My Personal Professor

by crotalusw

Copyright© 2012 by crotalusw

Erotica Sex Story: A woman decides to go back to school and gets the support from an friend, who happens to teach at a community college. When he comes to visit, she finds that she learns more than just math.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Oral Sex   Food   .

I graduated from high school several years ago and got caught up in marriage and kids, though I always knew that I needed to go to college, if only for my own, personal satisfaction. I'd known for some time that I want to be involved in the medical field, though I'd never been exactly sure what aspect of the field was perfect for me. I'd been considering physical therapy, but my husband wasn't too keen on the idea of me touching other men on a regular basis, even though it would be strictly for their rehabilitation.

That's one aspect of my married life that had been tough for me. My husband was always quite jealous and that led to limitations on what I could do with my life. I absolutely love my kids and want to spend much of my time with them. They make me so very happy, so I enjoy being home with them. However, there are times when I would like to go out for a drink with my coworkers after work or would like to hang out with them on a Friday night to enjoy some barbecue and friendly company. Unfortunately, having a jealous husband meant I didn't get to spend that time out with my friends for fear that he would make life miserable when I get home.

But school has always been important to me. I'd felt that it was definitely something worth the fight. Yet, I was also pretty nervous about going back to school after my time away from schools. I wasn't sure I was ready to attend classes and feared I wouldn't quite be able to perform at a high enough level for college.

Then my friend, Michael, told me he was willing to be my mentor and help me through my classes.

I had met Michael a few years ago at work. I had been offered a position working with the admin staff at an engineering firm and he was one of the engineers there. When I started, I was preoccupied with my work and didn't take much time to notice everyone in detail. It didn't help that he was working in a field office at the time so we didn't get much chance to get to know one another. We would see each other monthly for our office meetings, but that was about it. However, he seemed to be quite friendly and had an easy smile that he was willing to share with anyone. His humor was catching, though it was rather subtle and dry. I liked him.

While talking with one of my coworkers later, the subject of sexuality came up. I didn't expect it, but it did flow with that particular conversation well. She mentioned that Michael wrote erotic stories and that piqued my interest. I knew that he was a good guy, but didn't know that he was that sexual. With the frustrations I had at home, hearing about his sexual side got me to wondering a little more about him. My coworker told me that she'd get the URL of the website for his stories and send it to me. I was anxious to read his stories, hoping to get a little more excitement in my life and also interested in what Michael imagined while thinking about sex.

As I read through Michael's stories, I started to look at him with a different light. We started to converse more through e-mails and to share more intimate thoughts. We were still pretty careful to keep our thoughts away from extremely dangerous waters. Being married, I needed to be careful, but my interest was growing. I began to wonder what it would be like to be with him, to have him doing to me the things I read about in his stories, and it got me excited. I loved imagining myself in his stories and having those things done to me and feeling the things he described. More than once, I needed to go to the restroom to blot the excess moisture that his stories caused my body to create. I loved that feeling of being turned on and wanted even more of his stories.

After reading most of his stories and chatting with him, I saw that he had written a story about me! I absolutely loved it! I was so flattered that he would think about me that way and imagining myself in that story was so easy. He wrote about thoughts and feelings that I had actually thought and felt and so it came to life for me. That story really turned me on and I started to fantasize about him even more.

Then, to my dismay, he moved. Our company had decided to let him go and with the downturn in the economy, he couldn't find another position in our area and so he moved away. We still had e-mail so we could converse from time to time, but it was different. We didn't get regular contact and missed out on those little things that build a friendship.

He continued to write his stories, though, and I kept reading them. It was a little harder to imagine him in the stories, but I could still imagine myself having those things happen to me and was still able to get excited as I read. It was just a little different.

