by DG Hear

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Romantic Sex Story: Received a door knocker as a gag gift. I kept it as a conversation piece. I wonder what my dates will think about it.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Cheating   .

Chapter 1

When I hear the word knockers I have to admit seeing or thinking about a good looking woman with a nice set of jugs. Then there was the movie that came out called Tommy Knockers.

An old girlfriend had given me a door knocker. You know, the kind that attaches to your front door and you grab it and knock on the door with it. Here's a picture of the one she gave me and I put it on my apartment door.

Girl Reaching for a Knocker

We have since broken up but I kept the door knocker. A few of my dates didn't care for it and others asked if it was made from a self-image. Being the kind of guy I am, I did let them see the real thing. I've always been kind of a joker and told them that I went by the rule, "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours." In this case it usually ended up with a good round of sex.

Just to be official, my balls are about the size of the knockers but not in the proportion of the knockers to the rest of the body. My cock has it beat by a long shot.

I do have to say it's a good break-the-ice conversation piece when I bring a woman to my apartment. If they don't like my knocker then I consider it isn't going to go well. Sometimes I do get surprised, but I do like a woman who is fun to be around.

A little about myself. I'm twenty-seven, I'm six foot tall and weigh in at about two hundred pounds. I'm a contactor and run a lot of heavy-duty equipment for the State. My name is Neil Wright. I've never dated anyone of late that I would consider being Mrs. Wright.

My problem is I love sex and being with only one woman at this time of my life just wouldn't work. I party a lot on the weekends and have quite a few friends. I guess my biggest problem is my friends' wives. Once I have too much to drink, and smoke a little weed, I get brave and horny.

I've been to bed with a number of my friends' wives. Usually I go to one of their houses after the party. We have a couple of more drinks and smoke a little more weed. I usually sleep on their couch and the wife will come out after the husband is drunk and asleep. We will then have some pretty raw sex.

I've been with six of my buddies' wives, and I'm still alive to talk about it. In one sense I'm not proud of it, but in another, I love fucking these married women. I will say that at least two of my friends know I've fucked their wives. In fact they suggested it or at least didn't stop me.

I'll give you an example. After one of the parties Jim and Cindy invited me over. It was Cindy's sister Cheryl that bought me the door knocker. Cheryl wanted to get serious and I just wasn't ready for a commitment. In fact I was hoping someday to have sex with Cindy. She and I were always flirting but after her sister and I broke up I was lucky if she would talk to me.

After a couple of months she cooled down and told me that she was mad at me for breaking up with her sister. I explained to her that her sister wanted marriage and I wasn't ready for that. Cheryl had already moved on and had a new boyfriend.

The party was at their house and after everyone left I offered to help clean up the house. The three of us cleaned up the majority of the mess and Jim got us all a last drink before turning in. He was the drunkest of the three of us. Jim is usually pretty straight laced but gets a little wild after drinking too much.

He loved to show off Cindy. She always wore provocative clothing, low cut blouses and white jeans that looked like they were sprayed on. She had the body but was a tease and Jim knew it. I've often watched Cindy flirt but never anymore than that. She once told me the only reason she flirted was because it turned Jim on.

After cleaning up the house Jim poured the three of us one last drink. After the last drink, before we would be turning in. He turned on the TV to a midnight movie channel, which showed x-rated movies. Cindy got up; she said she was going to change for bed. I watched her hot ass go toward the bedroom.

I couldn't help but say, 'Damn'. Jim saw me looking and just laughed. He was proud of his wife and had good reason to be. She came back in the living room wearing a t-shirt and pajama bottoms. She even looked hot in them. I could see she had removed her bra. Her nipples were putting dents in her t-shirt.

She sat on the couch with Jim; I sat in the recliner as we all finished our drinks and watched the TV. All the lights were off except for the TV, which made a dim light in the room. Jim started to rub Cindy's tits.

I could hear her whisper, "Don't, Jim, Neil can see us."

"He can't see shit, it's dark in here and he's watching the flick." He lowered his hand into her pajama bottoms.

