My Perfect Life

by WVBoy

Copyright© 2011 by WVBoy

Erotica Sex Story: Katie has a perfect life, it didn't just happen, it took many steps to reach this point. This story is pure fiction, but it is based on real events.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

The perfect life, yes, I guess I have that.

My name is Katie and even with some hard times, I have to say that I have had the perfect life.

My life did not just magically start as a perfect life, but it managed to get to this point via a series of small steps. I guess the first step happened when I was six years old and the family and I moved into a new house in the suburbs. Within the first couple of weeks I founs that the neighbors across the street had a son who was also 6 years old and like myself was an only child. Bill and I instantly became best friends. All through our early days we were inseparable, if you saw one of us, the other wouldn't be too far away. We grew up together, played together, and went to school together; we became closer than any brother/sister combination.

Then along came those teen years. I guess everyone took it for granted that we would become a couple and we did not disappoint them. We went on our first real date when we were 13, it seems so natural to be together, yet this time was different. That first date was going to a party given by one of our friends, Bill picked me up at my house and we walked together to the party. Nothing different happened until we were on the way home. Almost by accident as we walked home, our hands touched and my hand slipped into his hand, we had held hands many times before but this felt different, there was an electrical charge passing between us. At the door, I turned to him and thanked him for taking me to the party, then I did something that I had not planned, I bent toward him and gave him a light kiss on the cheek. I thought for a minute that he was going to faint. He started stuttering and not making any sense in what he was saying. I interrupted and told him that I would see him the next day at school.

From that point on, we were a couple, no longer play mates, but now we were a true couple.

As we started through our teens, we grew closer and closer together. As with all young couple it wasn't long before we started touching each other. I remember the first time I touched his cock, it happened at 16. We had gone out to a movie and afterward he was to walk me home. We knew that my mother and father would not be home and they had given me a door key to make sure that I could get into the house. We sat on the porch for a few minutes, doing our normal kissing and hugging when all of a sudden he took my door key and dropped it down the front of his pants and told me that if I wanted the key I would have to search for it. I told him that I needed the key and would not reach into his pants to retrieve it. We sat and talked for a while and then he got up to leave, I could see that he was serious about not giving me the key. Slowly I loosened his belt and unbuttoned his pants. Slowly slipping my hand into his pants, making sure that I was outside of his underwear, I could feel his underwear and then I touched something hard. I had never seen a cock other than on the baby that I baby sat for, but here was a real live one. Like most 16 year old girl I had lied to the others in my group and told them that I had done all types of things with Bill. As I searched I could not find the key. Watching the expression on Bill's face change with each probe into his pants, suddenly he began to breathe hard and deep. Bill told me that the key was on the inside of his underwear. Retrieving my hand, again I slowly slipped it into his pants, but this side inside the band of his underwear. I had only slipped in a couple of inches when again I touched his cock. So hard, so warm, I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt. I allowed my fingers to run down the length of it, reaching its base; I wrapped my fingers around his shaft. I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt. Bill grabbed my wrist, I thought maybe I was hurting him, but that was not the case. Holding my wrist he began to move it up and down, causing my hand to travel the full length of his cock. Bill's eyes began to glass over and he began to shake. After a grunt, I could feel something warm strike my wrist and run over my fingers. I had heard about boys cumming, but had never thought much about what it would feel like. As I withdrew my hand, I could see my fingers covered with cum, I don't know why I did it, but I brought my hand to my face. As it came close to my nose I could smell the musty of his cum, then I stuck out my tongue and tasted it. It tasted salty but nothing that revolted me, as a matter of fact, I liked the taste. Bill grabbed me and gave me a deep kiss, deeper than any of the hundreds of kisses that we had shared up to this point. When we broke he handed me that key and said thank you. Like some of the horror stories I had heard from my friends, I was so afraid that this would break us up, that maybe all Bill was after was sex and now that he had a taste of it, he wouldn't want me anymore.

I couldn't have been more wrong. With that night our relationship took on a whole new light. After that night, I was touching him as much as I could and he was returning the favor.

We continued with manual manipulation, never going any farther until we turned 20. Then one evening Bill asked me to marry him and I said yes. Bill had been working at a grocery chain store since he was 16 and had worked his way us way up to becoming a meat cutter. He was making good money and we started planning our life together. In June just three months before my 21st birthday, we were married.

