My Very First Glory Hole

by Linda Jean

Copyright© 2011 by Linda Jean

True Sex Story: I have been asked so many times how I began loving glory hole sex? Well after a year of being married I stumbled onto my first glory hole and this is exactly how it happened this is 100% true. Yes I did in fact go an entire year only having sex with one man (my husband,) and I even had stopped doing it with dogs for over three years. But after the glory hole, well you'll see

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I get asked this a lot "tell me about your first glory hole experience." I have written about it in one of my stories titled "Watching." My husband was out on maneuvers, and I decided to get out of the house and go take a walk in the local county park. It was a large County park and while old, it was very clean and had restrooms throughout the park. My story I wrote about this walk took place after I had been for one whole year. When this happen, and I was (a very old) 19 year old woman. I say that because between ages 13 to 18, I had screwed more men than a woman three times my age.

(Well, to be honest I should say men and boys)

Now between my Nasty Honeymoon experience (on the houseboat) and this experience (at the park, ) believe it or not, I did not cheat on my husband one time (with a man). However after my trip to the park that day, it sort of re-lit my fire so to speak. I went back to that park 2-3 times a week and back to my nasty little habits. I also developed a very real close relationship with Mary, Bill, Tom, and of course Victor.

I trust that after you read this account on how I discovered my first Glory hole I will not get asked this question again.


It was a warm summer day in the mountain woods. I was taking a leisurely walk enjoying the day. After walking for what seemed like hours. I was a little tired and glad not to have run into any other people so I could see the animals at work and play. Dressed in walking shorts and a halter-top I am very comfortable. I heard a noise to my left I stopped to look, hoping it may be a dear or doe. I then realized it was another woman giggling.

Curiosity being what it is, I wondered why was she giggling (I guess I have a little peeping tom in me). Quietly, I walk to the sound. I wanted to take a quick peek and I wanted to stay out of sight. Even if she (or they) did see, I could just say hi, stop and chat about the beauty of nature. The closer I got, I realized that the sounds I heard was much more than talking, in fact. By the sound I can tell it is lovers at play and having fun. In my mind, I am curious as to what kind of fun? There are a lot of bushes and trees around, so it is no problem to approach them with out being seen.

I finally see them. They are standing up, the girl has her back to a tree and her lover is in front of her caressing her long hair with his hands, while he is kissing her on the cheek. He is saying something to her and she giggled. After seeing them I think I better leave, and just as I start to turn and walk, I see him bring down his hand and lift up her short skirt. I then want to see just how far they may go out here in the open in the woods. I inch closer, because I want to hear what they are saying. (I'm so bad) I see some bushes that will allow me to get closer to them with out being seen.

Just as I got to the bush, I hear him say to her. "Oh my little slut, your not wearing any panties" She giggled and said, "I don't wear them when I'm with you." I could see her leaning against the tree with her legs spread apart. His hand was way up under her skirt and by the way his arm was moving and the way she was moaning as they kissed left no doubt in my mind that he had his fingers working on and in her pussy.

I stood there frozen to the spot transfixed on both of their enjoyment. She reaches down and is rubbing his swollen dick through his pants. He broke his hot kiss with her and starts to kiss her chin and going down. He then kissed her neck and moving further down the front of her blouse. She quickly brings up both hands and opens her buttons and undoes her bra from the front. All the time he kept slowly kissing down her front. When he is even with her breast he takes one then the other in his mouth. Lovingly kissing and sucking them, paying a lot of attention to her nipples. As I stand watching my heart is pounding. I can feel every pulse of my heart pound through my body. Through my arms, my neck, my legs and toes, but most of all I can feel the blood pulsing at the opening of my own groin and pussy.

Standing there, I reach down and with my right hand I slowly raise the leg of my baggy walking shorts, reaching up to my now wet pulsing pussy. I watch as she places her hands on his shoulders and pushes him further down her front. He knows what she wants him to do, and so do I. I can't keep my eyes form being transfixed. I can feel her lust in my soul. I have the same desire, Oh how I wish there was someone to put their mouth on me and my clit, to lick my opening, to gently suck on my sensitive swollen clit.

