Meri Majboori
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2012 by Artie Aggarwal

True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I am a married Indian woman, who enjoys reading erotica. I have many fantasies, some of which might sound weird even, but I enjoy them. This is a real life story and I look forward to getting feedback from my readers.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Cheating   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Size  

I was impatiently waiting for my newly born baby girl; this was my first child after four years of marriage to Pankaj. In next ten minutes a nurse came to place my dearest child, who had made me a complete woman now. I looked at her tiny beautiful face peeping out of a soft cloth covering her entire body. She was soft, very delicate and my own flesh; but she was a little dark complexioned. Panjak is wheatish and I am very fair complexioned, and for once I was worried lest some one should be suspicious about her father. But children do not necessarily take after their parents. I had a sense of relief that now onwards my mother-in-law would never accuse me that I was unable to bear a child.

I lived in this big city of Uttar Pradesh with my husband, Pankaj, while my parents- in- law stayed with their teenage daughter, Priya, in their native village, which was just a hundred and fifty kilometers away from this city.

Let me first tell you the background of this story. I am Arti, 22 years old now, fair, 5'4" tall, fully developed woman and my breasts and my buttocks are my biggest assets. My measurements were 34A- 28- 34 two years before when I had no children, and I was always proud of my proportionate body. I am very extrovert, fun loving, romantic and highly sexed woman. I was married to Pankaj for years before at a comparatively younger age of eighteen. My parents lived in this very city with their three daughters. I being the eldest, and my two younger sisters are- Archana, 19 years, doing her graduation and Pooja, 15 years, studying in 9th class. My father, Manikchand, is an ordinary Government servant and my mother, Pushpa, is a housewife.

Pankaj's parents lived in their native place, a small town approximately 150 kms away from this city, and looked after agricultural activities in their fields. Pankaj was into show off, he wanted to show how rich, modern, big-hearted, etc., he was; and for this he sometimes would do weird things or act foolishly. We were incompatible couple, like many more who adjust with their spouses most of their lives. He was a commerce graduate and had started a small factory in a nearby industrial area. Though not very rich, but he was making enough money for our comfortable living. I wanted him to construct a small independent house for us, but he preferred to rent a much bigger house in a posh area, which was pinching the pocket unnecessarily.

I was a bright student though I never was a diligent. I always loved to roam around with my college mates- mostly boys- because I found girls mostly bitched around or were not quite intelligent and witty. As expected I got into my first love affair at the age of barely thirteen, but my body had started filling out and, with my vitals 32A- 25- 34, I looked a bit older for my age. My breasts were already of the size of a tennis ball and my hips were firm and round; I had pretty big aureoles as compared to others. Though I could not afford to wear fashionable clothes, but I mostly made men ogle my sensuous body, and their faces turned to have another glimpse of me. I was fair complexioned and had a proportionate figure; I was aware of many lustful eyes chasing me wherever I went.

There was a boy, an 18-year-old senior, at the school, who used to send me feelers through my friends that he loved me. Initially I avoided him because I did not really fancy him, as he was an average looking and not the kind of a boy I would have dreamt about. I liked strong, muscular and manly males and fantasized about them, but hormonal changes in my teen body urgently sought to learn things, which no girl could have explained properly in the way I wanted to learn.

I deliberately made friends with the boy and we started talking and going out occasionally. He offered to help me in my studies (Idiot!), and I thought it was better to seek his help to come closer to him. He started waiting for me till my classes were over, then he would take me to the college lawns and we would sit on one of the benches under a tree. He helped me in my science subjects, but I was not really interested in getting help in those subjects. I took the initiative and touched his hands or his sides etc to hint him my interests, but he would not take the hints. We talked about his families and I came to know that his house used to be empty during normal office hours. I urged him to meet at his house rather than in the school lawns where everyone could see us. He was delighted and our future meetings were in his house. I was getting desperate for him to make advances but he seemed too timid to even hold me or touch me intimately.

