Her Unexpected Net Dating

by Winterfrog

Copyright© 2012 by Winterfrog

Erotica Sex Story: A friend found his pal's wife net-dating and did exactly what a real friend ought to do but unfortunately seldom does.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Cheating   .

Author's foreword: I'm sorry to say that, due to problems finding an editor, this is an unedited version of the story. Please stop reading right here if you have any problems in reading text what might contain errors in grammar and word order. An edited version will be out as soon as present problems are solved.

Jimmie Svenson was a real friend who did what good friends are expected to do for each other but too many people prefers to act as an ostrich and stay away from such problems.

He called me and suggested us meet at a café after our jobs that very day. Of course I accepted his invitation and as soon as we were seated he said, "Martin, the good husband use to be the last to know this kind of news, why I have to ask you, do you know about Rose-Marie's boyfriend at the web?"

I got some coffee in the air pipe and began to cough before I could reply, "No, not at all. That's a total surprise for me. Do you know further details?"

Jimmie continued, "I'm sorry, really sorry indeed, but in my opinion it is better to know such matters and act as soon as possible. If you let it go too far, it might end up as a Russian roulette with diseases from a cheating spouse as it did for on poor guy at my job. I don't know for sure if Rose-Marie already had sex with her net lover before their next date, but I doubt it why you might still be able to stop it if you want."

That got me both pissed and curious why I asked, "How do you know about Rose-Marie's cheating?"

Jimmie replied, "As you might to know, the company where my wife Christina used to work went bankruptcy why she's got a temporary job at a Secretary Service Company and been hired out for a few days to that office where your wife works. She hasn't talked with Rose-Marie but one day during their lunch the regular girls at her table began to talk about net-dating. Though it was obvious that all of them had wedding or engagement rings, two of them were into net dating and did their best to convince the third, who was not sharing their whole idea to have some "fun for spicing up the life".

At first Christina didn't care much about their talk but got interested when one of the daters said, "Everybody is doing it nowadays, even that pretty Rose-Marie Palmwald, who's never taken any cock at a Christmas party, is net-dating and has booked a room at a hotel for the Friday next week."

They even knew the hotel and had some opinions about if it was a good or bad choice.

Jimmie said, "Christina knows that I have friend by name Palmwald why she told me what she knew and said it was up to me to do what I found to be best with that information."

Now I knew for sure that Jimmie had told me the cruel truth because Rose-Marie had told me a few days ago about her plans about going away that Friday for a party with a "girl gang" what used to have had a good time when they met during their seminars.

Jimmie did his best to convince me that any kind of violence had be out of question because a cheating wife wasn't worth that. He gave some suggestions what I ought to do and before we parted, I thanked him and agreed to keep it between the two of us. Even his wife had to be out of it from now on.

I had two options, act immediately without any evidence at all or use the eight days until her departure Friday for collecting evidence. Doesn't matter what she would choice to do, I had no legal right to stop her from going to her date if she decided to go for it. My only legal option was a divorce. I decided wait to Friday.

Both Rose-Marie and I, Martin Palmwald are 38 years old. We met and married thirteen years ago and today we are a typical Scandinavian small town family with two daughters, Lina 9 and Moa 7 years old, a house, two cars and a small dog.

Rose-Marie is rather pretty woman for her age, just like most of her friends and co-workers. I would say rather average. The only difference is that she sometimes uses to dress with a slight better taste than the others, what in some ways makes her visible in the bunch when she is together with others of her age.

Of course, nobody is perfect not even Rose-Marie. Her weak point was sex. Not that she ever denied me to fuck her regularly and she even got orgasms during most of the times we did it. But "making love" in her opinion meant only missionary position and everything else was regarded as "something that only perverts did."

Therefore it had been totally out of question for me to suspect Rose-Marie for cheating. If a bookie had taken a bet about that, no doubt that I had dared to put big money on "NO"

Back home I didn't do anything that evening but the next day I took the half-day off after lunch and went home searching for evidence.

Rose-Marie and I had equal laptops and as I had assisted her when setting it up and knew her password, it was a piece of cake to log in. Then I looked at her 'gmail' and saw that she had opened a new gmail account, what I couldn't open.

While using a PC, the number of passwords use to be rather many and as it is advised to have different passwords for every matter, they would be complete impossible to remember without some kind of a written backup. Therefore I had invented a simple but useful system what I shared with Rose-Marie.

It was thrilling seconds before I would find out if she had used some own password what would be impossible for me to break or had she thought that I, who had never been jealous since we met, would never suspect her for anything like that and choose the easy way.

Already my third attempt gave me a Bingo and gave me one of the worst days in my whole life. I downloaded everything to a memory stick and after an investigation what didn't gave any further investigation closed down her laptop.

First I watched the enclosed picture files. He had sent her a picture of him standing at some southern beach. A rather well built, well tanned blonde guy, who obviously spent some time in a gym and probably got some further help from those pills what says to be common at such places. My guess of his age was early or mid thirties. A real prototype of a gigolo.

Rose-Marie had sent him a topless picture of her in black-laced panties standing besides our bedroom window. A real good picture in perfect light, indeed, what got her to look much younger than her 38 years. I had to admire her skills with our new digital camera and try to guess what she had used as tripod.

As expected, the camera didn't show any traces left after her photo session.

