Walking the Beach

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2012 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: Jennie Wainright succeeds in meeting her goal and decides it's time to live again. She gives herself a sensuous vacation, and becomes the plaything of the Dean's wife but love is just around the corner.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Romantic   Spanking   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   .

"Walking the beach had to be one of life's greatest pleasures," she thought to herself, looking around, taking in the piles of shells that presented themselves, glancing at them and slowly moving on, saving few but enjoying them, eyeing them all.

Jennie Wainright was on vacation. And it wasn't only a vacation but 'the vacation' that she'd been promising herself for such a long time. It was time to let down, to relax, to set other concerns back off of the front burner of her mind. It was, indeed, time for her, for Jennie.

She finally had tenure, recently granted and was now an associate professor, and this much awaited and much needed vacation to the Bahamas was her reward for herself for all of it. She was going to enjoy every minute of it.

Jennie had been, in fact, an athlete in college. She got her height from her dad; leaving her a full six feet tall. She carried her 135 lbs very, very well. From her mom she inherited her statuesqueness, with 38c breasts that were indeed imposing.

For her dream vacation in the Bahamas, she bought three new bathing suits. She didn't like bikinis and thought that the one piece variety showed off her height and her body to better advantage. Today's suit was a royal blue one piece version; it was made of a kind of knit fabric. It was cut high on the thighs, giving the impression that Jennie's nicely plump ass would fall out of the suit at any point. Added to this the cleavage that it showed made it a certified man trap. Jennie was strutting a bit down the beach, as she thought of it.

Walking the beach was her treat but swimming in the lovely blue waters was a clear and close second. She simply couldn't remember when she'd enjoyed herself so much.

So, she'd made this promise that once the tenure came through, it would be time for this vacation, and here she was: white sand, beautiful blue water, a new bathing suit and feeling just fine.

Jennie considered herself a liberated woman. She'd been engaged once in college and thanked her lucky stars that it had never gone beyond that point. She'd eventually found Ray to be unreasonable and childish, and had broken it off.

She allowed herself to take, at times, as she was 'finding herself, sexual pleasure from both men and women. (Always drawing the line at college students; she just felt that such liaisons represented too much trouble.)

As she watched the luscious scenery, the sand, shells and lovely blue of the Caribbean, she let her mind drift back to one of her fondest early memories at the school; it was, in fact, about the Dean's wife, Marge:

It had been at a party at the Dean's house for new members of the faculty, and department heads. Jennie had already been there over a year but was invited to the party. In the course of mixing and talking to people, at one point Jennie found herself back by a refreshment table with a door behind her. She didn't hear the door open and only knew someone was behind her, when she heard the voice by her ear say:

"Stuffy party at the Dean's place."

"Yes, but necessary," Jennie answered and let out a little 'eek', when she saw that it was the Dean's wife talking to her.

"Sorry," Jennie said but her words died in her throat, when she felt Marge's hand rubbing over the surface of her ass cheeks.

Jennie's head shot around and stared at the lovely older woman; Marge was in fact 51 and still ravishing.

Jennie gained her composure and said softly: "Give you an hour to remove your hand."

Marge laughed a tinkling laugh and said: "Change the time and circumstances and I'll take the hour."

The scene never left her mind at all, not that night, not through a night, when she tossed and turned and played with herself to orgasm twice. It stayed there and kind of grinned at her incessantly.

That particular 'hour' happened the very next day. Jennie was religious in her exercising, and had been ever since she could remember. She continued to run and to do weight exercises to keep herself fit.

She was on the last lap of that afternoon's run, coming down the street to her house, when she saw that someone was sitting on her porch. As she got closer she realized that it was in fact Marge, the Dean's wife. Jennie stopped her run and was into her decompression, when Marge came off of the porch to greet her.

"You look spectacular, girl friend," Marge said.

"Sweaty!" Jennie answered, a bit out of breath.

"I can't tell you how much I like sweaty," Marge continued. "Now why don't we go inside before I give you a bad reputation with your neighbors, by beginning to lick some of the sweat off of you right here and now."

"Oh, that sounds lovely," Jennie said but began to move toward the house immediately.