There were mixed emotions about the upcoming wedding night. Neither of us had ever seen the other completely naked. I was afraid that Bill would not be pleased with my body and also afraid that I wouldn't be able to draw close to his body. I was wrong; we were drawn to each other like two magnets. For that night, my mother had given me a white sheer negligee. I went to the bathroom to change while Bill climbed into bed. As I came into the room, he gave a whistle. We had an incredible night of sex, but that was only the beginning, our marriage would be filled with great sex.

I thought that my perfect life had started, with no money worries, I could stay at home and turn the small cottage that we had rented, into a home. I would straighten up the house; go shopping for groceries or things for our home and then hurry back home and cook a meal for the two of us. During the evening we would snuggle up on the couch and watch TV and make out. Then off to bed for another night of great sex. The nights of passion had the desired effect, 2 years later our son was born. Now the cottage was too small and we found an older house for sale that was well within our budget and I was so happy, now I had an empty house to fill with parts of our lives together. I was afraid that after the baby, I would not regain my figure and our sex life would suffer, but that was not the case, three months after the baby was born, other than makings my boobs bigger, you couldn't tell that I had ever had a child. The wonderful sex continued, and then at the age of 25 our daughter was born. Now with two children around the house and a loving husband I thought that I had the perfect life, but still there was something missing.

Bill was a great lover, his cock was large enough to fill, without over filling, he could go for long stretches, holding back his orgasm until I had been fulfilled several times. We had taught each other what we liked or disliked and the other did their best to keep everything exciting. I would come to bed wearing one of several night attires or sometimes even naked. Bill kept up an exercise routine to keep himself in perfect shape for me. All of my friends were just a little jealous, after 5 years of marriage we had the same exciting sex life that we had on the first night. All of my friend's husbands had allowed themselves to put on weight and loose that youthful look, but not Bill, he still looked 20. Bill always called three or four times a day to make sure everything was OK at home or just to tell me that he loved me. Sometimes he would call and act like we were teens again and ask me for a date that night. One afternoon Bill called and asked to take me to a drive-in that night and of course I said yes. I knew that these drive-in dates would always end up with the two of us parked in one of the back rows and making out like we were teens again. I made a call to my mother and took the kids to her house for the evening and then back home to get ready for my date.

My road to the perfect life was about to take a giant step. Bill didn't come home at his usual time that evening, but came home around 8 p.m. He rang the door bell, and when I answered the door, there he stood with flowers in hand, acting like a teenager on a first date. I jumped into his arms and after a quick dinner off we went to the drive-in. Normally after the movie was over, neither of us could give much of a description of the movie, we would be too busy making out, this evening would be different. After we parked in our favorite spot in the back row, we went to the snack bar to pick up the evenings ration of popcorn and soda. Back at the car we climbed into the back seat and waited for the movie to start. As the movie began we started our make out session. It wasn't long before my blouse was unbuttoned, my bra was pulled up and Bill was sucking on my hardened nipples. I had his pants unzipped and had his cock in hand. Things were moving too fast for a long evening so we decided to take a break and watch the movie for a little while and cool down. The movie was about four couples that were having a party and after everyone had gotten pretty well drunk they decided to do an exchange of cars and wives. Each put their car keys into a hat and each male would draw a key and take that car with the wife that went along with it for the evening. The rest of the movie was about how the evening went for each of the couples. Not long after the movie had started there was another car pulled into the spot beside of us and like us, the couple got into the back seat.

When we were taking our break and watching the movie, Bill had caught sight of the other couple in the back seat of their car. As he watched for a few minutes, he elbowed me to take a look. Here was the female, without any clothes, not bothering to cover up in any way, going down on her male counterpart. She caught sight of us watching and even gave us a wave, but kept right on with what she was doing. I was getting hotter by the minute. I grabbed Bill's cock and started stroking it faster and faster. Now the other girl was on top riding harder and harder. I couldn't take my eyes off of the scene. I had never seen another couple have sex before other than in some of the porn movies that we had collected. I slipped off my blouse and bra, exposing myself to the other couple. Bill was trying to cover me up, but I would have none of it. I wanted to see and be seen for the first time. I was so hot that as soon as Bill touched my soaking wet pussy with his cock I hit the clouds with the biggest orgasm that I had ever had. I couldn't stop, I wanted more and more. Bill was driving his cock up into me as hard as he could and I was yelling, "Deeper, harder." I knew the other car had to hear me, but for the first time in my life, I didn't care. I was lost in the heat of the moment. Bill couldn't hold out any longer, he buried himself as deep as he could and dumped a large load deep within me, at the same moment, I came again. Drained of all energy, all I could do was collapse on top of him, as I did I glanced over at the other car and now both the man and woman had stopped and were watching us and each gave us the thumbs up sign that they had enjoyed the show.