Reading the messages wasn't funny at all. They had obviously met during a one-day seminar where they had a pleasant lunch and agreed to keep in touch via e-mails. Their first ones were complete innocent but got slowly nastier by the time. It was obvious that they had not met since the seminar and their date next week would be their first chance to have sex if I didn't stop it.

It was disgusting to read that Rose-Marie hadn't objected when he mentioned me as "Your poor wimp husband" and even more disgusting reading what he promised to do with my prudish wife and that she obviously was looking forward to that without any objections. Among other tricks he promised to put his whole tongue in her newly shaved pussy and let it remain there until she got orgasm, then it was up to her to give him a genuine deep throat sucking and take it all without wasting a single drop.

Rose-Marie always refused to kiss or suck my cock and had threatened me with divorce when I had begged her about a sucking. I was afraid she had got some kind of mental breakdown when promising to swallow that guy's whole ejaculation. My question had to be, did she really mean what she wrote or was she only joking with that damn jerk?

The main problem was that I had no information about her lover, no name, not where he was living, not if he had a family.

During our "Friday evening family fun" I asked Rose-Marie, "You told me earlier that you will attend and stay overnight at some birthday party next Friday. Who's party is it and where are you going? Do I know her?"

She got a visible strange look in her face for a split second before answering, "No, you don't know her. Her name is Magdalena von Breitenshloss and we are gang of girls who use to see each other and have some fun at boring seminars."

"Sounds fair to me and what hotel have you booked for the night?" I asked.

She told me the town, the Best Western Scandia hotel there and said smiling, "I'm sure it will be much fun at that party and I really hope that Maggie will not get too bad hangover to her big family dinner at Saturday."

What a bitch I thought. But at least the hotel was the same as mentioned by her co-workers when Christina heard it. However, I had got a slight progress in my investigation by a noble "Maggie" to check out.

Next day when Rose-Marie and our girls were shopping I searched about that noble named "Maggie" only to find out that there were no von Breitenshloss at all living in that town Rose-Marie were going to. But when searching in the whole country I found two Magdalena von Breitenschloss, one was 86 years old and the other who might be Rose-Marie's friend was 42.

But for an average guy as me it seemed a bit strange to have a 40-year birthday party for 42-year old women, especially when her hometown was about 180 kilometres in the opposite direction from our home to the town where the famous party was said to be held.

Rose-Marie did a big mistake when she tried to impress me with a noble friend. Had she chosen a common name as "Anna Johansson" there might been plenty of them, probably even some of the right age in that area where she intended going for her date.

Nothing happened until Sunday evening when I pretended to have some work to do after Rose-Marie had gone to the bed. She had left her cell phone for loading in the kitchen and as we knew each other's PIN codes, it was an easy game to check it.

No strange pictures, text or voice messages but many for me unknown phone numbers. After my first search only two numbers, owned by for me unknown men, remained as goals for further investigation.

It wasn't necessary for me to know the name of Rose-Marie's lover for dealing with her cheating intentions, but with a name I could find his wife if he had one.

The first number was used by a girl who had got her boyfriend's old Iphone when he got a new from his job. But the second was Bingo, a Daniel Rodillo living about 165 kilometres away from the meeting hotel. That guy fit in perfect. Rose-Marie and he would have almost equal distance to their date.

Now it was easy to find further details about a guy with that unusual last name. Self employed as some kind of consultant and lecturer what brought him fair money, 32 years old wife, boy 6 and girl 4 years, rather high taxed house and two cars. That asshole's wife needed to know about her husband's intentions.

That ended up as an unexpected piece of cake. One co-worker of mine happened to have a sister living in the same town and area as the Rodillo family and it was easy for her to find where Daniel's wife Annie worked. I called Annie at her job and we did an agreement how to handle the information about our spouses.

At Friday I took the day off but went up at the usual time and went to the garage for calling Annie with my cell phone for the latest information about our actions. Rose-Marie got a real surprise when she saw me still at home but took my explanation about the dentist later in the morning. After sending our children to the school she went to our bedroom dressing for her trip and came back in a real nice outfit.

I asked her to sit down for clearing up some minor misunderstandings, what she accepted after a slight doubt. My first question was, "There's no room booked for you at that Scandia hotel, why not?"

"Because it was up to Melissa to book rooms. Obviously she's booked them in her own name." She replied.

"No, at least not at Best Western Scandia. No such rooms booked."

She gave me a smile and said, "No big deal, she's taken something cheaper for saving money for us."

Even I replied with a smile, "Sounds reasonable, indeed. But I've an another question because there are no Magdalena von Breitenschloss living in that town. However, she exists but is living about 350 kilometres away from that town and could you please tell me why she is going such a long distance for celebrating her 40th birthday and doing that more than two year after it really happened?"

Rose-Marie stared at me for a second before saying, "Please forgive me not telling you the truth. I'm so ashamed for my lies. The truth is that our gang is hired for topless waiting at a company party. It's an innocent event and we girls are going elsewhere for our own party when the dance begins at ten o'clock. For avoiding scandals, the catering company prefers hiring waitresses from out of town. Only a funny and innocent experience for us, I can promise you."

She wasn't bad, very clever indeed. Not bad to find out such good lie in a second. Would I ever dare to trust her? Lord only would know. But I replied still smiling, "Sounds very trustworthy explanation about a very exiting company event, yes it does indeed."

Rose-Marie gave me bright smile and asked, "Are we ready now so I can start driving to my exotic job?"

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