It Began With a Mole Mob

by Winterfrog

Copyright© 2012 by Winterfrog

Erotica Sex Story: A road to happiness might have many bends and hills but arriving to the goal is well worth all possible efforts. This is a story about how a young man grows up to a non-wimp husband and struggles for getting a loving wife.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Cheating   .

A message from the author. I regret to say that this story is not edited and might contain several grammar errors. If you hate reading text with some errors, please don't waste your time and get upset by reading this story.

The "Mole Mob" what spread fear in our small Scandinavian town was probably the best joke in those thousand years that this small town had existed.

It began with an article in the local newspaper in what a man by name Rupert Albert Timmer demanded an immediate closing of the popular dance hall in town. Nobody had cared a shit if this Rupert had been an average "Mr. Unknown" but the actual Rupert happened to be the leader of the second important political party in the town council.

Rupert was a teetotaler and an important member of the local Cultural Society what gave him and his stupid suggestions some support even from some members of the other parties. A real pain in the ass for us partying youngsters.

One of the few positive matters with that Rupert was his very beautiful daughter Madeleine, who was in my class at the school. Unfortunately all my attempts of getting a date were turned down by her with nasty comments about partying drinkers.

My name is Robert Johnson and when the beginning of this story happened I and the gang of seven of my childhood friends had just begun our last year class studies at the gymnasium (comparable to upper high-school in US). We were lucky enough to have a "club room" in the basement of a building where the father of one us guys worked as janitor. The clubroom was a perfect place for us to gather for some drinks of cheap booze supplied by a smuggler before going out for dancing at Saturday evenings.

After a couple of drinks this Saturday evening we decided that this damn Rupert or "The RAT" as he was called behind his back ought to be punished. After several wild suggestions we agreed about a simple action.

Rupert was an amateur gardener, proud and famous for his king-size pears. Therefore we wrote and sent him a letter what read:

Dear Friend Rupert. It is brought to my attention that the infamous law-breaking Mole Mob has sold all your delicious pears to an in-legal wine maker. Please let all the pears be where they are, otherwise the Mole Mob will punish you severely for stealing their property. Sincerely, Your faithful supporter and friend.

As a law-abiding citizen, Rupert went direct to the Police and demanded protection, what was refused of several practical reasons and caused a loud arguing from Rupert. In that very moment a journalist from the local paper happened to come in and got his "story of the year"

The next day the front page of the local newspaper had a picture of an angry Rupert with the text:

RAT FIGHT IN OUR TOWN. The well-known politician Rupert A. Timmer, best known as "the RAT" has been attacked by a mob of criminal moles. The Mole Mob claims to some how be in the possession of the Rat's prize-winning pears and says to sell them to a winemaker. The Police will be doing their best but doesn't have officers enough for a 24/7 protecting of Mr. Timmer's garden.

Rupert says to have raised a real Hell at the newspaper's office, invested big money in alarm systems and spent many sleepless nights watching his pears. But that Rat story got an very unexpected but interesting side effect. Local opinion began to have the mysterious "Mole Mob" as scapegoats for all unsolved crime in our town.

We innocent guys got good laughs every time those, usually heavy magnified, stories about "Mole Mob's criminal actions" came to our knowledge. About two months after that now famous newspaper article about Rupert's pears shit hit the fan again. Our local police got a new chief, a genuine "friend of law and order" who promised and swore an oath to be the man who got the whole Mole Mob behind bars.

Most of he members of our gang had got more or less serious relations with girls why our meetings for drinking at "the club" before going out at Saturday evenings had almost turned to history. However, one evening we had a meeting for planning a big party and the new police chief's behavior got many nasty comments and at last all of us agreed that it was our duty to make some fun of that silly man.

The meeting ended with an agreement and oaths that our "Mole Mob" would remain in the future as a secret brotherhood for assistance if any of us got problems. We even had fixed all details about how to manage our big party and even a plan for making a laughing stock of that police chief.

Our plan worked much better than expected. Rupert the Rat was promised inside information about secret bribes to some politicians and the secret evidence would be given to him in a dark section of the main town park. By a coincident the police chief was informed about finding the Mole Mob leader at the same place. They met and poor Rupert was hit to the ground and handcuffed when he tried to escape from what he regarded as an attempt from the Mole Mob to mug him.

However, that turned to the worst scandal in our town what caused the police chief find a new job far away in the north and the Rupert got enough of public opinions and left the politics.

