The Week That Was

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2012 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: The week that changed Janie's life forever: a strange mixture of getting rid of old trash, getting rich and falling in love.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   .

It all began, that week, with Ralph. He was the first major incident in a week of startling incidents, mostly new but some of them frankly a matter of shrugging off the old.

Janie Waddell was still huffing and puffing about Ralph, when she got to work at the ER. She was an ER nurse, and loved that kind of life for herself. It was, at this point in her life, her balance, her anchor.

Kandi Wiggins, one of the other ER nurses that usually worked with Janie on the same shift, was already there and immediately sense Janie's bad mood.

"What did Mr Shitheel do this time?" she asked.

"Oh, Kandi," Janie responded, "Is it that obvious?"

"Yes, to me it is; what has Ralph been up to and when are you going to be rid of that loser?" was Kandi's next question.

"Gone! Just gone; over! Finished! All done! Totally gone!" Janie said in disgust and with a certain amount of determination in her voice.

"What, tell me?" Kandi asked, "The place is quiet now."

"He stood me up again," Janie said, her anger fading a little bit just in the fact of getting it out, telling Kandi.

"Shithead!" Kandi said.

"So, I finally told him, and he's now history; he didn't take it well but said in the end that it was all the same to him; lots of women around!" Janie said.

"No," Kandi exclaimed, "Maybe lots of women but not lots of women who are as lovely as you, with your strawberry blond hair, pretty face, gorgeous rack and almost impossibly lovely ass!"

Janie blushed and said: "Stop it, Kandi!"

"No!" Kandi giggled, leading both of them into a giggle. "Come on back with me to the shower room and I'll take care of whatever needs you have!"

(This was a kind of taunt that was bantered back and forth between Janie and Kandi for a long time; it was a standard ploy in their girlfriend like exchanges.)

"Hell, I don't know, Kandi," Janie said wistfully, "I liked the sex with Ralph; it was what he was good for. If I go on one of my long celibate binges, I might need to snuggle in the shower room with you!" she ended the statement laughing.

Kandi joined the laugh but said:

"You tell me angel face, whenever you want that pretty ass kissed! I'm your man!"

Janie laughed and said: "Kandi, Kandi, you've been the one true and constant thing in my life, beside my Stewart."

"The legal eagle!" Kandi said.

"Yes," Janie went on, changing the subject now, "He's getting close to finishing law school and I can begin to live in just a little bit. It'll be nice when that financial pressure is off. Then it's new car for me, bigger apartment or may be a house and watch out world for Janie!"

They both shared a laugh about that.

Janie Waddell, newly free of that 'shitheel' Ralph, was 38 and restless. She was beginning to see the possibility. She loved her nursing, she loved, in her own way Kandi Wiggins, though not the physical way that Kandi pretty constantly wanted to demonstrate with Janie, and she loved her Stewart.

She'd gotten pregnant as a teen ager and showed courage and wisdom way beyond her years in being determined to raise the child. Stewart was one of her joys. She'd finished her high school degree after that and then worked her way through nursing school.

In those days, she lived with her Grandmother, gone now, and the only other family was her Uncle Clark, who lived up in New England.

She had had an off and on again relationship with Ralph, a younger man, for a while, and only put up with his periodically bad attitude because she liked the constant availability of sex with him. It all, with Ralph, boiled down to that with Janie. She never, at least, kidded herself about any romantic passion for the 'Shitheel', as Kandi called him.

Ralph had been for Janie like an explosion of erotic senses. It was as if she reached the age of 34 and someone turned on the heat for her. She had been, previously, mildly sexually active but since the middle 30'as, Janie was a woman in heat. She never wanted to tell Kandi how many times she almost took her up on her constant offer of 'services'.

She didn't look forward to the days coming back, when she'd have to do the bar scene or dating on line thing or any of those horrible ways to just get herself laid. It made her giggle to herself just to think about it.

"You're having dirty thoughts!" Kandi's voice interrupted her reverie and she just giggled.

"Caught you!" Kandi said cheerfully, "Want to talk about it?"

"No, missy," Janie said with a grin, "You'll just make another pass at me."

"At least I'm consistent!" Kandi said.

"You are that!" Janie answered, and kissed Kandi on the cheek.