They were hardly inside the door, when Marge grabbed hold of Jennie and kissed her. Jennie simply allowed it all to happen. She let her lips open against Marge's slightly and received immediately the thrill of Marge's tongue's invasion of her mouth.

"Mmmmm," Jennie hummed in her throat, as Marge's hands now began their exploration. She felt the hands run down her back and up under her tee shirt.

"Lovely and wet," Marge said into Jennie's ear, as the hands continued their work, one of them now moving around the front to encounter one of Jennie's large tits and its already hardened nipple.

The other hand was busy pushing its way down the back of Jennie's tight, lycra running pants to slide across Jennie's well rounded, and muscular ass cheeks.

"Okay, enough fooling," Marge said, "Strip, girl! Right now!"

"You're so masterful, when you make demands!" Jennie said, slipping the tee shirt up to take it off.

"I think that it's what you like, what Jennie likes," Marge said, "Masterful! Admit it!"

"Yes, Ma'am," Jennie said through the fabric of the tee shirt, now raised over her head.

Marge trapped Jennie then in the upraised tee shirt, holding her by the wrists and beginning the process of nipping and biting at one of Jennie's nipples. She was rewarded for her effort by soft cries from Jennie, especially when Marge took a nipple between her lips and, after sucking it a bit, began to bite it hard.

"Awwwwww!" Jennie moaned, her face still buried in the upraised tee shirt, as Marge unhooked her bra and, forcing the bra upward, set Jennie's tits free altogether.

"Being ravished!" Jennie sighed.

"Just what you need!' Marge said.

"Yes, what I need," Jennie agreed.

"And I'm just the one to do it! I'm going to take you on, turn you out." Marge said next, biting the other nipple and causing Jennie to simply shake.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh!" Jennie wailed. "Yessssss! Where do I sign!"

"Slut!" Marge whispered, biting the nipple again, and getting an almost liquid response from Jennie.

"Yesssss, Ma'am!" Jennie admitted.

Marge then whipped the tee shirt farther up and off of Jennie totally. Her mouth went back, at once, to Jennie's nipples and did some more biting. She had Jennie fairly dancing in place soon.

"Arms up in the air," Marge said hoarsely.

Jennie complied and let out another sigh as Marge now began to lick at Jennie's sweaty, wet armpits.

"Lovely, tasty bitch!" the Dean's Wife intoned, as she licked at Jennie's armpits.

In a quick and almost rough movement, Marge had Jennie's running pants and panties down and off, leaving her naked. She pushed the larger woman against the wall and said:

"Now stay there."

Jennie didn't move; she simply said a soft: "Yes, ma'am," and remained leaning against the wall with her arms in the air, watching closely as Marge discarded her own clothing.

When Marge was naked as Jennie, she said: "Now let's do this! Turn around. I want to mark you. I want you to see my teeth marks tomorrow in the mirror."

Jennie did as she was told and 'yipped' into the wall when Marge, as good as her word, did indeed bite Jennie's ass cheeks, leaving teeth marks on each cheek.

Marge straightened up then and kissed Jennie, whispering after the kiss:

"A vibrator, get it!"

Jennie just nodded and went to fetch her vibrator from the bedroom...

It was at this point, a favorite in the rehearsal of that memory, that Jennie emerged from her reverie. She realized that her bathing suite was wet from the mental recital of the scene with Marge, the Dean's wife.

She was at the end, it seemed, of the barrier island. She'd come to a pass, and the stretch of blue water in front of her was about a quarter mile across. That in itself would not be a problem for her but she had her bag with her towel, sun shade and camera. She sighed and realized that she would have to go back.

It was then that she caught out of the corner of her eye some movement off to the left. She turned and saw two young native men, glistening black skin in the sun, coming through the pass on what looked like very very thin canoes of some kind. They were in fact straddling the canoes and paddling with their legs trailing in the water. One, she noticed was wearing what they were calling 'board shorts', long legs to the knees and the other had on a yellow speedo.

Both young men flashed huge, white toothy grins at Jennie, and she, spurred on by the scene and the beach and the water, waved to them.

Just as she was about to turn back up the beach, she heard one of them call out to her:

"Pretty lady want to go across?"

The lilt of his voice was in itself a turn on for Jennie, and she quickly thought to herself that she'd let them take her across.