We used to meet around twice in a week in his house and I used to tell him jokes bordering on sex. Luckily, one day he hesitantly asked me if he could kiss me.'What is wrong with this boy? Why can he not grab me and take me in his arms and crush me? Why only a kiss?' I thought. I did not want to accept his proposal immediately, so I acted shy and protested mildly to show my feminine qualities, "It is not good for us to indulge in these things". We unfortunately did not kiss that day, and I regretted having refused to his suggestion. I was disappointed and had started losing interest in the boy. A few days later, he once again proposed for a kiss and this time I decided to agree immediately, but I acted coyly and consented only after he asked me once again. His bent forward and without taking me in his arms, he kissed me. His kiss was pretty cold, though I was shivering with sensation. I kissed him back to let him know that I had liked this kissing.

It became a routine with us, but after a month since he kissed me for the first time, now he used to wrap his arms around me while kissing. After yet another month, his hands started roaming on my chest as well and he would caress my breasts from over my clothes. My breasts were still not fully developed but they were as big as a small orange. I used to feel getting moist during these activities and, at times, I felt like asking him to take off all my clothes and explore my body completely.

In days to come, he took off my shirt and lifting my bra cups he caressed my naked breasts. I used to feel a strong current flowing across my body. I used to hold him tight while he caressed my breasts. He took another month to start sucking on my breasts alternately while caressing and now he had started kneading them as well. I enjoyed these meetings now, but had started getting wary of him for making such a slow progress, so after another three months I told him that I thought it was not good for both of us to continue such activities. He did not say anything but I could see despair in his eyes. We drifted apart because I did not show any interest in meeting him. He passed out that year and went to join a college and the 'affair' came to an end.

I had started masturbating in the bathroom, but never pushed my finger deeper than my second knuckle since I wanted a man to rupture it. I had heard it pains but that is what brings pleasure later and I did not want to miss out on any of these events. I used to cum rubbing my extra sensitive clit, which I was doing on regular basis. My desire to feel a real cock in hands, in mouth and, of course, inside my soppy cunt was increasing by day, but I never thought of getting laid by someone who did not appeal to me or who did not have proper skill to perform to our mutual satisfaction.

It was on a rainy Friday in August, I was fourteen years old then, and that day I had gone to attend my closest friend's (Nilima) birthday in the evening around 8 pm.; she was my classmate in the eighth standard. I was the only guest besides her two cousins, for she was also from a lower middle class family who could not afford a lavish birthday parties. After an hour it started raining so I decided to finish my dinner immediately and return home before it was too dark ... Nilima realized the situation and I immediately left, heading for my house that was barely two kms from there. I must have walked 200 yards looking for a conveyance that it started raining very heavily with thunderstorm. I was completely soaked and was thinking of returning to my friend's house.; my clothes seemed like a second skin on my body. My bra was clearly visible through my white blouse, while my black skirt stuck to my shapely legs. Visibility was very poor and I tried to move faster in the direction of my house, scared lest I should fall into some ditch or an open manhole. I was still around one and a half kilometers from my house when I saw a vehicle moving in my direction. When it came closer I could see it was a motorcycle that was moving at a very slow speed since it was night and there was hardly any visibility due to heavy rains.

I instantly waved my hand to seek his help. He stopped as he came just two yards away from where I was standing shivering with cold. He was a young man, average built and looks, wearing a shirt and pants. I had by now made up my mind not to go back to my friend's house.

"Yes?", he asked. I told her my problem. It was difficult to see the expression in his eyes or on face because his face looked somewhat twisted due to heavy rainwater falling on his face.

"Main Yogesh hoon aur paas mein hi rahta hoon, agar tum theek samajho to main ghar se raincoat le loon uske baad tumhen ghar chhod doonga" (I am Yogesh and I live close by, if you think it proper, I shall collect my raincoat and then shall drop you home). He told in a clattering voice.