She could see he wasn't listening to her, so she grabbed the blanket and put it over her lap. "Easy Jim, I don't want him to see what you're doing." He had to be fingering her by now. It was easy to see she was enjoying it.

She had her eyes closed and was just enjoying what Jim was doing to her. Jim looked over at me. He wanted me to know what he was doing. I saw him smile at me and his hand was moving a lot under the blanket.

I was getting hard watching them. I was no longer watching the movie. I made a bold move and got off the recliner and sat on the couch next to Cindy. I told Jim I could see the movie better from there.

"What are you doing here?" asked Cindy. Her husband was still finger fucking her pussy.

"He just wanted a better view ... of the movie," replied Jim.

Cindy didn't say anything as I sat there and watched Jim's hand under the blanket. "Mind sharing the blanket?" I asked as I grabbed some of the blanket, pulling most of it off of her lap.

She grabbed some of it back but not before I saw her pumping her pussy against Jim's hand. She looked at me and held the blanket up to her chin. I was surprised at what happened next. Jim got on his knees and under the blanket in front of Cheryl.

"Jim! What are you doing? No, not here, let's go to the bedroom."

Jim didn't answer, he was in another world. He had reached up and pulled Cindy's pajama bottoms off. "Jim! No! Not here," but Jim wasn't listening. I saw him toss her pajama bottoms to the side. I could tell she was embarrassed. She had never done this in front of me before but I also believe the booze made her horny.

In a bold move I grabbed the blanket off of her lap and Jim's head was lapping her blonde pussy. He wasn't planning on stopping. He looked up at me and said, "You better never tell anyone I let you see Cindy like this."

"You have my word Jim. Damn! She's beautiful." I looked down at Jim eating his wife's pussy with the blonde covered mound. Cindy looked at me very embarrassed. It was like she was in heat.

She was now pumping her pussy into Jim's face. I reached over and slid my hand up under her shirt. She looked at me as I lightly squeezed her breasts. Damn! I loved rubbing her tits. Jim hadn't even seen me yet. He was too busy eating her pussy. When he did look up he gave me a surprised look.

I know he was thinking he never said I could touch her. It was a little late now. He stood up and quickly took off his pants and his cock was hard. He pushed it into his wife. It slid right in. He began to pump his cock into his hot wife. I bared her breasts and began sucking on them.

Cindy was moaning and telling Jim how good it felt. "More Jim More! Fuck me baby! Show Neil how good you fuck me and that you're my man."

She was so hot, talking and moaning. I continued rubbing her tits and for the first time I gave her a real kiss. Not one of these friend's type kisses but a passionate one, even using my tongue. When Jim saw it he shot a load into his hot wife. I could see him pushing his cock hard into her as he came.

"No Baby, not yet! I wasn't there yet," said Cindy.

I pulled back and sat up. Her t-shirt fell back over her tits. Jim said, "Sorry Honey, I couldn't hold it any longer."

Cindy got up and grabbed a handful of tissues and shoved them between her legs and said she was going to clean up and then go to bed. "Neil, I would appreciate if you never told anyone what you've seen. Jim and I have never done this before and it probably happened because we had too much to drink."

"Your secret is safe with me, and by the way, you have one beautiful body." I watched her walk away with a smile, and a vision of her beautiful ass.

Jim apologized to me and asked me not to say anything to anyone. It just went too far but in a sense he felt good to know I thought his wife had one fine body. "I hope you enjoyed it because it will probably never happen again." He got up and said he was going to bed.

I sat there on the couch thinking how I got so close to having sex with Cindy. I slipped off my trousers and glanced back at the movie. I had a hard on from what I saw of Cindy. I was going to jack-off when Cindy appeared in the doorway. All she had on was the t-shirt.

She stared at me and then at my cock. My eyes were on her pussy. I couldn't help it as I pulled my hardened cock out of my briefs. She came forward and said, "This never happened, do you understand?"

I said, "Yes," thinking it was about what she said earlier. Instead she came up to me and straddled my cock and let it slip into her very wet pussy. I think she cleaned it up some from her husband coming in her. God, she was so hot inside.

