Prepping Kathy

by Hhorseman

Copyright© 2012 by Hhorseman

Sex Story: Kathy Bates needs help getting ready for a role

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Celebrity   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   BBW   .

Tomorrow's scene with Jack Nicholson meant Kathy Bates had to be naked in a hot tub. She was nervous about doing the scene, especially with Jack Nicholson, who did not turn her on at all!!!!!! Kathy needed to relax a little, and maybe rehearse somewhat, so she called me the night before.

I first met Kitty (my pet name for Kathy, because she screams like a cat in heat when she cums) on the set of Dolores Claiborne. She was made up as a younger version of Dolores Claiborne (the title character), and the make up crew was getting her dressed. I worked on the post production crew as a visual effects producer, and was on-set watching the filming. I was walking through makeup on the way to the set, and rounding a corner, came face to face with Kathy, semi-naked, with makeup artists swarming around her like worker bees attending to a queen bee. I stopped in my tracks, enjoying the scene, when she caught me, a tall muscular black man, checking her out as her large breasts were being adjusted by a plump, equally hot, make-up artist. (So many scenarios flew through my mind, that I may have been drooling.)

Kathy smiled towards me, and said, "I am almost ready ... for my scene". I didn't know for sure what she meant, since she said it that way, so I smile back, and nodded. Kathy winked at me, and let out this hearty laugh. I wasn't sure, but I thought she was flirting with me!!! I returned a smile, and walked on to the set, wondering if Kathy Bates had actually flirted with me, when she also came on the set, and looked directly at me, with a smile, and another wink! I knew then that the game was on!!! What happened later is the stuff for another story!

My phone rang at my office about 4:30 the day before the hot tub shoot, and my redhead BBW secretary directed the call to me.(I only hire bisexual BBW in my office, I love to surround myself with large hot horny women.) I answered, and immediately recognized the voice. "Sugah," Kathy said in her sexy southern drawl, "I need help getting for a "shoot" tomorrow, can you come over and "prep" me later?" Kathy knew she didn't have to ask, because she knew I would not pass up a chance to play with a hot, sexy voluptuous, mature, woman like her. "Why of course I will," I replied, "I can leave here in about a hour." "Come at 6:30," Kathy said, "i have a few things to arrange." When she said " ... a few things to arrange." I knew something interesting was planned for the night!

I arrived at her house in the hills above Los Angeles at exactly 6:30. On the door was a note, saying "William, come on in, and get in the hot tub on the rear deck." I knew, from previous times I had been there, that she didn't have a hot tub on the rear deck. Since I wasn't prepared for a dip in a hot tub, I just went inside. I didn't see her anywhere, so I got undressed, my 11" cock semi-hard from anticipation. I walked out naked to the rear deck which overlook the lights of Los Angeles, and the pacific ocean beyond that, and saw a large hot tub bubbling, and steaming. I slipped in, and thought to myself, "Wow, I kinda needed to relax, this is nice." I sat soaking in the tub for a few minutes, and began to doze off, when I heard the door to her bedroom open, and Kathy walked out wear a red satin Japanese robe, which cleverly revealed just enough of her sexy, plump, mature body to make my cock jump to full erection...

"Mind if I join you," Kathy said, as she slipped out of her robe, wearing nothing underneath. I got even harder, like a thick ebony spear, as I saw her huge soft tits. I had not seen her in a long time, and I started to say, "Come on...", Then she stopped me with a finger to her lips, put her robe on again, and walked back inside!!!!! I thought to myself, "Goddamn, here I am with 11" of throbbing black snake, and she is trying to be in character!!!!!" Kathy came back out, and said again, "mind if I join you?" I kept my mouth shut, this time, as she slipped out of the robe again, She then put the robe on a deck chair, and walked over to the other side of the tub, I presumed at the spot she intended to enter the tub. With her back to me, she bent at the waist with her feet a little wider that her shoulders to pour wine into a glass that was on a small table nest to the hot tub. You guessed it, her pussy was on clear display to me not 6 feet away, as she slowly and deliberately filled her glass. I could not tell if her labia were shaved, but there was no visible hair surrounding her vulva. I could even see or imagine that I could see her pink rosebud as her butt cheeks were separated by her bending over. The spotlights seemed to be at the perfect angle to reflect the moisture evident in her slit. causing my cock to throb at the site. Kathy seemed in total control of the moment. Straightening up, she walked over to a empty wineglass by my left shoulder. Rather than bend at the waist, she squatted directly in front of me to pour the wine. Incredibly, her thighs were separated enough to show her engorged lips, which were now less than 3 feet from my tongue. Jesus, it has been a while since I had my tongue on her clit!