It was a genuine request so I readily agreed and he asked me to hop on his pillion seat, which I immediately did. I had to hold him to avoid falling off his vehicle on a rough road as my legs were shivering violently making it difficult for me to keep my own balance. We reached a multi-storeyed building and a lift took us to his small tin-shed room on the terrace of a building, called a 'barsaati' here. He unlocked the door and opened it for me after switching on the light. I was hesitant as I came to know that he lived alone. He explained that he was from a different town and had come to this big city for studies, and he could not afford a better accommodation and was living alone. Not wanting to embarrass him I entered his room. It was an ordinary bachelor's room; but it was clean and there were very few items in the name of furniture. The bed sheet on his bed was clean and his books etc were properly and neatly stacked. There was a chair and a table and a wardrobe in the room. Only a few garments were littered. He switched on a heat convector after closing the door. Indicating the attached bathroom he advised me to go inside and wipe off my body; he even offered his clothes so that I could iron my clothes and put them on again. I was too shy to take off my clothes in a stranger's room, so I politely declined the offer. He pulled the chair, handed me a towel and then he went inside the bathroom to change his clothes.

After five minutes he emerged from the bathroom wearing a tahmet (sarong) only. Before putting on his clothes, he put some water in electric kettle to make tea for both of us. All this time I had been watching him and noticed that he was very caring person. For the first time I had looked at his partly naked body. He had sparsely hairy chest, though not muscular biceps but he looked manly and strong. He looked again at my shivering body and once again insisted I take off my clothes and put on his dry shirt and pants till my clothes are dried.

I decided to accept his suggestion, so taking a towel, I rushed into the bathroom. For strange reason I felt myself moist between my legs. I took off my clothes immediately. I head him calling me from outside and telling me that he was hanging a shirt and pant on the bathroom door. My god! I did not have the presence of mind of taking them before I entered the bathroom, I laughed within. I dried myself off with the towel and squeezed the water off my clothes. Just then I heard a loud sound and the lights in the bathroom were gone. 'Has he done it intentionally? Why should I have trusted a completely strange young man and come to his house?' I was regretting.

"Lagta hai transformer jal gaya ... ab to light aane mei bahut waqt lagega" (I think the transformer got burnt ... now it will take long for the power to return). He sounded confused and upset.

"Oh! So it was the electric power that had tripped because of transformer? Mujhe jaldi hi ghar pahunchana chahiye" (Oh1 so it was the transformer which has caused it? Now I should try to reach home at the earliest). I told him.

"Arey baba ham nauvi floor par hain aur lifts bhi nahin chal sakti bina bijli ke ... seediyon mein bhi bilkul andhera hoga aise mein kis tarah utrogi neeche? Mere paas torch hai, lekin shayad cell bahut kamjor hai ... agar beech mein khatm ho gaya to pareshani ho jayegi. Main nahin chahta ki building ke log tumhen dekhen" (but we are on the ninth floor of this building and the lifts would not be working now. it would be dark in the stairs as well so how shall you climb down? I have a torch but the cells are very weak so if they exhaust in between, it would be a big problem. I do not want residents in the building to see you here with me). He replied, concern in his voice.

I wrapped the towel around my lower body and opened the bathroom door; it was tight due to rainy season so, when pushed harder, it opened with a jerk. When I searched the clothes hanging on the door with my right hand, I found there were no clothes, though there were two nails on the outer surface of the door for hanging clothes.

"Kapade kahan hai?"(Where are the clothes), I was panicky.

"Ruko ... deta hoon"(Wait ... I shall give), I heard him saying from a distance.

I waited for him, keeping the bathroom door open. Two minutes later I felt his hand cup my naked right breast. It stayed on my breasts for almost five seconds then he away and mutered "Kapadey gir gaye lagta hai" (It seems clothes fell down).

It was too late. I felt a current flow through my body as I felt his hand on my breast, but I knew it was by accident. Nevertheless, it roused my sexual desire at that instant and I was ashamed of myself. Soon he had handed me the clothes. I closed the bathroom door and wore his shirt and tehmat, but it was impossible to expect my clothes to dry up without electric power, neither I could iron them. I stepped out in the darkness and heard him fumble with things near his bed. I sat myself in the chair.