He gets on his knees and I watch as she raised the front of her skirt with her right hand and with her left hand guides his head down to her opening. As his lips touch her, she moans out loud, and says. "That's it suck on it. Make me feel good baby." My fingers find my own clit and I rub it back and fourth. (I pictured my fingers to be his tongue.) She placed both of her hands on the top of his head, and was holding him close to herself. I can see her moving her hips, I know she is loving every minute. Just as I know I would if it was me standing in front of him with his mouth against me. She is going faster with her hips and I can hear her telling him, she is going to come. It is easy to see when she does, the way she pulls hard on his head and the look of total pleasure all over her face.

Yes it is easy to see; she is climaxing and doing it very hard. I have got to climax my self, I'm so fucking hot, I can't stand it. I take my hand from my pants leg and unfasten them, letting them fall to my feet. I then pull my wet panties down around my knees. With my right hand I rub my clit. With my left I slide two fingers in my very wet, hot and wanting hole. (I am glad no one could see me, as I must look weird standing there with bent legs and both arms working myself.

I watch as he gets up from his knees and reaches for a folded blanket. He spreads it on the ground and they both lie down and start kissing again. This time she unzips his pants and pulls out his huge hard cock. It had to be 8-9" and God is it a fat one. How I wish it was in my hands, and not hers. He had his hand back between her legs and I could see very clearly that he is ramming two no, it is three fingers in and out of her, My God she is going crazy as I was with lust.

As I watch I can feel an orgasm coming on, and I know it is going to be a great one. I bite my lips to keep from crying out. I don't want them to discover me and I don't want them to hear me and stop. I want to see if she can take his big fat hard cock in her. It is all I can do not to shout out at him to shove it in her. I wish it was my hand and fingers fucking her hot pussy, I wish it was my mouth kissing her. I see him moving and getting on to his knees. I just know he is going to put it in her, he fools me.

He moves up so she can suck on his cock, I watch as she struggles to take his huge fat cock in her mouth. She can't get much in and when she does get the head in, her mouth was stretched to the limit. At the same time she reaches down her belly and starts to rub her clit in a circular motion. Moving her hips in unison, I wonder what it would be like to take such a cock in my mouth or even if I could open my mouth that wide. Then I wondered how it would feel inside of my craving pussy. I watch as she strokes herself with one hand while the other strokes his dick as she sucks him. Oh if only I could sneak up to them and replace her fingers and my hand or my mouth. After a while he pulls away from her mouth and tells her to get on her knees. That he wants to fuck her doggy style.

At that angle, it offers me a great view of him aiming his dick at shiny wet hole and I can see it slowly disappear deep inside of her (My God she must have a cavern for a vagina). Thinking to my self "Ok, honey rub your clit." I watch her move her hand underneath herself, so she can rub her clit while he is fucking her. I know that lovely double feeling myself. I cannot imagine the stretching feeling that she has with his cock, while at the same time the feeling of rubbing the clit at the same time. God it had to be a pain/ pleasure thing. I can only imagine the wonderful feeling she was getting with both going on.

As I watch I see him slamming into her fast and furious. He is breathing and moaning loudly, she is on the verge of screaming in pleasure (I know that point very well). I am also having trouble keeping myself from screaming. It is then that I see the bush across from me move. I and I can see a guy standing near a tree also watching them and he is jacking off with his pants at his knees. Unlike myself, staying hidden, he is moving to them ever so slowly, as he strokes his cock. I feel safe that he did not see me.

Then to my surprise, I see the guy fucking the girl, motion the other guy to come over to them. My mind is spinning, what the hell is going on? Is he inviting a complete stranger to join them or did he plan it this way for some reason, did the girl know he was there? By the way she was rubbing her clit as the one guy was fucking her, she was not in this world. She was off into climax land. Her head was down on the blanket while her ass was up in the air taking every inch of that big fat long hard cock.

The guy in the bush moved up along side the guy fucking the girl. I was so surprised when I see him open his mouth and take the second guys dick into his mouth. I cannot believe my eyes (this guy's dick is also huge and fat, ) he was sucking his dick the way I would, very lovingly. The guy fucking the girl never misses a stroke into her hot cunt. The guy fucking the woman pulled his mouth away from the man's dick and said. "Stay just like that. I want to eat that sloppy wet pussy of yours. Close your eyes and enjoy it baby.