Six Years Later

Time goes fast and many people in our town got a real surprise when I Robert Johnson married Rupert Timmer's pretty daughter Madeleine.

Of course, it was very obvious for me that Madeleine's parents regarded me to be far from a dream spouse for their daughter though I was working as engineer for the municipal central heating company, but of two bad things they choose to accept me as a in-law rather than their pretty girl would be an unmarried mother.

A friend of me, Dan Peterson and his best pal Niclas had been out early and succeed to book two rooms for two weeks at a small cheap hotel at one of our most popular summer resorts, known for the wild partying famous people used to have there during the summer vacation season in July. No wonder that they would be joined by two handsome girls for that trip.

But Niclas got a promotion and had to be elsewhere the whole July for work reasons why Dan asked me to take Niclas' place and I immediately said yes and cancelled my other plans for that time because the girl intended to be as company for Niclas was Madeleine Timmer, Rupert Timmer's snooty daughter who had recently terminated her long time engagement with a spoiled boyfriend from a noble family due to his cheating.

My expectations for getting anywhere with Madeleine were as limited as they had been earlier in the school but why care about that because she wasn't the only fish in that sea where we were going. No reason for me to care about any chances or no chances at all with her when there were a large number of other pretty girls at that summer resort.

Our arrival to the hotel caused the first mess when Madeleine demanded herself and the other girl sharing one room with Dan and me in the other.

But the next day Madeleine and me got very well together why the four of us kept together both at the beach and the first evening partying at a bar. At our second evening we, as many other couples went to the seaside rocks for watching the sunset during a picnic with the popular mix white wine and shrimps. It was a warm and pleasant evening and all of us were feeling good. Then the girls suggested a 50 kilometer shopping trip to a big famous factory outlet the next day because the weather forecast said thunder and rain for that day.

Dan, who's car we used for our trip, was in a jolly and horny mood and replied, "Yes my ladies, no problem, not at all if you suck us off right here and now."

Madeleine began with some objections but the other girl said, "What the hell, why should that be any big deal?" Then she took out Dan's cock and began sucking. Madeleine hesitated for a while, then even she said, "What the hell, why not?" took out my cock and began sucking it while it took me a long time to believe my eyes.

Back at the hotel Madeleine and Dan changed rooms. Then Madeleine once again acted in unexpected way by saying, "Even I got horny at the rock and now you owe me making love in a real good way after that damn forced sucking I did for you on the rock."

The present day Madeleine Timmer was indeed quite different from the snooty bitch I remembered from ignoring me during our schooldays. Her two longtime ex-boyfriends might brought some common sense to her mind before she dumped them of some reasons.

However, she didn't need to ask me twice. Within less than a minute she was lying naked on the bed with me licking her clit until she wriggled, groaned and begged me to fuck her. It took me only one hard thrust to get whole stone-hard cock in her now well lubricated pussy what got her wriggling and groaning even more until both of us got an intensive orgasm.

She could hardly say a word direct after that intensive fucking. After a while she whispered, "Oh My God, I could never believe that making love with you can be so heavenly good."

Really surprising to hear those words from a girl who been involved in two long lasting relations.

From that moment we were an item and continued dating even after those summer holidays weeks what could been described as a very romantic time. She wasn't on pills why an accident with a broken condom got her pregnant before her infamous father Rupert Timmer had persuaded her to dump me.

I didn't runaway from what had happened to her and was proud when my friends envied me for having a pretty trophy wife. At least until our first child was old enough for daycare and she began to job again. Then I learned to know the real Madeleine.

She was still a very beautiful woman but unfortunately even turned to a real nagging bitch. I'm sure you may ask: Why in the hell did I marry a nagging bitch and remained married to her?

There is a good answer to that question. Alexander, our child. Today I must agree that a less wimpy man had immediately runaway from such relation, but my responsibility as father of the child did it impossible for me to take that step...

However, a bad relation turned to even worse. In her younger days Madeleine had been a rather good swimmer and won a few District Championships. When her Swimmer Club held a reunion for their old members she had come home rather tipsy from that party at six o'clock in the morning. Due to her no drinking parents, she used to be very careful with booze and I had never seen so tipsy before, at least not after getting Alexander.

Her explanation about an night cap at a hotel room together with old friends living out of town was okay for me until shit hit the fan about ten days later with a phone call from one of the old "Moles".