Then we stopped sending e-mails for a while. We got caught up in our lives and just let the e-mail slide. One day, I realized I just needed to chat with him again so I composed an e-mail and we started chatting again. He'd separated from the girlfriend he had while he was living near me and was now completely single. It surprised me how happy that made me to hear that. I knew he deserved better, but there was something else to it that cheered me up ... he wasn't attached and could experiment a bit more. I was starting to think that I'd like to experiment with him. So I worked it so we started chatting more.

During our discussions, I mentioned my desire to go to school and get my education. He was very supportive and told me that I could rely on him for assistance with my courses. That touched me. Even after time and distance separated us, he was still there for me and I knew it was an honest invitation. Knowing that I had him in my corner and that he honestly wanted to help me gave me the impetus I needed to forge ahead with my schooling. We were going to have to get creative with our school work together, but we had some good ideas and we would make it work.

I was going to have my own personal professor and mentor! What more could a girl want?

That week, I started to gather the information to apply for admission to college. Michael and I continued to talk through e-mail. Our flirting started to increase and we began to explore other methods of communication so we could work together on my school work. We tried Skype a couple of times, just to be sure we could do it easily. It was really fun to hear his voice again. We found ways to share our desktops and software so that we would be able to share all we needed.

Of course, we continued to talk about the stories he had been writing. Our chats fueled his imagination and he started to come up with some new ideas. His stories took on a new dimension, especially when I knew that some of them were written for me. It became very easy to imagine us together in his stories again.

My marriage continued. I couldn't leave my husband and knew that it wouldn't do a lot of good, anyway. We had a routine and were comfortable with it. I made sure he couldn't find out what I was doing with Michael online because I knew that his jealousy would be too much to handle. I just pretended that things were okay at home, just like I always did. With my Michael chats, I didn't feel as much need to go out with other friends so I could more easily pretend at home.

By the time school started for me, I had started to create a relationship with Michael that included some strong bonds. I had learned that I could share anything with him without fear of reprisal or negative judgments. We were open with one another and his thoughts helped mine to grow and expand. His mind was amazing to me. It was so attractive! I just loved the way he thought and loved how I felt when he'd share his thoughts with me.

My classes turned out to be about as I expected they would. I could do most of the work, but some of it was hard and I took full advantage of Michael's offer of assistance. I would ask him to help edit my papers when I wrote them. We shared ideas about theses and outlines of the papers prior to my writing them and that helped me succeed. I looked forward to doing my work because it meant I'd get to spend more time with Michael. My math classes made much more sense to me than I feared they would because Michael took time to explain how things worked. I knew he knew math. You can't be an engineer without knowing how to do math. But I hadn't realized quite how good he was at teaching it until we started to talk about my homework. He was able to explain everything in such a way that it was really easy to understand. I just loved how things were coming together for me.

During that first semester, we did all of our work together online or on the phone. We sent e-mails back and forth. We chatted live through Skype and we talked on the phone a few times. Michael was always there to help me when I needed him and that really made that first semester feel wonderful. I easily passed all of my classes and felt very good about it.

I also felt very good about the fun that Michael and I had beyond the school work. Our flirting had expanded to the point that we would occasionally indulge our desires to share intense fantasies. We explored the ideas of cyber sex, explaining in great detail what we wanted to do to one another. We tried phone sex a couple of times and found it very exciting to hear each other panting with desire as we explained our fantasies. We shared some intimate images with each other, though I was nervous about that at first. However, after seeing photos of him, I felt like I just needed to share some of myself with him. It was incredibly exciting to be naughty like that. It also eased my internal sexual tension so I wasn't so bothered when my husband stuck to himself and wasn't intimate with me. I was getting an emotional release with Michael that went above and beyond what I'd had with my husband for the last, few years.

To my surprise, one day, Michael said he was coming to town for a visit. He was going to stay with another friend of ours, but I was excited about the prospect of being able to see him in person. The thought of him being in town and knowing that we were going to actually touch again got me excited. We hadn't seen each other in person since he left town and the only touching we had then was a hug.

