One Hot Tamale

by Hey Mikey

Copyright© 2012 by Hey Mikey

Erotica Sex Story: A story of how dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant turned into a real spicy evening.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

There must have been a dozen of them, at least; all sitting around the long row of tables that had been pushed together to accommodate such a large party. All between the ages of twenty-one and twenty-five, I'd guess by the way they were all dressed in their slutty best, laughing and carrying on. I could see the look on my husband's face. 'Oh Great ... A bachelorette party ... Just what we needed right next to our table.' It was supposed to be our special night out. The kids were at their grandparent's for the night and we had planned on a nice relaxing evening at our favorite Mexican restaurant. We both love Salena's in the Village Gate Square. Great food and even better drinks.

The girls were all laughing and yacking away while the waiters and bus boys were literally falling over each other trying to be the one to fill their glasses or clear away the empty plates. They kept getting up from their chairs to pose for group pictures with each other's cell phone cameras. Jesus! ... Just take one good one and sit the fuck down! I could tell my husband was getting pretty perturbed. I just smiled at him and told him to order us a few more drinks. They make THE BEST Margaritas at Salena's. I can't stop at just one ... or two, for that matter. We had already finished most of our dinner and I was beginning to feel the effects of all that Tequila.

I started watching the girls as they cavorted and carried on. The guest of honor was a tall skinny girl with long, straight blonde hair and a pretty face. A little flat chested for my taste, but still, not bad. My gaze moved around the table, quickly surveying the virtual buffet of young, hot, female flesh that was vividly on display. John knows how much I like the young ones; especially with a few nice tattoos, and there were several in the group that had them. A tight ass, tramp stamp and a tongue stud ... Oh Baby! ... Most were wearing short, tight little hoochie dresses with their tits all pushed together and bursting up from within. Teased up hair and stiletto heels with the thin ankle straps. All in all, not a bad looking bunch of hot little bitches, if I do say so myself.

Now... , as a woman in her mid-forties, I can still turn a few heads, but even my daily trips to the gym can't bring back those good old days of MY twenty something youth. I was a pretty hot mama in those days and it wasn't hard to catch John's eye as I walked past the construction site every day on my lunch hour where he had been working that summer. God, he looked good in those dirty, ripped jeans. Six foot two, tanned, muscular arms in a sleeveless shirt, his hard hat, and that sexy fuckin' tool belt strapped to his waist. I still get wet just thinking about it. And with his sweet boyish smile, big blue eyes, a heart of solid gold and an eight inch hunk of rock hard meat in his pants, it wasn't hard for him to sweep me off me feet either. But I do still love the soft and tender touch of a hot, horny college co-ed like the ones I use to fuck around with back in school. Those chicks were so fucking horny and always ready. Ha! Just like me. And just like the ones that were all sitting around the big table, slowly getting hammered, not ten feet away from us.

Another margarita down and I was really starting to feel loose. I started leaning over the table, holding his hands and giving my man sexy little kisses while whispering in his ear. "Look at all those hot little sluts over there. I wonder if any of them are still virgins."

He just smirked at me with that adorable boyish grin of his. "I highly doubt it Juls."

I glanced back over my shoulder at them, and then back at him. "I'll bet they've never had a cock as big as yours though. Bet they'd piss their pretty little panties if they ever had one shoved down their hot little throats.

John looked at me again, with that knowing smile. "You're drunk, aren't you?" He sat back in his chair and sighed. "C'mon Baby, let's get you home."

I pulled my hands back from the table letting them fall to my lap. I sat up straight in my chair, unable to stop my upper body from swaying a little as I did. "I'm not Durunck..." I said, slurring my words a little.

Oh Shit ... Who was I kidding? I was fucking hammered and it was at that moment I realized just how badly I had to pee. Taking a deep breath, I got to my feet and announced to my husband, along with half the tables around us, that I was GOING to the LADIES room. I swung around on my heels, flipped the hair from the side of my face and staggered off in that general direction.

On my way down the ramp, ... Yes, they have a long ramp that leads down from the raised seating area along the windowed side of the room. Great ... I'm drunk; wearing heals and headed down a ramp. What could Possibly go wrong? I wobble a little bit but was able to make my way down to the main floor without incident, right past the large party of girls seated around their table. A few of them eyed me curiously. Those little bitches, all showing off their young, perky tits were sooo hot ... Shit ... Too bad our table wasn't closer to there's so I could've rubbed myself up against one of them. I could feel my nipples getting hard just thinking about it.

