Command Performances

by harry lime

Copyright© 2011 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Marie manages the House of Sensuality in the shadows of the Eiffel Tower. She works hard and keeps all of her girls in line with firm discipline. Sometimes on the Metro she must accept the use of her body with grace and dignity. Her daughter is learning all the tricks much too soon for Marie's liking. Her "special" friend Nicolette is a blond with no scruples and no morals. Marie knows she has to set her straight even if it means hard lessons.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   FemaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Prostitution   .

Madame LaRousse was tired.

It had been a very busy day at the businessman's private club for rest and relaxation. She was short two of her best girls and had even substituted for one of them servicing a pair of very demanding and disgustingly drunk bureaucrats from the Hall of Justice.

Despite her advancing years, Marie LaRousse was quite an attractive and petite female in her late thirties. She had the most beguiling smile and her derriere was fought over by male admirers many times in her early years of service in the House of Sensuality.

Her body was aching from the spirited games the nasty pair had subjected her to. Several times she wanted to shout out, "Enough is enough!"

But she had continued in her role of a submissive schoolgirl for the entire session and had satisfied the waning libidos of the pair of rutting gamecocks. In fact, she had wearied of her role as grieving widow and was in dire need of stiff rods to exercise her seldom used pussy. Even though the strutting bureaucrats had humiliated her in a most obscene manner, she really had thoroughly enjoyed the strenuous role-play and loved her part in the scenes of degradation.

She knew several of the girls under her supervision had scurried to watch her humiliation from the hidden peep holes in the wardrobe. Down on all fours she could hear their muted giggles. The leaking cock buried in her mouth and the huge piece of meat impaling her tiny rectum kept her so busy she had to concentrate on just keeping her balance.

Marie sat gingerly on the edge of the wooden chair and prepared the wage packets for the employees. It had been a very profitable week with the many tourists coming to visit the Eiffel Tower. The attraction of the Eiffel Tower and perfumed French pussy was a great boost to business in Paris.

Her daughter Eloise was scheduled to graduate from the Convent School tomorrow and she wanted to make all the final arrangements for a nice celebration.

Simone, the new girl was the last out the door. She took her packet and complained to Marie.

"Madame, that pig Inspector Monet has beaten my poor bottom again! Look Madame! See what he has done."

The extremely pretty young girl turned around and lifted her skirts to reveal no underclothes and a much reddened bottom confirming her words.

"See, Madame, he had no pity for poor Simone. I begged him, I pleaded with him and he just kept up his spanking. He was almost as hard on me as my father, god rest his soul, the man is a beast."

Marie reached out her hands and rubbed the girl's bottom tenderly. She pulled out a bottle of soothing oil from her desk and slowly applied it to the girl's sensitive ass cheeks. Simone leaned forward and hummed a little soft tune that Madame LaRousse did not recognize.

She had done this several times before for this little flirt.

Simone spread her legs sending a signal to Madame LaRousse that she wanted some attention to her heated pussy slit as well. The older woman grasped her hip firmly and began to stroke her dripping pussy with experienced and gentle fingers. Soon Simone was gasping and her humming changed into little unintelligible whimpers of sheer unadulterated pleasure.

Marie bent forward and kissed the girl several times on her rounded bottom. This final touch of erotic attention made Simone go rigid with the initiation of a full body orgasm. She only faked the orgasms in her sessions with the clients, but with Madame LaRousse there was no need to fake anything. Simone had used the ploy about Inspector Monet before and would probably use it again to insure Marie gave her a nice orgasm before she departed work. It was an unspoken secret between the two of them.

The ride home on the Metro was less than relaxing.

A rather large and foul-smelling workman persisted in rubbing up against her posterior in a most fretful manner with an appendage that felt like a policeman's nightstick. Normally, she would not have minded but she was fully sated with the activities of the dynamic duo of bureaucrats who had filled her quim and mouth with endless streams of sticky male juice.

Now there were a group of giggling female students pushing on her from the front and causing her to impale herself on the intrusive nightstick. She leaned forward slightly to ask the young girl in front of her to move her wrist and arm away from her recently exercised pubic mound and realized too late that the workman's long rod was now firmly ensconced in her ass crack.

"Young lady, your hand is on my private area."

"Oh, you mean right here!"

The innocent child of some 16 years of age lifted her hand to rub gently on her womanhood and she smiled up saucily at the older woman.

Marie gasped at the effrontery, but trapped the girl's exploring hand between her inner legs. The touch of those delicate fingers was sheer heaven to the over-sexed Marie.

The workman behind her was beginning to redden from the neck up as his shaft worked deeper into her tight crack. She could tell from looking at him over her shoulder that he was beginning to boil over the lid back there. He settled his considerable weight on her back much to her delight and she could feel the swelling of his rod signaling the emissions of his creamy cum right inside his restraining trousers.

The girl in front of her had somehow slid her hand up under her blouse and was diddling her sensitive nipples with playful fingers. It was sheer torment but Marie welcomed the diversion from the thought of having her bottom used as a sex toy for the odious workman.

The girl on the train gave Marie a piece of paper with her telephone number and told her that her name was Claire. She would be 17 next month and she wanted to "meet people and see the world". Marie could tell she would be a good candidate for the House of Sensuality providing she could handle the whims of male fetishes that defied all logic.

When she got inside the front door, Marie knew right away that her daughter Eloise was already home. She could see her book bag under the hallway desk and her shoes next to the sofa. She tiptoed down the hallway to surprise her with her early arrival home.

Her daughter's door was closed but she knew she was inside because she could hear her talking on the phone. When Marie eased the bedroom door open, she discovered to her extreme displeasure that Eloise was not talking on the phone but whispering into the ear of another young female supine beneath her on the comfortable bed. Her Eloise was using Marie's own erotic harness to impale the weeping girl who trembled either in fear or uncontrolled emotions under her.

Her daughter's stance of dominance and her brittle demeaning pattern of speech was a side of Eloise she had never seen before. Where was her sweet 16 daughter?

Marie back quietly out of the room. She was rattled. Had she caused this erotic turn in character in her daughter with the dissolute nature of her employment? Did her daughter discern the depraved sense of her inner thoughts and was trying to imitate her? Marie had always hidden these things from her daughter but she sensed it was too late and that Eloise was irreparably harmed by her seedy influence.

She busied herself in the kitchen preparing the evening meal.

Eloise nonchalantly wandered into the kitchen almost a half hour later with the pretty blond student in tow.

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