As he said this, he motions to the guy that he was sucking to get down behind her to lick and suck her pussy. The guy standing shook his head yes and as the first guy pulled his big cock out the second guy very quickly got down behind her and was licking and sucking on her pussy. When he brought his tongue and mouth to her asshole she moaned very loud and said "Oh yea, baby, do that, oh yea, baby, oh it feels so good, sooooo goooooood."

The first guy was now standing up with is big cock in his hand, stroking it; he walked behind the guy eating her and grabbed a hold of the guy's hips pulling them apart. Oh shit, Oh my God was he really going to do it? Was he going to stick his dick inside this stranger's ass?

It is too much for my mind to comprehend; I never saw anything this nasty in my life, what shocked me was, I loved every nasty thing I saw. My mind was racing this was so fucking bad, I felt my body screaming to be part of this filthiness. I felt a very hard and strong orgasm. My body just shook. It is probably the hardest that I have ever had in my life. I watched as he moved behind the man, yes, he really was going to fuck him in his ass. I have always been curious about two men having sex together and I have always wanted to see two men do it, now I was.

The girl had no idea what was going on behind her; she was caught up in her own world of an orgasm that would not stop. I watched as his cock disappeared into the other guy's asshole and how the guy being screwed was going nuts moving his ass around fucking back at the guy's big dick. After a few minutes of some very hard and fast fucking the first guy asked her if she was ready for more of his cock?

With her eyes tight shut she say's "Yes, oh God yes, I need it" he then pulled his dick out of the guys ass, then he guides him up, moving him up behind her. He motions him to place his dick into her pussy. Once he is in her, the first guy puts his dick back into the other guy's asshole. Watching my mind is spinning; I have never seen anything like this. After what seemed like a short time of fucking, the first guy grabbed the other guy's hips and buried his cock as deep as he could into the guy's ass. I realize that he had climaxed and was shooting his sperm into him.

After a few minutes he pulled his dick out of him and laid down next to the girl on the blanket that was still getting fucked by the second guy. He brought his face right up to hers and started kissing her. She responded back in turn, kissing hard and hot. He reached up and put arm around her, it was only then did the girl realize that there was a second man with them.

I could see her face as her eyes fly open. In surprise, since they were kissing she couldn't say anything. I could see her trying to pull away from his mouth, however he held her and after only a moment, did she relax and get back into what was going on. After I climaxed for the third time, I decide to leave, before I got discovered.

I wanted to stay and watch to find out how it would turn out, however what was really on my mind was getting back home and laying on my bed, and getting my own pleasure. I go straight to my car. And as I am driving home I remember reading in one of those trashy sex books how a gal went to a supermarket and bought a cucumber and how she took it home and fucked herself like crazy. According to the book it felt like a real dick. What a lovely thought, why not, since I have tried a lot of things and they all worked well, maybe a cucumber would also work.

Spotting a market, I go in and find the area with the cucumbers, looking at them this time, for the first time in my life, I don't see food, what I do see is all shapes and sizes of make-believe dicks. Fat ones, skinny ones, long and short ones. Taking my time I search for just the right ones. I figure I may as well get 3-4 of them. That way if they are as good as I have read, I will have a nice supply at the house, for those nights that my lover won't fuck me or is at work. And for those days I am home bored, and I want sex so bad that I ache.

Fondling them I settle for the right 3 and go back to the car. I can't keep my mind off of what I had witnessed in the woods. I wondered if they might still be there? Could it be possible? Instead of going home I change my mind and drive back to the woods. Taking one cucumber I slip it into my front pocket of my shorts, I get out of the car and walk back to where I saw the couple. I was too late they had already left and were gone. I had to pee real bad. Since this was an old public park, it had some of the old outside wood bathrooms.

I remembered I passed one of them when I walked from my car. I felt it best to stop and pee before I make the drive home. Walking to the ladies room I cannot help from being mad at myself for leaving when I did. I wanted to watch them some more, who knows what they may have done.

I realized that my pussy was throbbing with lust, when I get to the small building I see the men's room is on one side and the ladies on the other. Both separated by a thin wall. Walking into the ladies side I shut and lock the door. It only has one stool and I sit down and relax letting my pee flow with a feeling of relief. Being very disappointed in missing the couple and their friend I decide hurry and go back home to try out this lovely cucumber here in my pants.

