by SW MO Hermit

Copyright© 2012 by SW MO Hermit

Romantic Story: An arrogant snob attempts to drug and rape an employee. Some of her friends rescue her. A male friend lets her and her other female friend live in his home. All three of them fall in love and marry separate persons. Retribution, of sorts, is given to the potential rapist.

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   .

Tim Geitner came into his house smiling. "Susan! Where are you honey?" He almost ran through the house yelling out her name. He heard the sliding patio door open then close and turned to watch Susan walk rapidly into the room. He was smiling as he rushed up to her and wrapped her in his arms.

After a quick kiss Tim said, "It worked Honey! We finally got that asshole Williams in enough trouble the managing partners fired him. Saul was given his job and they offered me Saul's old job. Saul and I may even be offered the chance to purchase Williams share of the business." He laughed a small diabolical laugh then continued, "I just wish it had been your asshole ex-husband that was fired instead of one of his friends but what the hell. At least we got some of our revenge. Maybe this will teach that Williams asshole a lesson. He didn't have to give me a scut job then lord it over me just so he could tell John he was helping us. I wonder if it made him and John feel better to do that to us after John drove us out of business and ruined us. I sure wish I could be there when good old John finds out what happened to his buddy."

Susan gave Tim a sunny smile and wrapped her arms around him. She gave him another deep sensuous kiss then stepped back and held his hand. She smiled once more and pulled him toward their bedroom. She kept turning to look at her husband as he followed her. After they reached the room they moved into a deep embrace pressing their bodies against one another with strong desire. 'Damn, ' Susan thought. 'I've never been able to get enough of this man. There's something about him that always has turned me on big time.'

Right after Susan's and her first husband John's divorce when John and his friends unleashed his revenge on her and Tim she wondered if she did the right thing getting rid of him. At the time she thought she could have probably talked him out of divorcing her if he had found out about her cheating. She had let Tim convince her he would have the more high profile, exciting life so she had gone ahead and filed for divorce. After her and John's divorce she worried she had made a bad decision. John had opened a new feed store and drove Tim out of business in their home town. They went bankrupt and left town with almost nothing. John had even managed to get custody of their two children eventually so the child support stopped too. Now, however, they were on the upswing once more and she was sure things would work out. Tim was once again talking about running for the State House of Representatives and had regained much of his old support base.

Susan was still angry that John, her ex husband, had managed to scuttle Tim's run for the House of Representatives the first time but perhaps even that dream was not completely dead. It sounded like Tim was in a position now to begin building his power base even stronger than it had been before. She was sure his new position would allow him to begin building their wealth once more. Tim was still a charismatic bastard and could talk a Leprechaun out of his pot of gold if he tried. Maybe soon they could afford more than this little two bedroom rental house ... It was a good possibility he could be elected then she would be the wife of a powerful, important man as she had always dreamed she would be.

Susan rapidly unfastened Tim's trousers and fished his rigid cock out. She squatted down and looked up at his eyes as she moved to him. Tim moaned and hunched his hips forward when he felt the hot wet mouth slide over the end of his slightly less than average size cock. His knees almost gave way when he felt Susan's tongue fluttering, tickling and working at his most sensitive spot just under the deep purple head. Susan smiled up at him and slowly moved her mouth down his 5 ½ inch cock, swallowing and working until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. In truth she never did have much trouble taking all of him into her mouth and throat. He was not nearly as large as her first husband John had been. She moved back, then forward over and over until Tim groaned and grabbed the back of her head. She missed John's cock more than anything else about her first marriage. She damn sure didn't miss the farm life and hard work it entailed.

Even when she and Tim had been down and out they managed to party and live the big life to satisfy that part of her needs. It was the sex that was slightly lacking in this marriage. She smiled to herself and almost giggled when she thought of the three times she had managed to get some really great sex outside her marriage. She did not allow herself to do that often though because she was afraid Tim would find out and divorce her. He could not afford to have a cheating wife and make a successful run for the House. She was willing to put up with slightly subpar sex for the chance of being married to an important man. Truthfully, social position was more important to Susan than money but she really lusted after both.

