Coup De Grace

by RejectReality

Copyright© 2012 by RejectReality

Erotica Sex Story: He's had a thing for Grace ever since he saw her, but he's never seen her with a white guy. When circumstances give him a chance, can she pull a coup de Grace for both of them?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   .

Shane climbed the stairs up to the sortation floor, taking advantage of being out of sight for a while to relax since he was at a slow, tedious point of the day. He couldn't resist a quick glance toward Grace's computer station when he hit the top. He'd hardly ever seen her until she bid into the operator job, and wondered how in the hell he'd missed her in the couple of years she'd worked in the warehouse.

Good timing, he thought as he caught sight of her.

She was bent over, looking at the label printer, showing off her incredible ass in a pair of tight jeans. When she stood up, he caught a glimpse of cleavage through the neckline of her sweater. The material stretched over the large, golden brown globes, which seemed ready to bust free at any moment.

She pushed a few strands of midnight hair out of her eyes and muttered, "Damn."

"What's up?"

"Can't get it to print," she called back, making an exaggerated gesture of irritation at the printer.

He headed toward her station. "Maybe somebody else changed the printer while you were on break, or it booted back up under somebody else's login. You have to back all the way out to get it to reset, but there's a trick to print the one you need now, if that's what it is. Which one do you need?"

She pointed at the screen and he right-clicked it, bringing up a menu.

"The right-click menu overrides the default. When you print from there, you'll have to choose the printer every time. You can set it to this one, and then back all the way out to set a new default when you've got some time." He printed the tag and bent over to pull it off the printer.


"No problem." He turned to leave, but she grabbed his arm.

In a rush and under her breath, she said, "Hang on. Don't leave."

Shane turned to see someone coming up the stairs. Neil was a crewleader down on the floor, and thought he was god's gift to women. Even out of the corner of his eye, Shane could tell Neil wasn't amused that someone was at Grace's station.

"Whew," Grace sighed as the other man wandered off across the sortation floor toward a mezzanine. "That asshole creeps me out. Always staring at my tits and trying to touch me and shit."

"Doesn't take a hint, either. Jill had to report him before he left her alone."

"He keeps that shit up and I'm gonna report his ass too."

"Grab the phone and act like you're talking to one of the other pre-sorts whenever he comes up," Shane suggested.

She smiled. "Good idea."

"Well, I'm going to go check with Jill and see whether there's any hope of the East module getting its act together."

"I hope not, or you're gonna catch my ass."

He laughed and headed across the floor, thinking, I'd love to catch your ass - and everything else, too. Then he sighed and shook his head. Wishful thinking, white boy.

Another day at the salt mines over, Shane headed for the door. Having snuck out a little early, he was walking out at the same time as Grace. She nodded as they both left their lockers. "That phone thing worked. He came back after you left, and that got rid of him."

"Good. Now, if he'd only fall down the stairs..."

Grace let out a laugh. "Oh, damn, I'd love that."

"See you tomorrow."

"Yeah," she answered, and headed toward her boyfriend's car.

Shane flagged down another coworker to exchange cell numbers, as the company had a bad habit of delaying start-up, and the only reliable way of finding out short of showing up was for everyone to call everyone else they knew. It had happened again this morning, leaving a lot of people sitting around off the clock.

Once he started across the main drive toward his car, a horn sounded. When he turned to look that way, Grace's boyfriend leaned his head out the window and yelled, "Get the fuck out the way, cracker!"

"You hadn't even moved yet, asshole," he muttered. The car's engine revved and it flew past him when he was barely out of the way. He wondered, What the hell does she see in that fuckhead?

Shaking his head and wondering why all the hot girls were with arrogant douchebags, he headed to his car, and to home.

The next day was the same old grind, but fortunately, it was the last one before the weekend. Shane headed home with no plans, figuring that he'd just watch the tube and goof around on the internet. The weather was too cold to make leaving the house a welcome prospect. He wasn't ready to deal with the whole bar scene anyway, having just dumped his girlfriend when he caught her cheating on him a month before. Knowing his luck, she would be at whatever bar he went to, making it even worse.