"I never came, will you make me come?" she said to me.

She was riding my cock so hard that her juices, and probably some of her husband's, were running down my cock. I held onto her hips and pumped my hard cock into her.

"Give it to me Neil. Give me that cock. I know you've wanted to fuck me for years, show me how bad you've wanted me. Fuck my pussy! Fuck it hard!"

I reached up and pulled her t-shirt off and watched her tits bounce up and down. She was so hot. I grabbed her tits, almost mauling them. Her nipples were so hard. I kept squeezing them as she rode my hardened cock.

All of a sudden she said, "I'm coming, fuck me hard, give me your cock, I want it so bad." She bounced hard and then came down and planted her pussy on my cock and started rocking her pelvis against me.

I couldn't hold out any longer as I groaned and shot my very hot load deep in her. She kept up the rubbing of her pussy on me, her pussy muscles squeezing my cock. Jim was one lucky fucker to have this all the time.

After her orgasm subsided she grabbed a handful of tissues and without saying a word, grabbed her pajama bottoms and t-shirt and headed out of the room. I slipped my briefs back on, lay on the couch and went to sleep thinking of the good fuck Cindy just gave me.

She had to be the best of all the wives I've been with. Part of it had to be the challenge and the other was she was damn good looking and a great fuck. We never talked about it again after we had done it. We still did our usual flirting.

I need to go back and tell you more about myself and why I am the way I am. I'm going to begin with graduating from high school. I was always a flirt, and I went to the gym a lot to keep my body in shape. The ladies always seem to like men with nice six-pack abs above a rock-hard seven inches of Grade A Prime.

I was eighteen at the time and I flirted with a lot of women. I did have one special girl that I had sex with, the Deputy Sheriff's daughter. Needless to say, he caught his baby buck-ass naked on her hands and knees while I was giving her my absolute best, and filed charges against me. The charges for having sex didn't stick. Tracy and I were both eighteen, and the sex was consensual.

However, her dad hated me and vowed to get me some day. One day he did arrest me for underage drinking and having less than an ounce of weed.

It happened at a graduation party but I was the only one that was arrested. Deputy Dad had it in for me. He laughed as he took me in. It didn't sound like much but it was my third time being caught for underage drinking.

The Judge took me in his chambers. He was a good friend of my dad's and made me an offer he said I couldn't refuse. He said I needed to grow up or before long I would be getting into real trouble. My dad came to the meeting with me.

The Judge said if I would join a branch of the service, he would drop all the charges against me. If not, he would have to send me to jail this time for a minimum of ninety days.

Dad agreed with the Judge that I needed to change my life. I had two sisters and two brothers. I guess I was the only one that was any serious trouble to my parents. I never studied much so I would have a hard time in college, besides my parents didn't have the kind of money to pay for all the tuition.

I talked with Dad and I went down to the Army recruiter and signed up. I would be leaving within thirty days. The week before I left I called Tracy, the Deputy's daughter, and she met me at a motel and we fucked the whole night. I really liked her and she was the closest I ever had to a girl I really cared about. We both knew it would never work out because of her dad.

I said goodbye to my family and headed to boot camp. It was hard but thank God I was in good physical condition. After boot camp I would get two weeks off, then go train some more somewhere, and then I was going overseas. I wasn't sure of the destination yet. It was probably Kuwait or Afghanistan.

I said goodbye to my family. I was scared but I knew this was best for me. I did get with Tracy one more time without her dad knowing. Looking back I probably did love her but was just too immature.

I spent a year and a half overseas. I signed up for a second tour overseas after I got a letter from Tracy. She said she was pregnant and when she told her parents her dad found out I was the father, he had her have an abortion. She had no money and had no way to raise a child without her dad's help. What a fucking prick!

Tracy's mom actually liked me but her dad ruled the household and made the major decisions. I felt bad for both Tracy and her mom. After that we never communicated. I doubted she would ever want to see me again.

