hurt.

They also began to realize they also may have royally screwed up their own chance of happiness with me...

Reluctantly Michelle and Lori acquiesced and both attended the wedding which was held in the bride's hometown, Cindy did not attend even though she was invited. Michelle, Lori and I still continued with our deep loving relationship with each other to the great displeasure of my wife but it was strictly platonic now. I still caught Michelle and Lori giving me whimsical looks. But my wife never did warm up to Michelle and Lori, even being frigid to them. Certainly I never told her exactly how close the three of us were nor what had been going on with us for years, and I know Michelle and Lori never discussed it with her either. Everyone would have known if that conversation had ever happened as the explosion would have been heard for miles...

However my marriage only lasted one and a half years as I had married a high society city girl who although she loved the ranch did not love the isolation, small ski town life and missed city society action. There was also the unspoken continuation of my close relationship with Michelle and Lori...

When my wife left me, my almost platonic relationship immediately resumed with Michelle and Lori, a little more intensely now but there still seemed to be a barrier to keep it from progressing past a certain point. The two women just demurred and told me to be patient, they still had some personal things to work out which I though was odd because we pretty well thoroughly knew each other and I could not determine whether it was personal or business. They were not dating any guys despite the constant stream of men that hounded them. I knew they had been struggling with their own business venture and I was going to discuss with them taking over the small guide service I had started as it was becoming too much for me to handle as well as the ranch, and there were client demands to expand the operation.

When I persisted they told me, if I agreed, they would resurrect the pact we had made that night in the hot tub during college. I silently stared at them for a long time and worried looks crossed their faces.

Then I said

"Fine but since Cindy is out of the picture I may not want to wait till we are thirty and I am plain tired of you two teasing me because that is what it is and it is cruel considering that we do love each other enough to spend the rest of our lives together...

With my stern pronouncement I was thrown off guard when they broadcast beaming smiles at me in response.


In the coming few months Michelle and Lori flew several times to see Cindy which was very unusual as they only flown out to see her about four times the previous year. Cindy had yet to come back home since her marriage, not even for Christmas. Michelle and Lori came back from each trip but would only state they all had a good time, and that Cindy had always inquired about me during the trips.

But I already knew she always did during the weekly telephone and Skype conversations she had with Michelle and Lori. I still could not bring myself to talk to her, she had hurt me too deeply this last time and that hurt would only resurface...

Some close mutual friends announced they were getting married and I along with Michelle and Lori were part of the wedding. Michelle and Lori told me they had a surprise waiting for me at the wedding and were being very mysterious about it. I could only assume they had come to a decision about the three of us, anyway I hope they had because I could not go on like this for much longer. I kept getting the feeling to saddle my horses and ride off again to get away from my turbulent emotional relationship I had with these two very beautiful and personable heart-breaker women and my failed short marriage.

During the wedding procession I was escorting both Michelle and Lori up the aisle to the alter, one on either side of me. One of the groomsmen unexpectedly had became ill.

As we walked up the aisle both Michelle and Lori noticeably gripped my arms tighter. Then I saw Cindy, beaming a smile at me from from the end of the aisle, I was going to pass right next to her ... I stumbled badly and would have tripped if Michelle and Cindy had not had such a tight grip on either arm. My eyes locked onto Cindy's and hers to mine until we passed.

Michelle leaned over and whispered to me "Cindy is divorced now"

Lori then leaned over and said "that was what all the trips were about recently, we were helping her through her divorce..."

During the whole wedding ceremony I stood there stunned unable to fathom seeing Cindy or process what Michelle and Lori told me. I could not help keep glancing to look at Cindy and each time she was always looking at me with a big smile upon her face. In fact, I had to be prompted by the other groomsman when it came to walk Michelle and Lori back down the aisle. It later became a joke that the wedding photographs clearly showed me in a very distracted appearance.

After the requisite wedding photographs Michelle and Lori took me hand in hand to the reception hall. Before we got there Lori asked if I liked their surprise. I numbly said 'yes', then hesitated and added

"but I can't stand anymore heart break ... from any of you..."

As we entered Cindy was clear across the reception hall but she immediately saw us enter and started walking toward us. With every step her smile grew bigger and it seemed my steps grew slower, more hesitant till Michelle and Lori were pulling on me.