"Yes," she said, "May I hitch a ride?"

"Pretty lady gonna go right across with us!" one of them said then.

They both propelled their strange crafts to the beach and stood up. Jennie watched them with undisguised delight and said:

"Hi, I'm Jennie!"

"Jennie, Pretty Lady," one said, "I'm Matthew and this is Joseph. You want to go across?"

"Oh, please!" she said, deciding to not worry about getting back.

Matthew, the one with the yellow speedos, held out his hand and got Jennie situated on the narrow canoe, with her legs too trailing in the water.

Jennie's breath caught in her throat, as she felt Matthew snuggle up behind her. She thought, or maybe just wished, that she felt an erection poking her ass cheeks. She only barely suppressed a giggle at that point.

Then they were off.

"Jennie, Pretty Lady," he said to her. "You don't move now and we'll be just fine and balanced."

"Anything you say!" she said in a gay voice.

"Wonderful, Jennie, Pretty Lady," Matthew said.

The ride, Jennie felt, was all too short. Joseph was there first and was waiting to take Jennie's hand and help her get out of the canoe type vehicle.

Jennie turned, uncertain and not wanting to be rude asked: "Can I give you something for the ride?"

"Seein' pretty lady in that there suit is enough payment, I think for me and Joseph," Matthew said with a broad smile, which Joseph copied.

"We be around," Matthew said then, "And get the pretty lady back across by and by."

"Oh, thank you,"Jennie said and turned to walk away down the beach, knowing that they didn't move from the spot but were watching her ass wiggle, as she went down the beach.

She turned and waved to them, watching them go back through the pass. With a sigh, she took in her surroundings and walked on, grinning. She paused after a while and sat on the beach and her mind drifted back to her fantasy:

She brought from her bedroom a large, rubberish, flesh colored vibrator that looked like a cock and balls. It was her favorite. She held it out to Marge wordlessly.

"Very nice, very bad, Associate Professor!" Marge said turning it around and inspecting the vibrator.

"Thank you, Wife of the Dean of the University!" she said politely.

"Taste!" Marge said then, putting the vibrator to Jennie's lips.

Jennie gladly and quickly opened her mouth to accept the rubber cock that Marge was pushing past her lips. Jennie clasped the vibrator with her lips and, eyes never leaving Marge's, she began to simulate sucking the cock.

"Our Associate Professor is a cock sucker!" Marge said softly.

"Yes, ma'am," Jennie said, "I am!"

"What else? I wonder?" Marge said then.

Jennie spoke up and said: "If I may be so bold," licking the cock with her tongue all the while, "The Associate Professor is also a pussy eater!"

"Oh, my!" Marge said, "Then get down on the floor, and let me ask you a special question: Do you like a little pain?"

Jennie gulped and said a very quiet: "No, ma'am, not really."

"Goodie!" Marge said, "Then this will be instructive."

With her foot Marge forced Jennie into a position on the floor, her head on the floor and her ass in the air. She used her spike heeled shoe to press Jennie's face into the carpet, getting a low moan from Jennie.

"Well, let's see what else we can find to play with," Marge said then, going on an exploring expedition. She came back soon enough, smiling at Jennie, who looked up from her position on the floor, her ass still in the air and her face near the carpet.

"Shall we play?" Marge asked.

"Yes, ma'am," Jennie said, "Whatever you want."

"Of course, whatever I want," Marge said. "So we'll use these. She grabbed Jennie by the hair and pulled her upright a bit and quickly clipped a clothes pin onto one of Jennie's nipples. She put a rough hand over Jennie's mouth to suppress the inevitable scream and then fitted the other nipple also.

Jennie had tears streaming from her eyes and looked up at Marge; it was a look of both devotion and almost fear.

"Now this, sweet ass," Marge said brandishing a thin piece of wood that she'd retrieved from somewhere. Marge swished the piece of wood through the air a few times.

"Head on the floor, cunt!" Marge barked at Jennie, as she began to hit the kneeling woman on the ass with the wood. "Sing to the carpet!"

"Yes, ma'am," Jennie said in a strangled voice.

"Now a little of this," Marge said next and took a belt that she'd found. She began to use the belt on Jennie's ass cheeks, leaving welts and angry red marks. The more Jennie cried out into the carpet, the more Marge hit her, enjoying it more and more.