While in the service I ran heavy equipment. We would help build new roads from Kuwait to Afghanistan. It was dangerous sometimes, because the terrorists were all about trying to blow up our equipment, and us with it. I was proud of myself for all that we accomplished.

I also had my share of sex. Unfortunately I had to pay for it. I couldn't believe how cheap it was but I guess it rakes the ego a little to have to pay. Whenever I had a little R & R, (rest and recreation) I traveled to other Asian countries and toured them as well as tried out the local women.

It's hard to believe how many men sell their women. I have been with wives, sisters, mothers and girlfriends of the men in some of these countries. At first I basically paid to get my rocks off. The women always made sounds like they enjoyed the sex.

I found out that most just made the sounds and weren't getting off at all. That's when I decided to work on the women with foreplay until I could tell they were actually into it. I could tell that they were getting wetter and felt actual spasms after coming.

I thought of every woman, regardless of age, as my lover and treated her that way. Some wouldn't kiss me at first but since I was paying them most went along. The men weren't too happy about my time with their women but the women seemed much happier.

I would spend a good half hour on foreplay, gently rubbing their small tits and sucking on their nipples. I would always rub their mounds and finger fuck them to help get them ready. If the women seemed really clean and into it, I'd even do oral.

Most women who were prostituted didn't get this kind of attention. For them it was usually a quick fuck but I did my best to make love to them and was well rewarded. I guess that was part of my learning experience to put the woman first and the sex would always be better.

After my return home I finished my stay in Kentucky. I would then be in the Army reserves for two years. I stayed in Kentucky and got a job with the state. I made a lot of friends but most of them were married. The wives were always trying to fix me up.

I loved the sex but just didn't feel serious enough to commit to a relationship. Since most of my sexual affairs happened on the first date, I had to wonder how faithful these women would be in a marriage.

I know this sounds dumb coming from me but if I ever got married I would want a relationship built on trust. I would want a monogamous marriage. I guess that is one of the drawbacks on sleeping with the wives of my buddies. I didn't trust women all that much. I loved being with them but can't say I would trust them.

I got a call from my younger brother, Todd. He told me he was getting married and asked me to be his best man. He was two years younger than me and for some reason always looked up to me. I guess it was my bad boy attitude. He was nothing like me.

He went to college and graduated with a degree in accounting. I'd only been home a couple of times since I got out of the service. My parents came and saw me twice. They told me they were proud of me and how I turned my life around. Mom said all I needed was a good woman. God, I loved my family but felt like something of a failure.

I told Todd I would be his best man. He was elated and told me all the particulars on the wedding. It would be in two months. While we were talking on the phone he told me that Tracy's dad, the Deputy Sheriff, was killed in an auto accident about six months ago.

I was shocked that such an asshole would even die. I wished I would have known because I would have paid condolences to Tracy and her mom. I felt sad for them. I hadn't written or seen them since I got that letter about the abortion years ago. Tracy was one of the reasons I rarely went home. I guess deep down you always have feeling for certain people. We just put those feeling in a little box and lock them up.

I showed up on Friday for the wedding rehearsal. I saw Todd standing there with a really good-looking woman. She looked a little familiar, and thought I might have known her. I knew it wasn't his bride-to-be because I'd met Julie before. They made a nice couple; I was happy for my younger brother. For some reason he still looked up to me. I used to protect him from the bullies when we were in school. He and I were quite the opposites.

Todd's eyes lit up when he saw me. "Neil! You made it. I'm so happy to see you. Julie will be here in a minute."

I looked over at the young women and she smiled back at me. "You don't remember me do you Neil? I'm Erin Cook, Tracy's younger sister. Remember you use to pull my pigtails?" She was smiling.

"My God! You're so grown up, and if you don't mind me saying quite beautiful." I couldn't help thinking of Tracy. "How's Tracy doing?"

"She's doing fine. You can ask her yourself. She'll be here any minute. She's one of the bridesmaids."

"What?" I looked over to my brother. "Todd, why didn't you tell me?"

"Because I wanted you to be my best man and I was afraid you would have refused if I had told you."