He told me, "I'm in the bar at the Ritz Hotel where a Sebastian Nollberg, best known as "the Zero" is loudly bragging about fucking your wife Madeleine at some old swimmer reunion party recently."

"I'm coming," I told him. Then I shouted at Madeleine, "The Zero" is at the Ritz bar bragging about fucking you at the swimmer party. He must been damn good for getting you remain the whole night with him." Madeleine got furious and shouted, "That's a damn lie. I'm coming there with you for scratching the truth out of that slimy worm."

Even Zero was a good swimmer in his younger days. National Champion once in the time, but nowadays he is more famous as a local "Casanova". Three times divorced and still successful womanizer usually chasing for married women ten - twenty years his seniors who fell for his still very well shaped body. We left the kid at the neighbor's house and went to Ritz at highest possible speed.

Though Madeleine was frantic about Zero's bragging, I'm sure she even wanted to protect him from my wrath because she had seen what I could do with horny bastards harassing her.

It happened once at the golf club Christmas party where I saw the slight boozed local pro held his right hand under Madeleine's short skirt at the dance floor and caressed her bottoms and ignored her rather lame attempts to take his hand away away. I went to the dance floor and interrupted it, what he didn't like at all and threatened to give me an unforgettable lesson. His attempt came a half hour later when I stood at the bar talking with an old acquaintance.

The now very aggressive pro came towards me assisted by the green keeper, a rather big fellow. To my luck both of them were now rather well boozed and I understood that a surprise attack would be my only chance avoid a severely beating. When they were close enough I did a rush and hit the totally unaware big green keeper down to the floor with a hard right fist. The surprised pro froze for a second what was enough for me to kick his balls and when he bowed forward I hit his face with all my power. He fell as a log over the still groggy big fellow with a bleeding nose and the fight was over when we were surrounded by many other guests.

I'm sure Madeleine remembered that episode because when arriving to the bar and before we run in there Madeleine shouted to me, "Don't do anything, please don't do anything, I get the truth out of him." Obviously she hadn't forgot what I did to the golf club staff.

Zero was still at the bar when we arrived there why Madeleine rushed to the booth were he sat with his friends. She slapped his face and shouted with a loud voice, "You are bragging about fucking me! Is that true? Answer me, is that true?"

He was taken by surprise and when he saw me standing there he replied with a low voice, "No, no, no, of course not."

Madeleine wasn't satisfied with that, slapped him again and shouted, "Tell everybody here, did you fuck me at the swimmer party? Speak out loud so everybody can hear you."

Zero replied with a louder voice, "No, no, no, I have never fucked you. I've only told my friends that I had a dream about doing that. Only a dream, nothing real."

She slapped his face again and shouted, "You are a sick bastard."

Then lot of people interfered and went between Zero and me why it was impossible for me to do anything at all against him, why Madeleine and I went back at home. I can't deny that Zero's bragging about the swimmer party night had created some suspicion in my mind about what really could happened. But I didn't do any further investigations.

It wasn't any overstatement to say that episode did my bad marriage even worse, especially a couple of weeks later when Zero had been severely mugged and I asked Madeleine if she had been to the hospital with flowers to her dear friend.

Time went by until Madeleine laid the last straw on my aching back during a barbeque at her parent's house. We were about eighteen people there, most of them her parents friends whom I hardly knew. Before the meal I had been helping Rupert with the grill why Madeleine found something wrong with the meat, why she got an outburst during the meal when loudly saying, "I'm sorry that my worthless bungler to husband have destroyed the meat. He can't do anything right."

Everybody stared at me why I rise up from my chair and shouted back at her, "Why in hell are we still living together. Madeleine, I want divorce so you will be a free bitch for fucking your admirers Sebastian Nollberg or the damn horny golf pro. Hopefully they are much better using that damn grill than me. I've got enough of your cheating and damn nagging. Thanks for me and Goodbye everybody."

Nobody, not even Rupert said anything when I took our kid, went to my car and drove home.

Madeleine came home only a half hour later, but to my great surprise she was more like a small kitten than the enraged tiger I had expected her to be. She cried, begged me to forgive her and promised to be a much better loving wife in the future.

One hour later I agreed listen to her part of our problems. She sobbed and said, "It's not your fault that I've been a bitch against you. It is my own fault and disappointment because I had so big plans about my future with traveling to exotic places and working abroad. All my plans turned to crap when I got pregnant and abortion was out of question. I accepted my destiny until I began working again, then everything felt as a prison and you were the warden."