"Mombatti mil gayi, kam se kam andhere mein to nahi rahna hoga" (I got a candle, at least we would not have to stay in dark). He informed me happily. I knew it would be embarrassing for me to face him in the candlelight, but darkness suffocates me and I feel very uncomfortable. In a few seconds there was dim candlelight in the room and I was relieved, but suddenly I realized I was in his a bit over-sized shirt without a bra or a panty underneath. I looked down for a moment and was embarrassed to find my hard nipples poking out, straining against the thin cotton material of the shirt. I tried to pull the shirt down so that the nipples would not touch the shirt. It was a futile attempt because I could not keep the shirt pulled all the time.

"Main khana bahar hi khata hoon aur abhi khana kha kar hi laut raha tha. Thoda bahut namkin vagairah hoga kamare mein wo tum kha lo" (I eat outside and was returning after my dinner. There is some thing to eat in the room, which you eat). He said sheepishly.

"Nahi ... maine khana kha liya hai" (No ... I have had my dinner).

"Chay ka saaman hai, chalo main chay banaa leta hoon" (I have things to make tea, shall make tea for you). He said happily. He took out the stove and started lighting it. I got up from the chair and went to help him.

"Hato ... chay main banaungi. Tum thoda aaram kar lo" (Let me make the tea, you rest for awhile). I insisted.

He got up to give me the condensed milk, tealeaves and sugar pot, then went and sat on the bed.

"Tumhare ghar wale pareshan honge na ... koyi phone hai wahan? Ham neeche building ki lobby se unhen phone kar sakte hain."(Your family must be worried about you ... do you have a phone? We can go downstairs and call them). And then he laughed, "Lekin bijli to hai hi nahin, neeche kaise jayenge?" (But there is no electricity; how shall we go down?).

I did not reply and kept myself busy in making tea. I wanted tea badly to get some warmth in my body. I gave him tea and took my cup and again sat in the chair. We started talking, telling about our studies, about our families etc. I came to know that Yogesh was a scheduled caste poor family, "Main chamaar hoon jaati se" (I am a cobbler by caste); my Brahmin family is very orthodox and would not have liked to know that I stayed with a scheduled caste and even drank tea in his utensils. I did not want to tell him much about my family's orthodox nature so just told him about who all were there in my family and what each of them was doing. I learnt he was working part time to get some money to pursue his engineering, though he was getting a small amount from his parents as well.

We must have talked for over an hour, then we realized it was almost midnight. We needed to sleep and it was still raining heavily so there was no chance of my getting back to my house.

"Tum bed pe so jao, main neeche bichha kar so jaunga ... mujhe to aadat hai" (You sleep on the bed and I would sleep on the floor ... I am used to it).

"Nahin. Tum bed pe so jao aur main neeche soungi" (No. You sleep on the bed and I shall sleep on the floor).

"Ye kaise hoga? Tum meri mehmaan ho". (How can this be? You are my guest). He said smiling.

"Ab dost ho gaye isliye ab main guest nahin hoon" (We are friends now, so am no more a guest). I replied coyly.

"Nahin ... please mujhe accha nahin lagega" (No, please I would not like it). He insisted.

"Theek hai baba. Wo hi karo jo tumhen accha lage" (Okay, shall do what you want).

I got up and taking his cup and other utensils I entered the bathroom to clean them. I replaced them from where he had taken them out and once again went to bathroom to answer the nature call before going to bed. I stepped out and moved towards the bed, just then I slipped on the wet tiled floor of the room; since I was not used to wearing a tehmat, its knot got loose and it slipped off my body. Luckily, Yogesh was standing close to where I had slipped after having spread a thick bed sheet on the floor for himself. He quickly moved to hold me with both hands, but his hands grabbed the shirt I was wearing from either side of my chest. As a result three of the mid-buttons of the shirt came off and he also lost his balance to save me, but grabbing a side of the bed he could manage to save both of us from getting hurt. One of my feet was on the hem of his tehmat (sarong); it knot loosened and soon it fell to his feet. He fell on his back on the bed sheet he had spread on the floor and I fell on him with my naked breasts crushing against his chest.