When the time came for him to arrive, I could hardly contain myself. I still went to work, but my thoughts were far from the tasks at hand. I just couldn't concentrate on anything but my thoughts about Michael's stories and my fantasies that had grown from our chats.

When the phone rang, I answered it without much thought. After saying the company name and my name, I heard his chuckle and his voice as he said hello. My heart skipped a beat and my breath caught in my chest. I could feel my whole body cheer up at the sound of his voice.

"Hey," he said, "are you free for lunch?"

"Of course," I said with a huge smile. "Where do you want to meet?"

We agreed to meet at a restaurant that we enjoyed near where I worked. I was so excited that I couldn't think of anything at all for the rest of the morning, which seemed to drag along as slowly as possible.

Finally, it was time to head over to the restaurant. I gathered my stuff together and went out to my car, got inside and started it up. I looked in the mirror and saw a bigger smile on my face than I'd seen in some time. I drove over to the restaurant, a local hawaiian food place. As I walked in, I looked around and saw Michael sitting in a booth near the back. Normally, we sat up front and the idea that he wanted to be in the back cheered me up even more. I walked back to the booth and saw him stand to welcome me. I just melted into his arms as he wrapped them around me. I could feel myself starting to get a little wet at how close we were. Because of his height, my head was pressed against his chest and I could feel his heart start to beat hard within his chest. I felt so good with his arms around me that the rest of the world seemed to disappear.

After hugging for a while, he kissed my head and pulled back.

"We'd best get some food," he said with a smile. "You're going to need your nourishment."

We chuckled at that and walked over to order our lunches, which would be brought to our table. The woman taking our orders gave us our drink cups and pointed to the soda fountain. Once we filled our cups, we went back to the booth and sat down to talk. As soon as we sat down, I could feel his foot reach over and start to caress my leg and it made my heart beat faster. We enjoyed a good chat for a while, talking about how things were going in town and with our friends. We talked a bit about school and how that was going. It was fun to be able to see him and hear his voice inflections and watch his body language while we chatted. It made the jokes we shared even better than they had been over the past few months.

By the time our lunch arrived, he had his knee pressed against mine and it felt incredible to be touching him that much. I slid my hands down under the table and reached forward to caress his knee. I could see him react to it and was pleased to see that my touch affected him in that way. It looked like he got distracted and that his breath caught in his throat. It thrilled me to see that in him.

Then his hand was in mine, holding me tightly. His finger started to caress my wrist and it sent excited shivers up and down my arm. I couldn't stop the soft moan from escaping my lips.

"We should probably eat, since we're here," he said with a chuckle.

We let go of each other's hands and started to eat. It was really tasty food and we had a good time. We continued chatting, our legs touching throughout the meal. It just felt so good to be close.

Before long, though, my lunch hour was over and it was time to head back to work.

"I'll set aside some time after work so we can study," I said. "It will be fun to work together in person on some of this."

"Sounds great," he said with his charming smile. "I look forward to it. Where shall we meet?"

"I'll just come over to John's, since you're staying there," I answered.

"That'll work out great! He's got to work late and has a dinner appointment, so it'll just be the two of us," he said.

The idea of being alone with Michael was exciting. I just knew we'd have a good time.

To my surprise, I was able to concentrate on work for the rest of the afternoon and time seemed to fly. Once we had the appointment made to get together after work, my mind had relaxed and I was able to distract myself with work to pass time. Before I knew it, there was only half an hour left to finish my day and then I'd be good to go.

Finally, it was time to shut down for the day. I turned off my computer and grabbed my coat and purse. I fairly sailed out of the building, hardly saying farewell to my coworkers. I had better things to do with my time!

The drive over to John's was an easy one. I seemed to catch all of the green lights, which always makes me happy. When I parked in front of John's, I got a little boost in my adrenaline and knew that things were about to get exciting. My heart started to beat a little faster. I grabbed my school books and headed towards his door, where I rang the doorbell.