I rounded the corner by the front end of the bar. Oh great, a line for the bathroom ... and there's NOWHERE to really stand with the hostess station right there by the door ... Geez this place is really hopping. It's awfully warm too ... Feels good on my neck when the front door opens and I get the cool breeze from the unheated foyer on my hot skin.

Well ... look who it is coming out of the ladies room ... It's one of those beautiful tattooed bitches from the noisy table. Fiery red hair and long sexy legs in a super tight, short black dress. I smile at her, hopefully not in that creepy sort of way. And then ... she smiles back. Oh Shit ... Did she just smile back? No, wait ... one of her friends is right behind me in line. Dumb-Ass. I look back at her; she is lovely too, and soooo close to me. Our eyes meet and we exchange the briefest of smiles. I feel my face start to flush and I just have to turn back around. Where the hell is John? I bet he'd just love to see me; squirming like this ... He'd laugh his ass off.

Suddenly, I hear a voice behind me. "Do you think we can use the men's room?" Her question catches me off guard. Was she talking to me? Her voice is so sweet and innocent. "There's no one waiting in line and hey, what the fuck ... Who cares, right? If the door locks, it's cool with me ... I'm not afraid." My heart skipped a beat. "Aw Shit, c'mon, let's just do it." Before I could even think of what to say, she grabs my upper arm with her left hand and moves to the men's room door. Swinging the door open with her free hand, she shoves me in.

Is she serious? Does she KNOW who she's dealing with here? And I am drunk on Tequila ... And I'm already so wet and turned on I can barely stand it ... Trying not to stumble, I grab hold of the sink. The alcohol is definitely not making it easy but I manage to steady myself and turn to face her. God! ... she looks even more gorgeous then before. In one swift motion, she pulls down her pants and squats over the nasty men's toilet. I didn't know if I was supposed to look or not but I was pretty loaded ... so I looked. She just laughed and flashed a knowing smile.

"Oh yeah, I caught you two looking over at us at our table; whispering shit to each other ... That dude your old man?" she said, looking up at me with an amused grin. I felt my face flush again. I was sweating. Christ, it must be a hundred degrees in here. I just smiled back at her trying not to show how buzzed I was. Tearing off a wad of paper from the roll, she wiped, stood tall, and slowly pulled her pants up. Hmm, No underwear ... Shocking. Suddenly, I realized that she had been watching me the whole time I had been staring at her crotch.

"Huh? ... Umm ... yeah, he's mine ... Married 23 years now, house, kids, yadda yadda yadda." I looked at her for a moment; eyes struggling to stay focused in the dimly lit room; or maybe it was the Tequila.

"Don't you have to pee?" She asked as she tried to wash her hands in the pathetic little sink. Not taking my eyes off of her, I stepped toward the toilet, turned and pulled my skirt up around my waist; revealing my own lack of panties as well. Then I lost my balance and almost fell over. Jesus ... nice goin' Grace.

"Oh shit, you're toasted. Here, let me help you out." She grabbed my elbow and held it tightly as I successfully squatted and finally relieved myself; one hand on the wall and one hand holding tight to her forearm. She grabbed some toilet paper with her left hand and gently wiped my pussy. Our eyes met again and I just froze. She smiled sweetly as she slowly withdrew her hand.

Uh Oh. It's gonna be one of THOSE nights.

The next thing I knew, I was on my feet, pushing her against the door; my skirt still up around my hips and grinding my snatch into her thigh. I had my mouth against her neck. Mmm, just a hint of patchouli oil and ... spearmint? She was moaning as I grabbed her little ass and pulled it toward me. My head was spinning and my knees shaking.

A sudden knock at the door snapped me back to reality. Shit ... Who's this asshole?

She whispered forcefully to me... "FUCK HIM!"

The knock had startled me and I had let go of her ass. So she grabbed mine and started kneading it with her strong hands; pressing her thigh harder against my bare pussy. All I wanted was to kiss her ... To get lost in it ... To part her pouty lips with my tongue and explore her mouth. My freakin' brain was on FIRE with it.

The asshole knocks AGAIN.

"Jul, you in there???"

Oh shit ... That's no asshole, that's my husband. Figures he'd ruin my first kiss with this bitch. I stepped back and disengaged myself.

"That your old man?"


"Is he cool?"

"If you mean, 'Is he a horny motherfucker?' than YES."

I pushed her to the right, just behind the door, turned the lock, and cracked the door open a little.

"What the hell are you UP to in there Juls??"

"Is there anyone around??" I answered back in a hushed tone.

