Giving Brian a Hand

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2012 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I'm housekeeper and nannie to a wealthy family. Early on, I found crumpled, sticky hankies under their son's bed which I always laundered and replaced with clean ones. Then, when he was eighteen, he thanked me for it. Oh, did he ever.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

I never got to go to college so I've had a series of jobs that don't require a lot of education or technical training. I've done lots of the normal things, worked for a dry cleaner for a while, tended a sick lady until she passed on, even waitressed, which I generally disliked, and I've been a housekeeper and nanny.

The job I had when this started was with the Hendrickson's, Myra and Edwin, he's a car dealer with two big dealerships and they have a son, Brian, who was ten at the time.

I worked Monday through Friday and did the usual things, cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking, laundry and looking after their son when he got home from school. It was a fair amount of work but, honestly, I was paid quite well.

His father, of course, was a busy man running his businesses while his mother was very involved in social and charitable work while also overseeing the advertising the dealerships did. I wasn't quite sure if she wasn't involved in a few things she, being married, shouldn't have been. I never saw anything concrete, just a few things that were suggestive of an affair. Oh, well, none of my business anyway.

Brian was a nice kid, kind of quiet, often in his room after school, at his computer mostly.

I was finding handkerchiefs under his bed, kind of crusty and yellowed with a sweet smell to them and, not being born yesterday, I figured he was using them to masturbate into. There were no Playboys or anything like that but I did check his computer one day when he was gone and there were no parental controls turned on, you could access anything that's out there. I checked his search history and, oh, yeah, lots of porn sites.

I started picking up the handkerchiefs from under the bed and also found a small jar of Vaseline with about half of it gone. The hankies would go in the laundry and I'd put a couple of clean ones under his bed.

After a few weeks, not long after he'd turned thirteen, I saw that the jar of Vaseline was about empty so put it on my shopping list and replaced it with a full one.

Weeks and months went by as I swapped his used hankies with clean ones and, when it got low, I'd replace his lube of choice.

He never said anything about it and, of course, I didn't other, knowing that boys were not too eager to confess their masturbating.

So, this went on for months, even years, until he was a junior in high school. I was cleaning his room one morning when he came in the room and he just asked me, "Are you the one who keeps replacing the hankies under my bed with fresh ones? And, um, the Vaseline?"

Brian had grown into a handsome young man, one usually with more than one girlfriend at a time, but, like most of us still needed some manual relief on his own, it seemed and I told him it, indeed, was me.

"Well, I'd like to make it up to you, Carol, for all you've done."

Rather bemused, I told him, "Well, no need, I understand how things are, I had a brother myself." Then I added, "Maybe, when you're eighteen, I'll let you make it up to me then."

He looked a little funny but went on to other things as I finished his room.

I kept laundering his crusty hankies and replacing his Vaseline and right after his eighteenth birthday, he asked me, "You said I could make it up to you for all the hankies you've washed and all the Vaseline you've replaced for me. What did you mean, Carol?"

"Well, can you keep a secret, Brian?"

"Of course, after all, you've kept a pretty good one for me for all these years now."

"Well, I'd like to give you a hand job myself," I told him hoping that he was typical of young men in that he'd eagerly accept my offer.

"Really? Oh, wow, maybe I shouldn't tell you this but a lot of the time when I do it, it was you I was thinking about."

"Me? I'm your housekeeper, your nanny, Brian."

"I know that but you're really pretty and well, I've just always thought you were so sexy."

"Well, that's nice, it's not exactly a sexy kind of job but I appreciate it. After all I'm fifteen years older than you, it's quite a compliment under the circumstances. So, do I get my wish?" I asked, grinning at him.

"Oh, you bet, I'd love nothing better. Should we go up to my room, I'm ready right this minute?"

"Pretty eager, I'd say."

"Oh, am I, this is a dream come true," he said as I followed him up the stairs to his bedroom.

He reached under the bed and got the jar out and handed it to me, then began taking his clothes off. He didn't seem embarrassed at all, in fact he looked pretty eager to me.

He was soon standing there, a smile on his face with a very nice, actually, lovely, cock standing up pointing to my face.

"My, my, you have changed, Brian. I remember the first time I saw your penis. Well, things have changed," I said as I reached out and wrapped my fingers around it feeling his hardness.

"Um, could you do something for me?"

Several thoughts flew thew my mind of what might be coming and then he asked, "Could you take your top off, can I see your breasts? I've dreamed of this for so long."

Well, I was thirty-two years old and was finally becoming thankful that my boobs were not huge. I'm B-cup and they've stayed very nice, generally resisting the pull of gravity. And, well, I am pretty proud of them so I began unbuttoning my shirt, taking it off.

"Can I take your bra off, I've wanted to do this for so long?" he asked so sweetly as I turned and felt my bra loosen.

His warm hands went to my shoulders as he gently turned me back to him.

"Oh, Carol, you're even nicer than I'd imagined all these years. You're so pretty," he said staring at my breasts as I took his cock in hand again.

"Can I touch them?" he asked sweetly.

I nodded and said, "You can suck them, too, Brian, it's something I really like," as I rubbed his cock up and down while he took a nipple in and began.

I moved him backward to his bed where he sat down, never taking my nipple from his mouth while I slowly stroked him.

This was a boy I first knew when he was just ten, now he's eighteen, naked in my arms, sucking my breast as I slowly masturbate him. His cock felt so rigid and swollen in my hand, so full of young, hard passion and sex, it just felt the essence of virility as I stroked it up and down.

"Mmm, mmm," he was moaning as I masturbated him while so many thoughts raced through my head. Brian was no longer a child but a man, a man whose penis I was pleasuring in my hand right at that moment, gripping exactly what I wanted to pleasure me, what I wanted inside me.

I stopped and he looked up though he kept on sucking.

When I didn't resume, he raised up and asked me, "Is everything all right?"

"Yes, Brian, but I want more than this. Would you make love to me?"

There, I'd said it. He stood up and pulled back the covers and turned to me to begin undoing my pants and pulling them off leaving me in my panties. He got into bed and when I lay down, he pulled my panties off and began kissing me down my body.

Oh, this was something that I've always dearly loved. Every time I was ever given oral sex after the first time, it always brought me right back to that first time a boy's tongue worked its way between my pussy's lips sending sparks of electric spasms across my body, soon engulfing me in a tidal wave of an orgasm that shook me like no other ever had. It was truly life-changing.

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