Sitting there relaxing and sort of day dreaming of today I glanced at the walls and I read all the nasty things put there by some very horny people. (I assume men or boys who went in there thinking that what they would write would get girls turned on and horny.) Some of the stuff is cute while others are down right sick. Looking to my left I see level with my arms, that the wall between the men's and the ladies room has two man-made holes. Looking around I also see just below them over near my knee was another one.

In fact taking a long and good look, I could see four different places someone had cut holes between the men and women's toilets. They were all about the size of the old silver dollar. How nice I think, to bad there were no guys around. It would be neat to peek in and watch a guy stand and pee. Being so turned on sitting there, a hot sexual fantasy slips into my mind. Too bad I think it may have been fun to sit here and have some stranger watch me as I finger my self.

Thinking of doing such a nasty thing, I caress my clit and it feels like electricity running through me. All of a sudden my concentration is broken by hearing the door to the men's room open, and close. I hear someone walk over to the stool and I hear the zipper being opened. Quickly I look through one of the holes in hopes to watch a guy pee.

It looked like his cock was inches away from my face I could see the stream flow from him. I opened my legs more and started rubbing my clit again. When he finished I watched him as he stood there. I watched him gliding his fingers up and down his dick it looked like he was milking it making sure all his pee was gone. I sat there and watched, as his cock seemed to be swelling. I then I realized that he was not milking it, but that he was stroking it for pleasure. I watched as the dick swelled and got rock hard. All the time he faced the stool, as if he thought he was alone.

I was going crazy with lust! This was way too much. My body ached with desire and it was all because of my morning walk. Right now I want to feel a hard cock in me. Since I could not have a man right now, I reach in my pocket. From my shorts at my ankles I grab the cucumber. I pull one foot free of my shorts and I open my legs. I try to insert it inside myself, however it wasn't easy sitting down. So I stand, facing the wall with the holes I lean back against the other wall, I lift up one leg and place it on the toilet seat.

As I do, I slip and I end up making a loud noise with my foot. I freeze as I was trying to be quite and I didn't want the guy next door to know that I was there. Then all of a sudden I say to myself, I want him to look in here, I want him to watch. I look down at the holes and I can see movement and I realize now that he is sitting on the toilet on his side and then I see part of his eyes and face as he is looking through the one of the holes at me. I can see that his arm moving.

I also realize that he is jacking off while he is peering at me. Oh what a rush, some stranger is going to watch me as I fuck myself with a cucumber. As I stand there leaning back against the wall I slide the fake cock in and out. My God I think, this is great, it is perfect. It's like the real thing. Only it won't get soft and go limp before I come. with my right hand I fuck it in and out and with the left, I start rubbing my clit.

Masturbating myself like this, knowing a stranger is watching me, is making me crazy as hell. I quickly feel an orgasm coming and I want the guy next door to know I am coming. I start to get loud and speak out as if no one was around. "Oh fuck, Oh yes, Oh God I love it, It feels so fucking good. The more I say, the louder I get, Oh FUCK, SHIT, I can't stand it, it is so fucking good, I'm coming, I'm coming, Oh shit I can't stop, I can't stop coming, oh FUCK IT IS SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOD!"

I have my fake cock ramming in and out fast, while my other hand is going crazy rubbing I clit. I close I eyes, picturing that I was the girl on the blanket with those two guys and it was me that they was fucked over and over and over again by them. My mind is a blur with lust; Oh to have some cock to suck while another man fucked me as hard and fast as I was doing to myself. I cry out "Oh Jesus, I love this, I love it, I love it I love it so fucking much. I can never get enough of this"

When I finish my climax, I open my eyes and I see that the guy stuck his monster of a cock through the top hole. It is sticking straight up, and is rock hard. I reach forward with my hand and touch it. When I do I hear him moan. I wrap my hand as far around it as I can; and again he moans, this time louder.

I hear him saying something softly; I put my ear closer to the wall. He is saying "suck it, suck my cock" I sit back down on the toilet seat. Since his dick was sticking through the top hole all I have to do is just lean a little bit to my left and I start to lovingly lick the head of his cock. After a while I slip my lips over the head and while gripping the base hard with my hand, I start to suck it with all the lust in my body.

