Maid Service

by Jana Cleveland

Copyright© 2012 by Jana Cleveland

Fan Fiction Sex Story: A hotel maid has a steamy sexual encounter with pro wrestler Randy Orton

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fan Fiction   Celebrity   Black Female   White Male   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

so good, especially in a hug. His damp, naked-yet-towel-clad body felt so warm against my fully-clothed body. Then, I went downstairs, clocked out for the night, changed into some clothes, got my overnight bag, and came back to Randy's room. I knocked on the door and Randy let me in. As I went inside, I took the "Do Not Disturb" sign and placed it in front of the door.

"Wow, you came back quickly! Please come right in." Randy said to me.

As soon as Randy and I went into his bedroom, I then said to him, "I'm glad to be back in your room, Randy, especially because I'm off the clock for the night."

"Let me take your coat." He said to me.

"Okay, thanks." I said as I took off my black short trench coat and put my overnight bag down by his bed.

Randy put my coat over by the chair before kissing my lips. As we kissed, I felt his ripped, half-naked body pressed against my body.

He gently broke the kiss, looked at me, and said, "You really clean up nice for a hotel housekeeper."

"Mmm, thanks." I responded as he looked into my eyes.

I returned his kiss on the lips as my hands explored his body. They travel from his hyper mobile tattoo-sleeved shoulders, to his ripped abs, to his muscular back, and all the way down to his firm ass, which was covered by a pair of black cotton pajama bottoms.

After the kiss, I said to Randy, "I'm about to change into something a little more comfortable."

"Take your time." Randy told me as I took my overnight bag and went into the bathroom, the same bathroom where I briefly watched Randy as he took a shower and where I silently played with myself.

A couple of minutes later, I came out of the bathroom. I wore a sexy French maid lingerie fantasy outfit, which consisted of a black and white underwire teddy, a flirty apron, white lace gloves, and a white lace headband and neckband. I also wore a pair of black lave stay-up thigh high stockings on my legs and a pair of black suede lace-up boots on my feet. My silky, jet black hair flew down to my shoulders, lightly caressing the sides of my neck.

Randy got up from the bed, looked at me, and said, "Damn! You look really sexy tonight, especially in that costume."

I replied, "Thanks, this is a lot sexier than the hotel uniform I've been wearing all day. I've never told you this, but while I was working on your room earlier today I had fantasized about you."

Randy smiled at me and said, "Mmmm, tell me about it."

"I silently and secretly looked at you and your hot, ripped body as you took your shower. While you were in the shower, I was by the sink and I touched myself. I then fantasized about you taking me into the shower, taking off my hotel maid uniform, and having passionate, steamy sex. Our bodies were wet as you kissed and touched me all over." I told him.

Feeling aroused, Randy replied, "Wow, I had no idea how turned on you were. I had a fantasy about you."

Curious and turned on, I asked him, "What's your fantasy about me?"

He replied, "It all started when I first saw you in my room and I accidentally squeezed your beautiful bottom. After you left to clock out, I imagined touching your beautiful body, kissing those lips, and pleasuring you all night long. I imagined me and you messing up the sheets and making you come again and again."

"Whenever I see you on TV or looked at pictures of you in magazines or online, you're like this walking, talking, breathing turn-on. You're like sex on two legs and everything about you just turns me on." I said to him.

I watched as he smiled at me. That sexy smile not only made my heart flutter, it also made my pussy drip with desire.

I continued, "Oh, where do I start? Those sexy blue eyes, that hot smile, those kissable, lickable lips, that ripped body that makes me want to sex you, those strong thighs that I would want to straddle, that muscular back that I want to rub with my hands, that firm, fit ass that I wanna feel in my hands as you're sexing me, those tattoo-sleeved arms I want to wrap around my waist, or that deep, smooth voice of your that gives me chills through my body."

"How about we fulfill each other's fantasies tonight?" Randy suggested with that sexy smile on his face. He also looked at my body with those blue fuck me eyes.

"I would really like that!" I happily exclaimed.

Randy then pulled me close and passionately kissed my lips. His large hands caressed up and down my body, I moaned as he kissed down my neck. My hands explored every inch of his hot, fit, fuckable body; going from his head to his frontal body, down his fit, muscular back, and down to his firm ass. He then took me to the bed where he laid me down and took off my shoes. I watched and sighed as he kissed my aching feet before moving down to my ankles. I deeply sighed when he licked both of my legs with his wet, pink tongue. I felt my pussy gradually dripping as I watched him pleasuring me from my feet to my legs. He looked at me with a pleasured smile on his face as he kissed my lips some more. I enjoyed being pleasured, especially by a bad boy-looking pro wrestler like Randy.

As we kissed, I felt Randy's hand unzipping my maid costume while his other hand played with silky black strands of my mid-length hair. He slowly took the costume off of my body and his eyes admired every square inch of my womanly body. His eyes widened with wild desire as he saw my womanly, curvaceous black lace-underwear clad body.

"You look even sexier in your underwear as you were in your maid costume." Randy said to me with a sexy smile on his face.

I smiled back at him as I sat up and returned his kiss on the lips. My hands caressed up and down his strong back while his tongue swirled inside my mouth. I then watched with aroused anticipation as Randy reached around and unhooked the back of my bra. I gasped as he licked both of my nipples before cupping my breasts into his hands. I moaned as he kissed and sucked both of my breasts. As he orally pleasured my breasts, I felt his viper awakening against my thigh though his pajama bottoms. I moaned and groaned as he moved lips down to my belly as his hands rested on my hips. He then sat up and I watched him lick his fingertips. He slid his hand into my panties and gently rubbed my clit. I groaned at the sensation as my juices started to leak from my pussy. I slowly pulled off my panties as Randy kissed down to my waistline.

Randy looked at me with those blue fuck-me eyes and "Mmmmm, I'm ready to taste you."

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