Cruise Coupling

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2012 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My wife and I got to know the couple in the next cabin quite well, even intimately.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Swinging   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

Julie and I had been married for eight years and, probably like many of you, we would get these brochures from time to time about cruises in the Caribbean and had friends, again, probably like you do, who have gone on these cruises and loved it.

So, not long after our best friends returned from one and had told us all about it, a packet arrived in the mail and we decided to book a ten-day cruise.

We live in the southern part of the United States so that made it pretty easy to get to our port of embarkation.

Once on board, we unpacked and settled into our cabin, reading the brochures about the various restaurants and bars, the entertainment, the other diversions that were so abundantly offered.

The first day, we did some sunning and swimming, then dinner and dancing after dark. It was fun and relaxing, just what we wanted.

The next morning, I got up before Julie and went out onto our balcony with a book.

I'd been reading about fifteen minutes, when I heard someone come out from the room next to ours onto their balcony.

"What a morning, oh, look at the water, doesn't it smell so fresh. God, this makes me horny," I heard a woman's voice say. "Let's go back in and have a good fuck."

"What about right here. We're alone out here, the air's lovely, we'd be below the railing so nobody could see," the male said.

There were a few moans, then the man said, "Come on, let's fuck right here. You'll love it," and then there was some movement and the subsequent sounds were surely those of copulation.

"Oh, mmm, push hard, mmm," I heard the woman groan.

"I love fucking you, babe, you're so good," the male voice said, all the time, ceertainly unaware that I was just a few feet away.

I opened the fly on my shorts and wrangled my hardened cock out into the sunny, salt air, dribbled some saliva on my palm and began my own sexual entertainment.

"Mmm, oh, god, harder, Paul, harder, push," the woman groaned while I stroked away unseen and unheard.

More groans and moans, then they seemed to get back up and went inside as I finished my business, wiped myself off with a handkerchief, and went back inside. Julie was in the shower so I poured another cup of coffee and went back out.

The woman was standing out on the balcony and turned as I came out.

"Hi, neighbor," she said, "I'm Jill, Jill Evans," she said as she leaned over the railing to shake hands. I introduced myself as well, taking special note as her robe spread a bit showing her quite lovely breasts, almost to her nipples.

Our next door neighbor was about our age, lower- to mid-thirties, and we chatted a bit about the cruise, that it was their second one, but the first with a balcony.

"I won't go on another cruise unless we get a balcony cabin again, I just love to have the access to the ocean like this, the salt air, it's such a turn-on for me."

"Yeah, I guess it is," I said, deciding to take a risk, "I was actually sitting right there in that chair earlier when you and your husband were out here enjoying yourselves."

"Oh, my. Did you see or hear anything?"

"I didn't see anything but, well, you two sounded like you were having a nice time."

Then, a bit red-faced, she asked, "I hope we didn't cause you any embarrassment"

"Oh, not in the least. The truth is that sitting there listening to you two enjoying the morning air, I took the opportunity take things into my own hand for a bit of fun."

She laughed and added, "Well, we're glad we could provide a bit of shipboard entertainment."

About then, her husband, Paul, came out and she introduced us, then went in for a shower.

Paul and I chatted for a few minutes, then I went back in our cabin as Julie was getting dressed after her shower. I told her about the morning's events on the balcony and she thought it pretty bold of them to just go and have sex right there on the balcony, not just because of people in adjacent cabins but those on higher decks could have quite a view.

It is true that Julie would not likely consent to sex anywhere there might be the chance to be seen. Some people are exhibitionists but she is not.

So, we did the usual cruise things for the rest of the day, then a nice dinner and some dancing after.

When we got back to our cabin, I poured us a last glass of wine and got down to my usual sleepwear, my boxers, and went out on the balcony.

A minute later, Julie came out in her robe and we stood there admiring the moon seeming to float above the ocean.

"Mmm, nice, huh?" she said as she snuggled close. She raised her face and we kissed as her robe opened and my arms went around her naked body underneath.

"What do you have on your mind, young lady?" I asked in my most salacious voice as my hands ranged over her soft, supple curves.

"Well, maybe we should do it out here like our neighbors did this morning," she said softly.

I wasted little time getting the cushions down on the decking and sliding my hard cock into my very receptive wife. There was just enough moonlight to see one another as we slowly made love, taking almost an hour to have two absolutely wonderful orgasms.