They were having a quiet shift and sitting with cups of coffee, when Janie's phone rang. She answered and it was the voice of a woman that was unfamiliar. The woman introduced her and said that she was a legal assistant with a law firm in Bangor, Maine.

The woman then went on to say, with appropriate sympathy, that Janie's Uncle Clark had died suddenly and they would need for her, as the only relative, to come to Bangor to see to arrangements etc.

Janie had to sit down. Kandi was there with her immediately.

The woman went on, in the discussion, to suggest that they, the law firm, begin the arrangements. Janie agreed and promised to leave the next day for the trip to Bangor.

Janie clung to Kandi, as she cried.

"I loved him so; he was the family. I mean, once Grandma was gone. We e-mailed all the time, and it was always such a treat for me. I've visited him a few times; he was a wonderful man."

"Come on," Kandi said, "We have a shift change coming; you and I are going home."

"Yes, thank you," Janie said, giving herself over to Kandi's care.

Kandi followed Janie home, and went with her to her apartment.

"Shower first!" Kandi said.

Janie tried a small smile; she was really and truly in shock. "Finally, getting me with my clothes off?" she said, the smile back on her face.

"At last!" Kandi sang out, launching into the old tune.

Janie began to cry again then, and Kandi put her arms around her.

"Nothing erotic here, angel," Kandi said, "Just us girlfriends taking care of one another."

"Yes, just us girlfriends!" Janie said, leading Kandi into the bedroom.

"Shower first?" Kandi said.

"Shower first," Janie replied, willing to be led, directed by Kandi.

Janie responded to the direction by simply taking off her clothes, as though she were obeying orders. Her mind was in a deep funk, trying to cope with the news about the death of Uncle Clark. She only got half way done, her white nurse's smock was off and she stopped dead.

"Here, honey," Kandi said, "Let Kandi help."

Janie smiled at her and said: "Thank you for taking care of me, Kandi; I just can't believe this. He was such a healthy man. It was a heart attack."

"Yes, sweets," Kandi said, having removed Janie's bra and now her white work pants.

"Sit on the bed, Janie," Kandi said then, so that she could tug Janie's panties down and off.

"There she is, folks," Kandi said at last, "Janie the Body Waddell!"

This made Janie giggle and said: "Thank you, Kandi, for helping me. I'll try to stop being such a basket case here."

"Nonsense," Kandi answered, "You just deal with it as it feels, and I'll be here to help."

"Just wanna get your hands on my ass!" Janie said in a quiet voice.

"Well, that too!" Kandi said with a laugh and then began to take her own clothes off.

When she was naked, Kandi said: "Okay, kid, shower now!" And led Janie off for the shower.

Janie woke in the morning with Kandi smiling at her.

"Oh," Janie said, planting a kiss on Kandi's lips, "Weren't you the nice one last night! You took such good care of me!"

"Next time, sweet angel," Kandi said, "You'll pay the price!" She snuggled up to Janie, as she said that.

"Next time," Janie responded, "I promise to do that."

"But we'd better get you up and out," Kandi went on. "Trip today to Bangor."

"Oh, yes, Bangor," Janie said, as though it might have slipped her mind.

"I have a meeting with them this afternoon, and then the funeral and all," Janie admitted, getting up and heading for the kitchen and coffee.

Shortly after that, Janie had a long talk on the phone with Stewart. They both agreed that Stewart, who was getting ready for finals at school, didn't need to go to Bangor. Janie was hoping that the whole funeral would be a quiet kind of affair. She told Stewart that she'd get back to him, once she were back.

She finally made a stop, on the return trip, if only for coffee. She had to take a break from the driving and hopefully give her reeling mind a chance to digest, calm down and reach for normal, if that was going to be possible at all.

She spoke to herself very quietly, as she sat and had the coffee. First of all, she had no idea, none whatsoever that Uncle Clark was as rich as he turned out to be. Next, and the most difficult thing to fathom was the fact that she was his heir, his only heir.

She'd had the meeting with the lawyers, very nice people and they were accommodating and very helpful to her. The will, they indicated, had a few bequests but for the most part she was the heir.

This part of it was pleasant but didn't phase her so much, until they went on with the narration. They told her next that she was going to inherit from her Uncle Clark better than 7 million dollars.