Jennie started moving around uncontrollably on the floor, her ass wiggling, shaking back and forth. She came with a great shout.

"You, sexy little pig," Marge said, "You came just from being beaten!"

"Thank you, ma'am," Jennie said then breathlessly, collapsed now on the floor.

"Let's do this now; wet, honey?" Marge asked.

"Yesssss," Jennie answered and she shivered and moaned, as Marge pushed the vibrator into her pussy.

Then, with the vibrator in place, and turned on, Marge rolled Jennie's desk chair, from the small kitchen desk in an alcove for her kitchen computer, up to where Jennie was waiting. Now lifting her head, Jennie felt Marge grab a hand full of her hair and pull her face into Marge's pussy, covered with curly dark hair.

Jennie exited from the reverie once again, only this time, she was rubbing the crotch of her suit, and stimulating herself. It was then that she saw Matthew and Joseph at the edge of the beach watching her. She took her hand away, a bit sorry to have stopped, and waved at them. Matthew spoke:

"Pretty Lady wants to go for a float?"

Without hesitating, Marge said: "Oh, yes I do! May I?"

She got up and brushed the sand off of her butt and walked to the water's edge, where Joseph was out again and waiting for her, to help her in front of Matthew on the other canoe.

They put her bag into the canoe and Jennie was quickly in place in front of Matthew, and he pushed off. It was lovely! Stimulating! She could again feel Matthew pressing against her and she was really pleased, when Joseph, with a laughing voice spoke up and said something to Matthew in a kind of native dialect.

Matthew laughed and said: "Joseph is saying that my canoe now is like an old time waling ship with a lovely woman figure head."

"Oh, yes!" Jennie said with enthusiasm, "A lovely figure head!"

She spread her arms out then letting the breeze across the water waft over her. She could feel her nipples harden. She could hardly imagine enjoying herself any more.

"One more thing we need, Pretty Lady," Matthew said.

"What?" Jennie asked.

He put his paddle in the boat and Jennie simply squealed in delight as Matthew grabbed the shoulder straps of her suit and pulled them down and off, letting her large tits swing free! Joseph clapped, and Jennie let out a loud:


"Better, Pretty Lady!" Matthew said.

"Definitely better!" Jennie agreed.

"One more thing!" Matthew said.

"OH, there's more?" Jennie said, wonder in her voice.

"This, Pretty Lady," Matthew said and, grabbing the sides of her suit, which could be stretched because of the material, pulled the leg bands until they were snugged inside the crack of Jennie's ass.

"Even better!" Joseph called out.

"Oh, yes," Jennie said loudly, realizing that this was going to provide her with a fantasy memory that would probably rival that of her and Marge.

Joseph was paddling close to them and said something in the same native dialect to Matthew who agreed. To Jennie's consternation, Matthew turned the canoe and headed for the beach. Joseph was there to receive her, as she got up, making no movement to adjust her suit. But then Mattew was up and he did adjust the suit.
He grabbed the suit, which was now situated around Jennie's waist and pulled it down and off.

Jennie let out a loud kind of 'eeeek' noise but agreeably stepped out of the suit, which was put into the canoe.

She simply smiled at the two of them, wanting to allow all of this to happen. She put her arms up in the air and slowly turned around to show them all of her nakedness.

"Pretty, pretty Lady!" Matthew said and she smiled at him, draping her arms around his neck. Then she let out another surprise sound as she watched Joseph unfasten his board shorts and take them down and off, leaving him naked too.

"Me!" Matthew said, as she stood back and watched him remove his speedos. Both of them were naked now with Jennie, who was getting wetter and wetter all the time.

Then Matthew got back into the canoe and Joseph helped Jennie into it too. The two of them were straddling it, as before. Matthew as sitting back further in the canoe and, to Jennie's surprise, Joseph, with a large erect cock sticking out in front of him, got onto the canoe too.

Jennie swept her hand back and could feel Matthew's cock pressing agains her ass cheeks from behind.

"Oh, yesssss," Jennie said.

"Is Jennie, the Pretty Lady ready for a ride now?" Matthew asked.

"Definitely!" Jennie said, with the fleeting thought of 'if only Marge could see me now!' running through her mind.

