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Fiction Sex Story: The night I found out how my girlfriend loses control at the sight of a massive cock.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Cheating   Slut Wife   Cuckold   Wife Watching   Oriental Female   Oral Sex   .

When I was staying with my girlfriend in her shared flat in London, I finally realised how entranced she is by huge dicks. I've known for a few years that Mei gets really turned on by seeing or talking about bigger than average cocks, but until this weekend, it was just that - talk. I never really thought she would act on her sluttier impulses outside of our own bedroom, but perhaps she only needed the right lure.

Last night I woke up alone in Mei's bed. This was a little strange because she usually never gets up in the night, so I went to find out where she'd gone. When I opened the living room door, my eyes were met with such an erotic sight that I was unable to move or speak for a few moments. Mei's flatmate, Ryan, was reclining on the sofa, looking lazily at the ceiling. Mei herself was kneeling on the floor between his outstretched legs, still in her nightclothes; a small cotton shirt, and panties that showed off the outline of her ass as she bent forward slightly. She had pulled her shirt down around her shoulders to give Ryan a good view of her tits, which spilled out over the neckline. Even from where I was standing, I could see that her nipples were erect with the excitement of what she was doing.

As I watched, Mei's long dark hair flicked back and forth as her head bobbed up and down in Ryan's lap, and in the moonlight from the window, I could see the head of his hard cock sliding between my girlfriend's red lips and into her hot little mouth. She must have been enjoying the taste, because I could hear her moaning softly in pleasure.

I shifted my weight where I was standing, and a creaking floorboard drew the pair's attention to me. Mei turned to me and I felt like I should say something, but all I could think of was to ask "What are you doing?" As I stepped closer, I could tell that she was far too aroused to be disturbed by my sudden appearance; her eyes were still half closed with lust, and her slightly parted lips glistened with liquid from Ryan's cock.

"I saw him playing himself, by accident, and ... his dick is so big ... I couldn't help myself..." she tried to explain, but even as she was speaking, her hand was still stroking him. My own dick was harder than ever before; Mei had never looked so slutty, with her ass sticking out, her perfect tits on display, tightly gripping another guy's hard cock, and looking ready to suck it like a lollipop. I managed to stay cool long enough to make my way to the sofa and sit down next to Ryan.

Now I could see clearly how big and fat Ryan's weapon was, and why Mei couldn't control herself when she saw it. I noticed her gaze had returned to it, throbbing in her hand.

"The biggest cock I have ever seen..." she half-whispered in her sexy, sultry voice which I had never heard her use in front of other people. She looked at me for a moment, then, without taking her eyes away from mine, silently lowered her head and slipped Ryan's cock back inside her mouth. She was sucking and licking his meat like candy whilst staring at me, shamelessly.

"You really like sucking Ryan's huge dick?" I asked her. She nodded, and her face turned red, but she couldn't stop herself – she continued to pump his cock with her sexy face. She even pushed her tits together and held them up for both her men to see. Ryan turned to me and smiled.

"Wow. Your girlfriend really is a slut!" he said. All I could think was 'I know'. She looked like a professional whore, on her knees, serving her customer. In his excitement, Ryan groaned, and pulled up his shirt, revealing his toned, muscular stomach. Mei looked away from me and gazed at her flatmate's fit body. She moaned louder than ever, and started sucking faster and deeper, like a horny little bitch, trying to take his whole prick into her. I'd never seen Mei give a blowjob like this – she was amazing to watch. I felt like I was going to cum just seeing her so turned on. Mei let go of her tits and placed a hand on Ryan's stomach, feeling his hard six-pack. She rocked back and forth a little, and I knew she was squeezing her pussy between her thighs, thinking about being fucked powerfully from behind.

Soon, Mei pulled the giant cock out of her mouth and gasped for air. She started playing Ryan's dick furiously with her left hand whilst panting for breath.

"Ohh, so big, so big," she moaned, and suddenly stuck out her tongue and licked the top of his dick where more of his clear liquid was appearing. She closed her eyes and smiled dreamily, while wiggling her ass behind her. "Feel so happy," she purred, "please fuck me ... somebody fuck me ... anybody..."

I stood up and untied my dressing gown, freeing my erection; it was time to punish Mei for being a naughty girl. Standing behind her, I could see she was so wet that there was a damp patch on her panties. I pulled her underwear down to her knees and admired her round ass and dripping pussy. I rubbed her gently between her legs and found my finger slipped inside easily. As I finger fucked her slowly, she started to push back against my hand and I knew she was desperate to feel something bigger inside her.

I got behind her, pushed my dick against her hole, and with one shove, it started to slide in smoothly. Her pussy hugged my dick and wouldn't let go; it felt like a vice, grasping me tightly. It was so good to be inside her, after watching her put on such a dirty cock sucking show. As I started to fuck her steadily, I watched Ryan rubbing his slimy cock on Mei's face, wiping it across her cheeks and over her lips. She swept her hair to one side and resumed her expert blowjob, allowing him to stuff his swollen member into her hungry mouth. I picked up speed, ramming her ass and watching it jiggle, and Mei's head bobbed up and down even quicker than before. The harder I fucked her pussy, the deeper she took Ryan into her throat.

For that instant, Mei was nothing but our sex toy, giving over her body to be used by her boyfriend and her flatmate at the same time. Listening to her urgent slurping and moaning, I knew that she felt totally and completely fulfilled, pleasuring two dicks with both her love holes.

"Mei, you are the best little cocksucker in the world," said Ryan, and he held her head at both sides while he fucked her face like a pussy. I growled with satisfaction when I felt her clamp onto me rhythmically as she was raped powerfully from both ends.

"I will do anything, if I can just suck your big dick and be fucked so hard..." she managed to whimper as she came up for air. I was so proud of her right then, and loved her so much, I couldn't stop, I just screwed her relentlessly, my hips banging into her gorgeous ass.

"Ohh yeah, you hot little bitch ... good girl, good girl, take my whole dick ... Oh God, I'm going to cum in your tight little pussy!" I was ready to empty myself into her. She tried to make a noise, but her moaning was stopped by the enormous cock filling her mouth. She gripped the edge of the sofa as I slammed into her one last time and came with the force of a bomb, drenching her pussy. I never felt so good in my life. Mei slumped to the ground, and I staggered over to the sofa and fell onto it.

We three took a minute or two to catch our breath, then Mei got up weakly, kicked her panties off her ankles, and lifted her nightshirt over her head and threw it onto a chair. Finally, she was completely naked in front of us both. She looked like a well fucked prostitute; her nipples were still sticking out, her lipstick was smeared, and her long hair was dishevelled from her frantic ass fucking. Her inner thighs were shiny from both our juices.

We were all quiet for a moment, Ryan and I savouring the view of Mei's beautiful naked form. She looked from him to me, hesitating over something.

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