Ted and I Enjoy Her Soft Body

by tangled_web

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True Sex Story: Another true story in my sexual adventures

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   True Story   Cuckold   Wife Watching   Swinging   Cream Pie   BBW   .

What if Deb woke up? What would I say to her if she did? I was willing to take the chance just to get a peek at what I assumed was going on in the pool just out side the bedroom window. As the thoughts rushed thru my head I could see they were close to one another but could not see what was going on. I looked back behind me Deb was on our bed sleeping like a rock. I'm sure Prince Valium and the red wine had her tucked away for the night. The plan is working smooth, things are going quite well, but I still want to see how they act all alone. All the sudden I hear Deb say What are you doing?

We were leaving for Indianapolis the next day and since we had a kid free evening Lilly and I went up to the local bar to hang out and drink a few beers. She was looking very sexy this particular evening. She was wearing a short jean skirt and a white tank top that showed off her soft curvy body so well. About half way thru the evening and after we both had several beers a piece a couple we know Ted and Deb came in. See Lilly and Ted had been "friends with benefits " for somewhere around a month now, that I knew of anyway, but I had not yet actually got to see them together.

I really don't know what you would call what we have going on. It started out with us having same room sex with another couple, which led to swapping. It seems that these days Lilly has been playing on her own and coming home and telling me all the juicy details, which usually ends up with us acting out what happened. I would not consider myself a cuckold because I tend to have some play time of my own from time to time whether Lilly is there or not.

Deb on the other hand is not into our games at all. She would freak out if she knew. See She has just lost a lot of weight and let me tell you she looks great, but just not the body that I enjoy.I like curvy, thick, chubby, girls and so does Ted that's why he enjoys Lilly so much. She has told me Ted had told her time and time again how he loves her body. See even though Lilly is 5"4" and 200 lbs she is not your average fat girl with huge tits. She has a great, soft belly with just the right amount of "mommy belly" or apron as some call it, her creamy thighs are thick and soft too, not to big, but just the right amount of flesh. Her ass is a perfect 10. It is not small but not huge either just right. What sets her aside from your average big girl is her chest. Her bra size is 38 b but those are a little to big. Her tits are small and very perky. Her areolas are puffy, pink and very large. To set off the fact that her left breast is slightly larger than the right, she got the right one pierced. She and I both prefer barbells in it so that's what she mostly wears.

As the night is slowly coming to an end I suggest that the four of us go back to our house for some more drinks and some skinny dipping. Everyone was on board initially anyway. As we are walking out the door Deb mentions that they are gonna swing by their house to get their swim suits.

Lilly and I rush home and slip into our swim suits. I'm wearing your standard swim trunks and she puts on a bikini. The bottoms are a cross between a boy shot and a true bikini cut while the top is your standard top that ties behind the neck and in the back.

Lilly and I are in the pool When Deb and Ted get there. We floated around, drank and chatted for 30-40 minutes when Deb started to get kinda grouchy. This is typical of her and she got out of the pool and sat in a chair. This was ok for a few minutes till she was cold. Lilly suggested that she just go in and lay down on either our bed or the day bed in our room.

The three of us continued chatting and enjoying our beverages. I was well on the way to being well drunk when I realized that I was the only one that was running into the house for drink runs. When Lilly "accidentally" spilled a drink I had just got her I automatically wanted to see what was going on when I was away.

I took my sweet time making Lilly's SoCo and Sprite, and two Crown and diets. I moped around in the house giving them plenty of time to get comfortable doing whatever it was they were doing in my absence from the pool.

I decided to sneak into our bedroom and look out the window, that would be my best vantage point. Only waking Deb would ruin the entire night. I was almost willing to take that chance. They were in the water face to face. Close very close together. I see his arms moving but cant really tell what he is doing. I really looks like he is rubbing her sides. I see her hands come up out of the water and she pulls aside the two triangles of fabric that her covering her tits. His mouth and hands go to them exploring that there is of them. They shifted position some now I cant see anything! I move around to get a better view. I cant see at all. Damn! Yhen I hear "Hey! What are you doing?" Shit she is awake and we are all busted!

The quick thinker I am I say that I was getting cold so I got out and was getting a shirt. She said ok and was snoring again.

I want to get a much closer view of them all alone.So I put the drinks on a tray and sneak out the door as quietly as possible. I hear Lilly giggle as he is still enjoying her breasts. I can hear him mumble something but cant make out what he said. I then barge around the side of the house and onto the lower level of he deck. The both jump and she moves away from him as fast as she can.

The mood seems really tense as I get back into the pool and hand out drinks. There is some uncomfortable conversation. They are both wondering if I saw anything and if I did how much. I decide to lighten the mood so I reach over and slowly untie Lilly's top. I succeeded in doing so with out her even knowing and a few seconds latter she dove under the water swam to the other side of the pool and then back. When she popped up out of the water both of her tiny perky tits were exposed. Ted says that he was hoping that he would have seen some titty way before now. She quickly covered her pink buds and backed up to me to tie her up. I instead untied the top string and pulled her top from her and threw it out onto the ground. Ted said, "Now it's a party ".

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