Unicorns, Ballcocks, and Nuns With No Shame

by harry lime

Copyright© 2012 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: This is a dream sequence involving damsels in distress in various stages of undress. The dream master is a dominent female with BDSM attitude and a long cat-of-nine-tails. A very attractive Nun with a naughty inclination copulates with the restrained dreamer riding him like a frenzied jockey. A pair of nubile schoolgirls present their rear-ends for spirited correction and draw the attention of both a shemale with a sturdy cock and the dreamer. Anal sex is supreme and the scent of sex is rampant

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Magic   Heterosexual   Shemale   Fiction   DomSub   FemaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Light Bond   Humiliation   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Clergy   .

Harry was having a nice dream. There were unicorns and damsels in distress. The damsels were all over 16 and had been carefully screened to ascertain their acceptance of consensual sexual scenarios. The family relationships were still a little fuzzy in his brain but he was certain there was no incest involved. Not that he had any particular objection to close family ties.

One of the females was quite beautiful but he had to strain his eyes to confirm the young lady possessed a rather fine cock above her hairy quim. One full level above simple bisexual relations there, he mused. An attractive nun sat quietly next to the fireplace reading an explicit pornographic magazine never to be found in any self-respecting convent.

The muscular middle-aged woman in the center of all this activity was wearing laced leather boots with 6 inch stiletto heels and a black leather corset over a flimsy thong. Her breasts were bare and her nipples swung in unison each time she turned left or right.

He realized he was prone on a very comfortable mattress flat on his back with both his hands and legs restrained tightly to the four corners of the bed. He tried to yell out but his mouth was filled with a ball cock thing that made his jaw a little overstretched.

The woman in the black leather corset moved to his side and trailed the business end of a cat-of-nine-tails over his naked belly and down to his exposed cock. He was still in a dormant state but the touch of the dangerous tool frightened him into a semi-hard erection in a matter of seconds.

The phone on the nightstand rang loudly destroying his concentration.

Brinnng ... Brinnng ... pause ... Brinnng ... Brinnng. The tattooed woman carrying the whip picked up the receiver and said in a very erotic sounding voice,

"Yes. This is Monica's house of pain. We make your fantasies come real. Satisfaction guaranteed or a full refund."

The beady-eyed woman looked at Harry watching anxiously from his supine position.

"Yes, sir. He is tied down and the gag is in. Yes, sir. I will do everything just like you instructed me. No, sir. I am certain he will be no problem. I will take care of it personally."

The whip cracked down sharply catching him by surprise right on his semi-erect cock.

"Whish ... Crack! Uungh! Oh, shit! What's going on, I'm not into that crap!"

The nun looked up from her magazine and laughed so hard she almost peed under her robe. Harry thought she reminded him of an old girlfriend who had dumped him for an Italian Funeral Director. The only thing in the funeral directors favor was his salami of a cock.

Remembering that embarrassment, he also remembered how the little slut used to lick his ass hole with a wild abandon after she had a couple of glasses of wine. He often kicked himself in the ass for letting that treasure get away.

The nun came over and lifted her long robe to get up on top of the bed. He could see she was wearing absolutely no underwear and that her bushy snatch was already quivering with female juices.

The tattooed woman grabbed hold of his shrinking cock and stroked him into a fine hard erection. The nun wasted no time at all and lowered her pussy right onto his cock and let her full weight descend onto his trembling groin. The pretty young nun leaned forward onto his shoulders and began to slam her ass down hard into his body riding his rampant cock like a professional jockey.

The ride was short, sweet and concluded with his member shooting long spurts of creamy cum up deep inside the attractive nun's vagina.

After she had satisfied her pussy, the nun moved up his body to perch right on top of his ballcock. She rubbed her sloppy wet slit all over his face and the cream filtered down the edges of the ballcock to drain into his mouth. She tasted nice and fresh and was filled with an enthusiasm that was catching. The dirty little thing even reversed her body and gave his face a generous smear of her sweaty ass crack and the pungent brown hole hiding deep inside.

When she was finished with him, the pretty dark-haired nun removed herself to the fireplace and this time took up a religious book instead of the lurid magazine she was previously reading. Harry figured she was moving into her penance stage to repent for her sinful excesses. It was remarkable how pious and at peace she looked sitting in such repose.

The tattooed lady with the nice looking legs started to pull his restrained ankles back up the head of the bed next to his hands. He was now in a defenseless position with his bottom raised high for any discipline to be dished out by the lady in black leather. Through his legs he saw two young girls in their early 20s come into the bedroom. They were dressed in Catholic school girl uniforms. With see-thru white blouses and short plaid skirts that revealed their virginal white thongs. The patent leather shoes and the knee high white socks added to the school uniform look and made Harry's cock into a rock-hard tool.

The tattooed lady told him that their names were Petula and Penelope. Apparently they were sisters, although not twins. The whip-wielding attractive mature woman told the two girls to turn around and bend over. As soon as they did, Harry could see they were wearing matching princess lace panties with goldfish swimming in every direction. Without pulling down the pretty panties the older woman began to whip their asses taking care to distribute the blows equitably between the two girls. One girl was quite resolute and just gritted her teeth and smiled like she was at a tea party. The other girl looked around in a panic hoping for someone to come to her rescue and when no one came, she began to sob uncontrollably and begged the older woman to desist before her "cheekies" were destroyed. Her sister laughed and told her,

"Don't be such a wimp, Petula. It is for your own good. You need a taste of the cat to make you open that beautiful brown hole of yours for Mr. Harry."

Harry perked up at this because the derriere in question was most deliciously designed and worthy of a strenuous effort in stretching open. He saw the female with the beautiful breasts and an impressive member above her well-trimmed slit come over behind the other sister, Penelope and roughly yank down her swimming fish panties revealing an ass of heroic proportions ready for impalement.

Penelope looked nervously over her shoulder and said,

"I am really not into special girlfriends, my dear, but I would not object to you exercising your interesting male shaft in my posterior."

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