They propelled the canoe quickly out into the lovely blue water. Jennie loved the sensation of it, the breeze and the sun on her skin. She swept a hand behind her to stroke Matthew's naked thigh and also one hand in front of her, which ran its way down Joseph's back.

They moved quickly until they came to a small barrier island and they ran the canoe into the cove of the barrier island, stopping and putting the paddles away, once they were in the cove of the island.

In a maneuver that totally surprised her, Joseph moved so that he was now facing Jennie, his legs still straddling the canoe, his erection poking toward her. She reached behind now and grasped Matthew's erection with her hand. She laughed:

"This is where you say to me 'put out or get out'."

"What is that, pretty lady?" Matthew asked.

"It means that if I don't allow you to have sex with me, then you will leave me here!" she explained, a kind of laugh in her voice.

She felt Matthew snuggle up to her from behind and he said to her in a whisper, but one that could be clearly heard by all three of them:

"Pretty lady, Jennie, put out or get out!"

He laughed at the end of the phrase and Jennie said in triumph:

"Yes, yes! I've always wanted to be told that!"

She turned her head only to find that Matthew was grinning at her. Her tongue darted out and licked his lips, fastening onto them for a kiss then.

"Yes, yes," she said, directly to his lips, "I'll put out! Just take what you want, do what you want."

She turned back to Joseph, who was leaning toward her then and began with him too by licking his lips, launching into another deep, wet kiss.

She felt Matthew's hands then, down at the base of her spine, rubbing their way around her ass cheeks, closer and closer to her ass crack and pussy.

"Yesss, do that, Matthew!"

Then there was pressure on her head from Joseph's hands, pulling her face down toward his upstanding erection.

"My god," she thought clearly to herself, "Marge should see me now! And I must get photos of this for her. I must!"

Joesph kept the pressure on Jennie's head steady, as she allowed herself to be lowered into a position to take his large, black cock in her mouth.

"Nice mouth, pretty lady!" Joseph said.

"Mmmmmm," Jennie mumbled, and, taking the cock out of her mouth for a few seconds, went on: "Nice cock, Joseph."

She was rewarded by a tinkling laugh from Joseph then, as she engulfed the head of his cock with her lips, sucking it into her mouth.

Then she felt Matthew leave off his rubbing and poking at her ass hole and pussy and felt his cock snuggle up to her pussy lips. She was bent way over now, with the cock in her mouth in front and quickly with a cock pushed into her pussy from behind.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh," she moaned. "Fuck the pretty lady!" she said.

"Yes," Matthew echoed, "Fuck the pretty lady, Jennie now!"

Both Matthew and Joseph were in action now and the boat was rocking but Jennie was so captivated by being fucked both in front and behind that she noticed nothing. She was closer and closer to cumming now. The entire situation had her keenly on edge and had her passion aroused. Matthew fucking her and Joseph guiding his cock into her mouth finished the scenario for her.

She began to twitch, as her orgasm overcame her. She moaned and cried around the cock in her mouth, and Joseph grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face into his crotch, holding it there. She breathed through her nose and tried to fight down the gag reflex.

Now Matthew, behind her, was cumming also.

It was all too much for their precarious situation. Just as Joseph finished filling Jennie's mouth with cum and Matthew's cumming subsided, they tipped over and the three of them cascaded off of the canoe and into the water. It was because they had snugged her bag under the seats well that the bag itself didn't get thrown into the water as well.

"Ohhhhhhh!" she spluttered, coming up for air from the water, and saw the two of them grinning at her.

She began to laugh and made her way through the water to them, putting her arms around first Matthew's neck and kissing him and then Joseph's neck for another kiss.

They guided the canoe to the sandy shore and all three of them got out of the water. Jus as Jennie got out of the water, Joseph took her by the hand and pulled her a little way up onto the beach. Matthew, emerging also, took her other hand and helped propel her up the beach a bit.

They spoke to one another again in their language and then turned to Jennie.

"Pretty lady," Matthew said. "Down like a dog now."

Jennie understood what he was saying, what he was ordering her to do and she wasn't in any mood to disagree with anything that they wanted her to do. She obediently got down on all fours, 'down like a dog.'