Along about midnight, he got an urge to have a beer or two while watching a comedy show he'd recorded. The problem was that his mental tally of how many he'd consumed in the previous week was off, and only a lone brown bottle greeted him when he opened the fridge.

So, it was off to the convenience store.

With two cold six-packs sitting in the passenger seat, along with a few snacks, he headed for home. Much to his bewilderment, his headlights shined on someone walking alongside of the road. As cold as it was, she - he could tell it was a woman as he drew closer - had to be nuts.

Once close enough, he thought he recognized her, and slowed down. Sure enough, as he pulled up next to her, there was no doubt that it was Grace walking along the road in the freezing cold after midnight. He pulled to a stop a little ahead of her, but she stopped walking.

Realizing she had no idea who he was, he rolled down the passenger window and yelled, "Hey, you need a ride, Grace?"

She hurried up to the door and said, "Damn. Scared the fuck straight out of me. Didn't know it was you."

"Get in. It's too cold to be walking anywhere."

She opened the door and he quickly moved everything out of the passenger seat so she could slide in. Once she settled into the seat, she shivered violently from the sudden change in temperature.

He turned up the heat and put the car back in gear. "Where you headed?"

"Home. You know where the Crestview Apartments at?"

"Sure. No problem."


She sounded a little distant, and the look on her face bespoke more than just a walk through the cold. "You okay?"

"Hell no." She sighed.


"Nah, it's okay. Not mad 'cause you asked."

"If you don't want to talk about it, that's cool."

"Oh, I want to scream about it." She let out a disgusted sounding hmph. "That mother-fucker Jaymal started doing blow again and I bet he's fucking around on me. Knew he hadn't changed."

Recognizing the name of her boyfriend, Shane winced on her behalf. "Damn..."

"Tossed my drink straight up in his face when he walked out of the bathroom with powder under his nose. Big man acted like he was gonna slap me, but I smacked his ass first."

"At least you found out before it got any worse."

"And I ain't making that damn mistake again." She shook her head and looked over at him. "You don't wanna hear all this shit."

"Nah, it's all right. Kinda like hearing about him getting slapped."

She chuckled and a hint of a smile crossed her face.

Shane turned down the road that led to her apartment building, and slowed down as he approached the drive into the parking lot. All of the sudden, Grace ducked down in the seat.

"Go on by. Go on by."

In the process of reaching for his turn signal, he let go of it and asked, "What?"

"That mother-fucker's car is there."

"Maybe you should call the police?"

She shook her head as she straightened in the seat again. "He ain't done nothing yet. Probably all crying and shit. Gonna beg me to take him back."

"So, what do you want to do? Somewhere else you can go?"

"I don't know. What you doing tonight?"

"Just sitting around watching TV."

"Want some company?"

Holy shit! Somehow, he kept the excitement out of his voice. "Sure, but the place is a mess."

"Bachelor pad?"


"I don't care. Share some of that beer and I really won't give a damn."

He laughed. "Sounds like you need it worse than I do."

"So, where you stay at?"

"Just outside of town."

"Well, let's go. That beer's calling my name."

Shane tried to keep his imagination under control, but it was difficult. With her sitting in the passenger seat next to him, going to his place, it was hard not to fantasize about things unlikely to actually unfold. Even bundled up in a winter coat, she looked hot as hell.

He pulled up at the house he rented and grabbed the beer from the back seat. When he unlocked the door and let her in, she looked around for a second and said, "Hell, this ain't so bad. You had me thinking there would be pizza boxes and beer cans everywhere."

"Nah, just clutter."

Shane took off his coat and tossed it over the back of a chair. She did the same, revealing a fitted sweater that hugged her ample curves to incredible effect. Somehow, he kept his eyes in his head and passed her a beer before putting one down on the table for himself and taking the rest to the fridge.

"Hey, did you hear what that dumbass Ray did today?" Grace asked when he walked back in the room.

"No. What?"

She laughed and told the story of yet another boneheaded decision the supervisor had made, resulting in someone else having to clean up his mess while he made excuses. That led to Shane telling a story, which in turn led to Grace relating another as well. Before either of them knew it, the first six-pack was gone, and a couple of hours had passed.

"Where's the bathroom at?"

He pointed. "Right side of the hall."