Shortly after Susan began blowing him, Tim pulled her onto his cock and thrust rapidly several times. He then pulled her head tightly against his groin as he let out a guttural groan. He felt his cock clench and release repeatedly as his jism rushed down his urethra and splashed into Susan's mouth. He grinned as he watched her swallow repeatedly trying to keep up with his spend. Finally he finished and Susan carefully licked and sucked him, making sure she had swallowed his entire offering.

Susan's eyes were sparkling when Tim roughly pulled her to her feet. They once more kissed deeply then undressed each other. Tim pushed Susan back onto the bed and crawled between her splayed legs. His cock was still hard and it headed for Susan's glistening cunt as if it was radar guided. He felt her moist opening and wiggled his hips to make sure his cock head was lodged in her opening properly. He set his hips and slammed forward driving his entire length into his wife in one lunge.

Even as wet as she was his thrust hurt and Susan screamed. Tim smiled and thought to himself, 'Take it Bitch. You and all the others just can't take a real man without screaming.' Tim was still smiling when he felt Susan's legs wrap around him and her arms clasp his arms. She began working her hips, meeting him thrust for thrust, grunting every time he slammed into her.

After their mutual orgasms Tim rolled to the side and lay on his back. Susan rolled onto her side and threw one leg and arm over Tim. She gave him a gentle kiss and leaned her head on her bent arm looking down at him.

"Oh, Honey, I'm so proud of you," Susan said. "You're finally on the way back up. Now that you are Sales Manager, you can be considered for Manager for the entire dealership. Is there any chance we can find a way to get rid of him in the next year or two so you can get that job? I almost wish we had stayed in contact with John so he could see even his friends and he couldn't keep a good man down. I'm so glad you took the first job John and his friends offered you in that restaurant kitchen. I know they did it to embarrass you but it helped you get this job and get back on the road to being somebody once again."

Tim and Susan were gently kissing one another again getting worked up for another round when the phone rang. It was the Principal of their son George's school. He wanted someone to come down and pick George up. He said George was once again in trouble and had been suspended for the rest of the week.

George was truly a chip off the old block. He was an arrogant user just like Tim but he also had some of his mother's cold hearted sneaky calculation within too. Most would call him a sneaky bully. He would go out of his way to insult, denigrate or abuse his classmates and was constantly on the lookout for a way to better his position. If that meant stabbing a friend in the back, so be it. Almost all the women he dated he did so because their parents were better off than were his or because they were beautiful and he wanted to fuck them. He never took NO for an answer either when it came to sex. Every girl he decided to fuck got fucked one way or the other.

Like Tim, his father, George felt it made him look like a big man to sneer at those he felt were inferior to him. If a classmate was smarter than he was he made fun of them for being a Nerd. If they were into computers and smarter than him they were a Geek. Of course he was a Jock so naturally was better than the common herd. All of the beautiful people told him so and he believed them and his parents completely about that aspect of his life. Athletic, handsome (or beautiful) people deserved deference from the masses, especially when they were from the economically or socially elite.

When Susan got to the school she walked into the Principal's office with a certain amount of trepidation. It took all she had to project the regal disdain she felt was called for when she interacted with those whose station was or should be below hers. Susan really did hate to go to the office to pick George up when he got into trouble. She especially hated having to be apologetic to her inferiors because George had once more disobeyed school rules. It wasn't that she was embarrassed to have to take him home for once again misbehaving, it was more that she felt like she had been called on the carpet. It brought back bad memories of her time in high school and reminded her of the times she or Tim had been called to the office for misbehaving and she resented the way it made her feel. She also resented the lecture she got from the Principal about her Son every time she was there.

Dammit, George WAS better than most of the other students and they SHOULD defer to him. If they didn't it was their fault if he had to chastise them or correct their behavior. She didn't know why so many people refused to admit and accept their status and defer to those better than they were. She sighed and thought it had always been that way and probably always would but it made life so much more difficult when inferiors had to be constantly reminded of their place.

After the lecture and their departure from school Susan turned to George and asked, "What was it about this time Honey?"

George gave her a sneering smile and replied, "That damn suck up Allen Williams was complaining about his old man getting the ax yesterday and Dad being given his job. He and some of his friends wouldn't shut up when I told them to let it ride so I had to spell out the problem and why his old man was let go. He threatened me and I had to take him down."

