The Truck Driver

by WVBoy

Copyright© 2012 by WVBoy

Erotica Sex Story: With what started as a chance meeting with a truck driver over the CB radio turned into more, much more. Katie breaks a promise made to Bill. This story is fiction but based on an actual event.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Group Sex   Polygamy/Polyamory   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   .

My name is Bill and I am married the most beautiful, desirable, sexual woman in the world, you don't to take my word for it, but you can ask any of the hundreds of men she fucked over the years and you would receive the same answer.

Katie was one of the lucky women, after 2 children, she retained her hourglass figure. Before children she was a perfect 36-34-36 and after children she turned into a 38-24-36. She has shinny natural blond hair and has always kept her pussy shaved except for a small runway and has a set of boobs to die for.

As I looked over at Katie napping in the front seat, I realized how lucky I was to have her as my wife. So many men can't take their eyes off of her, but in the end she lives with me.

It was vacation time, not the normal vacation with the kids along, but this summer we had a week by ourselves. The kids were in camp and we decided that we needed some adult time away from everything. We had made plans months ago; and had reserved a place on the beach for the week and were planning on a week of sun and playing in the surf. A week without work, children, and the worries of home, time to let go or as they say "let our hair down". The sun was shining brightly as we pulled out of the driveway and headed south on the interstate. Katie had unbuttoned all but one of the buttons on her blouse and reclined the seat to absorb some of the bright sunshine.

Glancing her way every time that I could steal a moment from the road, she looked like a model right out of any magazine. With full breasts that moved with every breath she took, moving up and down and with every bump in the road they would jiggle from side to side. If the bump happened to be combined with her inhalation I could see almost of her complete bare breast through the gap in her blouse front.

I was on the road a lot and had started using a CB radio to talk to others on the road, so for company I reached down and turned it on. It was set to the channel that the truckers used, that way I could keep an ear out for problems on the road and maybe take a detour and avoid some delays. The voices on the radio were almost continuous, reports of where the cops were sitting, traffic jams and every once in a while there would be a report of a trucker seeing a beautiful woman who may have flashed him. Every time a flashing report came on, all of the other truckers would try to find out the location and what kind of a vehicle was involved.

Katie started stirring, looking almost like a cat after a nap. As she awoke there were a couple of truckers talking about seeing a convertible loaded with girls and all of there were wearing very revealing clothing. Katie said, "Bill is that all those horny guys think about?"

"Think about it, some of them are on the road five or six days a week, never getting home to a wife, now you can see why they are so horny."

"What if I was to flash one, do you suppose that they would notice."

"I guarantee it."

She now set up in her seat and started to watch for trucks, then she would start yelling, "Hurry up and catch that one, come up beside it, I want to flash the driver."

I did as she instructed, but when it came time to flash she backed out. Then she heard the radio, "Breaker, just saw a beautiful beaver, she started to flash me then backed out."

General radio chat started, what did she look like, what kind of a car was she in, was she really that good looking? On and on the conversation went. Katie turned to me, "Are they talking about me?"

"You are the subject of all the comments."

"There's another truck, pull up beside it and I'll really give them something to talk about."

Speeding up, we pulled up beside a trailer pulled by a bright red tractor, Katie looked over at the driver and waved, he waved back. I could tell that she was building up her courage. "Slow down, I want to give this driver an eye full."

Looking in the rear view mirror, I could see that there were no other cars behind us, so I slowed down to stay side by side with the driver's side window. Katie turned toward the driver again and slowly unbuttoned her last button. Holding the hem of her blouse she slowly began to open it up, now showing both of her boobs all the way to the nipples. Now placing her arm across her chest, she pulled one arm free of the blouse, keeping to the other arm across her chest, she completely removed her blouse. She covered her boobs with one hand and holding her blouse in the other. The driver gave her a shot from the air horn. Katie dropped the blouse to the floor; the driver was having a hard time his eyes on the road. Slowly she began to drop her hand from her left breast then completely removed the covering from both breasts. With her last move, the driver hit the air horn again to give his vote of approval.

Katie had one of those voices that sounded like butter, so smooth; every time she spoke to a man they would just melt to her charm. Between the voice and her dark eyes, eyes that spoke nothing but sex, men didn't stand a chance around her.

We slowed down and pulled in behind the big rig when we heard the radio come alive with talk. From the chatter, we picked up that the driver that we had just passed had the radio handle of "Big John."

Katie picked up the mic and spoke, "I think I'm the subject of all this talk, Big John how did you get your radio handle."

