My Sweet Babyslut

by mikey98

Copyright© 2012 by mikey98

BDSM Sex Story: young woman reconnects with her former master

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   True Story   BDSM   MaleDom   Light Bond   .

She was finally back in his arms where she belonged. After a long year and a half away from him, she has returned to face her new life with a mild sense of dread and an extreme sense of anticipation.

She first met this man of her dreams on a warm summer night. They had been communicating through the internet in chatrooms and e-mail. She told him how she longed to be dominated and trained to be a submissive toy for his use. On their first meeting, he immediately established his dominance and introduced her to getting her sexy bottom spanked with a hairbrush. Their relationship progressed and brought them happiness in their respective lives.

She is 5'6" tall and very curvy with large breasts and sensitive nipples. He stands 5'7" and has piercing blue eyes that have drawn her in to his world. These two people would never have guessed how some simple e-mails and chatting would bind their lives so completely.

She loved how he possessed her with his kisses; he tried to steal her soul with each one and succeeded. He was fascinated by her tits and the sensitive nipples. He spent a lot of time playing and pinching her nipples. Sometimes he bit them just to hear the whimpers of anguish from her sexy mouth.

Then on one special night, He placed a collar around her neck and fastened it tightly. He asked if this is what she truly wanted and told her that if she truly accepted the gift of the collar, it would bind them, and she would belong to Him for as long as He chose to keep her. The young woman agreed and gave herself to her Master. That night, He decided it was time for her to experience the full force of his control over her. He started by placing wrist and ankle cuffs on her and attaching them together, wrist to ankle. He forced her to keep her legs spread apart. He strapped a ball gag round her pretty head, stopping to kiss her and suck on her sensual tongue. After tightening the gag, He brought out the nipple clamps and proceeded to attach them to her sensitive nipples. He was pleased to hear her whimper slightly with the pain, and just as pleased to see the trickle of wetness escaping her excited pussy. "I have a new name for you My sweet" he said "From now on you will answer to the name babyslut." As she heard Him say her new name, she shivered with anticipation as to what might happen next.

Babyslut did not have to wait long to find out what her Master had in mind for her. He pulled a candle from His bag and lit it, then set it on the night table. Next out of the bag were the paddle, the flogger, and the crop. Seeing these items always brought that dual sense of fear and anticipation for babyslut. He knew that these implements made her nervous, but that she also enjoyed them to an extent. Tonight she had obeyed His every command and then gave herself to Him when she said she wanted to keep the collar. He told her that there would be 25 strokes of the various implements as punishment for the mistakes during the week. He then warmed her up with 15 strokes with the paddle, followed by 5 with the flogger, and ending with 5 from the crop which finally sent her into tears.

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