The next day was Saturday and we would have it all to ourselves, the kids were going to spend the weekend with my mother. As we sat down to breakfast, each of us was quiet, almost afraid to talk about last night. Bill broke the silence, "Did you enjoy our date last night."

I said, "I did, but Bill I think we need to talk about it. I don't know what came over me last night. You know I don't act like that, I just couldn't stop. Please forgive me."

Bill replied, "No problem, as long as you enjoyed yourself."

"I did, but I feel so guilty. I've never let anyone see me topless, except you, I just couldn't stop, I was so turned on," with that statement the tears started flowing like rain.

"It really is no problem. I know that other men look at you all the time, undressing you in their minds, and I guess it really excites me, to know that I have something that others desire."

"That still doesn't excuse my actions, please forgive me."

"There is nothing to forgive, you were just being normal, turned on by the sights of another couple having sex. What we have is so special, we don't have sex, Katie, we make love. There is a big difference between the two. I guess that we had never realized that until last night. For once it was great to throw everything to the wind and just enjoy wild sex."

"I lost myself in the act, but I did enjoy it."

With that, Bill swooped me up in his arms and carried me back to bed, where we made wild love over and over again. Finally completely exhausted we lay in each other's arms, Bill said, "About the movie, do you ever think about maybe having sex with someone else?"

Shocked, I answered, "You know that you have been the only man that I have ever been with."

"I know that, but do you ever think that you have maybe missed something by it being that way."

"Until last night I had never even seen another man's cock, once I saw his, and watching it slide into that girl, I couldn't take my eyes off of it, I guess deep in my mind I was wondering if it felt like yours, it was about the same size, I guess I was wondering if some were smaller or larger, such silly thoughts, can you forgive me for that."

"There is nothing to forgive, thoughts like that are only natural. Do you think that you would ever want to be with another man to see what it was like, maybe touch his cock, wrap your hands around, taste it, and maybe fell it inside of you?"

"Don't be silly, I'm yours, I could never do that to you."

Bill's next words burned into my brain, I couldn't shake them all day long. "If you ever want to or need to do that, I would understand."

The rest of the day was normal; we did odd jobs around the house and just enjoyed each other's company. I did notice that Bill was touching me more than normal. Every time I bent over he would feel my ass, or rub up against my tits as he passed.

That evening Bill almost tore my clothes and started kissing me all over, not in his normal genteel way, but like a wild man possessed. I asked, "Bill what is this."

"I'm sorry; I just can't get the thought of you with another man out of my mind. It's driving me wild."

No other mention of this was made for a couple of weeks, Bill had returned to his normal self again. Then a few weeks later we again had a drive-in movie date and my life took another step toward being the perfect life.

We pulled into our normal spot in the back and got into the back seat. The movie was a first run, rather than the usual B movie, so the lot was pretty well filled up. As we started necking, a car with four teen boys pulled into the spot beside us.

I was getting turned on as Bill ran his hands under my clothing. He removed my panties and began to finger me, slow at first, then faster. Bills movements were having the desired effect; my pussy was starting to flow. Bill whispered in my ear, "Take off your blouse and bra; I want to suck those great nipples."

"I can't do that, all of those boys are watching and they would see me." "That is no problem with me, I'm proud of you and I don't mind showing you off."

Slowly I undid each button on my blouse and let it fall to the floor. The boys in the car next to us had rolled down their windows to get a better view of what was going on, they no longer had any interest in the movie. Here I was, in the back of a car with my husband, without a blouse on and with four teenage boys ogling over my body. Bill moved his hands up my stomach and under my bra, lifting first one cup and then the other. He reached around behind me and unfastened the clasp and let it join my blouse on the floor. Then he did something that I never would have guessed he would do, he reached up to the car roof and turned on the overhead light. Being right under the light it acted almost like a spot light on my naked top. Bill took me by the hips and turned me to face the boys. I thought about fighting it, but I knew that deep inside I wanted this to happen. I wanted those boys to see my full breasts, to see my rock hard nipples as they stood at full attention. Just as suddenly as it started, Bill switched off the light and handed me my blouse. We continued to make out, but with clothes on.