About that time Julie came up to me and gave me a hug. "Neil, I see you made it. Were you surprised that Erin was my maid of honor?"

"Yes, but more surprised to find out Tracy is one of your bridesmaids. Does she know I'm in the wedding party?"

"Yes, she knows. Neil, I know the two of you have history but she's as nervous as you are to see you again. Erin is my best friend. We went to college together. So when I picked bridesmaids I asked Tracy."

About that time I looked around and saw Tracy come through the door. I don't know why but my heart skipped a beat. She came up to all of us standing there. I couldn't help but put my arms around her and give her a hug.

When I let her go, she had tears in her eyes. "It's so good to see you again. Maybe if we get a chance we can talk later," said Tracy.

"I'd like that," I replied."

Julie said it was time for the rehearsal. We were all going over what we would be doing but I couldn't get my mind off of Tracy. I was paired with her sister but that was only walking down the aisle. Her boyfriend Jim was an usher, so I knew they would be together at the reception.

After the rehearsal, all of the wedding party went out to dinner together. Dad was paying for this dinner. I drove over by myself, seeing I had my own car. The restaurant had a buffet. I saw Todd and Julie in a booth with Erin and Jim. Mom and Dad were at a table with my older brother Bob and his wife Karen. Their three kids sat at a table of their own.

As I was looking around for a place to sit, I heard a voice behind me, "Please come and sit with me." It was Tracy.

"I'd love to!" I responded.

We sat down in a booth by ourselves. I saw Mom smile when she saw Tracy and I together. We got up and got our food and sat back down. Dad wasn't paying for booze, so we ordered a soda.

"Tracy, I'm sorry to hear about your dad. I know he didn't like me but he was probably just protecting you. If I knew I would have come to the funeral."

"Thank you. He wasn't that bad of a dad, except when he told me to give up our baby. I still wish I would have said 'No' to him and moved out. I still regret my decision. I know it hurt Mom also. It would have been her grandchild. I was only three months along so no one else even knew except for Erin."

"I should have been there for you and I wasn't. My life hasn't been the same since. Are you married? I see a ring on your finger."

She smiled at me. "No, I got tired of being hit on all the time and it helps deter some men. Others don't seem to care if a woman is married or not."

I know I wouldn't be able to tell her much about my past. Half or more of my sexual encounters were with married women. She asked me about my life since leaving the service and I told her about my job.

"So, you've never gotten married?" she asked me.

"Tracy, to be honest, I've never found the right women. I've dated a lot but staying away from any commitments."

"I'm pretty much the same. My problem is I keep waiting for the perfect guy. When I was a lot younger I thought I had met him but things didn't work out." I saw her look down at her plate. I was pretty sure she was talking about me.

"Things change, maybe things will work out for you yet." I took one of her hands in mine. She smiled at me.

About that time everyone started to get up and get ready to leave. We got up and I gave her a kiss on the cheek. "I'll see you tomorrow," I said.

I walked her to her car and headed over to Mom and Dad's to spend the night. Mom told me it was nice seeing Tracy and me together. She always liked Tracy and Erin. I told Mom it was nice seeing her too, and that she is as beautiful as ever. I headed up to the spare room to get some sleep.

It didn't happen. I tossed and turned all night. I couldn't get my mind off of Tracy. I wondered what it would be like to hold her and dance with her and even make love to her. We were so young when we were last together. I finally must have dozed off some time. I woke up with Todd getting me up. He was all excited; he kept saying he was getting married today.

Chapter 2

"Neil, I'm sorry for not telling you about Tracy. I know the two of you broke up when you went in the service. No one would tell me any more since then; I hope there isn't a problem. She seems nice to me and often asks about you."

"It's ok, Todd. Believe it or not, I was happy to finally see her. Brings back some nice memories. Is there any problem if I sit next to her at the reception? I think Erin would prefer to be with Jim."

"No problem, Erin and Tracy asked Julie the same thing. Maybe this isn't so bad after all." Todd hit me on my arm and told me to get up. Mom was making us breakfast and then we had to get ready for the wedding.

