Out of the Mouths of Babes!

by Sirdar

Copyright© 2012 by Sirdar

Sex Story: This is a short story how a teenage girl induced, by means of Blackmail her lonely mother and their next door neighbour to marry

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   .

Answering the door late one evening, I found little fifteen year old Roxy Harris from next door standing their. She was looking lovely as usual. I thought she was looking unusually sexy in her school uniform, but then I had just been in the midle of watching a new porn video...

"Hello Mr Nash" She said shyly, as she handed me a note, a little damp from being clutched in her little hot hands. The note was from her mother, and was asking whether I could look after her daughter for two or three hours as her mother had been taken to hospital. I knew Doreen well, she was a single mother and we had often chatted. I had at times contemplated asking her for a date, but always my nerve failed me in case she said "no"...

Doreen Harris had often commented on the fact, that it was strange that two eligible single people like us should be living next door to one another, both in three bedroom houses. Roxy her daughter was a spitting image of her mother and I had always liked Roxy. She was a pretty, very articulate and likeable young lady, and I always enjoyed chatting to her when the opportunity arose...

That evening she had caught me unawares ... As was my normal routine I had showered and changed into my pyjamas on my return from work, and I had sat down to watch a new very graphic porno. In my surprise at seeing Roxy at the door I had forgotten that I had left it running in the lounge when I had answered the door

Entering the lounge behind Roxy I made for my usual chair and sat down before I realised my mistake, but Roxy had seen the film running on the TV and was not at all embarrassed. With her eyes glued to the screen She just moved across to me and sat on my lap, putting her arm round my neck, as we watched the rest of the film together.

"But I was embarrassed and said "I am so sorry Roxy."

That's alright Tony dear Mummy always says It's hard for a man without a woman to do things like that for him"

She looked at me then stood up. Then she spoke very deliberately. Well Tony I am here and I am a woman, and I can be your woman tonight and do things for you like Mummy says. She wasted no time as she busily took of her raincoat, followed quickly by her school uniform, and then her bra and panties hit the floor...

I watched in interest, partly stunned and partly wondering how far she was going to go. I could see her juices glistening on her teenage pussy, as she turned towards me. a smile on her lips.

"Are you hard Mr Tony?" she asked, staring at the obvious lump which had formed in my pajama pants. I just nodded, and she held out her hand and pulling me from the chair, led me to the bedroom, where she turned and pulled the cord so that my pants landed on a heap on the floor and I was as naked as she was.

She stared at my erection with interest, and licked her lips. "Would you like me to suck it like the girl did on the film?" she asked, and I wasn't sure if she really meant it or wanted to.

"Do you want to?" I responded as I sat down on the side of the bed.

"Oh yes please " she nodded, still staring greedily at my cock.

"Well then please suck it" I tried to sound calm, but my voice was breaking, as I thought about her pretty little face, coming in contact with my cock. It seemed all so unreal.

But the gorgeous naked teenager was really there, and I gasped silently as she knelt down in front of me. She put both of her small hands around my cock, squeezing and rubbing my cock gently while she examined it closely for a second. Then lowering her head she gave it a preliminary lick. Then she lowered one hand to my balls, cupping them gently. She shot a quick look up at my face to see my reaction, and when I smiled down at her, and nodded, y head, she moved her face down to my rampant cock, and took the head into her mouth.

The first tentative touch of her tongue on my cock was like an electric shock, and I let out a low moan. Then I started to gasp as her tongue started working busily all round the head of my cock., spreading saliva, and precum everywhere. I had never felt anything quite this good in my whole life!

She tightened her soft lips around the shaft, and started sliding her lip up and down with a little scraping from her teeth, all the way across the head as far down as her young mouth could reach. She could not take very much of my cock into her little mouth, but I would not have swapped her at that moment for anyone else, she was so good.

"Ooooh GOD!" I moaned, "you're really good at that..." my cock throbbed as she sucked it hard, and I was surprised at the skill she portrayed for her young age...

She lifted her mouth off of me to say "Thank you", smiling up at me. Before I could even get a good look at her pretty face, she lowered her mouth over my cock again. I groaned as her lips made contact with my sensitive glans.

I put my hands on the young girl's head, gently running my fingers gently through her soft teenage hair ... I didn't need to urge her on; she was applying expert pressure and kept up an excellent pace. I felt my body getting weaker, and weaker while my cock only seemed to be getting harder and harder. The young girl's unbelievably hot mouth, made me tremble like never before in exotic pleasure.

It was hard for me to believe this was happening to me, not long before I had been sitting happily watching a film, and then she appeared to change my whole evening for the better, and exhibiting a skill that would be the envy of a seasoned pro.

I was leaking so much precum that she had to swallow several times just to keep it from leaking out of her mouth. The idea that the soft little lips around my cock belonged to a barely pubescent, and very cute girl multiplied my pleasure to the point where I felt I could die, and live this moment forever.

And it was about to get even better.

"Hmmuhm..." she took her mouth off of me, with a slow slurp, my erection jerking and throbbing uncontrollably as she let go of it.

"Do you want to fuck me now?" she asked boldly. Her question made me shiver in anticipation...

"Uh-huh" I nodded, my mouth open from excitement and sheer disbelief.

As she stood up I saw the most erotic sight I had ever seen: Her young vagina, the mound swollen and reddish from her own excitement, was glistening wet and a tiny string of pussy-juice was dripping out from between her smooth, pouty pussy lips.

She climbed on the bed and her eyes invited me to hurry. I will come on top Tony you are so big" She said pushing me back on the bed as she straddled my body I held my cock steady as she moved her dripping pussy closer to the head to make sure it would meet her tiny hole.

As soon she touched me, a jolt of sexual electricity shot through my body. I knew then that this was no dream. Despite the possible consequences, I was about to stick my cock inside that wet little pussy! I could think of nothing else The way she was lowering her body onto my cock -extremely slowly - and very carefully was driving me crazy. I resisted the urge to grab her hips, and pull her tight little pussy down over my cock, but I couldn't: I had to hold my cock up right or I was sure it wouldn't go inside her.

But I was wrong. Soon I could feel the warmth of her little hole trying to surround the head of my cock, but she was just too tight. I let go of my cock, which stayed lodged between her puffy lips, and put my hands on the firm little globes of her buttocks, using my thumbs to open her up. Immediately I felt my cockhead slide into its tightest pussy yet.

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