When we got home, I didn't let Bill leave the living room; I tore his clothes off and shoved him onto the couch. Taking his rock hard cock into my hands, I lowered my mouth to its head and took it into my mouth. Slowly his cock disappeared into my mouth, I had never deep throated him before, but this time, I managed to get it all down my throat. I let his great cock slide out of my mouth until only a little of the head was still in my mouth, then I sucked it back in. I could tell that he wasn't going to last long like this, but it didn't matter, I wanted him to cum in my mouth. After just a few more strokes, I had my wish fulfilled; he began to shoot loads of cum down my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could but small droplets began to leak from the corners of my mouth and run onto his balls. As he finished, I got up and started to go to the bathroom to clean up but he jumped up, took me in his arms and kissed me, running his tongue into and around my mouth and said, "I can imagine what another man's cum would taste like in your mouth.

I broke the kiss and asked Bill, "Were you serious when you said that you wanted me to try another cock? I've never been so turned on in my life as when I think about it."

Bill replied, "Only if you want to, you can't do this just to please me, it has to be something that you want to do, I will not love you any less, no matter what you decide."

"I'll think about it."

We went to bed and snuggled close to each other, holding on to each other like there was no tomorrow. I couldn't sleep; I tossed and turned, trying to keep quiet so as to not wake Bill. I kept checking the clock, thinking that lots of time must have passed, but each time it was only minutes later than the last time I checked. Around 3 a.m., I couldn't stand it anymore. I could not get the image of those boys' faces out of my head. I could see lust in their eyes, I could see desire for me, something that I really had never paid any attention to before, but this time I wanted to do that to them. I wanted to drive them to the point where their pants would be bursting from their hard cocks.

I grabbed Bill's cock and began to massage it, the massage was having its effect, he was growing and he woke up. "What are you doing?"

"I can't sleep; I can't get tonight out of my mind. I guess that underneath I didn't want to stop when we did, I wanted to show those guys everything, I wanted to control them with my body. Bill am I so evil, am I so wrong?"

He held me tight and whispered, "No, that is the difference between sex and making love, you were allowing your animal instincts to drive you wild, sooner or later you will have to answer those instincts, either to put them down or to give in to them."

"Will you help me Bill? Will you help me sort this out? I'm so confused; I don't know what to do."

Things settled down for a couple of weeks. Then came our twice monthly drive-in date and things took another step forward.

Again after pulling into our normal spot and getting comfortable in the back seat, a pickup pulled in next to us. Instead of pulling in it turned around and backed in so the occupants could watch the movie from the back of the truck. As darkness began to fall and the screen lit up with all of the snack bar commercials, we watched as three guys climbed out of the truck and got into the bed of the truck. They had come prepared; they had sleeping bags and a cooler full of beer with which to enjoy the movie. Being in the back seat and them in the back of the truck, they could not see into the car without coming over to the edge of the truck bed. We made full use of the privacy. Bill unbuttoned and removed both my blouse and my bra and began to play with my hardening, super sensitive nipples. I was getting more turned on by the minute. I stopped Bill and asked, "Are you sure you don't mind me trying someone else, just once."

With that remark, Bill answered, "No, not as long you are completely honest with me, no going behind my back."

I stopped to think it through for a couple of minutes before proceeding. After building up my courage, I dropped my hand to the floor and picked up my blouse, pulled it over my shoulders, not bothering to button it. With every movement, my breasts would sway back and forth, first revealing first one then the other. Although it never complete opened to show nipples, there wasn't much covering them. Before my courage began to fail me, I climbed out of the car and walked over to the truck. Going to the back, I stopped, leaned over the edge and asked the guys, "Would you mind giving me a beer, my husband and I were getting warmed up and he didn't bring anything to drink."

As I stood there, I caught the edge of my blouse on the tailgate of the truck pulling it completely open, revealing one of my boobs in all of its glory to the three young men. I thought that their eyes were going to pop out of their head as I asked what was wrong. They stuttered and could not take their eyes off of me. I looked down as if by complete surprise, and said," Oops, it seems as if something has come uncovered, I hope that you don't mind." Trying to cover back up, I said, "I guess now it really doesn't matter, you have already seen the goods."

