And Behind Door Number Two

by harry lime

Copyright© 2012 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Mark is a self-described "Good Guy". He is liked by almost every female he comes in contact with. However, Mark is tired of never being quite able to "seal the deal" with sex. Now he is in a wonderful social club with mostly women, a lot of them older and a lot more experienced. Things are looking up, at least he thinks they are. But it seems like some of the "games" can get a little bit wild at the social club after midnight.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Group Sex   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Hairy   Public Sex   .

Mark was a pretty good guy. Everyone always commented "Yeah, Mark, he is a pretty good guy!" It must be so because even Mark believed it. His parents were quite happy with him. His sister was a little smitten with him because he always treated her like a real person. Mark was also well liked by almost every girl he had ever dated.

Now, being a good guy was not conducive to Mark achieving a high grade in the scoring department when it came to girls. He just did not have that little oomph needed to push a nice relationship into a budding love affair or even a one night stand. In fact at 21, you might as well say Mark was a virgin.

Now, for females that is a sign of honor and respect, at least in most eyes, except the seriously depraved. But for healthy young males it is the kiss of death.

Sure, he had experienced finger penetration with most of his digits and his tongue had pried open many a tight little slit. Unfortunately, his cock, with the noteworthy exception of Janice Bustworthy, had not traveled up any tight little vaginal channels. Janice was kind of an exceptional case because she was dangerously emotional after the loss of her high school sweetheart in a land where even the camels trod lightly. Mark had known Janice ever since First Grade and they were kind of buddies. She had even told him when the love of her life, Private Randy Cole had smashed open her cherry in the drive-in movie on Waterloo Street. Mark was embarrassed to hear that news because he had never really visualized his friend Janice with an actual pussy.

The shocking loss of Private Cole on the very first day of his deployment was a stunning event in young Janice's life even though they had not really been engaged or anything like that. When she had described in vivid detail the methods used by young Randy to deprive her of her virginity, Mark was nervous at first but then discovered her descriptions very stimulating and before she even got to the part where Randy put his fingers into her poopy hole, Mark was sporting a magnificent erection and felt his pre-cum inside his tight trousers.

Janice giggled at Mark's reaction and made a shame-shame sign with her fingers causing Mark to blush furiously. She even made a point of showing him her now de-flowered slit which looked quite nice and normal to Mark who wouldn't know the difference at all. Janice and Mark were only 16 at that time and now Janice and he were both 17 and a half and a lot wiser, well, at least Janice was.

Janice cried rivers of tears on his shoulder and after a long drawn out period of sad commiseration; they found themselves stretched out on the sofa with only a flimsy pair of panties keeping Mark's cock from entering Janice's Promised Land.

Janice was so caught up in the moment that she pulled her own panties to the side and grasped Mark's lovely long cock and placed it at the entrance to her dripping wet vagina. It had been several months since Randy had made that journey with his equally desirable cock.

The two young lovers were locked in a duel to the finish. Mark's seeds had never actually been inside a female pussy before and this was a unique opportunity to experience the joy of being clutched all around his plunging shaft by tight vaginal walls of a pretty young girl even if it was only Janice.

His load exploded with much force deep inside Janice's joyous pussy. She was crying again but this time it was tears of joy and not of sadness. When she stood up she held her pussy lips together to hold Marks cream inside her. She didn't really care if she was impregnated or not, but as fate would have it, such was not the case. A month or two later she met a well-hung accountant in his late 30s who made a point of burying his salami in her pussy on each and every date. Janice had met her soul-mate.

Shortly after his 21st birthday, Mark decided to join a social interaction club. He was a little surprised when he found out about eighty percent of the members were females, most in their late twenties and early thirties.

He hoped they would not hold his age and inexperience against him.

He went to a couple of the social get-togethers and met dozens of nice women. A lot of them had been married already and had shit-canned their husband with an acrimonious divorce or had been dumped for a younger or a more attractive female. He felt a little nervous around that type of female because they kind of looked at him like a piece of meat. Some of the women were really intelligent and he liked that but he discovered they tended to look down on guys his age as being short in the brains department just because of their age and their gender.

He really liked Doreen, a redheaded frizzy haired woman in her late thirties who made him laugh with her constant chatter and funny jokes. She reminded him of Mrs. Verona, his teacher in the 12th grade. He had a burning crush on Mrs. Verona but she was happily married and her husband was a hunky hockey player with arms like huge Oak branches.