We both slept the sleep of the totally satisfied that night.

The next morning, I put a robe on and took my coffee out as Julie slept a bit later.

I was standing there looking at the long, wide view of the ocean when I heard, "Good morning, neighbor," and I moved to the rail between our rooms and there was Jill laying there on a chaise lounge chair naked.

"I hope you don't mind, this just felt like the thing to do this morning."

"No, I don't mind at all. It just adds to the beautiful view this morning."

"Oh, aren't you nice. It is a beautiful morning and it was a lovely night for the two you from what I heard last night. Sounds like you two had a quite wonderful time."

"You heard us, huh? Well, we did, indeed, have a wonderful time of it out here under the stars. Quite wonderful, indeed."

"Well, we enjoyed hearing the two of you, this time."

"Just don't tell Julie, if she knew you'd heard us, she'd never do it again."

"Your secret is good with us. We'd love to hear you again, it gave us some rather wonderful ideas ourselves," she said with a grin.

Later that afternoon, we were in the room for a short while and stepped out to enjoy the balcony to find that our cabin-neighbors, Paul and Jill were also enjoying the breeze. This gave me a chance to introduce Julie who only knew of them from my story about them having fun on the balcony that first morning.

I had opened some white wine I'd had chilling and offered our neighbors to join us and we opened the gate between the two balconies and pulled our chairs near one another. It took both our room keys to do it, I guess as some kind of precaution but we were soon regaling each other with all manner of things.

The wives both decided to shower and get dressed for dinner and left Paul and I out finishing our wine.

We were talking along, when he leaned forward a bit and asked, "Have you and Julie ever done any swapping?"

"Oh, you don't know Julie. I mean, sure we have a pretty nice sex life and all but, oh, she'd never do something like that, not in a million years."

"Well, you never know," he replied.

"I know, we've talked about it before, that and maybe watching the other have sex with someone else, you know, the usual things that happen and she's always been right up front about it. Not in a million years."

"Well, I just wondered. It's something we've done a few times and, well, it's pretty hot. Anyway, just asking."

"Sure, I know," I said and we changed the subject and soon went inside our own cabins.

After dinner and some dancing, we decided to take a bottle of wine from the bar to our cabin and enjoy it there.

"Let's enjoy our wine on the balcony, maybe we can enjoy a little fun, too," she said in her most sultry voice. I had a snap-on terrycloth towel that I often wore after a shower and I undressed and pulled it around me and snapped it tight, took the wine in its cooler along with two glasses, and went outside.

The evening was lovely, the air felt soft, and the moon was about half.

Julie came out in her robe, stopped momentarily and flashed it open, then closed. Yes, she was in the mood, for sure.

We both sat there, me with my legs apart some showing my cock hanging down, and Julie with her robe partly open showing her breasts right up to where her nipples were.

Then we heard the other door open and out came Paul and Jill from their cabin.

"Oh, hi, guys, beautiful evening, right?" Paul asked and we both agreed.

"Grab a couple of glasses and join us, why don't you?" I asked them.

He went back in and got them and they pulled up chairs as I poured them some wine.

They both were wearing robes and as Jill leaned over to lift her glass, it opened enough that I could see her lovely boob once again which, of course, stimulated my cock which began its rise.

We chatted about this and that for a bit and then Jill said, "You know, this is so nice, out here in the warm night air, I wish this was a clothing-optional cruise. I'd just love to sit out here in the all together."

It was what I heard next that floored me.

Chapter 2

"Well, if that's what you two want to do, it wouldn't bother David and me the least bit."

I just sat there, somewhat stunned that my wife would say such a thing.

Jill opened her robe, pulled her arms out of the sleeves and lay back as beautifully naked as I'd seen her that first morning. Paul stood up and slid his robe off and sat back down, his cock laying semi-erect on his thigh.

"That looks nice," Julie said and she stood up and let her robe slide off her arms and sat back down. I was totally astonished but also totally aroused. I unsnapped my towel wrap and opened it up.

"Mmm, the air feels so nice, this is really how the human body is meant to be," Julie said. She'd never brought up nudity before but I was not about to stop her now.