It took at least 3 or 4 minutes for me to realize that I was spread over his body, and that something hard was poking my navel. I was flushed and feeling embarrassed, but it was an accident so I did not feel shame. I slowly got up not realizing that the shirt buttons, which had come off, had fully exposed my perky breasts to his gaze. He was hurt a little as his hips had hit the ground bearing our combined weights; he got up resting his one hand on the bed to support him and tried to pick up his tehmat, but by this time I had seen his hard on. It was his turn to feel shy. We stood facing each other for some time before he wrapped his tehmat, while I was still unaware of my exposed breasts.

"Oh ... shirt ke button toot gaye hain, main tumhen dusari shirt deta hoon" (Oh ... the shirt buttons have come off, I will give you another shirt). He grinned, while I turned around to pick up the tehmat I was wearing and wrapped it around my lower half hurriedly.

I looked at my exposed chest and my breasts peeping out of the huge gap caused by absence of three buttons. I immediately covered my breasts pulling both the open sides of the shirt; the sight of his hard cock was still in my mind. He was not big, but an average sized cock, around 5- 5 ½" in length and 1 ½" in diameter.

Luckily for me, the candle flickered for a few seconds and its flame died down. He did not have more candles so we were left to spend the night in absolute darkness. It was once again a suffocating feeling I get in the dark. He moved swiftly to the door and opened it to get fresh air inside. It was still raining but not heavily, but it was not desirable to venture out to go to my house. I stood at the door, watching the rain, hearing the sound it was making on the tin shed roof of the room. I did not bother to cover my breasts, for h had already seen them enough. I was thinking about him, how caring he has been to an unknown girl in a dark rainy night. I do not know why I felt a liking developing for him in my heart; though his caste was a huge concern.

"Thoda so lo ... kuchh aaram milega"(Sleep for some time, you need rest). He interrupted my thoughts as he spoke from the bed sheet he had spread on the floor.

"Tum neeche nahin so sakte ... tum bhi bed pe so jao. Ham donon kisi tarah so jayenge" (You cannot sleep on the floor ... you also sleep on the bed. We shall manage somehow). Words came out of my mouth inadvertently and I was surprised at my own request. May be subconsciously I was reciprocating to his caring nature.

The dark ambience and two opposite sexes in the room adds fuel to the fire, I had heard. I am sure any girl in my place would feel a latent desire for sex. I noticed some dampness between my legs.

"Nahin, main yahaan theek hoon, tum so nahin paogi kyonki bed chhoti hai"(No, I am okay here, you would not be able to sleep because the bed is small). He argued.

"Sab ho jayega ... tum bhi bed pe hi so jao"(We shall manage ... you also sleep on the bed). I insisted.

We both climbed on the bed. I slept on one end on my side and he was on the extreme end on the other side with our backs facing. I knew he was uncomfortable sleeping on the edge, so I pulled him to sleep at least a few inches away from the extreme end. There was barely a distance of around eight or ten inches between us. It was drizzling outside for some time. We tried to rest our bodies, but I know it was impossible to sleep on the same bed with a stranger, that too of opposite sex.

I was not getting sleep so was busy fantasizing about sex with him, I longed to feel a male holding me tight, crushing my breasts against his strong and hairy chest, and making me cream in my panties while his hard cock tapped my thirsty pussy seeking an urgent entry.

I almost jumped from bed and clung to his back, when I heard a loud noise of some heavy thumping on the tin roof. It was a hailstorm now, the raining was much heavier with hails falling on the tin sheets. It was all unplanned and unexpected move, but I got scared when suddenly there was loud noise in the room. He seemed to have understood. He turned to face me and wrapping his right arm around me, he pulled me closer to himself. "Kuchh nahin, bas oley gir rahe hain aur barsaat tej ho gayi hai" (Nothing to worry, it is raining heavily with hailstorm). He whispered pulling me still closer. I clung to him forgetting that he was a man I had met for the first time in my life. My eyes closed with the sensation I was feeling being so close to a male body, his body smell intoxicating me.