He returned with a reply that he would not tell her but from the sound of her voice would love to show her. With this she had a good idea of how the handle came into being.

"If you give us a chance to pull up beside your truck again and you may see some more sites."

Soon we were beside the big rig again. Katie unfastened her seat belt, rolled the window down and got up on her knees so that she would be able to pose in the side window. As we drew even with the trucker, I could see him wave and Katie wave back to him. That wasn't enough to suit her, off came the top again and there she was riding with the window rolled down and the wind moving her breasts all around. From the long blast on the air horn it wasn't hard to tell that Big John was enjoying the view. I slowed the car and dropped back behind the truck as Katie keyed the mike again, "Big John, have you seen any interesting sights on this trip?"

I could hear the radio crackle, "Just had some lovely scenery pull up beside my truck, sure would love to see more of that country side." From the radio silence, you could tell that all of the other truckers were listening to see what would become of this exchange.

"Don't be so impatient, you never know what kind of sights you may see," she replied. With that exchange we slowed and pulled in behind the big rig.

Casual chit chat between the two flowed back and forth over the airwaves for the next hour or so. There was a rest stop coming up and both of us had to stop. As I flipped on the signal well ahead of the turnoff, Big John must have seen it in his side mirror because he hit the brakes and pulled into the rest area just ahead of us. He had to park in the area reserved for truckers and we pulled up in front of the restrooms. We both got out and made a quick dash to relieve ourselves, when we came out there was Big John standing beside our car. He was about 6' 8" or maybe a little taller, looked to weigh about 275 pounds of nothing but pure muscle. Katie went up to him, jumped in his arms and gave him a deep kiss, talk about the odd couple, this was it. Katie was only 4' 10" and him over 6' 8". We talked for a little while and after we got

comfortable with each other he asked Katie if she had ever been inside of a big rig, when she said no, he asked if she wanted a personal tour, they looked at me and I gave a nod that it was ok. Of course I knew that Katie was going to be shown more than just the inside of the truck. Off they went hand in hand as I watched.

John seemed to be so gentle, almost like a gentle giant; he took her to the truck and had to help her up because she was so short, and I did noticed that John's hands paused a little longer than necessary on her ass as he lifted her into the truck. After she climbed up into the cab and sat down in the driver's seat, he came around to the other side and got in. He began to explain all of the instruments and switches to her. Soon she asked about the sleeper in the back, he told her to climb in and take to full tour. To her surprise it wasn't anything like she would have expected, not rough and manly but finished in a soft blue. He almost seemed afraid of her, slowly she rolled over on the sleeper bed so that she was now close to him, reached up and put her arms around his neck and pulled him down to her. She began to kiss him first on the lips and then down the neck until she reached the top button on his shirt, with this she stopped and began to unbutton each button and kiss each new patch of bare skin. His chest was covered in very curly brown hair, a complete turn on for Katie; she loved to rub her face into a hairy chest.

After unbuttoning all of the buttons she pulled the shirt back to expose his nipples which she started to suck on, first one and then the other.

Katie removed his shirt and moved to the other side of the bed and patted the now empty spot with her hand to indicate that he should join her. He climbed in and lay down beside her, she again began to kiss down his chest until she reached the top of his jeans there she paused and undid the oversize belt buckle and pulled the belt from its loops. Unsnapping his jeans she again began to kiss the freshly exposed patch of bare flesh, slowly she began to undo his zipper, one inch at a time. Soon she removed his boots and his jeans, leaving him only in his briefs. She began to kiss him all over; it didn't take a genius to see that he was becoming turned on. The bulge in his briefs was growing with each passing second. As she again made a trail of kisses down his chest and stomach she began to pull down the elastic of his briefs to expose the head of his cock, the head was enormous. Katie began to apply kisses to the head and became amazed at watching it continue to grow; she couldn't hold back any longer, she began to pull on his briefs, to this he raised his hips allowing them to be removed easily. Now standing at full attention his cock was larger than any she had ever seen.

She began to kiss down the shaft and onto his balls, taking little nibbles with her teeth along the way, already the head was beginning to glisten from the oozing pre-cum. Working her way back to the head she began to lick and tried to put it into her mouth but it was just too large, finally straining to stretch her mouth she managed to get the head inside but that was all she could manage. After sucking him for a little while, she removed her lips from his shaft.