Susan smiled and said, "I suppose you did have to stand up for your father sweetheart but I do wish you would tone it down somewhat. If you keep it up I am afraid they may take you off the team and you would lose your chance at a football scholarship. I know it is tedious having to defer to many of the people we are forced to associate with right now but things are looking up." FIVE YEARS LATER

George walked into the front room of his parents' home and threw his bags on the floor. "Mom, I'm home," he yelled.

Susan Geitner rushed into the room with a smile on her face. She wrapped her youngest son in her arms and gave him a big hug. Perhaps it was well that she didn't see the look of disgust on his face. Of course that look would have been no more than she deserved. After all she and her husband raised him to be the way he was. George had learned his attitude from the best of them. First while he was growing up she and her husband had taught him to use people and only be nice to or respect those who could help him or who had something he wanted or needed. He was home more as a necessary stop since he graduated college than because he wanted to be there or he wanted to see his parents. They were the providers of largesse, of his cash and a place to crash. He gave them the minimum amount of time, consideration and politeness necessary to 'harvest' that largesse.

George let his mother hug him a moment then stepped back from her. He then asked, "Where's Dad? I guess I need to know when I start working. I'd like to have a little time off before I start. There are some people I need to see and I want to unwind some. Can you fix something to eat before I go out tonight?"

"Sure Honey. Dad's not back from work yet. It's his night to close. Why don't you have your supper then just go down to the dealership and see him. You know he leaves for the capitol Tuesday so you do need to get everything settled this week. I sure didn't think being a Representative's wife would be like this. It seems like I can only get up there a few times a year. I would sure like to spend more time in Jefferson City with your Father. If he wasn't so busy with his meetings we could take time to live it up a little. I would just love to attend more of the social gatherings."

George looked at his mother and wondered if she was really that stupid or if she was just trying to ignore what his father was really doing when he was away during legislative sessions. Oh, well, it was no skin off his nose as long as his father came across with the cash and pussy from time to time. That time he caught his father and his assistant fucking in the office was the best thing that could have happened to him. Now any time he could get to Jefferson City he got all the pussy he could handle. Hell, he was already one of the gang. His Father had promised him after he learned the car business he would make room for him in his office so they could do some really fun times. They had already double teamed some of his father's women in Jefferson City and it was a real blast. Some of them they had fucked so long and hard they had been almost unable to move. One of the women actually had to call in sick the Monday after they spent the weekend fucking her. George smiled at the memories of that weekend. That one had cost his father some serious cash to keep her quiet. She had ended up in the doctor's office because her ass couldn't take the cock shoved up it. Thank God for campaign donations. At least the cash hadn't come from his father's pockets.

George settled into his new position at his Father's auto dealership quickly. He had been working there in some capacity or another since he was in his mid teens so that was no surprise. What was a surprise was it took nearly a month before the first complaint about him came to his Father's attention. Tim was secretly pleased that George was not only a Ladies Man but he would take no guff from Males. Tim had always thought he was better than others and he was convinced his son was too. In his opinion it was only natural for George to set people straight when they didn't follow his lead or act subservient enough.

As for George's women, his treatment of them was only natural. George was a man now and men took what they wanted from a woman. If the woman wanted to play hard to get a real man should convince her to stop playing and spread for him. If it took a little force or drugs, so be it. After all, he had to push Susan into leaving that wimp John didn't he? Of course she was just like all the other bitches in the world. She acted like his conscience. The term "old ball and chain" sure fit her. He'd dump her in a New York minute if it wouldn't hurt his political career. He was so tired of her loose old pussy he could cry.

Tim sighed to himself and called George into his office to talk about overhearing Misty complain. After George was seated Tim said, "George if you don't watch out we may have a problem with Misty. I overheard her talking about you in the accounting office yesterday. She was complaining about your attitude and some of the comments you have made to her. She is upset you keep hitting on her after she has told you to leave her alone and she is especially upset with you touching her. So far I haven't been approached by her officially but you need to watch it. I agree she is a tasty little piece and I would like to tap it myself but you need to be damn careful. If she decides to make a sexual harassment complaint against you we could be in serious trouble if I don't discipline you. She was also upset with the way you cut deals for the women purchasing cars. You need to be a little more discrete when you offer good deals for ladies who show you their appreciation socially shall we say. That could really cause us trouble if a customer complained."

