El Golpeador (the Knocker)

by Dr. Paco Jones

Copyright© 2012 by Dr. Paco Jones

Incest Sex Story: Stephanie leaves home for college and meets Richard at a party. Strange things seem to be happening around everything. He's a budding physicist and she's doing Philosophy. She approaches the door with an interesting knocker; it talks to her. Surprised, she flashes back knowing what today will bring. I left out a code or two that would give things away, but nothing bad!!! I don't write that kind of stuff! Enjoy!

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Father   Daughter   .

Authors note:
This is a re-write of my original submission. In a word, the original sucked. Bad!!! I hope this is far more readable.

This story didn't end the way it started, or I guess I could say it didn't start the way it ended. It was one of those things that just morphed as I was working.

The major codes have been listed above, however, I left codes out because if they were included it would give away some of the story – nothing earth shattering. I don't write that kind of stuff!!!


With some hesitation Stephanie approached the old style, reddish stained wooden door for the first time. Standing out like a sore thumb she noted the knocker was an "Atlas" appearing character with a huge scrotum and very large testicles hanging down.

She looked at the knocker with a couple of different thoughts. One was abject disgust, but the other was with humor and a growing smile.

With a chuckle to herself she thought, "Leave it to Richard to have a fucking knocker like that. I'd almost bet he's got it connected to some kind of "piss hose" that will squirt on me when I use it." Steph stepped to the side, made a close examination of the shiny metal object, and couldn't see any obvious orifice that would spray outward once the balls moved. That didn't mean there wasn't one, after all Richard was a very clever man.

She looked in both directions to see if there was anyone that might be watching then began very tentatively to reach for the oversized nut-sack hanging before her.

Woman staring at an unusual knocker

When she took hold to "slam" it back down on the clapper on the door letting Richard know she was here, the damned thing talked to her. She hadn't moved it at all so as it spoke to her, she let go like it was a hot potato and jumped back with a loud squeak.

"Gently Stephanie," the silver metal device moaned. "You had my balls in your hand. Please handle them gently!"

She looked around to see if there was anyone there that was speaking, but saw nothing. The voice had come from the statue on the door, which didn't make sense, did it? Over the years Steph had seen many strange things and this one was definitely on the top ten list.

"I'd far prefer you lick them," said the knocker as a matter of fact. "If you do that, I will ring the chimes just above the door."

"Knocking them against the door can be so painful," it lamented.

"What the fuck is going on," Steph mumbled, apparently loud enough to be heard.

"Oh my, such language from a beautiful young woman," observed the knocker.

This wasn't at all what she had expected. Richard seemed to be so much more, shall we say, conservative than to have a knocker such as this on his door. He might be a little weird to some people, but not to Stephanie. She could see quite clearly where it was all going.

"Lick them Stephanie. Nobody has ever touched them except you," mumbled the statue with a giggle.

She once again looked down each side of the hallway to see if anyone might be hiding and manipulating the thing in front of her. In her observations she failed to notice there was a pinhole camera installed in the silver statues belly button. It just looked like another depression in the finish.

The speaker itself was a curtain type installed above the door. It looked like a standard heating vent and would not draw anyone's attention. The way it worked made the sound seem as though it was coming directly from the statue.

"Lick my balls Stephanie," implored the knocker. "Your courage will be richly rewarded once inside."

While all of this was going on, Richard sat at the console just inside the door, observing the look on her beautiful face as she contemplated either banging the balls against the door, or licking them.

Her saliva would create a chemical reaction causing electrons to flow into hidden circuitry, which would in turn ring the "Haunted House" style bell above the door. They were fairly loud chimes.

He had some interesting plans for her this afternoon, but she was going to have to play. She would not regret licking the balls at the door, because that would spur him to things sending her to heights she'd not visited up to now. She didn't know that yet, but there were other things on Stephanie's mind today.

Steph and Richard had been dating for a bunch of months now, and they'd had great sex a lot. She always seemed to be nervous before hand and when he asked her, she admitted that she was afraid someone would see her without clothes. She was very afraid of small deformities. If they were there, he certainly didn't notice.

She as also insatiable, and he was the perfect match because it seemed that he could keep it up for hours.

He'd told her she really shouldn't worry about it, that she had a fantastic body. Well at least in his opinion. She was a "typical" small-breasted young woman who was very self-conscious about her size.

Stephanie was medium height, and a very petite woman. Her glossy jet-black hair fell to her shoulders and beyond giving the impression that if she was gaunt she could look very Goth. Her breasts were fairly small, barely out of an A, and she was a little on the thin side, but had an ass to die for. She may look on the skinny side but that bubble butt let you know she was all woman.