As if my prayers had been heard, I felt him lifting my face with a finger under my chin and then his lips closed over my lips. "Tum bahut sundar ho. Mujhe tumse pyaar ho gaya hai"(You are very beautiful. I love you). He murmured. The kiss lasted just a few seconds but this was not to be last kiss of the night, his next kiss was much longer followed by many more. Soon I was kissing him back, wrapping my arm around his back. He moved away a little by gently pushing me and his fingers were fumbling with the shirt buttons. In a few seconds the shirt was off my body and I helped him in it. I like my man to take control of me, to dominate and to do, or ask me to do things, he likes. I wanted him to undress me completely, but I could not take initiative. He was not sure if I was not liking his kissing me, "Arti, tumhen bura to nahin lag rahaa?"(Arti, you not feeling bad?). He asked. I nodded my head to assure him that I was liking it.

We continued to kiss, but now his one hand was caressing, gently squeezing and twitching my nipples while he kissed me all over my face. This was so pleasurable that I forgot his caste and desired to be his wife. He was very cautious and caring and did not want to do anything that I may not like. I was feeling an itch inside my pussy and wanted to tell him to take me then, but I could not. Our lovemaking did not go further that night, as he was hesitant. He did not try to remove the tehmat from my body.

Around 5 am, the electricity was there and the room was lit all of a sudden. He had not switched off the light after it went off followed by burning of the transformer. The rains had almost stopped long back and it only drizzled again. He asked me to dress up immediately so he could drop me at home so that no one in the building could know about my staying with him the previous night.

Reluctantly I got up and hurriedly ironed my clothes, and, though still a bit damp, I put them on. We got down by the lift and he took me to my house. I asked him to drop me a little distance before the house, so that my family would not know where I had stayed. Before parting he asked if I would like to visit him again and I promised to do so the very evening. He was happy that I had not been hurt by his actions at night. He asked me to reach any time after 2 pm; he told me that his classes were from 8 am to 1 pm, after which he had to go for lunch. He normally was back in his room by 2 pm.

Reaching home I found my mother still awake waiting for me, while my sisters were asleep. I told my mother that I had to stay with Nilima because it was night and raining heavily. She agreed with me that I had taken the right decision. Since neither Nilima nor we had a telephone, it could not be expected of me to inform my family. Also my mother could not have verified whether I had stayed last night with Nilima or not.

That day I reached my school an hour late and left school with Nilima around 12 noon. In the school I was kind of lost and she had noticed it and inquired about it, but I gave her a fake story. We went to her house and talked about normal things girls talk- boys and sex. Just ten minutes before 2 pm, I left her house though she insisted that I go in the evening after having tea etc with her.

I reached the building and watchman stared briefly at me, but since I was in my school uniform he must have thought I had come to meet one of my schoolmate or a relative. I took the elevator to reach 'barsaati' and was relieved to see it was unlocked. I knocked gently at the door and in five seconds the door was opened by tehmat clad Yogesh. He invited me in. I had noticed that he had a hard on because I saw the tent inside his tehmat when he had opened the door. It was obvious that he wore no underwear, just as last night. I was happy because a direct contact with my naked body would excite him more and encourage him to take further steps, I was eagerly waiting for.

He immediately locked the door and took me in his arms and started kissing me all over face while his one hand fumbled with my shirt buttons. He was impatient so he pushed up my bra cups with one hand and started caressing my breasts; with the other hand he unhooked my bra. I took off my bra and tossed it on the bed. He laid me on the bed and soon he was lying next to me, resuming his kissing etc. that day he did not limit to caressing and kissing only but he kneaded my breasts and sucked them. Every now and then, he would look at my face to know my reaction to what he was doing. I just lay enjoying my body being explored. After some time I pushed him to his back and came over him. I made sure that my pussy was over his hard pole to give him a hint of what I was wanting or expecting from him. I rubbed my breasts against his chest while I kissed all over his face, neck, his chest and his nipples. We indulged in kissing caressing etc for next two hours and I had an orgasm during this period though I had not even been touched there.