George started to become angry and his father could see he was about to pop off. Tim raised his hand to forestall his comment then continued, "Oh, hell, I know what you've been doing and some of what you've been saying to the little cunt but you have to be careful son. Hell, you know I don't have a problem if you fuck every cunt in the office and half the customers as long as it doesn't come back and haunt us. If Misty or a customer makes a complaint and I don't handle it correctly it could cost us a lot of money. Money I might add that we do not have enough of. Shit, it could even hurt me in the election if the damn press gets wind of any complaints she makes. I can have some of the boys talk to her and maybe get her to cool off if I have to but I would rather not do that. Eventually encouragement like that can come back and haunt a person. Why don't you just find some other little piece of ass and forget her?"

"For one thing Dad I really want to tap that ass. For another, I went to school with her and she took the side of that asshole Williams when you and his father had your trouble several years ago. I intend to stick it to her literally AND figuratively as soon as I can. If she's going to be a little complaining cunt about it I guess I'll have to get a little creative but I intend to repay her for her disloyalty and disrespect with interest."

"Huh. I didn't know about that. Well, be careful son. I can't have you doing anything that could come back to haunt me in the election you know. Why don't you just get her drunk and fuck her then?"

"Count on it Dad. One way or another she's going to get fucked and fucked long and hard. It's just a matter of how it goes down and when I can get between her legs. Was there anything else?"

George and his father discussed several business related matters then he left the office. He was seething in anger because of the little cunt complaining about him. He had about decided to cool it with her for a while but now decided he would show her who was boss as soon as possible. He made it a point of hanging around listening to conversations. He knew many of the employees went out after work occasionally. He had run across them from time to time when he and his friends were trolling the bars for ass.

Now, more than ever, George wanted to know when she would be going out and where they went so he could begin his payback. He decided if he couldn't get her drunk and give her to some of his buddies for a gang bang (after he had fucked her of course) he would drug her and give her to them that way. It wouldn't be the first time he or some of his friends had to drug a stubborn cunt. Of course he intended to get his share of her pussy and ass before his buddies got hold of her but that should have gone without saying. Betters ALWAYS got first chance at tasty tidbits. He hated the thought of having to wear a rubber but he would so she wouldn't have any of his DNA in her in case she screamed rape and they did DNA testing. He smirked to himself thinking he really didn't care if anyone else wore a condom or not. It was their ass if they got caught. They could just take their chances.

George intended to fuck Misty with no witnesses so the most that could come back on him would be the fact he was seen with her before the others used her. He was sure he could beat any rap if that occurred. After all, he was her employer and, besides, his father was a state Representative so they could probably bring some pressure to bear and kill any bad publicity any way. They would spin it like he had tried to help her and she just misunderstood. It was a perfect plan in his opinion. He would take her to a motel room, fuck her, and then take her back to his friends to do with as they saw fit. He would be out of it then and with luck and his drugs she would never know he fucked her.

Finally, two weeks after his talk with his father George overheard the little cunt promise to meet some of her coworkers at 'The Office', a popular bar, after work. He smiled and rushed to his office. He called several of his friends and got three of them to meet him at the bar after work. He promised them a few cold ones while they got caught up with each other. There was never any mention George was planning on providing Misty to his friends that night. He only mentioned the bar was always full of young, willing pussy and he thought they should make a try for some of it that evening.

George and his friends all settled into their seats and began trolling for pussy as soon as they arrived at the bar. This was what they normally did when they went out. They were almost always successful even if they did have to help their case along from time to time with a little additive to a particularly resistant females drink. George's friends were much like George. They were a little arrogant and a lot inconsiderate. All four of the young men had charisma and the gift of gab however so were exceptionally successful when they were on the prowl. They all had money either from family inheritances or from a good position so they were usually successful with the ladies. They just could not sustain a relationship because the ladies rapidly found out they were "users" and not husband or even serious boy friend material. They did know how to fuck and if a woman only wanted her horns dulled they were excellent company for that purpose.