When she walked back out, she was wearing a crooked grin. "Interesting reading material."

Shane felt his face burning, knowing that she had to be talking about a couple of nudie magazines sitting on the back of the toilet. "Sorry about that."

She laughed and sat down on the couch next to him. "Nah, it's good to know. I was wondering if Wendy had turned you gay."

"Why would you think that?"

"You're the only man in the building ain't constantly staring at my T n' A."

"Not exactly subtle, are they?"

"Ain't nobody as creepy as Neil, but they're all doing it. So what? You ain't into black girls?"

"Hardly," he said with a little more enthusiasm than he'd intended. When her crooked grin resurfaced, he quickly added, "Just figure you get enough people creeping on you."

"Ain't that the truth."

A ring tone went off, and Grace reached over to pull a cell out of her purse. She scowled as she looked at the screen and muttered, "You mother-fucker. You ain't even seen dissin' you yet."

A different tone sounded, and she rolled her eyes. "Now he's trying to call." She turned off the phone and tossed it back in her purse. "What the hell was I doing with him? Here I was all ready to get busy tonight and he pulls this shit."

Oh my god, Shane thought. He'd been half hard ever since he picked her up, and her talking about sex was on the verge of eliminating the half part.

"He can do a Michael Jackson and Beat It now. He ain't getting no more of this pussy." She was smiling at him, and he had the impression she was looking for a reaction.

Shane nodded, trying to keep it together. "You want another beer?"

"You trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me?"

"No. No." He laughed, hoping it didn't sound as nervous as he felt. "I was just going to get another one." He tipped back his bottle for the last drink.

"Well, why not?"

The beer went straight down the wrong pipe, sending him into a coughing fit. As he sat down the bottle and caught his breath, she scooted a little closer.

"Wendy told some stories on you. Said you love to eat the pussy, and you're damn good at it. Said you're packin' too." Her hand settled on his thigh.

Blood surging into his manhood, he thought, Please don't let this be a dream.

"She lying?"

Shane shrugged, not able to form a single word in his brain between the hand on his leg and the sexy look on her face.

"Guess I'll have to see for myself."

She popped open the button on his pants with one hand, and then reached for the tab of the zipper. He already felt as if he were going to bust straight through that barrier, and it parted into a wide V around his erection as she tugged it down.

Grace ran a fingertip over the bulge in his briefs and said, "She ain't lying."

Even though part of him was screaming to shut up, he said, "You sure you want to do this?"

"Mmm hmm. I been waiting all day to get fucked. You want to, don't you?"

"Fuck yes."

She laughed and tugged down the front of his briefs, letting her curl her fingers around him. "Oh yeah, you're hard as hell. You know what I want to do?"


"That mother-fucker was always trying to come on my face, but I wouldn't let him. I want you to do it so I can send a picture of it to him and make him lose his damn mind."

Shane groaned from her fingers rubbing over the head of his cock. "I think I can handle that."

"Mmm. Get them pants off."

She released him, but it was to grasp the bottom of her sweater, so he hardly minded. She pulled it over her head while he jerked at his shoelaces to untie them and kicked off his shoes. He kept his eyes fixed on her as she reached behind her back to unhook her bra. While he kicked the denim away from his feet, she tossed the bra over her shoulder and cupped her breasts in her hands.

After so long of fighting his eyes gravitating toward them, he finally had the opportunity to look as long as he liked. If anything, they looked even bigger and more glorious bare. Large, chocolate brown ovals surrounded her nipples, which were easily as big around as his pinky tip.

"You ain't gonna just look, are you?"

"Oh, hell no." Shane leaned in, wasting no time in curling his tongue around one of the stiff buds.

"Ah yeah," Grace moaned.

He teased her nipple with the tip of his tongue, then suckled it between his lips. She settled her hand on the back of his head, tousling his hair. A long moan escaped her when he released her left nipple and switched to the right.

"Mmm. I like that. You're making me all wet."

Only the slightest bit of experimentation revealed that she liked it soft, exactly as he'd started out. More than willing to oblige, he caressed her nipples with his lips and tongue, making her squirm beneath him. While one hand remained on the top of his head, another snaked between their bodies to wrap around his cock.