My eyes finally left her face and took in the beautiful, very expensive dress she was wearing with the deeply plunging neckline which brought me to a full stop as I realized she had breast enhancements done and she looked impossibly even more wonderful. Then I noticed the tight fitting dress again, her extremely toned and tanned arms, legs, how the dress molded to her flat abdomen, though very fit thru high school she now looked incredibly so!

Cindy had also stopped when I did and I saw a look of concern cross her face and then Michelle propelled me from behind as Lori in a not so quiet voice told me to "Get going! You two are not the only ones involved here!"

We stood there in front of each other for a few moments, dimly I was aware that almost everyone in the reception hall was looking at us. I saw both Cindy's parents and my parents standing together with looks of concern upon their faces then simultaneously we moved and tightly embraced each other. Cindy's embrace grew tighter and tighter, almost painfully tight as she whispered in my ear

"I'm so sorry I hurt you so, I'm such a fool in so many ways.

I made huge mistakes with you, more than once!

I know about you running off up into the mountains,

how Michelle and Lori brought you back, the condition you were in..."

Reluctantly we broke the embrace and and Cindy's eyes were red and brimming. The bride and groom came over and laughingly told us to break it up, this was their show for tonight, not ours! It was then we both realized every person in the reception was looking and smiling at us. Cindy was not the only one with red eyes, Michelle and Lori were holding hands and both had brimming eyes. We looked at our parents and both sets of parents were beaming at us.

We spent the rest of the evening together to the amusement and hopes of our many friends and family there. Of course Michelle and Lori stayed right with us but kept looking, whispering and giggling at each other and with others as they get glancing at Cindy and me...

As we caught up she told me she also had divorced just after a year and a half of marriage and became an exercise fiend as a coping mechanism to handle her divorce. Her husband she found out was a chronic cheat before and after marriage. It was a very ugly divorce centering on his cheating, him trying to squeeze every penny he could, and the ugly truth that emerged that he married her only for her potential, beauty and advancement. It left her self-esteem damaged. Cindy further stated it was like the universe exploded again as she instantly realized the huge unforgivable mistakes she had made with our relationship and hope I would someday be able to forgive her, how she should have listened when everyone told her she was making a mistake, everyone! She sobbed out this last part and I quickly embraced her and help her dry her tears before anyone else noticed, but of course Michelle and Lori always noticed everything, knew everything, and I saw them look at each other with renewed looks of concern.

Silently, I was surprised. I as well as others, man and women alike, thought Cindy was one of the most beautiful, intelligent, outgoing, caring and fun women they had ever seen or met, not to mention she was an incredibly talented and imaginative uninhibited lover when were together. Her ex-husband I concluded was a world class fool!

I motioned for Michelle and Lori to come over and they took Cindy to the restroom to compose herself and also to give me an opportunity to compose myself and begin sorting thru what was happening.

When the three of them came back they were all smiling and we sat down to talk again. Cindy to her surprise became a very adroit investment counselor and less than a year of working at this prestigious investment firm with almost constant world traveling, she struck out as an independent after being advised by the company president that she could go much farther and much faster on her own.

She was told while it would be be a great loss for the company, she was just too good, this company president was unusual as he did what was best for his employees. She now worked out of her townhouse and after less than two short independent years and at age 27 had already amassed enough for an extremely comfortable retirement and had made several of her clients as well as herself very wealthy. Several of her very wealthy clients also had transferred their accounts to her when she left the firm.

I told her my marriage ended in divorce as well and explained the reasons behind it - seemed like love was not enough for a city girl who missed the city night life and high society functions. Cindy told me our two mutual best friends had always kept her constantly informed of everything I did and what was happening the years we had been apart, constantly reminding her she made a mistake, hoping it would one day penetrate her thick, hardheadedness. Then, Cindy gently inquired if was dating anyone special. I looked at her and bemusedly said

"I thought Michelle and Lori told you everything???"

Cindy looked at me and very seriously and replied

"I needed to hear it directly from you..."

I told her there was no one serious even though I was causally dating a few women. I told her some of the ones I had dated really cared about me and loved being out at the ranch, however, I could see reservations in each of them when I told them I would be here for the rest of my life, this ranch surrounded by snow capped mountain peaks without a sign of man in sight.

Cindy told me when were were dating and got serious she often envisioned spending the rest of her life with me living on the ranch, and even after we broke up, during stressful times during university and especially during her disintegrating marriage and very ugly divorce, she often found solace and refuge imagining herself back at the ranch...