Finally Friday arrived and George cackled with glee. He was so excited thinking about his plans for Misty that he made two costly mistakes during sales negotiations late in the work day. He could not keep his mind on the negotiation and as the day progressed he finally agreed to a deal just to get rid of the customers. George and his friends arrived at the bar almost fifteen minutes before Misty and her friends began arriving. As soon as Misty and her friends were seated at their table George and his friends began approaching the ladies for dances and trying to separate them from the others in their group.

As the evening progressed the friends made several trips to the dance floor with Misty and her female friends. George, in his persona of Assistant Sales Manager even went to the table and visited for a while. He made it a point of purchasing everyone there a drink. Misty refused to dance with him however and that perceived insult just inflamed George's temper even more. He promised himself before this evening was up the little bitch would feel his wrath. He was going to use her rough and use all of her holes.

Since Misty would not drink with him or dance with him George resorted to his fallback position. While Misty was dancing with one of George's friends he went to her table to talk to another of the ladies. While pretending to move Misty's drink out of his way he carefully placed his drug of choice in it. After the powder fell from his hand into her drink, he casually moved it back away from his arm. He did this all while he was chatting up the woman who had been sitting beside Misty. He was so casual it looked like he didn't even realize what he was doing. After he had drugged her drink and her friend refused to dance with him, George went back to his table and kept a close eye on Misty. She had returned from the dance floor but was ignoring her drink and talking animatedly with her friends. When would she ever take her drink?

From time to time George would return to the women's table and ask Misty once more to dance. One time Misty got angry and said loudly, "Damn it I told you I don't want to dance with you. Now will you PLEASE leave me alone?

George had been getting angrier at each refusal but he became furious when Misty lashed out at him. Part of his anger was also because she was not drinking her cocktail. George was becoming very impatient waiting for her to drink enough of the drug for it to work. Finally he began to smile. Misty returned to her table after a very energetic fast dance with one of the two men sitting with her group. Not only had she slammed down her drink when she returned from the dance floor but she had taken it all at once. Shortly she began to act totally 'out of it'.

Before Misty's condition became too noticeable one of his friends had gotten her onto the dance floor and kept her there through two dances. In her condition she did not stop his roaming hands. At the end of the second song another friend took her in his arms. For four more songs she was passed from man to man. George smiled to himself as he watched one of his friends guide her toward her table and friends. It was just a matter of time before she went to the rest room and that was where they always guided the marks out of the clubs. No one would see who left with the mark. The person making the pickup always wore a disguise and they even tried to disable known security cameras to be even more secure.

By the time Misty was drooping and so drowsy she could hardly sit George was gleefully anticipating his newest conquest. He was almost bouncing in his chair with his excitement. On her next trip to the rest room George intended to make his move. He had a motel room rented under a fictitious name and he was more than ready. After he had used her for an hour or so he would call his friends and let them use her. All four men were primed for the night of their life.

One of the men at the table with Misty and her friends had been spending a lot of time dancing with her. George had not seen him with them before and he was angry at the way he seemed to monopolize Misty's time. The unknown man seemed concerned with the way Misty was acting. George and his friends watched in anger when the man and one of the women who worked in the office with Misty stood her up and guided her from the table. They were heading for the outside door. He was seething with anger and moved to intercept them.

George stood in the door and stopped them when they attempted to leave. He asked, "Hey, what's going on here? Where are you taking Misty and why does she look so out of it?"

Audra, his other employee gave George an angry look and replied, "Misty doesn't feel well Mr. Geitner. Allen and I are taking her home. Now would you please get out of the way so we can take care of her?"

Allen looked startled when Audra called George by name but he didn't say anything until after they were outside. They helped Misty into Audra's car and closed the door after buckling her into her seat belt.

Audra and Allen walked back around the car to the driver's door. As she turned to open the door Allen placed his hand on Audra's arm. She stopped and turned back to look at him when Allen asked, "Audra I heard you call that asshole Mr. Geitner. That's a strange name. I've heard the two of you mention a Timmy and a Georgie. Was that George Geitner? Timothy Geitner is his father?"

"Yeah, but why are you asking that now?"