It was then that she was stunned, dumbfounded, and weepy. They gave her time to get herself back in hand and then they went on with details.

They were willing, they'd told her, to see to the selling of all of Clark's other physical assets, and that wouldn't take a huge amount of time. They'd give her an inventory and then proceed with the selling of those items.

Rather than invest any of her time in sorting etc, and in light of all the money assets, Janie just decided, with their concurrence, to have the liquidation done. She simply thought that she'd deal with other details, car, housing etc, later on, when the money issues had all been taken care of.

In the end, they were very nice about it, and it was all decided.

The funeral had been, according to Uncle Clark's wishes, private and very few people were there. After one last meeting with the lawyers, Janie had gotten back on the road to home but now dazed, and certainly light headed.

"I need a distraction," she thought to herself.

She had not yet even spoken to Stewart or Kandi about all of this; she wanted to 'get her head around it' first and then talk to them.

She finished her coffee and went to the register to pay. While there she heard a voice asking various people for a ride. She glanced and saw a young man, who was doing the asking, obviously he'd had a ride to this stopping point and was trying to, as he said, 'get home'.

With little extra thought, Janie went over to him and offered him a ride. He smiled broadly. This was the kind of personality that she had at work in the ER. With this kind of 'distraction', she thought that she'd be able to get it all into better perspective.

They went outside and climbed into her Toyota.

"Sorry," she said, "She's seen better days!"

"Gee I don't know!" he said smiling.

"I meant the car!" Janie said with a laugh.

"I meant the car too," he said, joining her in the laugh.

They introduced themselves then and she was swept away by the fact that his name was Stewart. She mentioned to him that she had a son, his age with the same name. Then they were off.

They spoke generally about themselves and she told him that she'd just been to the funeral of her Uncle and was going home.

They talked about this for a bit, and it did give Janie the opportunity to get some perspective on the whole issue.

"Thought that I might have to spend the night at the truck stop!" he said. "I really appreciate this."

"Well," she answered, "I do intend to spent the night along the road in a bit. With the funeral and all, I'm tired. Then I can make the rest of the way tomorrow with ease."

"Fine," he said, "Just drop me anywhere, and I'll hitch from there."

It was then that her instincts kind of stepped in and said: "Why don't you plan to spend the night in the same place?"

He blushed a bit and said: "I'm on such a tight budget!"

"Tell you what, Stewart," she said, "I have a son your age, and we travel together at times; this will be no different. We'll get a place; I'll pay and we'll get two queen sized beds and just be roommates."

"Roommates," he said, "Great idea and thank you!"

They stopped at a Hampton Inn, Janie's favorite, and got a room for the night.

They settled in a bit and then went out for some dinner. In this case, Janie insisted on paying for dinner. Their conversation as pleasant during dinner.

Back in the room, Janie said:

"Stewart, I'm tired. I think that I'll turn in early."

"Yes, it's been a long day for me," he answered, "I've been on the road for two days with hardly any sleep."

"Well, we both need it then," she said.

"If you don't mind," she went on, "I'll shower first. Then I'll be ready for bed."

"Fine," he said.

Janie went into the shower. She took her nightgown with her, and got into the shower, under the hot water. It was wonderful. It made her feel languorous and relaxed her.

The longer she stayed under the hot water, the more she thought, until she finally made a decision.

(All the rest can wait until tomorrow at home, was what she thought. But she also decided that she knew what she wanted now.)

"Stewart!" she called, and he answered, apparently standing outside of the bathroom door.

"I need help in here," she said.

When he went into the bathroom, he found Janie in the shower and naked.

"Shower with me, Stewart!" she said, holding her hands out and wiggling her fingers.

He gave her a kind of shy grin and began to take his clothes off, never taking his eyes off of her for a minute. When he was finished undressing, and still smiling, he walked to the shower with his long, thin erection bobbing up and down.

"Looks happy to see me!" Janie said, holding open the shower door for him.

He went inside and was blushing.

"Have you done this before, Stewart?" Janie asked.

"Not very much!" he said.

"Well, your friend here looks eager," she said then, and then leaned in an kissed him.