The more we talked the more I grew tense ... A dull ache began again in my chest that pronounced itself with each beat of my thudding heart that I had not felt since we broke up just before entering university and the last time we parted during that Christmas season little more than two and a half years ago. I dared not think, could not dare to even wish what seemed to be reigniting between us - a long smoldering ember being flamed back to searing life... !

By close of evening enough sparks were flying between us they could have set the reception hall on fire and it seemed we have never been apart. Way before the reception ended, her hand entwined with mine and stayed there. With the bride and groom departing, the bride came up to Cindy and hugged her and whispered in her ear which brought a beaming smile to Cindy's face. Then the bride hugged me and hotly and earnestly whispered in my ear "Don't you dare let her go this time!" The groom came up and gave me a man hug and he too said in a low sotto voice "Everyone always thought you two would always be together, now go make it happen!"

I walked Cindy back to her Mercedes SUV and we stood there for a long quiet time as I held her gazing at the stars. In a low voice Cindy shocked me when she said she hated living in the city and was seriously contemplating moving back home. She could work anywhere as long as she had an Internet connection. She missed her family, friends, these mountains and the quiet rural life...

We stood there silently a few moments and then I said to Cindy

"I can't go thru this again, you destroyed me more than once and the last time I did not think I could ever go on, Michelle and Lori convinced me otherwise, I cannot bear to be hurt like that again"

With a bright twinkle in her eyes and a crooked grin she said

"Our two best friends as well as both our families have repeatedly beat me up over our relationship over the years. You should have heard Michelle and Lori lite into me when I got married. Hell! They flew out, unannounced, and threatened to kidnap me and bring me back home till I came to my senses! They took an instant dislike to my husband and he to them the moment they first met. I should have listened when the alarms started ringing in my head when they met. For sometime I have realized how much I missed someone and how much I have missed out with him due to my hardheadedness. And, I will tell you what I have never told Michelle and Lori - I became aware of this realization the day I got married, and since then it resurfaced very frequently, in fact, every day, of every week that I was married -and it still does..."

I followed Cindy home to her parent's house and we held hands during the long slow walk to the front door. For the longest time we held both of each others hands looking at each other and then she kissed me as we fell into a deep embrace. I could feel hot tears begin streaking her face as she suddenly broke off the kiss with a deep sob and rushed inside...

I stood there for the longest time as conflicted emotions repeatedly crashed thru me as I gazed up into the star filled sky that Cindy and I often stared out for hours at a time when we were together. How this one woman, again, had turned my world upside down like no other had ever done as my heart thudded painfully in my chest with a deep longing ache.

Just on the outskirts of town before I got out of cell range I received a text message from Cindy stating

"I had been overwhelmed with renewed feelings upon seeing you.

I knew I would be but not to this extent!

It was like kissing you for the very first time,

and I knew I loved you at that very instant upon our first kiss!

It was like making love to you for the very first time.

And tonight when I kissed you this love burst forth from the depths of where I had tried without success to wall it off, with an overwhelming realization of how much I have always deeply loved and cared for you.

A heartfelt realization of a love that has never died or diminished but has flared anew this very night...

I sent you this text because I could not trust my voice, nor tell you face to face in fear I would breakdown ... in fear you did not feel the same..."

With a pounding heart and fumbling fingers I could only text back with a short reply

"I have always loved you with all my heart.

I have never stopped loving you and I always will!

Tomorrow, come out out to the ranch with your luggage, you are staying here!"


I got up early the next morning to go check on some cattle in one of the high mountain valley's. I saddled up my horse and unfortunately I did not get back until lunch time.

As I rode up to the stable I could see Cindy's Mercedes SUV in front of the house. I quickly unsaddled my horse, gave him a quick grooming and threw him some oats and left the gate open so he can wander out into the pasture. I rushed into the house but did not see Cindy, I went upstairs, past the guest room - empty, then into my bedroom. Her luggage was there, opened and empty! I looked out the window down at the natural landscaped horizon pool and saw her in the pool wearing a tiny string bikini which left nothing to the imagination!

As I watched, Cindy dove under and swam to the shallow end and then she rocketed herself off the bottom and shot up out of the water. I was astonished watching her rise and then fall back into the water as I saw for the first time her fully enhanced breasts that were just barely covered by a tiny micro triangle bikini top.