I walked down the aisle with Erin. We took our spots in front of the church. Next I saw Tracy coming up the aisle with my brother Bob. She looked so damn beautiful. She was looking right at me and smiling.

Julie looked great and my little brother had tears in his eyes. He whispered to me that this was the greatest day of his life. I really felt happy for him. During his vows I was thinking about Tracy. Could we get back together after all these years?

At the reception I did get seated next to Tracy at the head table. She looked at me and said, "I asked Julie if I could sit next to you and she said she would talk to Todd." I was smiling. "Why are you smiling?" she asked me.

"I asked Todd the same question." We both had a short laugh. I grabbed her hand and squeezed it.

Tracy took me to meet her mother. Tracy walked away for a minute as I talked to her mother. I told her I was sorry for her loss. I also asked her if she had a problem with me being with Tracy.

"Tracy's a big girl and has been making her own decisions for a long time. Do I mind you two being together again? Not at all, just please don't hurt her, she's been through a lot."

I gave Mrs. Cook a kiss on the cheek and walked up and took Tracy by the hand and headed for the dance floor. I loved holding her in my arms. I honestly wasn't sure what I was doing. It seemed the years we were apart just melted away.

I was surprised that Tracy knew so many people. Of course I forgot that she never left the area except to go to college. A number of men came and said hi to her. She introduced me as an old friend. Some of these men asked her to dance. I was a little upset seeing her in someone else's arms.

I sat with her mother and even danced with her. When I asked about some of the men Tracy was dancing with her mother said, "I'll be honest with you. She's dated some of these men through the years. Two had asked her to marry them. She always told them she was sorry, she liked them as friends but was waiting for the right guy."

"Am I the right guy?" I asked Mrs. Cook.

"She never told me, Neil; I don't really know."

I thought to myself, "Is it even possible that Tracy might have held a torch for me all these years?"

After the wedding, I told her I wanted to be with her. She told me that things were going a little too fast. It was a shock just seeing me again. It brought back a lot of memories, both good and bad. I knew what she meant, I was feeling the same way.

I asked her if she wanted to come to my parents' house the next day. Erin and Todd were going to open their presents at the house before leaving for their honeymoon. I would be heading for home shortly afterwards. She said she would be there.

I gave her and her mother a hug before they left for home. I wanted to hold her and kiss her but she was right. It was just going too fast for both of us. I was the guy who wasn't ready for commitment.

The next day all my family along with Julie's family met at Mom and Dad's. They began opening gifts, and all the women would woo and ah at every gift. I could have cared less what they got. I was sitting next to Tracy and that's all I cared about.

My brother opened a present and Julie asked what it was. They got it from some of Todd's work buddies. It was a door knocker very similar to mine. "What is that thing?" asked Julie.

"It's a door knocker," replied Todd. "You grab the balls to knock on the door."

"You're not going to put that on our front door," replied Julie. Everyone was laughing.

Julie offered it to Jim but Erin said, "No way!"

Then she offered it to me but Todd spoke up. "Neil already has one just like it. Don't you, Neil?"

I felt a bit stupid but told them I did. Tracy stared at me for a moment. Then she said, "This I have to see! You actually have that hanging on your door? Do people actually use it?"

"Yes and yes. A friend bought it for me as a joke and I put it up, and yes people who come over use it. It fact it's something of a conversation piece. Look how everyone here is talking about it."

Erin's boyfriend Jim spoke up. "Can I have it Julie? I'd think my dad would get a kick out of it. I can see him putting it on his garage door."

"It's all yours, Jim. Hope your dad gets a kick out of it." Erin just shook her head and smiled.

After all the gifts were opened, I had to get ready to head home. Tracy walked me to my car. I had no idea what I was doing. I was expecting to come to my brother's wedding, party a little, and maybe find a good looking woman and get laid.

Instead I came across the only woman I ever cared for, and hadn't seen in nine years. I was at my car and lost for words.

"Will I ever see you again?" asked Tracy, with watery eyes.

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