He met her lips eagerly; indeed, he was eager for all of this, terribly eager. He had not even allowed himself the freedom of wishing for this, let alone outright thinking about it. She was gorgeous! Gorgeous with her clothes on, and paradise without them.

Then he told her so, when the kiss was over.

"First thing, I think we'll do, before we even ask Stewart what he wants most, is some cock sucking! How about it, Stewart? Shall we start that way?" she asked, licking his lips with hers.

(The thought flashed through her mind just then that Kandi would be proud of her just then! She was sure of it!)

"Oh, yes, Ma'am," he said.

"I love your blushing and your politeness," Janie said, as she went to her knees.

She grabbed hold of his long cock then and put the head of it in her mouth.

Stewart groaned, a loud, loud groan, his cock bobbed, came out of her mouth and began to spray cum everywhere, especially in Janie's face and hair.

"Oh, ohhhhh," he wailed, "I'm so sorry!"

"Sorry, no!" Janie said, "Don't you say that you're sorry for decorating me! Don't you dare!"

She gave him a huge grin and got one in return.

"You're wonderful!" Stewart said.

"Well, now that we've had such a lovely beginning," she went on, "Maybe we can clean a little and then see what it is that Stewart wants."

"Oh, yes," he said softly, "What I want."

He just watched as Janie raked the cum from her face, all the while smiling at him, and spooned it, with her finger, into her mouth.

"Mmmmmmmm!" she said, "Stewart tastes good."

"Shower now, and then I want to hear from you, Stewart!" she said.

"Yes, Ma'am," he agreed, "I know, what I want!"

They showered and soaped, and washed each other then. She stepped out first and dried off and then helped him to dry off too.

The towel was extra big and she got a clean one and wrapped it around both of them, leaving them face to face. She kissed him.

"Tell me now, Stewart!" she said.

"I think that I'd like to know what you want!" he said.

"Well aren't you a saint!" she said, kissing him again, and pressing her nakedness against him, trapping his renewed erection against them.

"Feels like he's ready again, Stewart!" she said.

"Oh, yes, Ma'am," Stewart replied.

"I want to get fucked!" she said to him. "Can you help me with that, Stewart?"

"Oh, I think that I can; yes, Ma'am," he said, grinning back at her.

"Then what else, Stewart?" she asked.

"I'd like to learn..." he hesitated then, blushing.

"Speak to me, Stewart!" she said, "Anything you say is going to be alright."

"Thank you, Ma'am," he said, "I think that I'd like to learn to eat a woman!"

"My prize!" she said, licking his ears, "Stewart is my prize and we're gonna party!"

She got a serious look on her face then and said to him softly:

"Stewart, you're helping me out here a great deal, and I appreciate it."

They went into the bedroom then and he said: "My turn? Is it? You had first turn."

"Yes, honey," she said, "Your turn. Teaching time for Stewart!"

Just then Janie's phone rang. She saw that it was Kandi and she answered.

"Hi, girlfriend," Janie said.

"Where are you, hon, and what are you doing?" Kandi wanted to know.

"This is my friend, Stewart," Janie said, "We work together and she wants to know where I am and what I'm doing."

She put Kandi on the speaker at that point.

"Kandi," Janie said, telling her friend where she was. Then she went on: "And, Kandi, I picked up a young hitch hiker, Stewart, today. I just showed him how well I can suck a cock and I'm about to teach him to eat pussy!"

"You dirty girl!" Kandi said with a laugh. "I'm so pleased that you have such good company! You go ahead and teach him how to eat pussy and then come home to me and show me that you know what you're talking about!"

Janie giggled, and said: "Stewart, should I do that? Go home and eat Kandi's pussy?"

"Yes, Ma'am," Stewart said, "I think that you should!"

"Good for you, Stewart!" Kandi said. "I'll let you two get on with your lessons now."

Janie lay down on the bed then, and opened her legs wide, with Stewart snuggled between them. Then the phone rang again.

Janie answered and with a laugh said: "Hi, Kandi, yes, we're about to, uh, begin here. Yes, I'll put you on speaker phone."

"Hi, Stewart," Kandi said.

"Hi, Kandi," Stewart said.

"The problem you see," Kandi went on, "Is that out Janie, though she's lovely hasn't had a huge amount of practice eating pussies, though I've offered any number of times to give her the chance."