Shane was far from ready to stop when she slipped a hand beneath his chin and pushed. He gave her nipple one last, harder suck, letting it snap from between his lips and causing her breast to jiggle.

She sucked in a sharp gasp, and then moaned. Her eyes locked with his, and she licked her lips. When she gave a tug on his cock and twitched her eyebrows, he broke into a grin and slipped off the couch.

Grace moved to recline on her side against the arm of the couch, her hand guiding him until his cock was twitching right in front of her face. She looked up at him and her tongue darted out, flicking the head of his cock. When he groaned, she chuckled and did it again - several times in rapid succession.

"Fuck, that feels good," he said while reaching out to give her right breast a squeeze.

"Oh, I can do better than that."

She slipped one hand behind him, squeezing his butt and pulling him closer. At the same time, she wrapped her other hand around the root of his cock, tilting it down a little. Her lips parted, and she took him in.

Shane groaned, the sound warbling as her incredible lips sucked back up about half of his shaft toward the head. Her cheeks were concave from how hard she was sucking, and when she reached the tip, air rushing in at the corner of her mouth made a loud, sharp sound before she engulfed him again.

She took him deep - and fast - keeping the pressure up. After all the times saying and hearing the old line about sucking the chrome off a trailer hitch, he finally knew what it was like for real. She was relentless. Her hair bounced and her tits quivered as she sucked him, prompting him to reach out for her breast again. She moaned around him when he gave her nipple a pinch.

The hand wrapped around the base of his cock moved, until only a finger and thumb remained. The other three fingers tickled his balls while she kept at the most incredible blowjob of his life. Shane grunted and growled, feeling the itch in the tip of his cock growing with every stroke of her lips.

Grace's fingers pressed tighter into his butt, pulling him forward. He shifted his hips in response, and then watched in amazement as she swallowed his cock. She croaked a little as the head pressed into her throat, then pulled back all the way to the tip with agonizing slowness.

"Holy shit," he said as she let him pop free of her lips, trailing thick strands of saliva.

"You like that?"

"Oh yeah."

She swirled her tongue over the head. "Your little girlfriends never took it all, huh?"

"Not even close. Fuck, that was hot."

Her chuckle vibrated through his cock as she wrapped her lips around it again. After a couple of sucks, her lips slid down all the way to the root again, and this time she even moved her fingers to keep him in her throat for a second or two before making a little gagging sound and quickly pulling back.

"That's how a real woman sucks a dick," she said as she wiped saliva off her chin and parted her lips again.

Over and over again, she would suck him for a few quick strokes, and then nestle her nose in the curly hairs at the base of his cock again. She squeezed and caressed his balls in her hand all the while, keeping him just below the point of urgency that would send him surging toward an explosion.

Finally, his hips twitched forward just a little too far while his cock was in her throat, and a much louder gagging sound preceded a pair of coughs once she pulled away. He reached down to swirl his fingers through the trails of saliva that had dripped onto her breasts. The resulting shine on the dark globes prompted him to let out a growling moan.

Having caught her breath, Grace pushed her breasts together and asked, "You wanna fuck these big ol' titties?"

He had already swung a leg over her body before he answered, "Oh yeah."

She rolled over onto her back as he settled above her with one foot slipping between the cushions and the back of the couch and the other on the floor. As soon as he pushed his cock down between her breasts, she squeezed them around it.

"Yeah, fuck them titties and come all over my face."

The warm, soft nest of her breasts almost completely surrounded him, only letting the head escape when he started thrusting. Waves rippled through the large globes as he pumped his cock between them, and the contrast of the purple head poking out from between them drew his eyes.

Grace's tongue darted out, lapping the head when it was within reach. She leaned her head forward a little more, allowing her to suck or kiss it every so often as well. The itch of impending climax intensified, spreading down his shaft and tingling within his tight balls.

Furiously pumping her quivering breasts, he grunted, "Fuck. Gonna come."

"Oh yeah! Gimme that cum!"

Shane thrust forward one last time, pushing an inch or so of his cock out from between the valley of her breasts. A loud, inarticulate grunt burst from his lips, as his cum erupted into her face.