Michael answered with a grin, then stepped back to let me into the house. I'd been in here once before for one of the few get-togethers I could attend without my husband getting too jealous. I went in to the living room and sat down on the couch and watched as Michael came in and sat next to me.

"What would you like to work on first?" he asked. "Math or... ?"

I looked into his deep, blue eyes and managed to say, "whatever you'd like."

"I know what we can do," he said, leaning forward to grab my math book.

I could smell his manly scent and it teased my senses. I breathed in deeply, enjoying how close he was and how good he smelled. I closed my eyes and just found myself caught up in his proximity. To my surprise, though, I felt him really close and opened my eyes just as his lips touched mine.

My heart stopped!

I got completely lost in his kiss and then melted against him as his arms reached around me to hold me close. Our lips melded together as if they belonged there. All thought of anything or anyone else disappeared from my mind, which became centered on him and his lips, which were opening and teasing mine. Then I felt his tongue tip reach out and flick along my lips and it was incredibly erotic.

Pressing myself closer against him, I felt my desires increase until I just couldn't stand it. I reached out and grabbed him, pulling him against me, trying to push our bodies even closer together. I wanted to feel everything about him and wanted to give myself to him completely.

I lost track of time, but felt that our kiss lasted a blissful eternity. When he pulled back, I slowly opened my eyes and found his beautiful, blue eyes piercing deep into my soul. I had dreamt about him and being close to him like this, but the reality of the situation was much better than I had imagined. It felt like I was finally where I belonged.

"Are you thirsty?" he asked, surprising me with the non sequitur.

"Ummm ... yeah," I said with a laugh. "That surprised me."

"Yeah, I know," he answered. "I just need a drink and wanted to share."

Then he got up and went into the kitchen to get some sodas for us. I walked in there behind him, not really wanting to be too far away from him since we were finally able to be alone together. He came out of the fridge with a couple of cans of soda and opened mine then handed it to me. That little act of opening my drink for me seemed so gentlemanly that my feelings for him increased even more than I had thought they ever would. We drank from our cans, our eyes glued together. When he finished drinking, he set his can down on the counter next to him without even looking at it, his eyes boring into mine.

He then stepped forward, closing the gap between us, and brought his hands up to caress my face, his fingers massaging the back of my head. It felt so very good that I couldn't resist my eyes closing. Then his lips were on mine again. I felt caressed and cherished by him and it made my heart melt again. However, his lips on mine kept me from collapsing, kept me centered. His hands started to move down my body, caressing my sides and down to my hips. It felt so sexy to have his hands on my hips and even better when he slid them around behind my back. I leaned forward into him, pressing my body against his, hoping to feel him even closer.

When his hand slid around between us and up to caress my breast, it sent a jolt of electricity through me. My feelings quickly centered on the feeling of my nipple under his ministrations. I could feel every tiny move that his hand made on my breast and each movement caused my body to tingle further. I could feel my pussy getting wetter with each tiny touch and each time his tongue flicked along my lips. I was so incredibly turned on by this sexy man that I couldn't imagine anything but being with him. When his lips left mine, I was saddened by the loss of their touch, but then he moved his mouth along my jaw and back towards my ear, then down my neck. My eyes closed and my head fell back, my lips parted and a soft moan escaped from my mouth. His mouth on my neck felt simply incredible. It was so exciting that my whole body started to quiver with excitement. My hands couldn't seem to touch him enough; they wandered up and down his body, trying to touch every inch of him. I continued to softly cry out at his touches. Then his hands slid behind me and down to my waist, then up underneath my sweater. I loved the feeling of his hands on my skin. It felt so intimate.