"Have you ever been to a nude beach or a nude resort before?" Jill asked and Julie told her, "No, I guess I'm just not confident enough in how I look to do that."

That caused Paul to jump in with, "Well, I've always thought I had great taste in women and, Julie, you would turn every male head within a mile of you and probably a whole lot of female heads as well."

"Oh, you're being nice, Paul, but I hardly compare with Jill."

"Oh. hon, come on, you both really look great, come on, let's see you both stand together, come on," I urged.

They both stood up and moved next to each other. They were both quite lovely, their skin glowing from the moonlight showing soft shadows under their breasts.

Paul and I looked them over and he said, "Well, ladies, you are both highly sexy women and here is what you do to me," he said as he touched the tip of his hard cock, then nodded toward mine and added, "Looks like you two have turned on David as well."

"Looks like we'll be getting pretty lucky tonight, Jill," Julie said to her new friend.

"Well, we've both done it out here on the balcony, why don't we just go ahead and have our fun now, we're already dressed for it, after all," Jill said and my wife, of all things, added, "Great idea" and came over and swung her leg up over me and sat on my thighs facing me and began playing with my cock.

"That looks good," said Jill and she mounted Paul's legs to begin jacking him up and down as his hands rubbed her boobs.

"Mmm, I'm so hot," Julie said as she lifted up and tucked me under her then slowly sat back over me, pushing her pussy down onto me settling all the way with me up inside her.

She began flexing and relaxing her pelvic muscles as I lay there fondling her breasts. It reminded me of a time when we were first married when she just wanted to see if she could make me cum doing that, not stroking, just sitting there working my cock with her muscles. And, yes, it took a while, but she was successful.

Julie leaned forward to put her hands on my shoulders, then began rocking up and down on me, her pussy clenching tightly around me each time she raised up. It was so erotic being outside and only a few feet from another couple, also coupling as we were.

"Oh, Paul, god this is good," Jill groaned as she rose and fell over her husband's cock.

"This is so hot, David, I just never thought I'd be doing something like this," Julie whispered in my ear. "It's not even all that dark, you can pretty much see each other," she added.

She was right. It wasn't like we were fucking under a spotlight but what each couple were doing on the balcony was readily apparent to any of us and, well, it certainly was erotic.

"Oh, David, I'm ... oh, OH, oh, um, mmm," Julie groaned as she came down on me gripping me tightly, kissing me over and over as she cycled her hips up and down, fucking me to orgasm.

Just after that, Jill moaned, "Oh, uuh, mmm, UUH, mmm," and she began pumping Paul until he let out a deep moan.

We all lay there, each wife over her husband, his cock deep inside her, as the ship moved almost silently through the water. Each wife was lifting up every once in and while and taking a few strokes, keeping us hard, I suppose, it was sure working that way for me.

No one spoke for a few minutes, then Julie said softly, "Well, that was my first time doing it in front of another couple and well ... I haven't had an orgasm like that in years."

"It was wonderful, just what I was needing," Jill said, adding, "I could even use some more."

"Mmm, me, too, I'm feeling David pretty hard inside me right now," my wife said, rather amazing me that she would be so direct about something like that.

"Yes, Paul's the same way, maybe we should switch sides?"

It was quiet for a minute as I lay there quite stunned, then I heard my wife.

"Maybe that's just what we need to remember this cruise forever."

Stunned, amazed, astonished, dumbfounded. That's just the beginning of how I felt laying there under her as she kept slowly taking strokes over me.

"What do you guys think? Want us girls to shift over to the other's guy?" Jill asked.

Well, what I already knew from Paul was that he liked swapping and, well, I was not going to ruin the party, especially since my wife seemed so eager to do this.

"Sure," I said, "count me in," and Paul agreed as well, so both wives pulled up off their mate's cocks and Julia moved over to our neighbor's balcony and looked back as Jill now kneeling down took my cock in her mouth.

Surprising me even further, she did the same and began sucking Paul's cock.

Jill blew me for a few minutes, I suppose making sure I was really hard, then got up, swung a leg over me and settled down pressing my cock up into her.

I had a friend in high school who once said, "Pussy is pussy, it's as simple as that."

Full of shit he was. Must never have had any.

I looked over and Julie was pushing herself onto Paul and moving up and down as she leaned forward to drop a nipple in his open mouth.

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