"No, not now ... There was a line but..."

I opened the door a little more and he saw her step from behind me. She had been pulling down and straightening my skirt. I grabbed his arm and pulled him in. He almost started to protest but quickly gave up.

"Just get IN here!" I groaned, showing my impatience with his sudden attempt at modesty. Shoving him back against the wall, I locked the door behind me.

SO ... there the three of us were; just staring at each other like a couple of kids who had just cut class and were hiding from the teacher. I turned and fixed my gaze on her pretty little face. "You suck cock Baby??"

"Uh huh" She said quietly, giving me a timid little nod.

"Then get to it, Bitch." I slapped her ass playfully.

John unzipped his pants faster than I had ever seen him, and out came that long, semi-hard, dick. Geez he's fast. God, I love that dick.

Not wanting to kneel on that nasty wet floor, she simply bent over at the waist, grabbed him at the base of his shaft and began rubbing her big, pouty, red lips all over the head of his rapidly expanding cock. I could see her little pink tongue darting in and out, flicking at the very tip. As his dick grew and stiffened, John moaned loudly. I told him to shut up and flushed the toilet to give us some cover in case anyone was out there.

As she began to work her wet, luscious, lips over the length of his long, hard, shaft, I stepped behind her, pulled up my skirt again and grabbing her hips. I began to grind myself against her ass. I leaned over her back and grabbed her hair, whispering to her as I did.

"Let him fuck your mouth, you little cunt. Take it all, Bitch." I pushed her head forward and John's cock slid nearly all the way to the back of her throat. He began to pump harder and faster, causing her to gag a little. She pushed her ass back into me. John grabbed the back of her head and held her tight. With one hand on her hip, I placed my other hand between her legs. Her pants were so wet. I rubbed and squeezed her poor, aching pussy through her jeans. She moaned and gagged on John's cock as he began to breathe heavily, both of his hands still on the back of her head. I knew that look on his face. The first time is always the quickest.

"That's it baby, pump that fucking cock down her throat and make her TASTE it"

One more groan from John and then that big, grasping PUSH. I knew he was shooting a huge wad down her hot little throat. Without losing pace, she swallowed it all as I continued rubbing her pussy through her soaking wet pants.

When she stood, I slowly turned her around and, placing my hands around her waist, brought my lips to hers; parting her hot mouth with my tongue; searching for what remained of John's cum. I swirled it around and around with my tongue and finally withdrew while sucking gently on her lower lip. She tasted wonderful. Like John's salty sweet cum with a hint of peppermint. She was still breathing hard, and making soft little animal noises as our lips and tongues flittered and mingled together.

"Holy shit, Babe, what the FUCK was THAT?" John said, zipping up his pants.

I let go of my new obsession and looked up at my tall, sexy, husband.

"Did you pay the bill?"

"Uh yes, but..."

"Pull the damn car around; we're taking her home."

I pressed my hand between her legs again and whispered with a sly smile, "You got any problems with that baby?" She didn't.

After grabbing her coat and telling her friends she was leaving, she joined me at the door and we walked out into the outer lobby of the Village Gate, outside Selena's. It was freezing. In better light she looked amazing. Her mouth was reddened and her lips looking slightly swollen from sucking my husband's cock. There were a few other people in the outer area. I didn't care. Even the cold air wasn't gonna ruin THIS buzz.

She had black hair. Very black. Cut kind of short and crazy with bangs that curved down and partly covered the sides of her eyes. Good sized tits. (Not as big as mine but a good solid C) She was a bit shorter than me, but was wearing shiny heels.

Mmmmm, nice tits, pouty lips and shiny heels. SCORE.

The cold December air had her nipples hard underneath her shirt, and with her jacket open I could see them straining for release. I reached over underneath her coat to her right breast and squeezed her taut nipple through her shirt and bra. I didn't care who might be watching. I kinda like showing off in public. Damn; no one out there even looked twice. Ha. I played with it a little and asked, "You cold Baby?"

"Yeah, it's freezing you crazy bitch" she said, clenching her teeth, but then she smiled. "Where are we going?"

John pulled up with the car, and putting my arm around her waist, I led her out of the door to the waiting car.

I opened the back passenger door and she got in. I was right behind her. The car was warm and I glance into the rear view mirror and met with John's knowing gaze. I LOVE that guy.

"Home James!" I said, reached over to play with her nipples again. She leaned her head back and moaned a little.

"What am I DOING?" she said mournfully.

