The Soldier and the Desert Beauty

by womenlover

Copyright© 2012 by womenlover

Fantasy Sex Story: An Egyptian soldier enjoyed with Kuwaiti beauty in 1991.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   .

It was a dark and stormy night...

No, seriously, it was a fucking dark and stormy night. It was cold, wet, miserable, and dark as hell. I was sunk in mud halfway up my combat boots

My name is Basim Abd-Al-Aziz, Sergeant First Class, Egyptian Army. I'm a 21 Mike –a firefighter, and I'm responsible for all, and I quote, "Fire protection, personnel rescue, first aid and fire prevention duties" at Army Flight Operations Detachment, Ahmed Al Jaber Air Base. Translation: I'm a thirty two year old solder in this man's Army, pretending to be a station chief, trying to keep an honest-to-god firefighting service together on hope, dreams, bailing wire and all the equipment I can misappropriate from beautiful, scenic, Ahmed Al Jaber Air Base.

Cold comfort in the desert, let me tell you.

I peeled off my shirt, slipped into my sleeping bag and drifted into the dreamless sleep of the weary.

I awoke to the sound of the tent's rainfly being slowly unzipped. I went rigid. Silently, I groped around the inside of the tent for something to use as a weapon. I found my ruck beside me and thrust my hand into the open pouch. The first thing that came to hand was ... a chemlight.

A chemlight? Seriously? Who do I even carry those with me?

Probably because safety conferences give them away for free and I'm a natural scrounger. And because, technically, they're part of the seventy-two hour kit I feel naked without lugging around.

Well, fine. Punching someone with the end of a glowstick will hurt me less and them more than my fist will. And light could be good.

The inner fly my tent peeled open with a quiet hiss, and I saw the silhouette of a head start to duck into the inner chamber.

I snapped the chemlight into emerald brightness and pulled back my first to strike out at ... a beautiful young woman, blinking at me in amazement. Her mouth opened and she worked her jaw to say something, but apparently she thought better of it because nothing came out. It looked like she had crawled into the wrong tent by mistake. Then she cocked her head at me for a moment, as if she were trying to figure something out. She peered at me for a long second, then she straightened, and crawled the rest of the way in.

Holy Shit.

I was in shock on several levels. For one, that she had actually had the nerve to come in to my tent like that. For another, I had never seen a woman so uniquely beautiful in my entire life. I mean, sure I watch movies like everyone else, and there's always the internet, but even counting the singers and actresses that tour with the ESO (Egyptian Service Organizations), I had never seen anyone that looked like her in person. She was long and delicate like a spun-glass figure, or a living barbie doll. She had the longest swan-like neck I had ever seen, terrific breasts, and mouth-wateringly wide hips that flared beneath a dramatically narrow waist. In the soft green light her skin could have been made of polished marble, and her hair must have been newly brushed into the lustrous, silky waves that hung down past her waist. What kind of woman puts that much effort into her hair anymore?

Oh, and she was totally, unashamedly, gloriously naked. And she was reaching for the zipper to my sleeping bag.

Holy Shit.

As it happens, I know something about willpower. The Army issues you a whole bunch of it when they promote you to a senior NCO (non-commissioned officer) billet and turn you into a father figure for a bunch of perpetually horny young men. So when this pale brunette Bedouin goddess started unzipping my sleeping bag, I summoned up fucking all of it and just barely managed to force myself to catch her hand.

She looked up at me with a question in her eyes.

Wait, she wants me to talk, too? That can't be fair.

"Honey, I think you have the wrong tent," I finally croaked out. Very smooth.

She cocked her head at me again in that curious expression and murmured something to herself in a language that sounded vaguely Khaliji. Maybe she was Kuwaiti. That might explain a few things, actually. She smiled slyly and reached for the zipper again, and when she did she shifted position a little and Oh God her breasts were amazing.

I didn't care about stopping her anymore.

She pulled open the sleeping bag and looked me over with obvious satisfaction. And damn if that isn't an awesome feeling, knowing that a beautiful woman finds your body attractive.

She slipped into the sleeping bag with me. The first touch of that white thigh against my leg was electric. I went rigid with pleasure from that touch alone. God, what was wrong with me, it hadn't been that long since my last time with a woman, had it? I counted the months on mental fingers and the months turned into years which turned into the firm conclusion that yes, it had been that long since my last time.