"Camera please!" she said to Joseph, who understood and retrieved the camera from her bag.

"Photo please!" she said and he took a picture of her naked on all fours with Matthew's cock heading for her mouth.

It had been a last minute gift from Marge. She'd come over that morning, when Jennie was finishing up her packing.

Jennie was pleased to see who it was at the door, when Marge rang the bell.

"Congratulations!" Marge said first, grabbing Jennie for a kiss and, insistent as always, shoving her hands down inside the waist band of Jennie's running pants to get her hands on Jennie's ass.

"I have a little gift for you and a demand," Marge said. "And I know that you don't have a lot of time."

"Sorry, Ma'am," Jennie said, giggling then as Marge succeeded in pulling her running pants down, exposing her pink panties.

Marge continued to play with Jennie's pussy through the soft nylon material of her panties, when she reached into her own pocket and brought out an sd card.

"I want pictures of all your adventures on this!" Marge said.

"Yes," Jennie said, getting all breathless from the impudence of Marge's hands.

"Excited, slut?" Marge asked.

"Yes, Ma'am!" she readily answered.

"Then I'll do this before I leave," Marge went on.

Her hands were now down inside the front of Jennie's panties and rummaging their way through Jennie's pussy hair to find her vagina. She made Jennie cum fairly quickly.

"You'll owe me more, when you get back!" Marge said.

"Oh, yes, Ma'am," Jennie said.

"I want pictures of you sucking a black cock and getting fucked!" Marge demanded.

"Yes, Ma'am," Jennie agreed with that also...

It all streaked through Jennie's mind in those few seconds, when Joseph was getting the camera and taking the photos of Jennie beginning to suck on Matthew's wonderful cock.

He took photos all the while Jennie was blowing Matthew, and then, once Matthew had already cum, he took over the camera and took photos of Jennie being fucked by Joseph.

When they were finished, they were tired.

"You two tire me out!" Jennie said with a laugh.

"Pretty lady, pretty Jennie is fun to play with, with her 'put out or get out'!" Joseph said.

"Will you take me back now, please?" Jennie asked. As she asked it, she planted a kiss on Matthew's lips and then one for Joseph.

"Yes, pretty lady," Matthew said. "Suit on now."

"Yes, suit on now," Jennie said.

They took her back to the original barrier island. Before she left and walked back up the beach, she asked them:

"Will I, can I see you again?"

"Oh, yes, pretty lady!" Joseph said. "We'll find you for sure!"

"Good!" Jennie said, blowing a kiss at them as she sashayed her way up the beach, moving her ass cheeks for their pleasure and humming to herself.

She knew that she was going to, as soon as possible, send an e-mail to Marge that would just set the older woman on fire. It made her smile and begin to giggle to herself.

Jennie had a wonderful dinner that night. She sat and had a glass of wine relatively late and then she went to bed, after a shower. She luxuriated in bed wearing only a thin pair of panties to bed. She realized that her only regret was that there were only a few days of her vacation left.

She began to drift off, not even taking time, as she had planned, to play with herself. She just felt the sleep creeping up on her, when she heard a key in the lock of her door.

Jennie was awake immediately.

"Who?" she said, almost fearfully.

"Pretty lady!" the voice said softly.

And then: "Pretty Jennie!"

The door opened and there they were, Matthew and Joseph, standing and grinning at her.

"Matthew! Joseph!" she cried out with great joy. "Come in!"

"Pretty lady, Jennie!" Matthew said, walking over to where Jennie was still in bed.

"Yes?" she said with a huge smile on her face.

"Pretty Jennie," he continued, "Put out or get out!"

That made her go into a spate of giggles.

Then they reached the bed and Joseph tossed the covers off of her.

"Pretty Jennie!" Joseph said, "How nice you look!"

"Thank you," she said, making no attempt to hide her near nakedness from them.

Matthew took her then by the hand and raised her up from the bed. She let him get her up and out of bed and she tumbled into his arms for a kiss, and luxuriated in the feeling of Joseph snuggling up behind her, pressing against her panty covered ass.

"Mmmmmmm!" she mumbled into Matthew's mouth.