To my surprise, he reached up and opened my bra in one, quick movement. I had never seen a guy do that and was greatly impressed. His hands then slid around in front of me and up under my bra. I felt his hands for the first time upon my breasts and it made my breath catch in my throat. He moved his mouth back to mine to kiss me. My kisses turned powerful and I wanted him to know that I loved everything he was doing. He kneaded my breasts, hefting their weight, then concentrated on my hardened nipples. They were so tight that they ached and I wanted him to pinch them. He did just that and it sent jolts of feeling straight down to my clit. I couldn't believe how good it felt to have him teasing my nipples like that. Then he moved one hand behind me to hold me tight, leaving the other to tease my breast. I got lost in the feelings, enjoying each and every little thing he did to me. I was so caught up in my sensations that I hardly noticed that his hand had left my breast.

There was no doubt that it wasn't on my breast, however, when it slid down my stomach and between my legs, which parted involuntarily to allow him access. His touch as he slid his hand between my legs sent my mind into overdrive. I could feel his fingers tracing along my lips and up toward my tingling clit. My heart was beating faster and faster and my breathing came so fast that I feared I would pass out. His arms held me tightly and kept me from falling. He pressed me against the counter while his hands wandered over my body and I felt perfect.

Suddenly, his hands were sliding into my slacks and down inside my panties. I couldn't believe that someone other than my husband was doing this ... and I was more than okay with it. I wanted it. I needed it.

When his fingers slid between my wet lips, I couldn't believe how good it felt. It had been far too long since I'd felt that kind of excitement and it thrilled me to the core. His fingers put just the right amount of pressure, one part of his finger pressing against my clit and the tip of his finger sliding perfectly into my pussy. It was the most incredible feeling. He then started to move his finger around, teasing me, not quite pushing inside like I wanted him, but exploring my lips and enjoying the moisture I'd created just for him.

His mouth came back to mine, pressing against me. My tongue dove into his mouth, wanting to be buried deep inside of him just like I wanted his finger inside of me. Better yet, I yearned to have his cock buried inside of me. I wanted to feel him thrust into me, driving deeply inside and filling me.

Trying to bring that to pass, my hands slid down to grab his ass and pull him towards me. Then one hand slid in front of him, to feel his cock. It was hard ... very hard. The feeling of his stiff cock made me want him even more. I couldn't wait to have him inside of me. I quickly undid his pants hoping to get to his cock, to feel his hot flesh, and to make him mine. I wanted him here and now.

He pulled his hand out of my panties and undid my pants. When they were opened, he slid my pants down over my hips and down my legs. I quickly slid my shoes off so my pants could get clear of my legs. When they were clear, I pulled one leg up and wrapped it around Michael's leg, urging him to further explore my body. I tried to slide his pants down and couldn't quite do it, but he was quick to help. He slid his pants and shorts down, his cock sticking straight out at me.

His cock was beautiful! I'd seen photos before, but to really see it in front of me was like icing on the cake. I reached down and felt his skin, his throbbing member, and the heat that it generated. I was so ready to feel it slide inside of me. I stroked him a few times and slid my leg up around him, opening my legs to him.

To my surprise, he lifted me up onto the counter. It put my pussy at the perfect height and he slid inside of me. I wasn't quite ready for it and my breath exploded from my lungs as he bottomed out inside of me.

"Oh my god," I said. "This feels SO good!"

He then proceeded to thrust into me and I was even more complete than I thought I could be. My arms and legs wrapped around his body and my hips started to thrust back against him. My arms reached around him, my hands clawing at his back, trying to get him closer.

"Wait a minute," he said.

I did NOT want to wait a minute, but then he did something that completely surprised me. He grabbed my ass and pulled me off the counter. My arms and legs instinctively grabbed his body. As that happened, his cock slid even deeper inside of me. I had no idea that amount of penetration was available this way. He then proceeded to walk down the hallway with me impaled upon his hot cock.

It felt amazing!

I just cried out with pleasure then enjoyed the ride down the hall. When we got to the bedroom, we fell onto the bed and the feeling of his body slamming against mine was like pure ambrosia for my soul. He then started to really pound into me. It was an incredible feeling!

