Roger and Margo

by Huedogg

Copyright© 2012 by Huedogg

Flash Story: How a couple find each other

Tags: Romantic   Humor   Cheating   Humiliation   Torture  

Its funny how many times your parents tell you about what life was like when they were growing up. And a reoccuring theme of their stories is how you should always tell the truth, no matter the cost. Hummm ... just a thought.

The Story of Roger and Margo

Margo walked out of Jackson State Pen a free woman. An 8x8 foot cell had been her home for the past seventeen months. Margo was not an evil woman, but she had done an evil thing.

You see, when Margo fell in love, she fell in love hard. She would cook, clean, do laundry, clean windows and fuck her man 'till the cows came home. That's what most of her ex's liked about her. One of the guys Margo dated was even into swinging and Margo tried it and liked it.

But with Margo everything had rules. They could swing or swap as long as both of them agreed. Margo told every man she dated that she hated cheaters. Most listened, one didn't. Margo had been dumped close to ten times and never held it against her ex's, but not one of them had the balls to cheat on her 'till she met Roger.

Roger Baker was every woman's dream: rich, successful and hung. But Roger had one problem — he was a serial cheater. Roger could care less if a woman got hurt. He left a long list of broken hearts in his wake. Roger had broken up marriages, families, and in one case, he caused a mother to try and kill her daughter to be with him. Let's just agree Roger was a bastard and liked it that way.

One cold November evening Roger was out for a run and bumped into Margo. Margo had a tight little body and loved to flaunt it. To Roger, she looked like a tall glass of water and he was thirsty. Margo wasn't an easy woman to get but like I said earlier, she loves hard.

Roger went after Margo with all the subtlety of a rattle snake. He was in Margo's ear or in her face every chance he got 'till Margo fell for him.

The first time they had sex, was an experience for Margo. She was never into anal sex but she gave Roger all she had to give. Roger had never met a woman like Margo before; she was loving and would try anything for her man.

Over the course of the next year Roger has asked Margo to try a great many things. Once Margo was Roger's slave for a week. Roger asked Margo to have a threesome with him and an ex-girlfriend. Margo did and rather enjoyed it. Margo even did a mini-gangbang with Roger and three of his friends.

Roger would send one of the guys over to see if she would fuck them when he wasn't around. Margo wouldn't even open the door; she would tell them to wait till Roger got home. Roger couldn't believe how lucky he was. He had his own personal slut.

Roger put an engagement ring on her finger to make sure she stayed his.

But like most people, Roger didn't read the fine print in the instructions. Margo came with a warning: cheat on her and you'll regret it. I mean really regret it!

Margo was home when Roger came in and told her he was going to Vegas for a few days. Margo had no problem with it, she even told him to have fun.

The day Roger got ready to leave, Margo asked Roger, "You planning on fucking anyone while you're in Vegas?"

"Hell, I don't know," Roger replied, "Why?"

Margo looked Roger right in the eyes.

"Roger if you're going to fuck another woman you need to tell me. I can live with it, and I hope you enjoy it; but if you cheat on me I'll be pissed.

"I love you Roger, you know I do. But as much as I love you I can't stand to deal with a cheater. Think about it: you have fucked at least twenty women over the last few years right in front of me. I like watching you make a slut scream. Hell, I'm your personal slut!

"But remember, when we got engaged you promised to never cheat on me. I told you we can have any type relationship you want as long as we're together.

"So, I'm asking you once again— Are you going to fuck another woman while you're in Vegas?"

This would be an important moment for any other man; your woman is showing her trust by saying you can fuck anyone you want. Just be honest about it.

Roger looked Margo in the eye and said, "No I'm not, but if I find someone I might want to bed, I'll call you first and let you know."

To Margo that was fine, as long as he called first.

The Vegas trip was a blast; the guys golfed, gambled and got laid. Roger had his first reverse gangbang —six women fucked Roger silly. But like most 'players' Roger forgot to wrap it up and came home with an STD, courtesy of one of his Las Vegas playmates.

Roger didn't know it yet, but his life was about to go to shit.

One morning Margo got up and went to the bathroom; it was painful when she pee'd and she noticed her urine seemed kind of cloudy. Margo didn't play around when it came to her health. She made an appointment and headed for the doctor's office. A couple hours and a few tests later, Margo headed for home.

Before she went home, Margo made a short detour and stopped at an adult store. At the store Margo got a set of handcuffs, a cat-of-nine-tails and a 9-inch dildo. She also stopped briefly at the hardware store where she purchased a small bottle of cyanoacrylate adhesive, usually known by its more common name: super glue.

Roger came home to a well cooked meal. He was pleasently surprised that Margo had gone to so much trouble. Margo poured Roger a glass of his favorite wine and sat down to eat with her man. Roger enjoyed his glass of wine, only to find himself getting groggy and finally passing out. When he awoke, he was cuffed to the bed.

Margo was sitting in a chair by the bed patiently waiting for him to regain conciousness. When she saw him stirring, Margo got up and sat on the side of the bed next to Roger's head.

"Roger," Margo said in her normal loving tone, "Have you cheated on me?"

"Of course not," Roger told her, "You know I love you Margo. What is all this about?"

Margo held up her doctor's report. It showed that she had been diagnosed with three different STD's.

"Roger you're the only man who I have ever fucked without a condom. For that matter, I haven't fucked anyone but you since we got engaged. So let me ask you once again: have you cheated on me?"

This pissed Roger off no end.

"Neither you nor anyone else has the right to question me!" he yelled at her.

"And if you know what's good for you, you will unlock these handcuffs and release me right now!


Margo, ignoring his outburst, calmly got up and opened her little bag of purchases she had bought earlier. Margo took the cat-of-nine-tails and applied super glue on each the tails of the whip. She attached them to his body. Margo let them sit until they had bonded with Rogers's skin.

"One last time, Roger," she asked, "Did you cheat on me?"

Roger didn't really believe that Margo had the balls to hurt him. Not his personal slut! She loved him too much.

"No, I didn't cheat on you," he insisted, still believing that denial was a viable option, "And you can fuck your own self from now on bitch — you're cut off!"

His scream could have been heard in Canada. Roger had never felt that kind of pain in his life.

When Roger finally returned to the land of the living, he realized that he was lying face down and his abdomen felt stuffed. But it wasn't his stomach that was full. Roger felt as if he needed to shit and couldn't. Then he felt a searing pain right in the middle of his ass, as if something was shaking his insides.

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