Here Janie began to giggle.

"See, she agrees," Kandi said. "But I, on the other hand, have been eating pussies all my life. So let me give you some basic instructions. Listen to me, not Miss "Haven't had my face in a pussy, Waddell!"

Both Stewart and Janie were laughing by then but Kandi went on and did give Stewart some basic instructions about how to eat a pussy. He listened closely and carefully, thanked Kandi very much and then Kandi rang off with a kiss for Janie and a 'good luck' for Stewart.

"I love you, Janie," Kandi said, at last.

"Yes, Kandi, I love you too!" Janie said in response.

Then Janie said: "Now!"

And Stewart echoed: "Now!"

From his position between her thighs, Stewart began as Kandi had explained, with a ladder of kisses that began at one knee and went up toward Janie's pussy. Then he switched and began the same ladder of kisses from the other side. By the time he reached Janie's pussy, after the second 'ladder', Janie was panting.

"Yes, Stewart!" she said, "Yes, yes!"

Then he swooped up to her belly and, following Kandi's words, kissed his way across the belly from one direction and then from the other, only planting a kiss on Janie's pubic hair at the very top of its lovely triangle.

Now he was ready for what was next, the 'kiss your way through the thatch' part. He kissed down along and through Janie's pubic triangle until he was planting kisses along her pussy lips, and getting more of a response from her.

Then he went the other way and kissed his way up from the start of her ass crack toward the vaginal lips, and lightly over the lips.

His next task, outlined by Kandi, was to kiss first, and then lick at the lips of Janie's pussy. He began to do this and now Janie was getting very oral. He raised his head and grinned at her, and got a kind of smile in return from her.

Once the kissing part of this phase was done, he began to lick at the lips of her vagina, and it was 'getting serious' now.

His next move, also sanctioned by Kandi, was to move his tongue inside of Janie's pussy lips. This he began to do, letting the tongue move around and wander from right to left, all the while sticking his tongue as far into her pussy as possible.

He was ready now for what Kandi called 'the assault'. He began to reach with his lips and his tongue, and with her vaginal lips spread, for the center of Janie's pussy, her clitoris.

He found this with his lips and Janie wailed! Stewart smiled and began to suck on the clitoris, and rasp around with his tongue.

But Janie was 'over the wall' by then. She began to buck and grabbed him by the back of the head to keep his head in place, as she came.

The phone rang.

Janie answered and said: "Yes! Wonderful! I owe you, Kandi!"

Kandi signed off then for the night.

"Now, now, Stewart," Janie said almost frantically, "Come and get me!"

Stewart moved up and, since Janie was so wet, plunged his cock into her pussy easily.

"Ohhhhhh god!" Stewart moaned, when he actually began to reaction to his position on top of Janie, and her reaction.

"Ohhhhhh god, ohhhhh god, ohhhhhh god!" he moaned.

"Yes, Stewart, yes, yes!" was her response, as she moved against him.

"Move now, honey, move now," Janie said desperately and scrambled to her hands and knees to take him from behind in 'doggie' fashion.

His penetration was deeper and for a few moments all that could be heard was their combined heavy breathing and Janie's occasional moan or groan.

He got really into it then and with each of his thrusts, Janie let out a kind of a moan, so that their progress through the love making and into their orgasms could be clearly told just by listening to Janie's moans and the increased tempo of them.

They both collapsed side by side, when they were done. Janie padded off then to the bathroom to get wash cloths and a towel for the two of them, to clean them off.

The morning found the two of them spooning, and once Stewart was awake, and a little before Janie was, he inserted his morning erection into her pussy from behind, and woke her by making it with her again.

"Oh, yes, Stewart," she crooned to him, "You're magnificent! Magnificent!"

She pressed herself against him and let him 'have his way with her'. When he came, she slid onto her back, and, as he watched, she played with herself to her own orgasm.

They snoozed a bit then and only later were they up, showered and ready for some coffee and breakfast.

Janie knew that she'd make it home that day, and left Stewart out at a rest area to seek another ride.

"Thanks, honey, for taking such good care of me," she said to him.

They hugged and then after a 'farewell' kiss, Janie was on her way.

