by Maureen Louise Reardon

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Fantasy Sex Story: Sex addicts meet

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Eric and Lara had met on the internet while playing pogo. Pogo is a game site they met while playing a game. Both of them got to know each other's schedules so they would be online at the same time. After some time they got into heavy discussions and realized they lived near each other. Then the day finally arrived when they had admitted their desires. As Eric cock would get hard each time they talked. Eric finally scored Lara's number which pleased Eric. They had share pictures and both of them were very attracted to each other. They had decided to meet at a dinner and have lunch. The chemistry between the two of them overwhelmed them. Lara wanted Eric badly, Eric did not know as yet but he had already had sex with her in his mind a thousand times. Fact was Eric had to take care of himself before they met. Afraid of what would be an embarrassing hard on. Eric had a larger than normal size cock, so hiding his mass appeal would be hard. Lara wanted to ask Eric a question which posed some embarrassment to her.

Lara's hunger was not for lunch but for Eric. Lara's fantasy was to suck Eric's cock in the bathroom as she loved the idea of the possibility of being caught. Lara finally told Eric of her desire this please Eric. Eric stated well the diner is about empty if you want my cock so badly do it here. Lara started to unzip his pants as they sat next to each other in a booth. Eric then said do yourself as you suck my cock. Show me how much you love my cock. Eric pushed the table to give Lara plenty of head room. Lara started to worship his cock like no other has. Lara massaged licked teased she amazed Eric. When Eric's pre cum arrived Lara came!! She exclaims I want you're cum!! Lara was sucking Eric's cock disparately wanting his cum. The waiter came by and Eric gave him 20 bucks and a wink. Eric finally blew his load, Lara didn't want to miss a drop and she never noticed the waiter. Lara wanted Eric's cock inside her badly she begged him. Eric stated why don't we get out of here I know a better place for this. Lara said whatever you want.

Eric drive to a parking garage Lara was excited at the thought of him fucking her. Eric went to the top deck of the parking garage and parked. They both got out of the car. Eric stated if you want this as he looked down at his cock, you will have to share that talented tongue with my ass! Lara stated whatever you want I am here to please you! Lara's tongue went around and in and out of Eric's ass. Eric was fully erect again, Eric turned and shoved his cock in her mouth, and Lara was pleased. Then Eric turned and stated time for your ride. Lara was dripping wet cum was running down her leg and Eric hadn't touch her yet? Eric at this point felt he met his dream women.

Eric then laid on his back in the back of his van fully erect, Lara mounted his hard awaiting cock with a lust and passion a man could only dream of. Oddly Lara's extremely tight and like a suction cup. Lara rode Eric hard then soft then hard Eric came in her as she came with his unloading of his hot steaming cum, which sent warmth throughout Lara's body.

Lara crashed on Eric's chest. Both seemed to be pleased but Eric wasn't done yet. He then turned Lara over and started fucking her in her ass. At first Lara was feeling some pain but her pain grew into pleasure. Eric was getting a little rough but Lara just asked for more and harder which excited Eric even more. Eric dumped another load into Lara. Lara kept thanking him for his cock and cum. They laid there in silence for a bit Eric's cock still in her ass. Eric then rolled over and held Lara.

Lara asked Eric if it would be Ok with him if they would meet for lunch again. Eric laughed and stated he had no problem with that at all. Lara started praising his cock and what they had done. Eric said thank you as he didn't know where this was headed. Lara then stated that she would do anything for him sexually and she enjoyed being submissive. That she had been waiting for someone like Eric for a long time. Eric admitted that the sex was great and would see her again.

They both got themselves together and went back to the dinner where her car was parked. They started kissing each other goodbye but Lara could not stop caressing his groin. Eric was getting hard again. Lara said "mmm" and unzipped and giving Eric another blow job. As Lara swallowed yet another load, she stated now I know I will be seeing you soon. Eric smiled and stated that's for sure. Eric was pleased and exhausted he then drove home to take a nap. Tomorrows Saturday I will give her a call.