I did not want to visit him on daily basis, lest people in the building should suspect, but we met twice a week in his room. For almost two months he did not even touch me around the pubic region. Then one day, after the winters had set in, he requested if he could undress himself and me completely; he wanted to feel the warmth of my naked body. Smiling at his request I made feeble protest, but knowing that he would not act unless I consented, so I told him that he could if he so wished. He hurriedly unhooked my skirt and for some time stared at my panty, caressing my swollen pussy lips from over it, and then he inserted his fingers in the waistband and lowered my panty slowly exposing my teen pussy. I never shaved so had a big thatch of pubic hair in the pubic region. He ran his fingers in the hair and over my pussy lips. I was dying to see him naked once again so I pulled the knot of his tehmat and it came off easily. I wrapped my right hand fingers around his throbbing cock and gently caressed it. He let out a long 'aaahhhh' and rubbed one of his fingers just inside my vagina, making me lose my inhibitions and I moaned loudly. He laid my again and for the first time he came over my completely naked body. We rubbed our bodies together and I soon reached my orgasm. He rubbed his cock head over my pussy lips and along the slit and with an audible groan he came outside over my pubic hair and a few shots reached above my navel. We separated soon and with a mischievous smile I rushed to bathroom to clean myself. After I came out, we kissed, caressed and explored each other's body for some time before I left for my home.

For almost next one month, we did not make any more advances. He was even hesitant to ask me to suck on his cock, nor he ever sucked my pussy. Next 4 or 5 visits were the same- he would lie naked over my completely naked form, keep rubbing his body against mine while he kissed me at many places besides my face, sucked, squeezed, pinched and kneaded my breasts, but he would not enter me. I was getting desperate to feel a real cock entering my tight passage stretching it and making me feel like a woman. I was prepared to take the risk by allowing him to pump his baby producing seed inside my teen and inexperienced pussy. Was he disinterested in me, scared, inexperienced or just teasing me and testing my patience?, I started thinking. In my opinion, he was just scared to bust my cherry as I was too young and he could be in trouble with the law or he was too caring to damage my image in the society. But I was determined to feel the pleasures of real sexual act, about which I had heard from some of my schoolmates.

It was after a few days, on a very chilly day, when I reached his room he was in a very good mood. I asked him the reason and he told me that he had cleared this third semester of final year of engineering, and now he wished to meet my parents after completing the course. I did not want to dishearten him by telling that my parents were very orthodox and would not allow him to enter the house even if they came to know he was from a scheduled class. "Main ham donon ke liye khaane ka samaan aur mithai laaya hoon. Tum aaj kya dogi mujhe mere paas hone par?" (I have brought eatables and sweets for both of us. What are you going to give me today on my success?). He was very happy and anxious to get my reply.

"Tum jo chaho wo hi doongi, lekin main jyaada paisa nahi kharch kar sakti" (Anything that you want, but I cannot afford to spend much). I replied with embarrassment. I wish I could afford an expensive gift for him that day.

"Nahin, paise ki jarurat nahin hogi" (No, money is not required at all).


"Kya aaj ham kar sakte hain? Main ... main ... agar tum bura na mano to ... hmmm ... aaj andar daal kar..."(Can we do today? I ... I ... if you do not mind ... hmm ... I want to put it inside today... ).

I wanted to jump with delight, but I acted with shyness; lowering my eyes I replied in a low tone, "Tumhari success ke liye aaj kuch bhi gift dene ko taiyyar hoon" (I can gift you anything today on your success). I could see his face beaming and that moment was when I felt love for him. 'How caring and loving he is towards me. I wish he had not asked me, and just done it', I thought.

He immediately got up to lock the door from inside and within moments I was in his arms. I helped him in undressing me and my own fingers had worked on the tehmat knot, which lay around his feet on the floor. It was becoming very difficult for me not to show the happiness and anxiety to experience the pain caused by hymen getting ruptured by a real matured cock, and finally to feel it spew the venom in the depths of my virgin vagina for the first time.