As she was driving, she called Kandi, who was at work.

"Kandi, honey," Janie said, "I have to talk to you about this trip. I have to talk to someone. Are you free tonight?"

"I guess you do, girl!" Kandi said laughing.

"Well," Janie said, "It's not only the Stewart thing; it's the whole trip and all. Can we go out to dinner?"

Kandi recognized the concern in Janie's voice and said right away that she'd be available for dinner, after her shift.

"Thank you, Kandi, I appreciate it," Janie said.

"Well, come home, girl, and we'll work it out; you'll see!" Kandi said.

"Oh, Kandi," Janie said then, "You're the best!"

Janie was home in another hour and a half. She got to her apartment, and gave Kandi another call. They made arrangements for Kandi to come and pick Janie up at her apartment house.

Then Janie called Stewart at school. They talked briefly and all that Janie said was that she was planning to come and visit him at school soon. They both thought that that was a very good idea.

Kandi greeted Janie with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, when they met, outside Janie's apartment building.

"Are you alright?" Kandi asked.

"Yes, love," Janie said, "Just confused and a bit rattled by all that has happened thus far this week."

"Okay," Kandi said, becoming instantly the best friend, "It's drinks first and a long talk as we contemplate dinner, and dinner is on me.

"Ohhh," Janie said. Then, when she was settled down in Kandi's car, she apologized for being so ditzy.

"It's all got me a bit hyper and I need to just talk a bit and calm down and it'll be fine, even nice then," Janie said.

"Well, whatever it was," Kandi went on, "We can solve it together."

"That's what I love about you and about working with you," Janie said, "You are so sensible."

They drove to the place where they wanted to eat. It was a fairly dark place with good food and some out of the way tables. This is where they sat for their dinner. They each ordered a glass of wine and then they settled down to it.

"Tell," Kandi said.

"Well," Janie began, "It's basically about the whole thing with my Uncle Clark."

Janie took the time to talk then about her relationship with her Uncle and how much they'd liked each other, their constant e-mails and their periodic getting together.

"Well," Janie went on then, "His death was a surprise; it was a sudden heart attack and he died of it. I went there to see him off, so to speak and settle up whatever affairs he had outstanding but never suspected what was going to happen."

She paused then and Kandi put her hand on top of Janie's and said: "Tell me, love."

"Oh, Kandi," Janie said with a strange note in her voice, "He left me over seven million dollars!" It was almost a wail.

It stopped Kandi in her tracks for a few moments.

"What?" Kandi asked.

Janie repeated herself and Kandi said: "That's what I thought you said."

"It's so hard to fathom," Janie said, "To get used to, to get any sense that it's real."

"Wow!" was Kandi's next remark.

"They, the lawyers, gave me a new credit card that would, can be used against the money, uh ... my money. But I haven't used it because it feels so strange," Janie tried to explain.

Then she went on to tell Kandi about the arrangements to sell off Clark's personal property and local Bangor holdings.

"They said it wouldn't be difficult and they'd be in touch with me within a few weeks with those details. But they estimated that it would bring in another $500,000! I'm so at sea with it, Kandi."

"I guess!" Kandi said. "Any plans?"

"Well, I guess," Janie said, "Certainly a new car! Possibly a new house! It's been such a long time that I've been scrimping to help out Stewart and his education."

"Problem solved!" Kandi said.

"Will you, would you go car shopping with me?" Janie asked. "It's as though, if I began to use the new card a bit, it might just become more of a reality for me, you know?"

"Certainly!" Kandi said, "Won't it be nice to go shopping for a car with no limits!"

"Gee," Janie said, "That's right!"

She thought and said: "You see, that's what I mean; it's not real for me at all yet. I guess I'm still in shock with it."

"Well, the car shopping will help," Kandi said, "But maybe coming back to work for a while at the ER will also help to steady your nerves. We both know how cool you are under fire there."

"Yes, you're probably right!" Janie said.

Then she had a thought and said: "And, Kandi, I need to buy you something!"

"Oh, no you don't," Kandi said. "Let's get your feet on the ground with this first. No giving in to half-cocked ideas at this point."

Janie shook her head and kissed Kandi's hand, and Kandi laughed and said: "Maybe later though."