"Why didn't you told me anything about that so we could divorced much earlier so I had taken custody of Alexander and you could got back to your dream?"

Madeleine sobbed, "I don't want any divorce. You and Alexander mean everything for me. Please let us remain as a family. I promise to be a better wife if you'll forgive me and give me a second chance."

I asked her, "What do you really want? This is your great opportunity to change your life and fulfill your dreams. Why hesitate now when you can skip and forget a worthless bungler as me and enjoy your life around the world as a happy single?"

In her desperate efforts for getting a second chance Madeleine even suggested me giving her a good spanking for her bitchy behavior at the barbeque, but that isn't my game why I simply said "No thanks" to that offer.

However, one hour later she had persuaded me to give her a three-month long trial period for a second chance as a better wife

That memorable night Madeleine really did her best to be a good wife. She got me stone hard three times within unexpected short time and she had no objections when I used the third hard on for mouth fucking her as a kind of punishment for all nasty comments about me what had come out from that mouth.

We even had a long lasting tender morning fuck as a beginning of our first day in the new happy marriage.

Everything went fine until she didn't have her next period and a test kit confirmed the situation. She was pregnant.

Once again we were a real happy family during her pregnancy and the year she stayed at home with that child.

Madeleine used that time for evening classes and I must confess that she did it very well. Back at the job she was suggested to apply for a managing job and to both her own and everybody others great surprise she got it.

That meant at lot for her and our family. She got a company car and even a slight higher salary than I had. In most average families it had been an positive matter but due to Rupert, not in ours. At the same time he sold his house for a very good price and promised to give a half of that money to Madeleine and our children. Rupert is Rupert so that wasn't without conditions.

Rupert's main condition was that Madeleine and I should split all our assets and from that day our house was legally shared in the tax and Court registers, Madeleine and I should have totally separate economies. I would be out from the children's and Madeleine's funds.

I had no objections to be left out from the funds but in my comments to Rupert for interfering in our family economy I suggested him to put up his damn money in his ass and I even offered to help him by kicking it up there. Rupert didn't care but his wife who had heard everything went straight home and have refused talking to me during several months after that.

Madeleine and I had a real quarrel about Rupert's condition because she appreciated her father's gift very much while I was totally against letting Rupert the RAT put his big nose into our family business. After several hard arguing sessions I at last accepted Madeleine's suggestion that both of us would pay an equal percent of out salary each month to a shared account for our family expenses and the remaining part would be for private use.

Then our relation went back to happy family again except that Madeleine's parents and I avoided each other as much as we could, what was okay for me.

Madeleine rang me at my job a Thursday afternoon saying that some of her co-workers had persuaded her to join them after their job for "After work" chat at nearby Pub for a couple of hours if it was okay for me.

My only question was, "Isn't 'After work' usually at Fridays? Why a Thursday?"

Her reply about married people preferring "Friday fun" with their children at Friday evenings sounded reasonable why I had no further questions.

The next Thursday she told me already at the morning that they would go for "After work" even that evening, what was okay for me again.

At home everything went fine until six o'clock when our daughter Matilda cut her hand when she fell over a flower vase she had been carrying without me noticing that. Her hand was bleeding so much that it had to be stitched the hospital. A call to the next house neighbor fixed baby sitter for Alexander then I called Madeleine's cell phone.

She took the call after surprisingly many signals and I told her what had happened, told her that Matilda was crying for mom and asked her if she was sober enough for driving to the hospital. She said she was and we agreed to meet there.

On the way to the hospital I had a strange feeling that Matilda's accident wasn't the only bad matter during that evening. After much thinking about everything during the evening, the answer hit me as a lightening. It was Madeleine's reply to my phone call. Not only her long time to reply but even the silence behind her. No bar sound in the background. Wherever she had been when taking my call, it hadn't been at a crowded bar.

We met at the emergency room where Madeleine agreed to stay with Matilda and I went back home for taking care of Alexander. This damn Thursday was probably the worst day both in my and my children's whole life. Not only the few stitches on Matilda's hand but our main problem was that now I was a hundred percent sure that Madeleine had been doing something behind my back and I would file for divorce within rather near future when getting evidence and nothing could stop it this time.