We were soon wrestling on the bed- kissing licking, sucking and squeezing each other. I loved the feel of his hard cock between my thighs as my pussy creamed, eagerly awaiting the invasion. He was over me finally, and rubbed his swollen knob of hardened cock along the slit for some time. He found my passage producing enough lubrication for him to push the cock forward so he looked at me and hissed, "Daal doon?" (Should I push in?). I nodded my head failing the hide the urgency in my desire.

His cock head easily was slipped in and I felt myself in heaven. My pussy ring had gripped his cock head while he waited to push further. His face looked contorted with pleasure and may be the squeezing pressure from my tiny virgin pussy ring around his cock. He waited for some time trying to hold back his climax as my vagina muscles were squeezing his cock to draw the semen in his balls, then gently pushed some more into the warmth of my tunnel till he reached the barrier.

"Thoda dard hoga" (It will pain a little). He said apologetically. I just nodded to convey that I was okay with it.

I had heard from two or three schoolmates that it hurt a lot first time and that there were a few drops of blood coming out as a result of hymen being broken in. I mentally prepared myself for the moment gritting my teeth and closing my fists tight. He gently pushed in again; I felt a little pain but it was almost negligible as compared to what I was supposed to be experiencing. I was sad. A girl has to experience this pain just once in her life and if it is not memorable, then it was unfortunate. I wished my hymen was intact and that the pain was just due to friction between the hard cock and my soft vagina walls inside. To my utter disappointment his cock slipped deeper but the extreme pain was missing. I came within two minutes of penetration. He followed the suit, but he pulled his cock out just in time and spilled his juices just above my pubic region. He was too nice a person so I did not want to make him unhappy by telling him my disappointment. I went inside the bathroom to wash the drops of blood inside my pussy and his semen on my lower stomach. He seemed very happy and I told him I was happy and had enjoyed our first intercourse immensely. I hoped it would get better in future and I would be able to enjoy more because I was still quite tight in my pussy.

I returned home and rushed inside the bathroom to observe the pussy hole again and the change after I had lost my virginity. Earlier the hole looked very tiny, now it looked just a little bigger. The loss of virginity was notional only. I wanted to cry with them, urge him to pull out expecting him to ignore my pleas and continue pounding my virgin pussy until I felt he was splitting me in two, but nothing of the sort had happened. I guess I associated loss of virginity with a pain that remained in my memories for all my life.

We could not meet for another session as he had to prepare for his last semester and I wanted him to do still better in it, so we had agreed to meet the day his last paper was over. I had planned to stop him from pulling out his cock when he reached climax. I was going to tell him that it was my safe period so he better come inside me rather than pull out for the fear of making me pregnant.

The day he was to have his last paper, I had carefully applied a hair removing cream, on my pubic area and armpits, which I had bought a day before. I thought he might find the shaved pussy more attractive and likable. I hated the bald pussy; it looked so strange and unattractive. I think trimming is okay, but no bald pussy in future. I had a fetish for hairy men, I wanted a man to have hair all over his body, more the hair more he would look sexy to me.

I went to his room in the evening and found it locked. May be he was celebrating the end of semester with his friends. Next day I went again and it was still locked.'Has he gone back to his native place without meeting me? Why did he not tell me', I was shocked at his gesture. Here I was to give him the best I could offer and he has just vanished. Before leaving the building I thought I must ask the watchmen; may be they would have a clue, so I checked with one of the watchmen. I was deeply hurt when he told me that Yogesh and friends had some drinks immediately after their examinations. Yogesh was in a hurry to return to his room for some urgent work and his bike skidded on the road. He was driving at a high speed so he lost control and was badly hurt in the right leg, right arm and head; he lay in coma in a local hospital. Police had come to some information and to inform if there was anyone related to him in the building, and that was how the watchmen came to know about the accident. I rushed to the hospital; his parents had arrived the previous evening. I saw then for the first time and felt sorry for the poor old couple. I introduced myself to them as sister of one of his classmates. I wished if I could help the family in any way, but it was not possible. On the fifth day, he expired in coma itself. I was deeply shaken, for I had started thinking of getting married to him after a few years.

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