But then he stopped. I whimpered my displeasure ... especially when he pulled out of me! I looked up at him and saw animal lust in his eyes. He grabbed my hips and turned me around. I helped him turn me over and then grinned when he pulled my hips up so I was on my knees. I just love this position and had shared that with him. He then reached back between my legs and held my pussy lips open. He pressed his cock against me and slid home again. I called out in ecstasy and pressed my ass back against him. He grabbed my hips and started to really fuck me then. Our bodies slapped together again and again and the sound and the feeling of his cock driving deeply into me started me spiraling upward towards an incredible orgasm. I could feel it building inside, and it was building fast!

I could hear his moans and how he called out with each thrust and knew that he was getting closer, too. Suddenly, he slammed into me hard a few times then held himself buried inside of me. I felt his cock swell and knew that he was there. When the first spurt of his seed shot forth and bathed my womb, it was more than I could handle and my own orgasm blossomed within me. Well, it was more than that; it exploded. My body suddenly belonged to something else, completely overwhelming my senses. I felt my pussy convulse around his throbbing cock and my nipples tingled as they rubbed against the bedspread. My arms and legs became rubbery and I had a tough time holding myself up. My body convulsed and bursts of pure energy shot throughout my body, time and again, carrying the pleasure of my orgasm to every square inch of my flesh. It was simply incredible.

I felt him fall on top of me, pressing me down to the bed. My orgasm was starting to dwindle and I gladly fell forward. His weight on top of me was more than welcome. It was comforting and soothing as my body slowly recovered. I could feel his breath on my neck and hear his labored breathing behind me. I felt like I'd died and gone to heaven.

His cock softened within me then pulled free of my wet pussy. I slowly rolled over, my arms seeking his body, hoping to hold him close. I felt his soft breathing and then slipped into sleep.

I woke up to soft kisses on my throat and felt his hands caressing my body. It was the best way I could imagine waking up. We kissed softly, chuckling at the intensity of our afternoon fuck. After some more cuddling, we got cleaned up a little bit then got dressed.

"Would you like to do some studying?" he asked. "We can make this a legitimate study session."

I laughed at that.

"Oh, I'm just happy to have my own, personal professor here to help me. I don't care what we do! As a matter of fact," I added, "my husband went out of town and my kids are with my mom. We don't have to make anything legitimate right now."

Michael gave me the sexiest grin I could imagine upon hearing those words.

"We're going to have some fun!" he said. "There are so many fantasies I want to make come true tonight!"

Then he walked towards the kitchen, beckoning me to follow him.

"What would you like for dinner?" he asked. "We should eat something and get our energy up. We have lots of studying to do."

I couldn't help but chuckle at that and my body shivered a bit at the thought of the 'studying' we had done thus far. I was really looking forward to more studying like that.

After some discussion, we decided to order pizza. It would be easy and we both really enjoyed it. He found the phone number for the local Pizza Hut and we ordered our favorite, then we went back into the living room.

Before long, we were absorbed in math. I wasn't sure how we were able to concentrate, considering how we had spent the afternoon, but the way he seemed to really enjoy the topic caught me up in the fun. He had a way of expressing the ideas of math in such a way that it made it interesting. I had never imagined that math could be interesting, but there was something about the way he presented it that was perfect. I just knew that his students were the luckiest and was so grateful that he was willing to share his love for the subject with me.

Throughout our studying, we found ways to share a little touch or tease from time to time. When I solved a problem correctly, he would reach forward and kiss me softly, his mouth melting against mine as if we were one. It felt incredible and made me want to get every problem right that I could. I just loved studying that way!

After about half an hour, the doorbell rang and brought us out of our math absorption. He paid for the pizza and then took it over to the kitchen counter. We found some plates and dished up a couple of slices for each of us. We then went back to the living room to eat. It was fun to just sit on the couch and joke and laugh with each other while we ate. Often, I have felt self-conscious while eating around guys, but he had a way of setting me completely at ease. That sense of belonging and togetherness spread throughout everything we did.