Eric woke up from his nap played some pogo ordered a pizza watched some TV and reflected on the day. He then called Lara. Lara then invited him over for breakfast at her place the next day. Eric called before he left the house. Lara stated the front door would be open and she would be in the shower.

The mist of the bathrooms heat wrapped around Eric as his arms wrapped around Lara. Lara had just gotten out of the shower; her nakedness drew Eric like a magnet. The warmth of her body made his cock hard as a rock. The addiction of being close to her the wanting so overwhelming, wanting to devour her was always an issue. Just gazing into Lara's eyes, made Eric fall into a new lust. The softness of kisses gathered them deeper. Fresh and inviting they both wanted each other right then. Lara felt Eric's desire and pulled his hand to her belly, slowly dragging his hand downward saying, "Eric, I want you to take me. I have something here for you to kiss. I want to go back to that place only you can take me."

"Here Eric" she said as she pulled his hand down into her crotch, holding his hand open to her, placing her already wet clit in the palm of his hand. Eric slightly closed his fingers dragging his hand upward, middle two fingers sliding into Lara's folds, spreading her wetness upward, rubbing against her hard awaiting throbbing clit. Eric took her from behind going in and out as he played with her clit. Lara was peaking in orgasm. Cum running down Lara's leg like a running water.

Lara shuddered as Eric kissed her open mouth stifling a moan, smothering her passion with his mouth. Eric held her head in his hands pulling Lara to him, kissing her back deeply, wanting her right then. Lara felt her heat even before she felt her desires. As he caressed her breasts lightly she moaned with, into her open mouth, tongues slippery, sliding. Lara got on her knee and begged for Eric to fuck her in her mouth. Eric rammed his cock in and out of her mouth. Lara moaned with pleasure. Her thick hair in his hand pounding her head up and down pleasing his cock he blew his cum all over her face she squealed with delight. Eric then stated I am going to show you some real begging. Lara was curious. Eric and Lara went to the bedroom.

Eric pulled the blankets off the bed. Lara was left alone, separated from Eric by a thin sheet. Standing at the foot of the bed Eric leaned down and placed her hands on his hard cock and slid slowly upward, massaging the muscle that Lara carved so very much.

At Eric's first touch Lara's arms rose slowly over her head, a gesture she knew, a permission a silent request for her passion, a part of her opening to her like a flower being touched by the warmth of a morning sun. Her head rolled slightly to one side and the left corner of her mouth pulled up into the crooked little grin she loved, a grin validating her confidence in her delivery of Eric's pleasure.

Smooth touch on her lower legs was soothing and exciting as she inched upward to her knees, touching the insides of both through the sheet, fingertips dragging lightly along the surface, energy flowing, passion growing. She loved Eric's touch. She felt gentleness penetrating the cotton percale, imagination magical as if in direct contact with her soft skin. Lara was becoming intensely sensitive, goose bumps rising all over, forcing the tiny hairs on her body to stand up hard, and pressing the sheet that held them. The slightest movement of the sheet was like pure electricity.

Eric's hands continued to move upward against the muscles in her lower thighs. Fingers traced alternately over the sheet, touching lightly, then firmly. Eric's nails lightly scratched against her softness. Eric was in her, entranced were Lara's reactions to his touch. A symphony of ecstasy; her body was the choir, the strings, the combined beating of their hearts offering an increasing rhythm of synchronized percussion. Each of Eric's fingers played a different note on Lara's thighs, moving slowly toward the softness of her center.

Lara response was recognized, a silent wanting. Her knees slowly raised upward and outward, arms stretching over her head, back arching. As Lara's feet spread apart Eric knelt on the foot of the bed, bending closer, slowly caressing the sweetness of her inner thighs, as the sheet persisted in hiding Eric's true touch from her. Lara could feel the hardness of Eric's cock, which she so longed for.

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