My irrevocable decision about divorce was taken at the same moment I saw her at the hospital. A short look at her was enough to make it obvious and without any reasonable doubt that my phone call had interrupted her fucking with a lover boy and dragged up her from the bed where that act had taken place. To Madeleine's credit must be said that she hadn't wasted any time for fixing her hair and make up when her child was crying for her.

Just as I expected, Madeleine went straight to the shower when she was back home. She didn't say anything about her interrupted "After work" and I didn't ask because I wanted to get further information about her possible cheating before taking any action.

My chance would probably come already the next day what was a Friday when Madeleine's parents would take Madeleine and Alexander for a weekend trip to Legoland, a famous amusement park in Denmark.

I would stay at home with Matilda what was perfect for me because Madeleine vas booked for a seminar at a nice hotel for Thursday and Friday the following week and I needed further information before that.

Friday evening when Matilda was sleeping I began my investigation in our den where we had two desks against a wall. Madeleine' laptop was on her desk as usual but I found it to be password protected and gave up after several attempts when all my attempts failed.

Hacking passwords isn't my game why her laptop, what probably contained all answers had to be left out of interest. Madeleine rang, said that they were at the hotel. Then she asked about Matilda and hanged on immediately when told she was okay.

I continued my searching and my next challenge were the locked drawers in her desk. It was rather simple locks why I began with filing small alterations to my own drawer spare key.

An old saying says, "It is a shame to give up" and I didn't do that, why my efforts got a reward after some time when the first lock opened, but the only thing what maybe could be of useful in that drawer was a folder with information papers about her next conference and nothing of interest in the next drawer.

But in the third and last drawer I got a "Real Bingo". When opening a small plastic box I found four condoms, obviously from my nightstand, and a blue pill of unknown origin. I've never had any need for "Blue pills" and obviously neither Madeleine's lover had any own supply of those, why she had found some other source for getting a guarantee of getting hard conference-cock.

Madeleine was temporary out of pills for a medical reason why we were using condoms from a supply in my night stand while her doctor found out a solution to her problem. I had bought a five dozen pack and had no control about the remaining quantity.

In that drawer I even found an USB-memory stick what I examined in my own laptop and found that it contained pictures from some of her company events. The main part of them was very innocent pictures without any kind of nagging.

Most of them were obviously taken by Madeleine with her cell phone because she was visible at only a very few of the pictures, obviously taken with another camera. The only almost non-existing clue was that there was always a blonde rather handsome guy near her. A new closer examination of the USB stick shoved that she had taken several pictures of that guy alone. Some pictures had him sitting at a table besides an empty seat what indicated that the photographer used to sit there. All that interest for the blonde guy could hardly be by any chance.

But the question about their relation remained unanswered. Was that guy her lover or only a co-worker and a good guy? My next question ought to be: Who is that guy?

Madeleine's photos gave me neither any evidence about cheating nor any information about the favorite guy who used to be close to her.

Then in an official yearbook from her job I found a folded A4 paper from a color printer. The picture showed Madeleine and the blond guy sitting in a sofa and kissing. He had lifted up her skirt with his right hand and held it on her inner tight so almost all of her legs were visible. Under the picture somebody had written, "Great legs my darling, indeed great legs." and signed the message with "Kim".

Here Kim is an unisex name used for both boys and girls but the only Kim in the conference participant list was a Kim Stureben why I supposed him to be Madeleine's admirer.

Now I could regard the results of my investigation as a real bingo as both Kim and Stureben are so unusual names that collecting further information about that chap would be a real "piece of cake".

Though no further information was found in the drawer, I was already a hundred percent sure that Madeleine was fucking that Kim behind my back and a necessary action had to be taken, what gave me a busy Saturday.

First I began with the phone register had only three Stureben and only one of them a Kim, who shared his landline phone with an Elisabeth but both had different cell phone numbers. That convinced me of being on the right track.

A new law in this country forbids purchasing credit and personal information from commercial sources without valid legal use for it and the target will always get a printed copy of the sold information via mail. One of my friends from the mole gang had access to a fictive real estate company in Gibraltar, used as buyer of the information and that company was mentioned in Kim's copy. No trace of me.

Though both Kim and his wife had good jobs, they had surprisingly high debts. Otherwise there were no visible problems in that information. An almost average family with one child, a house, and two rather old cars.

In my opinion the main problem in Kim's family was that he, without doubt, fucked my wife. Of course there were no evidence about that, so far only some strong clues.