When he finished his pizza, he set his plate down on the floor and then looked over at me. He seemed to be studying me and I thought about being nervous again, but then he smiled and my fears dissolved into nothingness. I looked up into his eyes and felt my heart swell.

Then he leaned forward and very slowly moved his face closer to mine. I realized that I was holding my breath as I saw his eyes, his deep, blue eyes, getting closer and closer to mine. Then, before I could quite put together a cogent thought, his lips brushed very lightly against mine. It was such a soft, tender touch that I wasn't even sure it was really there. Then my eyes closed of their own accord and I felt his lips touch mine again ... again so soft. My lips parted and I ignored the world and just felt. I concentrated on each and every minor touch on my tender lips and it was incredibly erotic. It made my heart race and my breathing come in short gasps.

Then I felt his fingers softly caress down my cheek to my neck. His hand caressed along my skin, drawing my attention to the new sensations. His hand slid along my neck, pressing against my skin, his fingers reaching back to touch and caress the back of my neck. Meanwhile, his lips continued to softly kiss mine. Then he moved a little and started to kiss away from my mouth, placing soft, butterfly kisses around my face, lightly touching my eyes, my cheeks, my nose, my mouth, everywhere.

I felt so very precious, like he was honoring me. I felt like a woman of great worth, just due to his tender touches and kisses. It was an incredible feeling, the kind that little girls dream about.

Then he moved back to my mouth and kissed me deeply. His hands reached around me and pulled me close and I went to him willingly.

I was his.

He kissed me like he needed me, like he wanted to combine our souls into one, beautiful being of extreme pleasure. That was exactly what I wanted and I tried to put everything I had into my return kisses. I wanted him to know that I wanted him as much as he the desire he shared with me. I hoped that he knew just how much I wanted and needed him.

After kissing for a while longer, he broke off the kiss and stood. I glanced down at his pants and saw the bulge growing there and it made me blush. Then I saw him reach forward, offering his hand to me.

"Come with me?" he asked softly.

I put my hand in his and looked up into his eyes, then smiled.

"Of course," I whispered.

He helped pull me up from the couch and led me down the hallway. When we got to the bedroom, he closed the door and then came over to me. He softly kissed me again and slowly started to undo my blouse. As my skin became exposed, he started to kiss the newly exposed skin, covering every bare inch he could find. It felt amazing. Before long, I was nude and standing in front of him. I could feel his hands caressing me, moving over every bit of me like he wanted to memorize me. I hadn't noticed, but he had also removed his clothing and was soon pressing other parts of his body against me. It felt like I was on sensory overload and I loved every minute of it.

Soon, I could feel him lowering me to the bed. I lay back and wrapped my arms around him as I felt him lowering his body atop mine. My legs opened wide, welcoming him to me. His mouth met mine and his soft kisses continued to thrill my soul. With ease, he slid inside of me, his cock sliding between my wet lips and filling my pussy. My legs bent around behind him, holding him against me. I let him set the pace and he seemed perfectly content to ease in and out of me ... and that was exactly what I wanted. With the senses that had been awakened within me, every minor movement of his body on mine was sending my mind into the skies. I was so high that I was looking down on Cloud 9. His kisses were passionate and easy and his thrusting pelvis kept a steady pace, driving his cock into me slowly, but forcefully.

He was actually making love to me!

... and it was the most perfect thing I had ever experienced.

My hips started to gyrate against him, pushing against him every time he slid deep, then pulling back as we separated. It was so erotic to press together and pull apart with that strong, careful pace. I could feel my body responding by tingling and convulsing, reveling in each and every touch of our bodies. His cock seemed to make every nerve along my pussy lips sing with fervor. I lost myself in his body, in his mind, in his soul as it played me like a concert pianist plays his piano.