Doreen liked to dance the tango with him and made him dance up close body to body so she could "feel his directions". Mark was a little embarrassed because her lush curved body made him get a raging erection every time he touched her body like that. They would spend the entire dance with his cock rubbing all over her body and ever up between her legs. He had taken to not wearing any underwear so he could feel her body throbbing through his thin silk trousers.

There was an "erotic get-together" on Valentine's Day that seemed like it would be fun, so they both planned to go although not on a date or anything like that.

At first, the party seemed like a dud, but then they played a game where they had to get in line and all move together in a circle to the beat of a crazy tune on the boom box. All Mark remembered was his erection being squeezed by a beautiful heart-shaped ass with no underwear under her short skirt.

The woman behind him was grasping his ass cheeks and had her pretty chin on his shoulders. She whispered in his ear that he should play the "mystery pussy" game which would start after most of the party-goers would leave at midnight. She told him it was hard to get men to participate because they were so outnumbered by the women.

The woman's name was Terry and she confided in him that she was actually married but she liked the fun of meeting new people and just "being me".

Mark had already imbibed 2 glasses of wine at this point and he focused on this as a particularly "good idea".

When it came time for the special game to begin, Mark was a bit tipsy. He noticed that with the exception of Mr. Hornsby, a writer of romantic poetry and himself; there were no other males remaining for the event. There were, however, 12 very inebriated and laughing females in various states of undress. They started by choosing sides which involved the women selecting either Mr. Hornsby or Mark as their contestant. Mark noticed that both Doreen and Terry were in his panel of 6 women and it made him more comfortable to have the familiarity of a couple of females he already liked in his group.

The room that they went into was kind of like a recording studio and there were several overhead cameras. When he asked what they were for, Doreen told him they would record the "game" and videos would be for sale to members only. Being in such a good mood, Mark didn't question it any more other than to consider it a little odd because most of the members valued their privacy.

On each side of the room there were 6 changing rooms like in department stores only the doors had a big hole cut them about waist high. There were also two smaller holes almost shoulder high above them. Both he and Mr. Hornsby were instructed to strip down to their underpants. Mark was a little embarrassed as he was wearing a pair of orange jockey briefs. Mr. Hornsby was wearing a pair of very conventional boxer shorts made by a well-known men's fashion designer. The 3 female judges were still giggling over his orange briefs when the announcer declared the contest started.

The woman assigned to instruct Mark was very pleasant. She told him this was just a "fun" exercise to see if men are attracted to various shapes of the female anatomy, specifically, "Tits, Pussy, and Ass" and were able to discern differences. She told him that both Doreen and Terry were in on the test and that Mr. Hornsby had 2 females who had made his acquaintance as well.

The first thing Mark saw was that after a little shuffling around and several giggles, 6 pairs of naked breasts came through the higher holes lined up in front of him. They were various sizes and with unique hues on their nipple tips. First, he had to hold and squeeze each pair and tweak the nipples as he desired to get them aroused. As he went down the line, he was certain Doreen was behind door number 2 because of the distinctive feel of the nipple. He had those nipples pressing into his chest on more than one occasion. In all honesty, Mark was more interested in feeling all the breasts rather than just selecting those which belonged to either Doreen or Terry. In fact the pair in number 6 door was rather youthful and pert making his erection cause his orange colored briefs to tent out quite dramatically.

He spent more time on number 6 than he should have, especially in light of the fact he was certain the young girl was neither Doreen nor Terry.

Next, he was told to suck and lick the luscious breasts of each woman to insure he had identified the correct female.

Mark was in sheer heavenly delight as he moved down the row. He could see Mr. Hornsby was playing with himself as he did the same on the other side of the room. He was almost certain that number 2 was Doreen because he thought he recognized her voice when the female behind door number 2 sucked in her breath and gasped when his tongue ran over her nipple. In a similar manner, he was reasonable certain that number 4 was Terry because of the size of her nipples. They were really huge and stiff just like the ones pressing into his back in the circle dance.

Once again, he spent an inordinate amount of time sucking and licking number 6 because she tasted so good and he could hear the unknown girl's sweet sigh on the other side of the door. Mark announced his selection of number 2 and number 4. He heard Mr. Hornsby call out number 1 and number 6 behind him.

The judge called out,

"2 correct for Mr. Hornsby and 0 for Mark."

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