"Audra I'm sure Misty hasn't had enough to drink to be as out of it as she is. None of us had more than three drinks I believe. I only remember her having two. I noticed George and his buddies trying time after time to get her to sit at their table after they danced with her. Even after her rejection George seemed to hang around her seat quite a lot. Has he been bothering her at work by any chance?"

"Weeeellllll, sort of. He keeps hitting on her and she doesn't want anything to do with him but nothing bad other than that. Why?"

"Audra I knew good old George and his father years ago. Misty and I went to junior high school with him. I moved away is why I didn't recognize him in the bar. I've heard rumors about him when he was in college. He was in one of the fraternities at the same college I attended. He's a real piece of work. He and his fraternity brothers weren't above using date rape drugs or a little force on women if the rumors are correct. There were always rumors about his fraternity. One time I heard he was in trouble over a woman. The charges were dropped and I quit hearing about him as much just before we graduated. I think we need to take Misty to the hospital before we take her home. I suspect someone drugged her and I would rather be safe than sorry you know. If she was drugged we will have a pretty good idea who did it. Why don't you go to the hospital and I'll follow you there. I'll follow you home then and help get her into the house before I leave."

When Allen and Audra arrived at the hospital they told the emergency room admitting clerk their suspicions about Misty. After obtaining the minimum amount of information Misty was taken into an examination room and blood drawn. Like in many emergency rooms the wait was long and worrying for the two friends. They were becoming worried very worried about Misty. Finally Allen decided to make a fuss to obtain information on their friend. He was rising to find a nurse when they saw two police officers enter the waiting area. The officers walked to the admission clerk and spoke to her. The officers turned and looked at Allen and Audra when the clerk pointed them out.

The policemen walked toward the two friends and they stood to meet them. One of the officers verified their identities then asked, "What can you tell us about your friend? We received the call after you brought her in and need to get some information about the alleged incident.

Allen and Audra began giving their statements about the evening and their suspicions. Allen even told them what he knew about George's actions in his college fraternity. Just before they finished the emergency room physician walked up to them and the officers. He verified Misty had been drugged and told them they had pumped her stomach. She was resting comfortably now and would probably sleep the rest of the night. She had ingested Rohypnol.

After the officers got the information they needed from Allen and Audra the two worried friends left for their homes. The next morning, Saturday, Allen and Audra met at Audra's home. They then went to their favorite little café for breakfast before driving to the hospital together to see Misty and, hopefully, take her home.

While at the café Allen leaned back in his chair and said, "Audra I think you need to be very careful at work. I wouldn't be surprised if you and Misty start having a lot of trouble there. Be sure to cover your asses because I expect George to trump up a reason to fire Misty at the very least and possibly to fire you because you stood up to him last night. My family is positive father and a friend manufactured false documents to get my father fired when he managed the dealership. I'm sure he knows about that and I suspect he will try that to get rid of Misty. I also don't think this will be his last attempt to get her into his bed either. Back in high school George took personal offense if a girl turned him down. I remember how he kept pushing and bothering her until he got her into bed. Not many women over the years have successfully told George no. You both need to be very careful what you eat and drink around good old George. If it was me I would stay as far away from him as you could, maybe even looking for a new job. He and his whole family are really bad medicine."

The two friends finished their breakfast without more significant conversation then went to see Misty. They spent the morning in the hospital with her before she was finally released. They took her to Audra's home and spent the afternoon visiting and discussing the possible repercussions of their allegation that George drugged Misty. None of them expected anything to come of it because they had no proof and because George's father was a powerful man. In fact, they were a little worried about what might happen to them if, when, it became known they had made their suspicions known. Misty was remembering George in high school and how he got even with those he felt had disrespected him or thwarted his desires. Audra and Allen were remembering the bad things they had heard about George.

After supper Allen left the two women and returned to his home away from home. Allen was a small electrical and security contractor. He did wiring, computer repair and security system installation and repair. He was in the process of reworking a strip mall in the town upgrading the wiring and adding a state of the art security system. He normally lived near two small towns about seventy miles from Springville where he was now. He was living and working out of a converted school bus that he had set up as his mobile office and apartment. The rear part of the bus served as a computer repair room. He pulled a small trailer with the bus also. He hauled his small Ranger truck and some of his larger tools in the enclosed trailer.