Suddenly, an orgasm welled up within me. I hadn't felt it growing, but the loss of my conscious control let my body do its own thing and the thing it wanted to do very badly right then was to cum! The orgasm crashed over my mind like a tidal wave, burying my thoughts in utter and complete ecstasy. I cried out, my pleasure flying out to fill the room with my call. My body pushed hard against his, my arms and legs wrapped around him, grabbing at him, pulling him against me, wanting to be absolutely one with him. I saw stars dancing before my eyes.

After an eternity of bliss, I began to regain my senses. I could feel my breath again, my heart pounding in my chest. I was gasping and trying to keep my awareness. I realized I had been grasping his skin and released him, hoping I hadn't hurt him too much. I fell back, exhausted by the power of my orgasm.

I felt him lay there on top of me and completely enjoyed the sensation of his body.

Then he pulled out of me and started to stand. He pulled me up with him and wrapped his arms around me. He held me tightly and kissed the top of my head.

"Let's go take a shower," he said.

I giggled and grabbed his hand, following him out into the hallway and over to the bathroom. I was still breathing heavily and leaned against the sink while he turned on the water and tested it for temperature. He then led me to the shower and helped me stand under the water. As it cascaded down over my body, I could feel myself rejuvenating. It felt so good to have the hot water passing over my skin. I just stood there with my eyes closed, letting the water wash over me.

Then I realized he was in the shower with me, standing behind me, and then wrapping his arms around me from behind. I felt so warm and safe in his arms with the hot water washing over us.

After standing there for a while, he turned me around and held me tightly again. I could feel his hard cock between us, pressing into my stomach and it made me giggle. I loved the feeling of his body in my arms.

To my surprise, he began to massage my scalp. He gathered the shampoo and put some in my hair then started to wash my hair. He was tender, yet strong and it felt wonderful to be treated with such honor and respect. I love the feeling of someone pampering me, but almost never had it happen. Here was this amazing guy who was doing it without my asking him! I couldn't believe that he wanted to treat me that way and I relished each and every second of it.

After washing my hair, he carefully rinsed it, ensuring that the soap didn't get in my eyes.

Then he began to wash my body. It was one of the most erotic things I'd ever experienced. The feeling of the soap moving over my body, smooth and sensual, made me even more excited. He washed every bit of me, paying extra attention to the parts of my body that elicited a soft moan, teasing me and increasing my desire with each touch. Before long, I was about ready to melt with desire.

When he turned me around and was washing my back, I leaned forward against the side of the shower, letting myself get caught up in his touch, but enjoying the cool feeling of the tile on my hands and face.

Before I quite knew what was happening, I felt his hands slide down my side to grasp my hips. Then his cock slid into my melting pussy from behind. I gasped out in pleasure when his cock nestled itself within my hot folds. I started to breathe very heavily and pressed my ass back against him. I loved the feeling of him taking me this way, making me his. I wanted him to take me. I loved the feeling of his cock sliding into me and wanted that feeling forevermore.

He started to really fuck me then. His hips slammed against mine, his cock pounding against my cervix, and it felt amazing. I shoved my ass back at him in time with his thrusts.

"Oh yes," I cried out. "Fuck me hard! Make me yours!"

I tried to grab hold of anything and only felt the smooth tile under my hands. I finally found the handles and held on tightly, caught up in being thoroughly fucked in the shower. I yearned for this.

Then, he changed his angle a bit and his cock slid along my g-spot.

I lost it!

My orgasm hit me so hard that I started to lose my vision. I screamed out my pleasure and lifted my head to gasp. He held me up and kept fucking me, slamming his cock into me driving it deep. I just rolled along the waves of intensity that coursed through me.

Then I felt his cock swell and heard him call out behind me. I felt his seed shoot against my womb and absolutely loved how it felt.

"Yes!" I cried. "Fill me! Take me! Cum for me!"

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