Barely 19, Stephanie was just starting out her sophomore year at the local college where she and Richard met at a welcoming party. Her philosophy major didn't really cross paths with his physics so without the accidental encounter there is little possibility that the two of them would have ever hooked up. He was a budding genius, and she was an extremely shy philosopher. She had been subtly "philosophizing" ever since she arrived at school. Most people didn't object; she was very "Confucius".

Her mother had tried, unsuccessfully, to protect Steph from the "real world" thinking that any sort of reality would corrupt her. She had kept a fairly tight rein on her, but two days after her eighteenth birthday she packed her things, and calmly left.

She loaded her things into the car for the trip to school, 4 months early; she felt nothing for the woman she was leaving behind. She was an only child so you would think she'd be spoiled rotten having been doted over since she was a baby. Not so.

Her mother was screaming out some kind of foreign incantations while her father just stood there with his mouth agape He really wasn't believing his little girl was leaving home, but was totally understanding of her reasons.

Truth be told, Stephanie was only escaping from her mother. She loved her father dearly, and left him a private note in a place where only he would find it. It had the word "Private" in big letters on the envelope, but she knew it wouldn't mean anything to the shrew, so she had placed it in "their" secret place. He would know how to reach her, but she asked him, unnecessarily, to keep their contact from her mother.

He totally understood. He wasn't too sure how much longer he was going to be able to handle the change in this absolute bitch. It had only been since she started hanging around a strange religious bunch that she started to seemingly lose her mind. It was hard to put your finger on what their actual beliefs were because he was convinced they really didn't know either.

Back home he would have just found another path for her, but here he had no way of accomplishing that until their tools repair had been completed. After working on it so long, it was finally close to being finished.

He turned sadly away from the door closing off his ears while his wife continued to scream something wholly incomprehensible at Stephanie. She was using that god awful shrill voice that was worse than fingernails on a blackboard. He'd finally heard enough, turning around and shouting at her, "Oh shut the fuck up, will ya?"

Stephanie had heard her father's outburst and smiled inwardly as she put the key in the ignition, started her car, and drove calmly away from the house forever as far as she was concerned. As long as "that woman" was there, she would not be back.

When she arrived at the campus, it was off-season, so apartment rentals were fairly easy to find. While she settled into her little studio house, she added her decorations and other colorful odds and ends to the place making it personally pleasing. She put her shrine back together and immediately burned some incense, chanting quietly thankful she was now somewhat free.

Money was not a problem for Steph. Her father made sure she was well set up for her life away from home giving her a very large bank account and an unlimited gold card. She didn't need to work, but working wouldn't really fit well with her lifestyle.

The dollars is what was keeping her mother hanging around. She knew that if things got too out of hand, she'd lose everything, though she had done nothing in its acquisition.

But that was all behind Steph now. First order of business ... Get laid.

She'd given her virginity to her father some time ago. They had a very close, loving relationship for a long time but it was only as long as "that thing" wasn't around causing hate and discontent.

It had actually been working fairly well lately because she had been gone more than she was at the house, making Steph wonder if she was having some kind of an affair with some of those loony church folk. She'd had a couple of them over a few times and being a "philosopher" Steph had given them the third degree much to the disdain of her mother.

"Leave them alone Stephanie. They're guests in our house."

"Chill out mother, I'm just trying to find out what they believe and why," Steph said.

"It's not any of your business young lady. It's not something you would understand anyway," her mother chided.

"Mother, I'm a Philosophy major. What the fuck makes you think I wouldn't understand them. I've got more of a chance to understand them than you do."

"Shit," she mumbled as she walked away ignoring her mothers comments about her language.

But that was a few months ago. Their relationship had already been drowning in the toilet and it had done nothing but swirl in the bowl since then.

She looked at the clock and knew the shrew would be "at church" so she could safely call. She dialed his private number which he picked up on the second ring.

"I miss you already honey," said the voice on the other end.

"I miss you too daddy," she said softly. "When can you come for a visit? I feel very empty."

"It will probably be a couple weeks honey, the shrew is on the warpath because you just 'walked out'," he said chuckling. "I've also got some additional work to do before we can think about the future."

"Daddy why don't you just throw her ass out? I mean, what the fuck are you getting from her anyway other than grief and heartburn? I know she's not giving you any sex. She's giving all of that to the fucking church."

He chuckled a little knowing she was a very observant person. "Soon Steph, Soon," he lamented. "I have to finish the repairs, then it will be easy to be rid of her."

While Stephanie was talking to her father on the phone, she unsnapped her jeans and lowered the zipper. She had one hand shoved into her panties and was furiously rubbing herself off.

"You're doing it aren't you Steph," he asked breathlessly. He knew his daughter, and of her needs.