When the kiss was broken, she turned around and kissed Joseph. While she was bush kissing Joseph, she felt Matthew's hands on her ass, diving down inside the waist band of her panties and beginning to squeeze her ass cheeks. She flexed her ass cheeks to show him that she liked what he was doing.

The two of them spoke to each other then in their own language and, when Joseph had broken the embrace and kiss, Matthew, taking his hands out of her panties, took her by the hand.

"You come with us, pretty lady!" Matthew said.

While he was leading Jennie toward the door, there was a rustle behind them. Joseph took time to grab, from her night stand, her camera, remembering her eagerness to have her photo taken when they were fucking her on the barrier island, and then he was taking the sheet from the bed and came to her, wrapping her in the sheet, as they walked toward the door.

"Ohhhhhhhh!" she said in a soft, giggly voice, loving the fact that they seemed to be kidnapping her and leading her away.

When they got to the door, Matthew looked out into the hallway and up and down; it was empty, so they led Jennie out of her room and into the hallway, wrapped only in a sheet and wearing only a pair of panties.

She began to giggle.

"Pretty Jennie likes this!" Joseph said.

"Yes!" she said in answer, leaning over and kissing his cheek.

"Then you come with us," Joseph continued, "Pretty lady, put out or get out!"

That brought yet another giggle from Jennie. She noticed that they were apparently going to use the freight elevator. When the doors of the freight elevator opened, they bundled her into it and pressed a button for the basement.

They had Jennie wedged between them, and she could feel an erection behind her pressing against her ass and one in front poking her thigh. She licked the lips of Matthew on one side of her and then of Joseph on the other side of her.

The elevator let them off in a long, dimly lighted corridor. They walked her, still giggling down the hall way. They way they had her wrapped up, even her arms were encased in the folds of the sheet that they'd wrapped her in.

They went to a door at the end of the hallway, that had a light shining out of the base. Joseph opened this door and they walked Jennie inside.

They had apparently brought her to the staff quarters, for, once they went through the door, Jennie immediately saw a group of young black men rolling dice in the corner. There were five of them.

They looked up as soon as Joseph and Matthew brought the wrapped white woman into the room.

"Pretty Jennie!" Matthew announced to everyone.

One of the dice players, with a wide grin on his face said loudly:

"Pretty Jennie! Put out or get out!"

They all laughed and Jennie actually joined in the laughter, completely aware by now of what was about to happen.

"Pretty Jennie!" Joseph said again, unwrapping Jennie from the sheet.

The others, forgetting the dice game, all cheered, as they saw that Jennie was naked except for her panties.

They began to get up then from their positions on the floor and come toward her. Jennie was quickly, totally surrounded.

"Pretty lady!" someone said, and accompanied his words by his hand stroking one of Jennie's tits, squeezing it and pulling on the nipple a bit.

Jennie closed her eyes and groaned.

"Wait until I tell Marge about this!" she said to herself.

Her reverie didn't last long, for she was more and more, eagerly giving in to the feeling of the hands on her body: caressing her ass cheeks and poking between them, seeking her pussy lips beneath her pubic hair, caressing her tits and pinching her nipples, running along her lips. It was all happening at the same time and she was transported and simply gave in to all of it, every bit.

"Pretty Jennie," Matthew said, a gleam in his eye, "Put out or get out?"

"Yes," Jennie said, leaning and licking his lips, "Put out! Definitely put out!"

They were tugging at her then, pulling her toward the corner, where they established her, pushing on her shoulder and getting her on her knees.

She watched then, in total fascination, as they took off their clothes, all except Joseph and Matthew, who were standing by almost as proprietors and watching.

"Oh this is what Pretty Jennie wants! This is just it!" she crooned, as one after another their stiff cocks became apparent.

She waited for the to come to her, and they soon enough did.

Two of them, once she was kneeling before them there and they came to her, held her hands up in the air above her head and they lined up.

"Pretty Jennnie sucks cock!" Joseph said, leaning to kiss her.

"Oh, yes," she agreed, "Pretty Jennie sucks cock, at least that! I'm going to 'put out' for you all now!"

"Yes, pretty lady!" Matthew said, as he and Joseph stepped back and let it all begin.

Then they were interrupted by the first in line, whose stiff, black cock struck Jennie in the side of the face.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned and opened her mouth to take the cock inside, saying to herself:

"First one tonight, Jen, but not the last, not by a long shot!"