Fixing my gaze on her, I scootched in closer to her, turning my upper body in her direction. Grabbing her thigh, I pulled her right leg up and crossed it over mine. Her ass slid down in the seat and her legs fell open. With my right hand on her thigh, my left hand moved to her nipple and rolled it gently between my fingertips.

I breathed into her ear... "Nothing you don't WANT to do, Sweetie..." A soft groan escaped her lips and I felt her body shudder as I pinched a little harder.

"So, what do you WANT to do?" I squeezed her nipple more forcefully and placed my right hand between her legs, pressing my palm into the warmth I found there.

"Hmmmmm??? What is it you want, Honey?" I asked again.

Her eyes were closed and she said softly, "I don't know. I- I- just want..."

I covered her sweet little mouth with mine and gently swept my tongue inside her. I imagined her pussy being as soft and hot as her mouth. She was moaning and making those little noises again. 'SHIT, this bitch is turning me on. Christ!'

I kept kissing her gently, not moving in, but rather maintaining just the minimum pressure needed; teasing her. She started kissing back more passionately; rising up to take more of my tongue into her mouth, reaching for me with her hands and her own tongue. My face was hovering just out of reach and she wanted more...

I had one hand on her crotch, rubbing her, and the other hand still pinching and pulling at her nipple. I was close but I wouldn't lean into her. It was driving her crazy. With her one leg still thrown over mine and her legs apart she couldn't grab and pull me closer. Poor little hot bitch, she was all mine and I was gonna play her right.

I heard John clear his throat. He didn't have the radio on; he always has the radio on, but tonight he wanted to hear everything. I'll bet he was already hard again just from the noises she was making.

"We're almost home Babe." he said evenly. I bet he's a little worried too. The last bitch I brought home tried to steal money out of his wallet. She'll think twice about ever doing that again.

I stopped kissing her, pulling away abruptly, and said to her "Hurry up and climb on top of me." She looked confused. It was soooo sexy. I took her leg off of mine and sat facing forward. I motioned for her to straddle me, one leg on each side of my hips. It took her a few moments to maneuver around, but then she sat on my thighs facing the rear window. I put my hands up, elbows bent; palms open to her against the back of the seat. She closed each hand around my wrists, pressing them into the back of the seat. Now I was the one that moaned. She bent her head down and forced me to kiss her. Opening my mouth wide with her tongue and pressing those big beautiful lips against mine HARD. I imagined her pussy, all wet and swollen, and how I would push my whole face into it. When she stopped and moved her waist back for a moment, I let out a whimper. I wanted more of that tongue in my mouth. She let go of my wrists, pulled up her shirt and yanked her tits out of the top of her bra.

"Suck my tits ... I want to feel your mouth."

She was kneading her own breasts and leaned one into my mouth. I took it eagerly, sucking and licking her hard nipple. I ran my hands up her back under her coat and pressed her closer to me. We were both moaning, with her hands behind my head, I moved my hands down under her ass. I hope she likes it in the ass. My John will fuck the SHIT outta that little ass.

I just want her pussy. I want to taste it and rub her swollen lips all over my face. I want to suck her hard little clit while lying underneath her as John rams his hard cock into her ass. I felt almost delirious; lost in it ... She was moving rhythmically; rocking back and forth a little as she pressed her other nipple into my warm mouth.

"We're home." His voice echoed in the back of my brain. I almost didn't want it to be so. I was enjoying our little back seat party. Quickly exiting the car, we led our new friend in through the side door of the house.

"Take her downstairs. I'll be down in a minute." She looked slightly alarmed. "It's just the basement." I said. "We're gonna do some 'Laundry'."

She smiled and turned toward the stairs. John followed her and looked back at me questioningly. I kissed him deeply and gave his stiff rod a gentle squeeze through his pants.

"Go ahead Baby, have at her." I knew he wouldn't go too far without me. I call the shots. He likes it that way ... most of the time.

"Oh, and give me your wallet." He laughed, pulled it out of his back pocket and handed it to me before taking the stairs down. I went up to the kitchen, then upstairs to the bathroom to clean up a bit. When I got back to the basement, I had three bottles of water and a small tube, and was wearing just my bra and skirt. What a sight I was greeted with. There was John with his pants off, getting his cock sucked again by this horny little slut who was sitting in his computer chair. There was a nice porn video playing on the computer screen and you could hear it along with her own muffled little moans and John's heavy breathing. I knelt down next to the chair as she took her hot little mouth off his cock. Holding it tightly she started tapping it against my pursed lips. I always love it when John does that to me.

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