The bus had a bed, chair, refrigerator and microwave oven in the living area. There was also a small table for him to eat on. If he needed to write or use the computer he went into the office portion of the bus which was just behind the driver's seat. His computer room in the rear of the bus was accessible from the emergency door at the rear as well as an interior door. When he was not crashing in his mobile office Allen lived on the only piece of property his family had managed to salvage after his father had been fired years ago. It had been his grandparent's farm and was still in their name when his parents had to take bankruptcy when his father lost his job.

His father and mother moved several times after losing the job and they both worked in order to make ends meet. It had taken them years to regain the standard of living they had before Tim Geitner had gotten his father fired. His parents were approaching retirement now and lived in a small two bedroom home they had finally managed to purchase in Steelville. He had done all the work on it with his father's help and had helped them purchase the materials to remodel it. It was fully paid off and they had a newer F150 to drive. They had a small amount of money saved and with their part time jobs they were convinced they would have a comfortable retirement when their Social Security started.

His parents had seemingly forgiven and forgotten Tim Geitner's treachery but Allen still resented it. He had promised his parents he would not try to get even with the family but he was still angry about how Tim treated his father. Now his anger was intensified by what he was sure George did and tried to do to Misty.

He was not sure Misty could be called his girlfriend but she was female and she and Audra were his two best friends in the world. He sometimes thought he would like to ask one or the other out on a date but so far he had not done so. He felt more as if they were his sisters rather than potential mates. When he was with them they were both very suggestive in comments and actions. They all three flirted outrageously with each other but Allen chose not to ask them out. He was slightly afraid doing so would kill their friendship. Even with that fear he would have done so if he had felt more enamored with either of them. Truthfully, that little spark that caused members of the opposite sex to date each other was not there for Allen. Both ladies could be called very pretty if not beautiful and Allen appreciated that but, for him at least, there was something missing from the equation and he chose to keep them as friends instead of lovers or potential lovers.

Monday about two in the afternoon Misty and Audra saw two police officers go into George's office. They were sure the visit was about Misty's drugging on Friday. Both were scared of the outcome but they had no choice but to report their suspicions since the drug tests came back positive and Allen had told the officers what he had. Both had thought they should have said they had no idea who might have done such a thing but since Allen had told the Police he suspected George and why they had backed him up.

The officers were in the office for almost an hour. Shortly after they left George came out of his office and stood in the door for a moment. His face was red and his jaw clenched. He glared at Audra and Misty then stomped out of the office section headed for the front door. He brushed into a customer entering the building and knocked her back. He never stopped to apologize or even seemed to notice what he had done.

Misty and Audra looked at each other and both thought Allen was right. Now George was angry at them and they were afraid he would try to get his revenge. They were right. Not quite a week later small errors began to be found in Misty's and Audra's work. Their deposits didn't match the cash register tapes. Service documents showed paid and there was no money to match. Documents had to be redone several times because they had supposedly prepared them incorrectly. Problems seemed to be worse on documents prepared late in the day and left for completion overnight. To the women it was obvious documents were being changed after they left but they could not prove it. George and Tim began to give them formal counseling statements for poor job performance. The small errors on their deposits were taken from their checks on payday.

Misty and Audra told Allen what was happening. He suggested they make copies of the work before they gave it to anyone and keep the copies in a safe place off premises. On Saturday the second week they were having problems Allen asked the two women if they could meet at Audra's home. He told them he had something very important to discuss with them.

Allen arrived at the agreed on time. He had another man with him. Allen introduced Harry Thomas to the two women. He said, "Harry is an old college chum. He works for the U.S. Attorney's Office as an Organized Crime Investigator. I have told him what has been going on since the night Misty was drugged. He has pulled the investigation the Police force conducted on the case. The only signed statements in the file are the ones with us at the hospital. There is not a copy of the lab reports. There is a statement from the investigating officers that they talked to George and he denied talking with you that evening. He of course, denied tampering with your drink. He stated you worked for him and had been performing poorly. He told the Officers he suspected you were trying to get even with him for his counseling you on your job performance. The investigation is now officially closed."

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