Starting to unbutton her top slowly, John could not take his eyes off of her, Katie could tell that she was driving him to the edge and she was enjoying it. Now down to the last button, she unfastened it and just let it fall open revealing her white breasts, breasts that were so firm and with no sag. She dropped her shoulders letting the top fall to the bed behind her. She cupped her breasts and began to massage them one in each hand, slowly she lowered one to his lips for him to taste. Taking her nipple into his mouth, he began to roll it around his lips. Even with cramped quarters, slowly the act of making love was taking place.

Katie climbed off of the bed and let her mini skirt fall to the floor of the truck, revealing her pink bikini panties which were wet already. Slowly she slipped them down and climbed back onto the bed, moving to straddle his massive chest. It was hard to sit up due to the cramped spaces within the sleeper but she began to slide higher and higher on his chest, now just an inch from his mouth she began to lean back and slid ever closer until at last he was able to reach her with his tongue. He parted her lips and began to seek out her clit with his tongue, the waves of delight were beginning to roll over Katie, she slid full unto his mouth. Her breasts seemed so small when held in his mighty hands. Now with his large hands cupping her breasts and his tongue probing the inner depths of her pussy she had her first orgasm. She began to rock herself onto his mouth forcing his chin inside her dripping pussy; a second more powerful wave flowed over her, almost causing her to black out.

She began to back off of his mouth and started to slide down toward his fully erect cock, as she looked back, she could see that she was leaving a trail of her juices all the way down his chest and stomach. When she reached his stiff cock she lifted herself up and using her hand guided the head of his massive cock to the edge of her glory hole. Now lowering herself a little at a time to allow her pussy to expand as she lowered herself down on his monster, she began to feel it fill her up. Once she had became comfortable with the feeling of being so full she began to rock back and forth while raising herself up to the point where the head was almost out of her then would push it back in again. Now harder and harder she was working this for all it had in it.

This action brought John to the point where she could tell that he was about to cum, she quickly pulled herself off of him and lay down beside John and told him to get on. With his massive body he began to lower himself down on and into her small frame, although she could see his strength rippling through his body he was ever so gentle. Now with his massive cock hitting the back wall of her pussy, she could not help but scream, not from pain but from pleasure, over and over again she screamed. With each scream he rammed her harder and deeper. It felt like she was going to explode when he rammed it home. It didn't take John long to again reach the point of no return, she could tell by the increase in speed of his strokes. Faster and faster and then Katie could feel his cum squirting within her, she thought it would never stop.

John moved to the side of her and lay down, as Katie watched his enormous cock began to shrink. As soon as it shrank to a size she could handle she wanted to see what his cum tasted like so be began to suck him to drain the last couple of drops from his hose. As she began to put the suction to his cock it began to grow again, soon it was too big for her to keep in her mouth.

Katie climbed back on top of John and lowered herself down on his member one more time. After the fucking that she had just had with John, she was starting to swell and become really tight; she almost had to force it to slide down the giant cock one more time. It wasn't long before she was riding him again like a cow girl in a rodeo. She told him to let her know before he came because she wanted to take the load in her mouth.

Cum from their earlier fuck began to flow out of her and down John's cock, but that didn't make any difference, they were past the point of caring, they were interlocked in a passion that would block out everything around them. Katie was brought back to reality with John saying, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming."

Katie quickly climbed off of him and again tried to place his cock into her mouth, managing to get the head squeezed in before he began to unload. First a small shot hit the back of her throat, than it came in streams. It seemed like he never would finish, but finally he started to go soft and Katie let his cock fall from her mouth. She swallowed his load and gave him a quick kiss, grabbed her clothes and got dressed. As she climbed down from the cab of the truck she took one last look back, there lay the gentle giant sound asleep with a look of complete satisfaction on his face. She had to crawl back to his side one more time and kiss him ever so gentle on the lips and on the head of his cock. Finally I saw her coming back to the car. I could tell by the way she was smiling and walking that she had enjoyed herself.

As Katie climbed back into the car I asked she had enjoyed herself, she just smiled and said, "What do you think?"

We started to pull out of the rest stop when Katie said to stop and then she said, "Bill, I have to tell you something, I know that you have given me the OK to have sex whenever and with whomever that I want to, and in doing that, I made a promise to you. I promised that I would only make love with you, but I broke that promise this time. I don't know what it was about Big John, but with him it wasn't just sex, it was making love. Forgive me?"

"Don't worry about it, I guess that sooner or later it was bound to happen, but you will never see him again, just make sure you save some for me." With this we pulled back on the interstate and continued to our destination.

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