"Of course daddy, I need to do something. It's off-season and there aren't going to be many guys around to choose from. What I've seen so far has been very disappointing."

"You be careful honey. Remember what I've taught you."

"Yes daddy."

"I know you can do it baby. I've seen you; so just don't get into a situation where you have to demonstrate what you can do. That usually requires explanations and sometimes more."

"I know daddy ... ohhh ... ohhhh ... ahhhhhhyyeeessssssssss," she literally shouted into the phone. She kept her finger gently rotating around the little button at the top of her soaking slit, staying at a highly orgasmic level for as long as possible.

"I better run baby. I'll call you as soon as I can, and make the trip down. Do you have enough space for me to sleep?"

"Of course daddy, you'll be sleeping in my bed. You know there will be plenty of room for you. I can always lay on top of you so the smallest bed will be ok," she teased.

She pressed her fingers into her pussy with a little more force now, but managed to say, "I love you daddy. I'll talk to you soon."

"Ok baby. I love you too."

When they hung up, Stephanie used her free hand to push her shorts and panties down, sliding them off of her legs and on to the floor. Without those restrictions she was able to move her legs further apart to get her fingers closer to that itch that so desperately needed scratching.

That had been 7 months ago and a lot has happened since then.

She went to a wild party one night a month or so after arriving at the campus. She'd gone with a couple of women that she met while hanging out in the union. When they got in the door it was obvious there was sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll happening so the two girls that had come with Steph begged off and left quickly.

She had no problem staying by herself; she was more than capable of handling any situation that could crop up. She could handle it easily, but could she explain it without causing more questions?

While she was wandering around the party talking to anyone, she quite literally stumbled upon Richard. He was sitting pretty much by himself on the floor in a semi-lotus position with a huge blunt hanging from his mouth. He was doing some kind of chanting with his eyes completely closed.

Stephanie got some interesting vibes from this fellow so she proceeded to sit down directly in front of him. It was when the joint had burned down enough to burn his lips that he finally opened his eyes with a start.

"Hi," she said softly.

He smiled and said, "Hi. My name's Richard."

"I'm Stephanie," she said putting out her hand. "I'm happy to meet you Richard."

He gave her a suspicious look, and then looked furtively around the room to see if there was some kind of adolescent trickery going on. That's what he's used to.

"I'm sorry," he said above the din. "I'm not used to pretty girls sitting down with me and not being all freaked out by my chanting."

She smiled at him confidently, "I was curious about what you were doing, so I figured I'd stick around and ask. It looked kind of cool, peaceful, ya know."

Now Richard was really suspicious. People, especially women didn't just walk over, sit down and wonder what he was up to. It just didn't happen. Chanting isn't really in the mainstream of most people's view of normal behavior.

She looked at him with a knowing smile and asked, "Do you want to go out to the patio for a while? We can look at the stars and talk. You've peaked my curiosity!"

He nodded his head and stood without touching his hands to the floor, using just the pressure of his legs coming uncrossed like a hydraulic jack. He offered her his hand, which she gladly took with a shy smile. She could instantly feel his energy passing into her hand. While she was evaluating his energy they began their wandering stroll toward the rear of the house and the patio.

Once outside they noticed an area of the yard that was dark, unoccupied and would allow them a full view of the night sky. A side benefit, at least in Steph's mind, was that it didn't appear that anyone coming out to the patio could see if anyone sitting or laying out there.

Slowly, they made their way down the stairs to the small area they'd spotted from the patio and plopped themselves down in the soft grass. Sitting closely next to each other, she didn't release his hand but held it firmly in hers.

She looked up into the night sky noting some of the stars and constellations that she had learned, while he did the same pointing out some of the more obvious. There was some kind of peripheral connection between Stephanie and Richard that felt like it was more than just holding each other's hands.

They finally lay down next to each other looking up at the galactic cloud spread across the sky. They talked softly about different aspects of galactic time and the distances that needed to be traveled to get from one star system to another. They talked so that no one else would hear them; he was always self-conscious about is knowledge of physics pertaining to the persistence of time. She had not released his hand and could still feel his energy moving between them.

"Stephanie, you're the first girl that has spent any kind of time with me in a long time. They all think I'm weird because I talk to the sky and the stars. It bothers them that I don't seem to care if anyone sees or hears."

"There's nothing wrong with that Richard," she said. "I don't have issues with alternative philosophies. It's different points of reference that makes the world go around. Your perception of the universe and things that are in it fascinate me.

"You're fascinated with me?" he asked incredulously.

"Well, I'm fascinated by what you were doing as opposed to what's going on inside your head. I'd like to understand it so that I can add it to my pool of knowledge."

