Peek Into the Shadow

by Amasterfound

Copyright© 2012 by Amasterfound

BDSM Sex Story: This is a glimpse of the erotic life of a woman who submits to a mysterious man. It is up to you to figure out if this is her reality or her fantasy, as well as his identity.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   DomSub   MaleDom   Light Bond   White Couple   Size   .

Peek into the shadow of my life. Come into the light of my mind as I give you a glimpse of my soul. What turns me on, you ask? Be careful what you ask. Can you really handle the answer? Yes, you say? Okay, sit back as I weave you a tale of what I desire. My tale will begin with a scene I once had. This scene will be for you to decide whether it was real or just from the shadows of my imagination.

I lay spreadeagled on my 4-poster bed. He shut the curtains around the bed, to block out my view of the room. I could only hear the sounds of movement and breathing. My other senses became more alert and aware. My body tingled at what would happen. The taboo of it all was even more of a turn-on. What taboo, you ask? That is for you to define. I will not give away all of my secrets just yet. After all, this is just a peek in the shadows of my mind. I still remember the first time he really came into the light of my soul.

Yes, the forbidden fruit tempts all of us, but this tale will be for you to figure out to which forbidden fruit I refer. Yes, there is more than one. One is obvious; the other is hiding in the shadows, just peeking out. If you know my desires and me, and if you have read of my tales and stories before you may be able to figure it out for yourself. Did I do a well enough job to keep even you guessing, O dear reader? The old house is quiet; everyone is gone, but he and I. We have the whole weekend to ourselves, not that it would matter as such. We always do what we want to anyway.

Even as a young kid, I always loved it when he tied me up. Do you remember playing Cops and Robbers or Cowboys and Indians? Which did you want to be, the one tying up or the one tied up? For me it was exciting to have him tie me up and force me to give up control to him. When I did, I finally knew real freedom. What freedom, you ask? I felt freedom from responsibility, from the need to worry about consequences or guilt of my dark desires. I can't remember a time when I did not desire him, for him to possess me, to own me. I have always been his. He has always been mine. O dear reader, have you guessed my dark secrets yet, the taboo of which I speak?

I picture him in my mind as he is now, some 10 years later, instead of when we was young and not so innocent. Are kids ever innocent, even before we know what our society tolerates and what it deems as taboo or forbidden. What is taboo? Look into history and you will see that at one time, people accepted things that now they consider forbidden fruit.

He now stood over 6 feet tall, with wavy black hair that he kept long and a golden tan. He had an oval face and deep blue eyes that seemed to peek into the shadows of your soul. They always seemed to me to say, "Come into the light of my eyes, so I may view your secret desires." His soul always called to mine. Had I known him before in another place, another time? My soul said yes. My body yearned for his. My body knew his body and his desire, just as he knew mine.

I feel him close now. My body always knew when he was close. I grew even wetter, and now my sex even tingled at the thought of what he prepared for me. I couldn't utter a sound, because he gagged me. The curtains that hung close to the bed were very heavy. They didn't even show hints of what was on the other side, but I knew he stood by the bed. His hands were ready to pull them open. His manhood stood very long and ready. It leaked and was heavy with desire. His balls swung low and full of juice. As the scene played out in my mind, it was as if I viewed on the two lovers from above. They gave me the strange feeling of being both exhibitionist and voyeur. Do you see what I saw? Do you feel what we felt?

He pulled the curtains open so suddenly that it made my jump, even though I expected it. His eyes trapped mine. They asked me if I was ready. His body knowing that mine was already. The smell of desire permeated the rooms; my scent mingled with his. My body screamed with the need for him to take me with force and the yearning to submit to his every wish. There was no need for words, as our hearts and souls spoke to each other. He looked like a Greek God and I was his Goddess. He commanded my body; it responded and did what he ordered.

He smiled that wicked smile, which said that I wouldn't be disappointed in what was to come. He held up a blindfold. It told me that he wanted me to feel what was to come, rather than merely seeing it. He gently placed it on me, blocking out all light, and removed my gag. My body searched for his, feeling his skin against mine. I felt his cock throb with need and desire against me.

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