They both giggled then, and ordered their dinner.

Before they were finished, Kandi wanted a 'blow by blow' about the Stewart incident. In a whispering fashion, Janie went over the sexy details with her friend, and the two of them ended up giggling up a storm.

Janie gave Kandi a huge, long hug, when she dropped her off at the apartment building.

"Tomorrow after work?" Janie said, "Car shopping?"

"Lovely idea," Kandi said, "Get you used to your new position in life."

Janie said: "Yes, get used to it. And this weekend I have to go and visit with my Stewart about it."

Kandi laughed and Janie, laughing also, said: "No, not that Stewart."

Working did make a difference for Janie, for it brought her back to the realities of her life, even if this new reality was waiting to be integrated. They were busy the next day at the ER. It was like a break for Janie from all that had happened during that week but the thing that she didn't know but could have counted on in reality was the fact that the week for her wasn't over yet.

Later in the afternoon, they had notification of a shooting that had taken place. A police officer had been in fact shot and was being brought in.

Janie and Kandi were up in the rotation to take care of his case. Janie was especially concerned, since it was a cop that she already knew, Walt Wilson, Lt Walt Wilson. They lived in the same neighborhood and Janie also knew, and almost loved Walt's daughter Angela.

He was one of the special negotiators for the police force. A tall black man of about 43 years of age with curly prematurely gray hair. A very striking looking man and very nice to deal with. He had, in fact, been on Janie's radar screen for a while but from afar. She simply thought that Walt Wilson was gorgeous.

Janie went into the cubicle with him and found that Kandi had already begun. Kandi had removed his 'Sam Brown' belt and set it, with gun and all, aside. She had also started an iv with pain killer for him.

The shot had hit him in the leg and might have done something to a bone in his leg. His uniform pants were torn by the bullet and all bloody.

"Walt!" Janie said softly.

He looked up and focused a bit and said: "Hi, Ms Waddell."

"It's Janie," she said to him.

He smiled a bit and said: "Janie."

"Walt, I have to cut these pants off of you, sorry," she said.

"Do what you have to do, Ms ... er ... Janie," he returned and she began.

She worked and finally got the pants cut off of him. He was wearing a pair of long legged boxers that were bloody and have to be removed too, the surgeon wanted him shaved as well.

"These too, Walt," Jane said.

He nodded, and she cut the shorts away.

He had his head back, the effect of the heavy drug that was being used, when the shorts were cut away. Jane just looked up at Kandi, who was barely holding back a grin, as she was pointing to the size of Walt's member.

Janie just stared. It was fatter around that Stewart's had been, and it was still soft.

"Don't you go playin' down there!" he said in a soft sleepy voice.

"No, I won't," Janie said, and both nurses giggled. This did get a smile from Walt Wilson.

Janie proceeded next to shave Walt's left side crotch area.

"Careful!" he said, again in a very sleepy voice.

This got a giggle from the two girls again, and a kind of smile from him.

They finally had him all prepped and he was wheeled away to get the leg fixed. It turned out to be not nearly as bad as it looked and required, instead of surgery, only cleaning and dressing. Then he was returned to the area that he'd been held before.

Janie and Kandi walked out to the concession area, where they were both going to have a cup of coffee next.

Kandi said to her: "Did you see that big, black snake?"

"I did!" Janie said.

"I know," Kandi went on with a grin, "I saw you drooling!"

"Stop it!" Janie said with a grin, "We're at work!"

"At work, I guess, almost put your mouth over that thing, while I was watching!" was Kandi's next attack.

Janie just giggled at that comment.

Then, as they walked along, she heard a small voice call her name: "Janie!"

She looked up and saw pretty little Angela Wilson running toward her. They had become friends in the neighborhood, where, at a neighborhood church Janie had met the little girl any number of times, and had absolutely fallen in love with her.

She received the little girl into her arms. Angela put her arms around Janie's waist and just held on, shaking.

"Where is he?" Angela asked, "Is he okay?"

"Yes, honey," Janie said, "He's going to be fine; you'll see."

"Can I see him?" Angela wanted to know next.

"Soon," Janie said.

Just then the woman who'd been with Angela came over and said to Janie:

"Can she, uh, stay here and go home with her Dad? I have to go to work; I'll be late as it is."