Then Matilda and I went to my job where we used highly water resistant green stamp color for marking some items. I took a little quantity in a small bottle and went back home.

At home I carefully opened Madeleine's four condom packages, took out the condoms, cut them and put them back in their packages, poured green stamp color in the packages and sealed them carefully again. The reason why I cut the condoms was that I wanted the green color on them, not in her pussy. It would take them many days to wash away the water resistant color.

Alexander called me at the Saturday evening and said that everything was fine and it had been very good time for him, why he was eager to tell me about everything he had done during the day. When I wanted speak to Madeleine, Alexander said that mom and grand dad was down to the reception in some errand, why I said that mom can call if she want me something. She didn't call and obviously didn't had anything to say me. I suspected that Rupert, the teetotaler and his daughter had sneaked away to the hotel bar for some secret drinks.

No further phone calls from Madeleine during their trip and back home at Sunday evening she began arguing about Madeleine's accident, "I thought you could look after the children for a few hours at Thursday evening but obviously that is too much to expect from you."

"Sorry I had to disturb you in your important activities. Anyways, many thanks for interrupting whatever important things you were doing and coming to the hospital." I replied and for a split second I saw a feared look in her face what meant that my words had hit the right target.

She shouted, "What the hell did you mean by that?"

"Just what I said, I'm glad that our children still are more important for you than your other interests." That reply ended the arguing.

Monday and Tuesday went fast without any further arguing from Madeleine but even without any attempts about sex from any of us.

The main question in my situation when knowing for sure that my wife intended to cheat me was; shall I give her a hint about knowing what's going on so she can cancel her plans.

After much thinking forth and back I decided to give Madeleine a warning what could save our marriage if she cared to do that. Before going to bed at Wednesday evening I told her, "There are rumors about warm feelings between you and a some Kim Stureben, who is said going to the same seminar as you are. If this marriage means anything to you and you want to remain married with me, please skip all intentions about fucking that man or lesbian if that Kim is woman."

Madeleine reacted much harder than expected and shouted, "You must turned crazy and don't dare to touch me tonight."

I got the last word by saying, "Don't worry, I will never touch you if I'll find out the truth about you and that Kim."

She left for her conference early Thursday morning and during my lunch break I went to the Court office for divorce papers. Back home I checked her drawer and just as expected, her condom box was gone.

Now the only important question would be; Did they go for it immediately after they got their rooms or had they so tight agenda that there were no spare time available for such pleasures. If so, they had to wait until after the dinner at the evening. My guess was late in the evening because I'm sure that they even went to the bar for some chat with other participants.

Rupert used to take night rather early during the weekdays, why I switched my landline phone over to his number. No harm if his slight boozed and very angry daughter gave him a wake up call with frantic shouting when she thought that it was me who pretended to be Rupert.

My cell phone was sat to vibrating mode so it wouldn't disturb neither me or the children. But it was laid on my nightstand where it began to vibrate at about half past eleven and did so every tenth minute for the next hour and a half.

Before my children and I left the house next morning, I switched back the land line phone and listened to some of the voice mail messages on my cell phone.

I could hardly say that my marriage was a happy marriage. Far from that because my dear wife shouted and cursed me in all her messages, "What the hell have you done? Be sure that you damn stupid male pig shall pay a high price for that idiotic trick. How shall I get rid of that damn color. Call me at once."

Why should I reply to such vulgar messages?

But I couldn't avoid her calls at my job and took the first one only a few minutes after coming to the job. Madeleine shouted, "Are you happy now? Do you know what you have done to me?"

"Done what to you?"

She shouted, "Don't pretend to be innocent, you know very well what I'm talking about."

"No, I don't have a slightest clue about what you are talking about. Are you accusing me for done something wrong?"

Now she sounded stressed an said with lower voice, "The condoms you idiot."

"What condoms? Why are you using condoms at your seminar? Are you cheating me?"

She continued, "How shall I get rid of the color?"

"Why are you using colored condoms? Are colored condoms different? Thanks for confessing your seminar fucking. You know the consequences."

Now she sounded desperate and asked, "Please tell me how to get rid of that damn color."

"Don't ask me, I've never used colored condoms. Ask your fucking boyfriend, it ought to be his problem rather than mine." I hang on and ended her call.