She slithered against me while her hands played out patterns on my chest and shoulders, all the while murmuring her appreciation in Khaliji. When she nestled the mound of her pussy on top of my briefs, and settled her weight on my cock, all I could do was groan my acceptance of the inevitable.

This unbelievable Kuwaiti chick was going to fuck me. And she didn't seem to care that she didn't know me, or that even though she was full grown, I had probably gotten my first promotion in the service before she had finished kindergarten. Hell, I wasn't sure we even shared a language, but she was going to fuck me.

I'll be damned if I wasn't going to fuck her back.

I pulled her up into a kiss, and when our tongues touched I swear my vision went white for a second. She moaned into the kiss, and I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her tighter against me. Her breasts crushed against my chest, and I was amazed and insanely proud to feel her nipples hardening against me.

I grabbed a fistful of her pale gold hair and pulled her head back, trailing kisses down the underside of her jaw, and she groaned and writhed. Her ankles hooked around my legs and she ground herself against my cock. Her nails dug into my chest, kneading me, almost like a cat. I got down to her collarbone and suddenly she threw me flat on my back and it was back to the lip-lock.

Our tongues danced, and when we broke for air she bit my lower lip, and gently pulled on me until I sat up into her kiss. She snaked her arms beneath my shoulders, got a grip on my hair, and clamped me down into the most amazing oral experience of my life.

It was more than a kiss. The way she used her lips ... God. I thought I was aggressive kisser, but she explored my tongue as if she were taking part of me into her. Little did I know. The whole time she was gyrating her hips on top of me, massaging me into painful hardness beneath her. I started humping back against her and then suddenly, I don't know how, my briefs were gone and my cock was sandwiched between her lips.

The feeling of her silkiness against my skin shocked me into stillness. As she dragged herself across my cock, it twitched, and she smiled hungrily.

She raised herself up, and I watched from inside a curtain of her pale gold hair as she reached down between us and squeezed my cock, long and lovingly. She tipped me up at a little angle and rubbed the head back and forth across her hairless slit. Her eyes went half-lidded in desire.

"Yesss," she hissed.

She sank back a little, just enough to split her shaven lips with the head of my cock. I pumped my hips out of sheer reflex, but she artfully kept herself just out of my reach, teasing me with her contact. She grinned at me, and lowered her head to play her tongue around the hollow of my throat.

I rubbed my hands up and down the smooth skin of her narrow flanks and she purred in response. She rocked her hips up and down, sliding my cock bottom to top between her soaking lips. She tongued around my neck, and played at biting my collarbone in between kisses. And then she bit down harder, hunched her back and slid me inside her. The feeling of her bulging around me, sliding me into her was so intense I didn't dare to breathe.

When her mound came to rest against my pelvis and she had buried me inside her to the root, she shuddered against me. She huffed ragged breaths against my neck between bared teeth.

I brought my hands along her sides and cupped the sides of her breasts where they pillowed against me, thumbing her nipples. At my touch, I felt them swell harder against my chest, and she let out an involuntary moan of pleasure. Her pussy spasmed around my cock and she shuddered.

She took a deep breath and rose to her knees. I looked up in fascination at her as she towered over me, ducking her head to fit beneath the curved roof of the tent. She had unbelievable breasts such a slender frame. They were heavy and soft in my hands, each one more than a handfull. I kneaded what I could hold, tracing my thumb in circles around the pebbled skin around her swollen nipples.

Her eyes fluttered in pleasure, and she began rocking her hips sharply forward and back. Her hands drifted across my chest and shoulders, and trailed their way up my arms, squeezing. She kept up her rocking pace like the rhythm of riding a horse, and her eyes fluttered again. Her hands found my wrists, and pulled my hands harder against her breasts.

She started rotating her hips in small circles, grinding her pussy against the root of my cock. She let her hands drop down to her thighs, closing her eyes and breathing deeply through her nose. I took the opportunity to explore her with my hands, caressing her smooth belly. Her ribcage was tiny in my hands, and I traced the hollows between her ribs and the curves of her abdomen.

She hissed in pleasure and I felt her pussy grip me tighter. Grinning at her response, I ran my hands lightly up an over her shoulders and around the sides of her neck, barely touching her. I drew my hands down the back of her arms, and she squirmed again.

I ran my hands back up her body and found a sensitive spot on the back of her long, long neck, at the base of her skull. Her head rocked back, exposing her pale throat made green by the light, and she moaned incoherently. I traced fingers down the hollow of her throat, and back down her front, avoiding the simple pleasure of her heavy breasts.

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