Grace squealed and pinched her eyes shut as the first spurt trailed along the bridge of her nose and up into her hair. The second was harder, decorating her right eyebrow, forehead, hair, and even hitting the arm of the couch.

"Ah shit!" she cried out as another rope of cum spattered on her nose and upper lip. She laughed as he continued to growl, pumping out cum onto her face.

The last fitful contraction of his muscles dribbled cum onto her neck as she carefully blinked her eyes open. The thick white globs of cum stood out sharply on her golden brown skin.

"Damn," she said as she let her breasts fall away from his throbbing organ, and then laughed again. "You just kept coming."

In a weak voice, he responded, "Fuck. Yeah."

"Get my phone out. Take a picture, and make sure that big white dick is in there."

Shane leaned forward, his arms barely able to support him. He found her phone on the top of her purse and turned it on. Fortunately, he had an iPhone as well, and knew how to turn on the camera. Though still unsteady, he ignored the message alert tones and framed up the shot of his cock hovering above her chest and chin, snapping the picture.

"One more," she said, and then opened her mouth, sticking out her tongue as well.

He snapped the picture, and then cried out when her tongue lapped his sensitive organ.

Grace chuckled, licking his cum off her lips since he'd jerked the source of it out of range. "Mmm. You taste good." She held out her hand and said, "Let me see."

She looked at the pictures. "Damn, you made a mess. It's all up in my hair and shit."


"That mother-fucker is gonna straight-up lose his mind when I send him this. If he wants to call me a ho, I'll show him a ho."

Shane groaned. "Fuck, that was good."

"Uh huh. Can you get me something to wipe all this off now?"

He nodded, forcing his weak legs to obey him so he could get off the couch. She chuckled as he stumbled his way to the bathroom for a damp washcloth. When he returned, she'd unbuttoned her jeans, revealing a pair of lavender panties. She had her hand beneath, fingers moving as she played with her pussy.

Shane shuddered as she brought her damp fingers to her lips and licked them clean before holding out a hand for the washcloth.

While she wiped the cum off her face, he reached into the parting of her zipper, running his fingers over the crotch of her panties, which were damp. She moaned, lifting her hips toward his fingers, so he wormed one beneath the material to her folds.

"Did I get it all?"

"Yeah," he answered as his finger reached her nether lips and slipped between them.

"Mmm." She sat the washcloth down on the table. It promptly slipped off onto the floor, though neither of them noticed. "So, was Wendy telling the truth about how much you love to eat pussy?"

Shane nodded and pulled his finger away from her warm, wet crease to grasp her jeans. While he pulled down, he hooked his fingers beneath the waistband of her panties as well. Between his tugging and her wriggling, they managed to remove the last of her clothing, save for a pair of ankle socks.

Grace parted her legs wide. "Why don't you show me?"

An artfully trimmed nest of dark curls adorned her mound, thinning around her nether lips. Thin chocolate petals peeked out from between her outer lips, glistening with wetness. She reached down with two fingers to spread her folds, revealing a line of pale pink as he dropped to his knees next to the couch.

The musky scent of her arousal gave him chills as he leaned in. The first taste made him groan when he traced the full length of her pussy with the tip of his tongue.

Placing a hand on top of his head, Grace said, "Don't make me wait."

As if he had any intention of doing so.

He continued to use the tip of his tongue, tracing every contour of her folds, growing steadily more intoxicated on her scent and taste by the moment. There was something different - exciting - about the flavor of her juices. Whether it was the excitement of going down on her or something truly unique, he didn't know, and didn't really care.

"Mmm, I like that. That taste good?"

He paused just long enough to say, "Delicious," before pushing his tongue deeper.

"Ah yeah. Get in there."

A fresh burst of even more intense flavor made him feel light-headed for a moment. He stabbed his tongue in as far as he could, tilting his head to delve even deeper. His tongue caressed her walls as he lapped for every drop of the sweet, spicy nectar he could gather up.

Grace began to swivel her hips, her fingers tightening in his hair. When he slipped his tongue out of her canal, he wiggled it while lapping her folds, just brushing the underside of her hood. Feeling her squirm and hearing her make quiet sounds of pleasure drove him to even greater efforts.

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