The others stood around and made comments, as she threw herself into the cock sucking that she was required to do just then. She reached around, as the cock slipped in and out of her mouth, increasingly wet from her treatment of it, and grabbed him by the naked ass cheeks, holding him in place, and pulling him to her, as she took more and more, deeper and deeper.

"What a mouth!" he commented to a grinning Matthew and Joseph, who readily agreed.

"Take that, woman!" he said, as he pulled his spurting cock out of her mouth and deposited his cum all over Jennie's face.

She smiled at him and used her fingers to remove as much of it as she could, and stuffed her fingers in her mouth.

(For all of her sexual experiences, Jennie could not remember when she had ever, ever been so turned on, and desperately hot for a sexual encounter.

This is what was going through her mind, when the next cock struck her in the face and she opened wide, smiling up at the grinning black face that was concentrating on her, the kneeling, obedient, naked, white woman.)

Matthew, who with Joseph seemed to be in charge of the arrangements here, especially since they had brought Jennie her in the first place, said to one standing by:

"Take her, mon!"

The one to whom he was speaking knew exactly what he was saying and went behind Jennie, lifted her up and with one huge thrust, impaled her pussy on his cock.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she wailed, around the cock in her mouth, when the prick was rammed into her.

"Fuck her, mon!" Joseph said and the young black standing behind Jennie, with his cock stuck in her began to do just that.

Jennie began to make throat noises and was shaking from the way she was being used both in front and from behind.

She broke off long enough to say to Joseph urgently: "Camera?"

"Yes, pretty Jennie!" Joseph said, and showed her that he was indeed taking photos her being fucked both in her pussy and in the face.

She was pleased by that but that thought was interrupted by the cock in her mouth being hauled out and spurting all over her face again. As soon as he'd finished that, he was instantly replaced by the one who'd been fucking her, who came and quickly fitted his cock, slimy from her own pussy, into her mouth. He came as soon as he'd made the move and got into place, also decorating her face.

They took a moment then for Matthew to get cloth and clean her face up. She thanked him, and then the next two took possession of her, one with his cock in her mouth and one with his cock pushing into her pussy from behind. It was the same as before.

Jennie was shaking by then and came loudly, as the two young guys were working her over.

The process was repeated with these two also. Jennie brought the one in her mouth with her sucking and he came in her face. Then he was replaced by the one who'd been fucking her and she sucked on his slimy cock until he came also.

Then it was down to Matthew and Joseph. They had purposely moved across the room from where Jennie had been being used. She sat back on her heels then, knowing it was their turn next, and smiled at them.

"Pretty Jennnie!" Matthew said and she nodded at them.

"Pretty Jennie with the big white titties and bit white ass!" Joseph said next.

Jennie responded, as they all looked on and laughed at how turned on this white woman was, by moving he shoulders and wiggling her tits back and forth for them.

Joseph and Matthew laughed and then laughed even harder, when she put her head on the floor and wiggled her ass back and forth for them.

"Come, Pretty Jennie!" Matthew said and she began to crawl to them.

As she crawled, her tits swayed, and she swayed her hips and ass cheeks.

"Put out or get out!" Joseph said with a laugh and Jennie, who was over to where he was by then, bent down and kissed his toes.

"Yes, yes," she responded, "Put out or get out!", almost overcome by her lust.

They laughed at her but she was so deeply into her service by then that it made no difference.

A voice rang out with: "Joseph, the pretty lady loves your feet!"

Joseph just grinned.

Before anything else happened, before she made any other claim, she licked Joseph's feet and then went on to Matthew's feet next.

As this commotion was occurring, a young native, black woman came to the door and entered the room.

"My, my," she said. "Playing with the guests again!"

She got a huge grin from Joseph and Matthew.

But Jennie ignored her and went on with her adulation. "Pretty Jennie is yours!" she said to Joseph and Matthew, while all watched, especially now the young woman.

"Yes, Pretty Jennie," Matthew said, moving behind her and slapping her ass sharply.

There was immediately a huge silence among them all, as if everyone was afraid that a line had suddenly and certainly been crossed with the ass slapping, and as though this was the one element that would make the whole fun scene 'go south' on them.

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