All I can think of is sucking and loving this hard cock, I want to give this stranger pleasure, I have to give him pleasure. My own body is lost in lust. I need to feel that I have given him pleasure for the pleasure he gave me by watching me masturbate. I stroke him fast and suck him hard I hear him telling me how great it is, how great my mouth is, all this does is makes me crazy. I seem to go faster, I move my mouth faster. I feel his cock start to swell. From experience I know this is it. This means he is going to come. This makes me like a wild sex hungry animal. Faster and faster I stroke and I suck him. I then feel his cock start to pulsate then I feel my mouth being filled with his salty hot sperm.

With my mouth busy, my mind is screaming "yes, yes, come, come you bastard, come for mama, more, more, give me more" I feel him stop shooting out his sperm and his dick starts to become soft. I don't stop; I keep sucking his cock, which keeps him moaning on the other side of the wall. After a long while he is limp and soft. He pulls back from the hole and with a little remorse I let him slide out of my mouth.

I start to realize what I just did, and where I was. At first I am flushed with shame. Then I start to feel embarrassed. I can't help but wonder if this guy will be standing out side of the door when I walk out. Maybe he knows me? Maybe he will tell every one of his friends about what I did to him?

I am still feeling very turned on, but now these other feelings are starting to block out my lust. I quickly pick up the cucumber that fell to the floor, and put it in my pocket. I reach for my shorts and I pull them up. I go to the mirror and straighten my hair, wanting to give the guy a good head start. I was hoping I would not see him when I walked out.

With my heart pounding, I unlock the door and step out. I am glad to see that nobody was there. I look all around the little building to be sure. With a sigh of relief I walk back to my parked car. With every step I play back the exciting memory of what just happened. Before today, before this morning I was a normal housewife. My husband and I had sex, and when we did it was good. But nothing was as wild as today. After 12 years of having sex, (8 of them being married) this day had to be the sexual high point of my entire life.

Thinking like this I only wished that there could have been some way that I could have fucked that guy that I had sucked in the ladies room. As I walked I keep wondering how great it would have felt to be lying down on that floor and having him ramming his long, thick rock hard cock in me. With out my realizing it; I was building up another fire in my pussy. As I walked I can feel my juices flowing from me. All of a sudden it hits me. My God I'm horny again.

It amazes me that I am so turned on, a few minutes ago I as ashamed of sucking guy through the wall in the ladies room, now if I knew that if I were to see him, it would be rape. I wanted him. I want to feel his giant cock inside of me right now. I looked everywhere but no one is around, especially him. While I walk, my cunt feels like it is on fire with lust. I stop look around and see no one. I reach down and give it a few good quick loving rubs just for a second then I continue to my car.

When I see my car, I also see a pickup parked next to it. I look at the two guys and the girl hoping to recognize them. I was positive it wasn't the people that I saw earlier today. But I was not sure if one of the two guys was the man that I just sucked a few minutes earlier.

With my heart pounding in my chest I realize I have to walk past them to get to my car. As I approach the lovely gal says, "Hi, it is a lovely day for a walk isn't it?" My mouth is dry, I feel like my heart is in my throat, and I say "It sure is, I have had a lovely day out here" Smiling the gal said, "So I have heard!" "Oh "I say. Still smiling she says, "Yes, Tom here, said that out of every woman that has ever sucked his cock, you are the best. He says that you are the hottest woman he has ever seen! I can see why he says that now" This time it was my turn to blush and smile at the same time.

The woman said "My name is Mary, this is Bill, and you already sucked my boyfriend Tom." as she spoke Mary reached forward and pulled the cucumber out of my pocket. She slid it in her mouth and went "Hmmmmmmmm, I taste good, I would love to try this. Would you mind?" My mind is almost on overload, this is what I was daydreaming about every since I left those people in the bushes. Mary said, "Will you watch me, will you watch me as I use your cucumber cock to fuck my self? I want you watch me as I suck Bill and fuck myself, Will you?" My breathing was labored and hard, very hard. My heart is pounding, Tom walks behind me and he starts to kiss the back of my neck, he reaches around and grabs my breast, I close my eyes and loose myself and enjoy his hot kisses along with his touch.

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