Kathy slipped in the tub, and started talking. Kathy recited some lines about how someone was getting married tomorrow, and how we were going to enjoy spending holidays together on the ski slopes, blah, blah, blah. All along I was holding myself back from grabbing her succulent tits, and inhaling her red, pouting, nipples. Then Kathy said, "Here we are, a Divorcee, and a widower, sounds like a perfect match to me," and put her hand on my knee. I smiled at her, grabbed her hand, and put it on my raging hard-on. Kathy gasped at how hard it was, and broke character. Kathy then said "Oh my, maybe I need to take a break from practicing!" as she began to stroke my cock slowly.

It was now clear that she wanted my cock. That was not exactly the same thing as wanting to fuck, but close enough. I desperately wanted to Kathy. I wanted more than a underwater hand-job.

I extended my legs to return the favor. I had my eyes wide open with lust, and pushed my right foot under her left thigh to touch her pussy. I couldn't get good enough access, so I shifted a little closer, spreading her thighs to gain unhindered entrance to her cunt. My big toe easily slipped into her very wet opening.

Now it was her turn to say, "Ohhhhhhh..."

She quickly forgot about my dick as she pulled her thighs wide enough to accommodate both my feet.

Slowly massaging her vulva with both big toes, I marveled how wet she was under this hot water. Kathy was slick moisture, and my toes moved around with leisure. This motion was getting to her as her breathing quickened and deepened. I pushed my left toe into her cunt and my right circled her lubricated clit. It isn't like I was an expert in giving toe jobs, but this did the trick.

She suddenly squeezed here thighs together so tightly that I thought she would do damage to me and grabbed my feet with her hands in a vice-like grip to push them more tightly against her pussy.

"Ah ... Ah ... Ah ... Ah... , " she seemed to emit the groan through her nose. Her opening convulsed once. After 10 seconds, she relaxed her grips on me.

After recovering from her orgasm, she finally opened her eyes. She looked at me briefly and stood up to move around the circle to seat herself on the bench to my left. When she got in range, Kathy reached out with her right hand and grasped my rigid shaft. With her other hand she tenderly surrounded my sac and balls, which in this hot water were like warm goo encased in an oversize condom.

I reached out to her hard puffy nipples and squeezed them between my thumb and finger, producing an excited response from Kathy. Her tits were as sensitive as they looked. I had a compelling urge to suckle them, to swallow them, and even though they were slightly below the surface of the water, I leaned forward to submerge my mouth and nose to begin the worship of these singular beauties.

But she opened her eyes and placed her hands on my chest to restrain me. Kathy lifted her right leg over my belly and tugged my huge throbbing cock toward the juncture of her thighs: the Promised Land. I turned to place my right leg over her left and extended my hips toward her enticing kitty(hence her nickname.).

"Put it in," she whispered softly.

I was focused on getting our bodies in a position to allow me to get inside her and didn't quite hear hear (not that it mattered, as nothing could have stopped me from getting into her at this point).

Looking directly into my eyes, Kathy said, "Do it. Fuck me."

The magic words.

I didn't need to be asked twice. I reached for her left hip as I advanced my cock to her opening. She rubbed my knob around her clit with her hand and I extended both my legs to the bench.

Kathy lined up my cock with her opening, leaned forward to grab my ass, and we pushed it in. Sweet. An unusual sensation when the walls of her vagina are cooler than the water, but a wonderful sensation nonetheless. I marveled at the ease with which she remained lubricated, and I began to thrust in and out as she guided my ass with her hand. It did not take me long to hit bottom, where she held me tightly for a moment before I could withdraw.

While up against her cervix, I felt a marvelous squeeze or pinching of my cock. Kathy was always full of surprises, but a snapping pussy may have topped the list. God, that felt good. Every time I went all the way in, I was rewarded with that delightful squeeze. Under other circumstances, I imagined that she could have brought me off with just her snapper, without my having to move at all.

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