"Um, of course," Janie said, without thinking too much about it. "We'll, I'll take care of her."

Then turning to Angela she said: "Come with me, honey; we'll get you some hot chocolate."

They went hand in hand to the machine and Janie got the hot chocolate for her. They had a bit of a wait but finally Walt was brought back to their area. It was then that Janie took Angela by the hand to go and see her Poppa.

As soon as they entered the cordoned off area, Angel let out a cry and went running to the bedside.

"Poppa!" she cried, tears running down her cheeks, as she went to his bedside.

"Hi, honey! Bad guys got one up on me today!" He went on.

She only held on to him and cried.

"It's okay, love," he said, stroking her hair. "Just okay."

"The sitter had to go to work," Janie said to him. "Asked if the Angel here could go home with you."

"They just said that they were going to keep me over night for observation," he said then in a worried voice.

"Don't worry," Janie said, "I'll take Angela home with me; I'm ready to go off now. We can have a girls' sleep over at my place. We'll be back in the morning."

He sighed a sigh of relief and Angela positively beamed at Janie.

"Thanks, Jane," he said, "I appreciate it."

"No problem, Walt," she replied, "The angel and I will be fine; you just concentrate on getting better."

Turing to Kandi she said: "Sorry about the shopping!"

"It'll keep, love," Kandi said and gave Janie a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

After more hugs and kisses, Jane and Angela, hand in hand, left the area.

"She's good people!" Walt said to Kandi who had another hour to go on her shift.

"Yes, she is and she loves that little girl!" Kandi replied.

"Makes two of us," Walt said, slipping into sleep.

It was already fairly late, when Janie and Angela go to her apartment. They went in and settled down for a bit and Janie asked:

"What's your schedule for bed time, angel?"

"I normally have a bath, and a bed time snack and then a story," Angela said.

"Good enough," Janie said, "Let's begin with the bath."

Janie got the pretty little girl into the bathroom and into the tub with all sorts of bubbles surrounding her.

Angela giggled at all the bubbles that she had in the tub. She looked up at Janie with a huge smile and said:

"Bath together?"

"Oh, maybe so," Janie said, "A bath for the girls! You and me and bubbles."

Angela grinned and giggled, as Janie went to get a robe and her night gown. She also brought with her a tee shirt for Angela to wear.

"I wear a tee shirt kind of night gown," she said to Angela, "So, I brought you this tee shirt; we'll make it into a nightgown for the Angel."

Then she took off her robe and lowered herself into the tub of bubbles with Angela, who said, watching Janie with big eyes:

"Janie, you're so pretty!"

"Why thank you, Angel," Janie said, "And that's a compliment from the prettiest of all the girls around!"

Angela grinned at her.

They lounged in the tub and then sang a bath song or two and finally, Janie went about washing Angela. When they were finished, without too much splashing, Janie got out and dried off and then got Angela out and dried her off.

Angela laughed, when she saw how the tee shirt dwarfed her.

"Looks cool!" Janie said and Angela agreed:


When they got into bed, they giggled for a while but in almost no time at all Angela was sleeping. Janie just sighed and cradled the little girl to her. It gave her a marvelous feeling and with that on her mind, she too drifted to sleep.

When Janie woke in the morning, the first thing that she saw was Angela's smiling face looking over at her from the other pillow in the bed.

"Hi, girlfriend!" Janie said.

"Hi, Janie!" Angela said and yawned.

"Need some coffee soon?" Janie asked, and Angela giggled.

"Okay then," Janie went on, "You rest a little here and I'll get the breakfast underway. Then we need to go and visit that handsome Dad of yours."

"Oh, goodie!" Angela said to all of it.

They went together to the hospital. When they got to where his room was, Janie said to Angela.

"Honey, can you wait right here for a minute until I check on your Dad?"

"Yes, Janie," Angela said, and waited patiently.

Janie went into the room. She was dressed casually today, since it was a day off for her. He was sitting up with his leg up on a stool.

"Hey, Walt," Janie said.

He gave her a kind of chagrined look and said: "Janie, I owe you an apology for what I said, as you were tending me yesterday."

Janie went over to where he was sitting; she said softly:

"Found me out though, didn't you?"

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