Only a few minutes later I got a phone call from Rupert who asked me about if his daughter had got some problems because she had rang last evening and obviously been in a terrible mess. I replied that she had called me only a few minutes earlier about some problem with condoms, what will give Madeleine serious consequences for her marriage if she's using condoms and cheating when she is away from her husband at a seminar

No doubt that Rupert and his wife would have an interesting chat about their now obviously less pretty daughter.

After that it was high time to bring some spice to Kim's family life, why I e-mailed a copy of Madeleine's and his necking picture to his wife with the comment;

"Dear Elisabeth Stureben, I happened to find this picture in a book and as both your husband and my cheating wife spent the last night at the same hotel, it might been possible that something like that happened again. If Kim, when back home, has spots of un-washable green color on his body, the color is from my wife's prepared condom what was a trap for the cheating wife and her lover. Best Regards, Robert Johnson."

About one hour later Kim's wife called me for further information. She had a very pleasant and sensual voice though she made it very clear that my e-mail was a real surprise for her and the picture could be from some innocent situation and could hardly be regarded as evidence about cheating. I agreed and told her that nothing was for sure yet but my wife and obviously somebody else had got caught in my color trap and it was a good guess that it might been her husband due to his earlier interest for Madeleine.

Elisabeth got me interested about her. Sexy voice but was she an innocent victim for a stupid cheating husband or a bitch who caused his actions. However, we agreed to keep in touch if she found any green color on her husband.

Back home after work, an angry Madeleine was already there. She had green palms and a big green spot on her right chin.

She shouted at me, "Are you happy now after doing me to laughing stock among my co-workers?"

I replied with a low voice, "No, not at all because today is one of the worst days in my whole life. A crushed family is nothing to be happy about. At least not in my opinion. Why are you complaining, you got a night together with your lover boy and from now on you can have him full-time for ever."

Madeleine got a surprised expression in her face and asked, "What do you mean by that?"

"Your cheating during last night terminated this marriage and I'm sorry for our innocent children who are getting a lot of problems." I told her.

Then I gave her the divorce papers and said, "It doesn't matter for the divorce if you sign or not but you'll save a fair amount in lawyer expenses if you'll agree with the written conditions and sign papers right now."

She began to cry and sobbed, "I love you and you are the father of my children, please don't do that to us. Please let us be a happy family again."

"A loving wife doesn't act as conference whore and it depends on the DNA tests if I'm the father of your children." I said.

Madeleine screamed, "Oh My God!" and rushed to our bedroom.

Elisabeth Stureben called me a few minutes later saying that her husband had green palms and several green marks on his belly, penis and a green spot on his shaved head. After confessing his affair with my wife he was now packing his suitcases. Elisabeth and I agreed to meet the next day in a park for sharing further information.

I went there alone and 10 minutes after the meeting time a very handsome woman in her early thirties came towards me together with a small boy. She was a very beautiful woman with sparkling eyes what surprised me because I had expected to meet a some kind of a bitch.

"Elisabeth Stureben, I presume."

"Yes, and you ought to be that nasty Robert Johnson who crushed my marriage with your green color?"

"Your husband and my wife crushed our marriages. He must be complete insane for cheating such a pretty wife and create serious family problems." I said.

She and her boy Kevin accepted my invitation to a nearby café where Kevin after some cakes and Fanta found a "play room" and went there. We adults continued our talking.

I told her, "I have to confess that you are quite different from that woman whom I expected to see today and it is no doubt that your husband must been stupid for doing what he did."

She gave me a strange look, smiled and replied, "Sorry to make you disappointed if you had expected to meet a real bitch."

I said, "Something like that."

Then she wanted to know everything about Madeleine's cheating and I told her the truth about no background sound from a bar and her messed hair when she came to the hospital. I even told about finding condoms in drawer and fixing them with color. Elisabeth told me about her difficulties to decide about a divorce or not. The third time I told Elisabeth how lovely she was, she obviously got enough and interrupted me by saying, "Sorry my friend, if you are trying to talk me into some kind of a revenge fuck, you are hiking at a wrong place."

I got the message and replied with a smile, "Ever heard about love at first sight?"

"I'm not a teenager any longer, so for me that is out of question."

I kept smiling and said, "But you almost look like a teenager. Not even I believed such feelings could happen to me in my age, but I must confess to that my opinion in that matter changed today when I met you."

"Good try but nothing such will ever happen."

"I accept what you say and promise to be a loyal friend during this mess and skip all attempts to make any advantages of it. We can support each other as friends." I told her and she agreed to that.

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