An Arranged Meeting

by BillyBad4U

Copyright© 2012 by BillyBad4U

BDSM Sex Story: She'd been chatting via email - very explicitly. Exchanging too much information. Now, a friend needs her - urgently. Against her better judgement, she goes to help. It's not what she expected but she hopes it's not the last time this friend needs her.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   True Story   MaleDom   Light Bond   Anal Sex   2nd POV   .

You've been carrying on a correspondence with an on-line buddy, exchanging kinky secrets, safe in anonymity. Chatting about bondage, semi-rape, total submission. Unexpectedly, you have been called to an address you don't know in a quiet residential neighbourhood. It's Apt. 3b. Something about a friend needing help. You're not comfortable but it sounds serious and you go anyway. You knock on the door and it opens quietly. The room inside is dark and there is no one at the door. Without knowing why, you step inside. The door slams shut, you're in complete darkness and hands grab your shoulders from behind as a bag is pulled over your head. Your hands are pulled behind you and you feel something cold touch your wrists as you hear the ratchet of handcuffs being tightened. All of a sudden you realize you're helpless, blind, waiting to see what will happen, knowing you have no way of stopping it, whatever it may be.

A voice whispers in your ear. "I've been waiting for you; why has it taken you so long to get here?" Before you can get your breath back to answer, he continues, "Keeping me waiting isn't good, rather naughty, in fact. I'll have to punish you. I think I'll spank your behind" This threat of pain and humiliation makes your heart beat faster for some reason and your terror subsides a little.

You're led forward into the room, walking awkwardly with the bag blocking all sight until your shins encounter something soft. "The bed!" you think, and a hand in the small of your back pushes you down over the bed and onto your knees on the floor. When your face and chest hit the bed, you realize that your nipples are crinkled up for some reason. Could it be that this turns you on?

You let your breath out as you hit the bed and feel something on the back of your legs pushing upwards. You were in such a hurry that you forgot to change out of that little dress before coming to this place and you feel a waft of air on your newly exposed thighs and butt. "My God", you think, "He's pulled my dress up in the back and my ass is sticking out!" You feel his hand caress your legs and ass, even feeling between your legs for your pussy lips. "Nice panties." he whispers, "I like the plain ones, they grip your pussy so nice and tight, absorbing all those feminine juices." He feels your pussy through your panties saying, "And yours are soaking up lots of pussy wetness, you must be getting a thrill out of this!!"

"Let's get them out of the way." And you feel his hands slide up your hips to the top of your panties and slip them halfway down to your knees.

"What a spankable bum you have, dear!" Immediately you hear a loud smack as his hand strikes your left cheek. There's no pain, yet, but you know that if he keeps this up it will come. He smacks the right one now and then, alternating left and right he gives you at least a dozen. Now the pain is coming and you try to protect yourself with your handcuffed hands but they won't reach far enough. Your cries echo round the room. You're at his mercy and must take all he gives you. And you know it's exactly what you want.

He whispers in your ear, "You're being too noisy, dear, so let's fix that." The bag is removed from the back of your head and a blindfold is wrapped around your eyes. Now the bag is gone and you can take a deep breath. You can feel the pain in your butt, the heat seems to be radiating off it. He says, "Push yourself up with your feet and let's get those panties right off." You do as he tells you and you feel your panties slipping all the way to your ankles, your shoes coming off and then you're naked from your toenails to your twat. You feel something light touch both your ass cheeks as he says, "What a nice rosy ass you have, my dear, I couldn't resist kissing it."

"Now let's get you back on your knees", he says, "and turn to your left towards me." You sit back on your heels and turn and you feel something touch your cheek.

"Open your mouth!" he says and you feel something warm and stiff poking at your lips. "Suck my cock, you little cunt. Your pussy is dripping so you better suck it good or I won't fuck you!" You open your mouth and he thrusts his stiff dick into you. You close your lips on it and suck it as if it were a popsicle. At the same time he grabs your hair in both hands and pulls you toward him, pushing and pulling you in and out with your hair. As you work on his cock you feel it getting harder and bigger and you wonder if he's going to cum in your mouth.

"I know what you're thinking, little girl, and I'm not going to do it in your mouth this time – it's going to happen somewhere else." He pulls his hard dick from your sucking mouth and orders you back on your feet. He grabs your hair to steady you and pulls you up. It's hard for you because you've had your hands cuffed behind your back all this time. "Now turn to your right and move forward and let's get you back up on the bed." You get on your knees on the bed and he helps you fall face down on the pillow. "Now we have to get the rest of these clothes off but first we need to lose the handcuffs." You feel some movement and hear some clicks back there and one wrist is free. He pulls that wrist to the head of the bed and you feel it being tied down with something. Then he loosens the other cuff and unbuttons your dress, slipping it off your free arm with your bra strap. When this is done he ties up that wrist to the top of the bed. He loosens your other hand and does the same with it. He slides your dress down your body, over your bare, still warm ass, and off your feet. Then he ties your ankles to the far corners of the bed.

Now you're naked, face down on the bed but for your bra. "Almost done, dear!", he says cheerfully. "Now we just need to remove that pretty bra." He unsnaps it and pulls it out from under you. "One more thing.", and he puts his hand up between your legs and lifts it saying, "Just lift your bum into the air." As you comply, he slides something big and soft under your hips, probably a pillow. "Perfect!", you hear. Again, something touches your cheek. He says, "Open your mouth, bitch!" You open and some soft cloth is pushed into it. The realization comes that it's your panties. And there you are, naked, face down, spreadeagled, gagged and tied down to the bed, your bum high, ready and available for anything he wants.

You hear snaps and a zipper and sounds of clothing being removed and then the bed dips as he climbs on with you. You feel his knees and hands pushing your legs further apart as he comes closer. He breathes on your ass making it clench up and your toes curl. "I've got a little something special for you, girl. Actually it's a big something for you and I'm lubing it up with some KY just for you." You can hear the slipping and sliding noise as he jacks the lube up and down his cock and you wonder when, where it's going. Then you feel his fingers opening up your butt cheeks as he looks for your asshole. His lubed finger enters and moves deeply into you, twisting and turning. Another finger and then a third joins it as you squirm on the bed. Suddenly the fingers vanish and you feel his hands sliding up your body. He grabs your hair on both sides and pulls strongly, holding you in place as if you were a filly to ride. Something touches your asshole and immediately pushes in, forcing you down on the bed. You try to avoid it by squeezing your ass tight and moving away but there's no escape.

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