Cindy had always had extremely beautiful moderately sized breasts, with small areolas and small nipples, but what struck me was while her breasts were now slightly larger, they were also the most firmly enhanced breasts I had ever seen, even in porno films! I did not detect a bit of jiggle or bounce as she shot out of the water and reentered! I was also surprised her micro top had managed to stay on as she shot out of the water!

Cindy walked out of the water and even from this distance she looked incredibly stunning wearing an slightly sheer white Brazilian string bikini that had a deep V cut front that dipped daringly low that tied at the sides that left the entire hips bare as well as the front of the legs and she looked spectacularly ravishing in it as it deeply contrasted with her dark tan. Even from this distance I could easily tell it was unlined and made of very thin material. I could make out her small hard nipples and just barely make out her small areolas thru the wet material. Her long lean statuesque body was now accented with six-pack abs and a very cut, very muscularly defined, lower abdomen that her daringly deep V cut bikini bottoms showed off to full advantage. She turned around and bent over to get her towel. The bikini bottom backside had a slight resemblance to a butterfly that also dipped daringly low.

I watched as she sauntered over and laid down on the lounge chair and arranged herself. With a start I realized I was doing nothing but staring at her with a growing, painful erection! Cindy always has had a great body but now it went beyond fantastic - she would put any swimsuit model to shame with that hard ripped defined body and large perfectly formed exceedingly beautiful breasts! I watched her drain a beer which clued me in to rush downstairs and bring her another one as well as myself one.

I barbecued some chicken by the pool while we talked non-stop all afternoon and caught up with what we have been doing these years. It quickly came to me she knew waaay more of what I have been doing and what went wrong with my marriage, thanks to Michelle and Lori, especially since my divorce. Her parents were also close friends of my parents and I have been kept up on her accomplishments, but clearly she knew of my more intimate activities! Well it was a small town that came to life every summer, Spring Break and especially winter with the rich uninhibited ski bunnies who were looking for fun on a getaway!

I was surprised she kept drinking beer after beer through the afternoon, Cindy explained she would have to run a mile for each one she drank the next day, quickly I tabulated and was shocked she was going to run eight miles, then I corrected myself as she reached for another one. We both became more than pleasantly buzzed which helped a bit in diminishing my painful erection as she outrageously flirted with me throughout the afternoon by the pool. Kidding me how our friends have been keeping tabs on me and the visiting ski bunnies I had been with, how I seemed to be "plowing" through them and making them walk and ski funny...

Luckily I have been gifted with a much larger than normal cock than the majority of men, being ten inches with a very fat girth, but it was something I never bragged about. Cindy and I had been together since our sophomore year and she was the only girl I had ever been lovers with while we were together. Cindy shocked me by saying all her girlfriends and their friends had crushes on me and never would let up on her during all the time we were dating trying to convince her to let them have a least one go around in the sack with me or with both of us!

Evidently Cindy was the one doing the bragging! It also explained some of the blatant come-ons and outrageous flirting some of her girlfriends did with me including some intentional flashing.

Cindy was possessed with seeming unlimited boundless energy and when she had been drinking it just seemed to rev her up even more. Cindy told me Michelle and Lori had called that morning and wanted for us to meet them in town to go dancing like we use to. All I was thinking of, was when Cindy was going to make a move beyond the outrageous blatant flirting and teasing she had been doing to me all afternoon wearing that almost nothing daringly exotic bikini, knowing I could see her nipples and areolas thru the material when it was wet and almost transparent. She did hint that she bought it specifically for this trip - assuaging me of imaging her wearing something like that out in public or with another guy...

Cindy gave me a cocky grin when she told me this – even after these years she knew exactly what I was thinking! And I suddenly realized there had been a conspiracy long in the making by friends and family to engineer getting us back together with at least one unknowing participant, me!

We went in to shower and change, Cindy quickly dashed any hope of showering together - or of anything else when she dashed ahead of me, grinned and shut the bathroom door in my face. I took a shower in the guest bedroom and went into my bedroom to get clothes to change in. Cindy emerged from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her that just barely covered her lovely firm ass cheeks.

As I watched her from a corner of my eye, she went over to the dresser, and with a quick glance at me to ensure I was looking, slowly bent over as she opened the bottom drawer where she had placed some of her things, exposing all her womanly charms and denuded pussy. She stood up and slyly grinned at me, then bodily brushed by but her hand shot out and caressed my erection thru my jeans as she huskily whispered "later..."

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