As one of the men got a couple of beers out of the cooler and handed them to me, now both tits became exposed. "Seems as if you might be enjoying the view." I sat the beers down on the bumper, and said, "Since you have already seen the goods, I guess that there is no use trying to cover up anymore." With that I pulled the blouse open and tucked the tails into my waist band. Standing there in front of those men, completely exposing my breasts was such a turn on; my pussy was now leaking hot juices down my legs.

"I guess that you would love to see the rest? Maybe next time." I picked up the beers and returned to the back seat of the car, I was all over Bill as soon as I was inside. I had to feel his cock inside of me now. I couldn't wait, I grabbed his belt and unfastened his pants and pulled them down to his ankles. Lowering my mouth down to his cock I began to make sure it was well lubed and as hard as it could get, then I lowered myself down on his full hard cock and began to ride. The guys in the truck were watching and I was getting more and more turned on. I reached up and turned on the overheard light to make sure that they would enjoy the whole show. Just as Bill began to cum, I pulled off of him, backed my naked ass up to the window closest to the truck and took his full load down my throat. I stayed in that position for a minute or so to make sure that they had a good view of my ass and pussy. I told Bill, "Let's go home, I don't care about the movie, I want to fuck, like there is no tomorrow."

Heading home, I had my head in his lap the whole way, making sure that when we arrived back at the house, he was ready to go for round two. I will leave the rest of that night to your imagination.

Bill and I talked about that night several time during the next week and I told him that the next time I wanted to go all the way with someone else, not saying a word, he shook his head in agreement.

The next step happened the following weekend. I told Bill that I wanted to go to a bar and listen to some music instead of going to the movies. As we dressed to go out, I asked Bill, "What if something happens tonight?"

"You are a big girl, I'm ok with whatever decision that you make."

"I'm not planning on anything but if the right guy comes along, I want to try another cock one time, so tonight may be the time.

I dressed for the evening, not like a slut but in a very conservative outfit. I wore a nothing special white blouse, may be a little tight for my big breasts, but showing no skin and a skirt that was knee length again not showing anything special. It took me almost an hour to get ready, not that I was doing anything special, but one minute I would talk myself out of doing anything, then the next I would think about getting to touch another man's cock.

I couldn't delay any longer, I came down the steps and Bill looked disappointed as he said, "I thought that you would dress to attract another man tonight."

"I just wanted to be sure that they are interested in me and not have their eyes fill with skin."

As per plans made earlier, we drove to a town a few miles away, hoping not to run into anyone we knew. As we parked the car, I was overcome with fear, and said to Bill, "Are you sure that this will not destroy your love for me, I pass this up if I thought that it would damage you or your love for me in any way."

Bill took me in his arms and said, "Nothing you could ever do would destroy my love for you."

With that we entered the club. We had picked this bar because of its closeness to the university, knowing that it would be filled with people in their early 20's and normally a high ration of men to women. It took our eyes a minute to adjust to the dim light and our ears to the loud music, but as we began to survey our surroundings we could see that the club was full. We made our way to the bar and took stools, even with the longer than normal skirt, sitting on the high stools it was hard to keep everything covered. Bill leaned over close to my ear and said, "Don't worry about it, show some leg for a change, I'm proud to be with you and you are drawing attention."

Taking my drink, I swiveled the stool, looking around the room, I saw several college-age men who were looking in my direction. As the band started the next number, we were approached by a young man, well over six feet tall, with the build of an athlete and the bluest eyes that I ever saw. As he walked toward us I felt Bill give me a nudge in the ribs to make sure that I noticed too. The closer he came the more I was starting to shake. With a deep voice, he said, "I'm Don, are you here with someone?"

"Hi Don, I'm Katie and the answer to your questions are yes and yes, yes I'm here with someone and yes I would love to dance." Don looked kind of quizzical, but took my hand to help me down from the stool and onto the dance floor. The band was too loud to talk, so all we could do was dance. As the number finished, the band went right into a slow song. Don started to lead me back to the bar, but I resisted, I wrapped my arms around him and we started to dance again. Looking at the other couples around us, I could see that at least one member of most couples had their hands resting on their partners ass. I didn't want to be different, I waited for Don to move his hands down but he was being a perfect gentleman. So I took the lead, slowly letting my hand slide down his back and onto his ass, how firm it felt, with that Don pulled me closer and whispered in my ear, "You are a good dancer, does the man that you are with not care about you dancing with someone else?"

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