One Plus Two Makes Amazement

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2012 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I was holding a series of business meetings at one of our client's headquarters and was invited to supper by the secretary I'd been working with. I got to know her quite better than evening along with her two teenaged daughters. Did I ever.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   .

I got my degree in engineering some years back and have, for the past ten years or so, worked for a consulting company. It involves a fair amount of travel, which I actually mostly enjoy, and I was called to a client, one of our most important ones, to visit their headquarters and research and development division just outside Chicago.

It was a project that we were just beginning so it involved a number of meetings with department and division managers and their key people.

To schedule these meetings and arrange the many details involved in running them, I was working with the division manager's secretary, Virginia Willis, a very attractive, slender blond, who, I would guess was in her mid-to-upper thirties. She was not wearing a wedding ring, I, too, by the way was single, never married, and when she asked me if I'd like to come to dinner that evening, well, just like you probably would, I agreed in a heartbeat.

I told her I would bring the wine and she suggested a red, which I picked up along with a large arrangement of flowers.

I arrived at six-thirty, as requested, and rang the bell.

Two girls answered, the taller one saying, "You must be Martin, Mom's friend, come in," and I followed the two back to the kitchen where Virginia was at the stove.

Now, let me stop a moment to tell you about these two girls. They were teens, the oldest, Sara, was sixteen and her sister, Tina, was fifteen. They, like their mother, were very pretty, both blond like their mom but they were dressed, well, they were dressed quite provocatively.

It is true that I'd not been around teen girls since I was that age and I did know lots of things have changed over the years, but they really amazed me.

The older girl, taller, of course, was in a cotton knit top with an open weave that showed her quite lovely breasts, several inches of bare midriff, then a short denim skirt. Yes, there was no bra, her pretty pink nipples were rather proudly on display through the open knit.

The younger one wore a bandeau and a pair of denim shorts that were cut off at about the level where an 'R-rating' must begin. Her bandeau was gathered to just barely cover her but her nipples were quite prominently poking through. I might be getting near forty but my equipment, in engineering terms, had erected.

"Hi, Martin, my directions okay?" their mother asked.

"Oh, I used my GPS, don't even have to think doing that," I joked.

She had a pot of spaghetti sauce bubbling on the stove and the kitchen smelled terrific. She set her girls to making some garlic bread as I opened the wine and she put the flowers on the dining table.

"That's so sweet, Martin, you certainly didn't have to do that, the wine was plenty."

It was difficult to keep my eyes off her daughters, who were at that age where they seemed to exude sex, Sara, especially, whose breasts were about the size of her mother's, B-cup, I'd guess, maybe C's. Not that Tina's were small, they were the size of nice, ripe oranges and both girls seemed to know they were sexy and were very comfortable in it.

Virginia had changed since she'd come home and was also looking quite attractive in a peasant blouse that showed a nice bit of cleavage and khaki shorts that let her lovely long legs be admired. And, that, I did.

I, too, had changed, it was summer and I was in a polo shirt and khaki pants, perhaps a bit overdressed but, who knew?

Supper was served up and we had a nice time and soon were finished as I was pouring the last of the wine for Virginia and me.

"Let's take the wine in the living room and finish it there, Martin," she suggested and she and I went in with our glasses while the girls cleaned up.

I was telling her about one of the meetings that afternoon as her daughters came in the room and both sat on the floor leaning back on the sofa their mother was on.

As we were talking, Sara leaned back and put her knees up. It took me a second to realize that she was wearing panties, they were tiny thongs, almost nonexistent, really, and she was looking right at me, smiling, obviously knowing I was getting a good look.

There was a brief lull, when Tina said, "Mom must really like you, she almost never has a guy home, not in a long time."

"Quiet, Tina, after all," her mother admonished, as her older sister put in, "You are going to share him, aren't you, Mom? We like him, too."

"Sara, please, I haven't even said anything to Martin about any of that yet," and she looked at me to say, "Martin, I'm sorry, these girls have funny ideas."

"I guess I'm really pretty confused," I said and Virginia added, "Well, just try to understand; I really liked you when we met. It's been nice talking with you for these months before you came, while we were making all the arrangements and, well, I'd hoped you might stay the night. God, this is so embarrassing, it's not the way I wanted it."

"Okay, but what about them, what was that about sharing?" I asked.

"Oh, Martin, what will you think of us," she said.

"What I meant was she going to let us have sex with you, too? She had a steady guy last year who we all had fun with. He took care of us just about every day and we miss it, Martin. We thought you would be Mom's next guy; she told us how much she likes you. I know you've been looking at my sister and me, Martin, I've seen you. Here's some more," Sara said as she stood up pulling off the knit top then pulling down her tiny skirt, remaining there for me to see. She was stunning.

"Martin, I'm afraid they've given you the wrong idea," Virginia started.

"Mom, come on, why not ask Martin if he wants all three of us? It's no big deal, we've done it before," Tina asked.

There seemed no question to what was on the table, I tried to quickly think of some other meaning for all this but, well, it only meant sex with all three.

"I ... I've never been offered anything quite so, well, wonderful and, I think if you all meant it, I'd be happy to stay."

"I can't believe how forward my girls have become. Just please don't think too badly of us. We're really not all that terrible," Virginia said apologetically.

"Well, truthfully, I'm single myself and, well, with three such beautiful women, how could I resist?"

"So, you'd give my two girls some ... attention, make them happy? They've really missed it, it's so hard when you have sex regularly, then it just stops, especially at their age. And, well, mine, too, Martin. So you'll spend the night with us?"

"Yes, I can't turn this down, Virginia," I said as her girls jumped up and hugged and kissed me, both taking grips of my crotch.

"Oh, he's hard, Mom, really hard," Sara said as she pulled off her thong while Tina stripped her clothes off.

"They're pretty eager, Martin, I hope you're not put off by that," their mother said and I told her I wasn't at all, that I always liked enthusiasm.

These two nubile young women now came to me and started removing my clothes as I stood there amazed at their boldness and determination; these girls got what they wanted, it seemed.

Virginia stood up, saying, "I'm not going to be left out," and began taking her clothes off as well. Soon, there were six beautiful breasts, three perfectly shaven pussies, and one hard cock in the room as all three surrounded me, their hands exploring me to my great delight.

"Oh, Mom, you did good, he's really nice," Tina laughed as her sister pulled back and forth on my cock. Their mother moved in between them so we could embrace, now exchanging our first kiss as our tongues caressed one another while our hands all got acquainted with each other as well.

Then, I felt a soft hand being pulled away from me to be replaced by a pair of soft, wet lips sliding down my shaft as Virginia and Sara parted. Tina was on her knees giving me a slow, steady, wonderful suck.

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