"Wow," he whispered.

"I'm a philosophy major Richard. I love different points of view and alternative structures of belief. It's how I recognized what my mother was trying to do to me and my dad."

"Are they still together? Your parents I mean."

"Yeah. For now," she said with some disgust. "Dad just doesn't seem to have the balls to toss her out on her ear."

He looked at her seriously, "Love is a powerful thing Steph. If he has stuck it out this long he must love her."

She smiled to herself thinking, "He doesn't know the half of it."

"I'm not so sure anymore. I think he's about ready to cut the cord and be done with it." Then with some venom, "Her usefulness has become very limited, so she can be discarded."

Richard nodded his understanding but was a little troubled by how she'd said it.

Then she asked, "Why don't we go over to my place and get some drink and talk some more."

He was really freaked out at that. Gorgeous girls like Stephanie didn't usually treat him like this, but he wasn't going to argue. He liked her and she wasn't totally put off by his "strangeness".

Her place was close so it was a short walk.

They'd been sitting on her couch talking about all kinds of subjects for a couple of hours. There was definitely some kind of an attraction between the two of them, and once again when Stephanie took hold of his hand, she didn't let go. It was like there was a connection between them that she didn't want to break.

She had even brought her other hand up to hold his upper arm and leaned her head over on to his shoulders. She was glad she'd been able to find a small place of her own. She wouldn't have to worry about a roommate coming in and disturbing whatever may be happening.

They spent a lot of time gazing into each other's eyes while they talked. She finally leaned in and gave him a quick pecking kiss on his lips catching him totally off guard. She giggled softly and smiled at him shyly moving her face toward his for another, much longer kiss.

When she pulled her face away from his, he had a far away look in his eyes. She'd seen that look before and smiled knowingly. Now it was time to get what she had gone to the party for in the first place.

She stood up and offered her two hands to him and when they connected she pulled at him softly letting him know she wanted him to stand.

He rose and while he was doing that, she put her arms around his neck and pulled him in for another lingering kiss while she pressed her body into his suggestively.

He had his hands on her hips then wrapped around her back before he took the big chance and dropped them to her ass. She moaned softly when he began caressing her butt, so he continued to move his hands all over the back of her.

She wasn't stiff and still while all this was going on either, she was rubbing her chest against his causing her nipples to pop out and take notice. She could also feel her panties beginning to get a little damp as well. She desperately needed a good filling.

She pushed herself away from him just a little and kissed him softly whispering, "Bedroom."

He followed her like a puppy dog into her bedroom. She turned and pulled the bottom of his T-shirt up over his head and dropped it into the chair that was conveniently next to the make-up table near the bed. She had an intense smile on her face, as she reached for his pants, unsnapping and unzipping them in a short flash. She pushed them down his legs to let him worry about getting them off. Looking at him lustfully, she began the same actions with her own clothing.

It didn't take half a minute for her to remove her shirt and pants leaving nothing but panties, and by this time he'd untangled his feet and legs and tossed his pants and skivvies over to join the other clothes on or near the chair.

She continued looking at him lustfully then gently reached to take his stiff cock in her hand and began to stroke it softly. Looking up into his eyes, she saw a hunger in them, a hunger that she was going to feed with gusto in just a few moments. He would also be feeding her with something she needed badly.

While she was softly stroking his phallus, he had reached up to tweak the two stiff nipples, which had been boring a hole in his chest. She moaned appreciatively when his lips ran down the side of her neck and down to one of the stiff nipples he had been playing with.

The hand that was now free slowly made its way to her mound where it found a very small amount of extremely soft fur in a line pointing to the little soldier standing duty at the top of her vulva. It was ready for action, so he gave it a little tweak while the rest of his hand slid down in between the soaked labia that were guarding the entrance to her sex.

When his fingers found the small opening and began to run the tips around the edges, she moaned loudly, moving him towards the bed so that when she pulled him down he would end up on top of her between her parted legs. Right where she wanted him!

Stephanie managed the maneuver, deftly bringing his knees onto the bed between her thighs in such a way that it wouldn't take but a couple quick adjustments and he'd be pushing that gorgeous cock into her steamy grotto.

She gave him a sultry smile whispering, "Fuck me Richard. I need a cock inside me."

He looked at her longingly and asked, "Do I need to pull out before I come?"

She smiled up at him and said, "Thank you for thinking of that before things got out of hand Richard. No you don't need to worry about anything. Just fuck me, come, and then fuck me again."

As soon as she had said he didn't need to worry about anything, he didn't. The end of his cock made contact with her wet outer lips, which opened softly without any hesitation. That allowed the rest of him to follow slowly, impaling her on his rigid member.

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