Cougar Beach

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2012 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: On my job, I met a woman about twice my age, somewhere in her forties, and she and her best friend took me to their favorite beach for the day. Oh, what a day. I named it, 'Cougar Beach.'

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Big Breasts   Public Sex   .

I was just out of college and on my first assignment. I had landed a job that a lot of my friends have kidded me about, I'm in the marketing department of a well-known cosmetic sales company that you've no doubt heard of.

My assignment was to provide support for an exhibition we were putting on at a large conference aimed at franchising opportunities for women.

Oh, did I say I'm a guy? Sorry, yes, that part's important.

So, anyway, I was in Florida, at a large conference center, manning our exhibit, when a woman came up, looked at my badge and said, "Hello, David, it's refreshing to see a man at one of these things, especially a young man. I'm Mia, Mia Ferguson."

Well, let me describe the woman standing there in front of me.

She was older, I'd say somewhere in her forties, and what was most notable about her was her boobs. I have no idea what size they were but they were huge. And, she had them on display in a low-cut dress that seemed to show acres of cleavage.

I'm a male, twenty-two, so you know I couldn't keep my eyes off them, I did keep looking down at their awesomeness, I'm sure, to her great pleasure.

She asked me about this and that, what college I'd gone to, just stuff, then she asked, "Have you been to any of our beaches, yet, David?"

"No, I've been pretty much tied-up here but I have Thursday off, maybe I'll try then."

"Well, I know them all, why don't I take you to my favorite, I'm sure you'll like it."

"Sure, that's fine. I'm staying at the hotel here, what time?"

She said she'd meet me in the lobby at ten on Thursday and then went on looking at the various exhibits and I watched her walk away, dreaming of what she would look like in a bikini. Yes, I had to move behind a sign so as not to embarrass myself.

She might have been nearly twice my age but she sure looked good. I'd never been with a girl or a woman older than myself but, she was very attractive and her figure was spectacular, just nothing but curves. I couldn't wait until Thursday morning.

I went down wearing a polo shirt, sandals and khaki shorts with black swim briefs underneath. With this woman, I wanted to look as sexy as I could.

And, there she was. She had on a short beach robe, loosely tied, of course, and now I saw her legs as well. Very nice. She had on big sunglasses and a wide straw hat.

"David, there you are. Ready? Oh, this is Erin, she's coming with us. I thought we might need a chaperone," she said laughing as we went out and got into her BMW convertible.

We got in and she set out driving and talking about the beaches, what she thought of the main ones in the area with Erin adding her thoughts from the back seat.

Erin was tall and slender, also about the same age, also with large boobs that were also on public display. She had long black hair and ruby-red lips. A real sex-bomb.

We drove for about twenty minutes, then went off down what was really a trail through the dunes and out onto a beautiful beach.

We got the blankets and picnic basket out of the trunk and walked a bit to an area which was quiet except for the sound of the surf and spread our blankets.

I pulled off my shirt and slid off my shorts as I watched my two new friends pull off their short sundresses. They were both naked underneath.

"Ah, that sun feels good," Erin said as she raised her face up to the bright, warm sun.

"Well, what do you think, David, nice beach?" Mia asked.

"Yeah, really beautiful, almost as beautiful as the two of you."

Now I could see that they both had deep all-over tans and were totally at ease in being naked with me.

They both, I'm sure, had boob-jobs, after all there was no evidence of gravity's effect on either of them and they were both just perfect half-globes. If they'd been sixteen, well, maybe, but regardless, they both were about as sexy as a woman can be in her forties and, that's pretty sexy.

"Let's get you out of these, shall we?" Mia said as the both began pulling down my tight suit.

"Oh, look, nice," Erin said, kneeling in front of me as I watched her red lips slide down over the crown of my dick and begin to suck. I looked up and we were alone on the beach with Mia standing there smiling at me as her friend sucked me.

"You look happy, David. Let me have a turn on our new friend, Erin," she asked and Mia was soon down kneeling in the sand sucking my cock as Erin stood up. She took my hand and led it to her breast which, of course, was firm and full.

"Mmm, nice day for a slow fuck on the beach, David. You've got two of the horniest cougars you'll ever see, we have plans for you, young man."

Mia pulled her head back and stood up to take me in her arms and kiss me, tonguing my mouth, just fucking me with her tongue, while her hands roamed over my back and butt.

"We better get some suntan lotion on, it's beginning to heat up," Erin said as Mia added, "Yeah, I'm beginning to get heated up myself. Come on, David, you can do us, then, heh, heh, we'll do you, you'll love that," she said as they both lay down on the large blanket.

On their backs, their boobs just stood straight up, pointing to the sky as I started on Mia first. I began with those big melons, sliding my greasy, slick hands over them, spreading the lotion, then up her shoulders and neck, down her arms and then moved to her stomach and abdomen. She spread open for me as I went down further and got her inner thighs and her plump pussy lips protected from the sun's harshness.

"Mmm, get my pussy good, David, it's not a place to get sunburned. And, well, it feels good when you do it," she cooed.

I did her legs, then she turned over and I did her butt and back, talking a short detour back to her pussy which glistened in the bright, warm morning sun. While I'd been putting lotion on her, she often had her fingers wrapped around my cock keeping me entertained as I went along.

Then, I turned and began on Erin following the same lovely path down her voluptuous body across her luscious breasts and down along her the juicy between her legs which she widened for me.

"Take your time there, David, sweetheart," as her hand played with my cock stroking on it like she was milking me. I was in between the two of them, kneeling toward Erin as I felt Mia's fingers slide along my butt crack and begin caressing my anus.

No one had ever played with my backside like that and, well, it felt better, sexier, than I'd thought it might. Erin had turned over and I was doing her back, again covering her pussy with extra care, then up her back and shoulders and neck.

"Time for you, David," Mia said as she sat up.

I lay down on my stomach as I felt the cool lotion being drizzled up and down me, followed by four hands caressing my skin spreading it around. I spread my legs and one of those hands smoothed the lotion across my balls and up along my butt crack, lingering there, moving back and forth.

"Now, the other side, David, the more interesting side," Mia suggested as I turned over.

Erin began at my feet while Mia began at my neck and they each slowly worked toward each other until they both reached my cock.

Mia lifted it straight up and ran some lotion onto it and began jacking me spreading it all up and down.

"Don't make him cum, Mia," Erin said, "I want a turn, too," and Mia took her hand away for Erin to take over. Mia leaned over and rested a nipple on my mouth which I eagerly took in and sucked contentedly as I was being masturbated by her friend.

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