My Gay Dog

by God of Porn

Rachael Ross 1982 - 2012

Erotica Sex Story: A beautiful young woman intends to mate with her pet dog, Stud!, but the animal seems completely uninterested in sex for some strange reason.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Bestiality   .

I have a 4 year old black lab and I just found out he's gay. I've always liked animals, especially dogs, and when I was still in high school I was looking for information about dogs, part of a homework assignment. I always tried to find ways to make school interesting, you know? So I was doing a report and I got on the internet and tried to look up information on how dogs mate. Sounds easy, huh?

Eventually I found myself looking at little movies of dogs mating alright. Mating with women! And then I found stories, and newsgroups, and forums, and chatrooms ... And I was hooked! I'm cute, not so ugly I can only get a date with a dog, or anything like that. I'm like 5'5 and 115lbs and sort of small, but my body is all the right size and my hair is long and blonde, but I'm not dumb! Anyone who looks into my bright blue eyes knows that!

But a dog ... I like dogs. I said that before, but I'll keep saying it. And the more I found out about dogs and how they're fabulous lovers, well. I wanted one of my own! Not a little dog, no way! And not too big either, cause I was starting college and I had to feed myself first. Do you have any idea how much a Great Dane eats? I do, cause I asked! It's a lot! So I needed a nice sized dog that was handsome and smart and well mannered ... Like a boyfriend, except better.

That's how I got my black lab and I named him Stud! With an exclamation point. He was just a puppy, but I knew if I gave him a name like Stud! he'd have to live up to it. I trained him myself too, or I tried to. I read all the little articles I could find and talked to a lot of people in chatrooms. But most of them were full of shit, I figured, since they just wanted to know what I was wearing, and where I was from, and if I wanted to come be their little doggy bitch slave girl. Losers!

I tried to get Stud! to lick me, and he wouldn't. I tried using peanut butter, and jelly, and tuna fish, and bacon ... But all he did was eat the food and leave me frustrated! I didn't understand what I was doing wrong! And when he was old enough I started playing with his dick. Stud!'s got a nice one too. Like seven inches long and real fat in the middle. I played with it and sucked it and did everything I could think of to get that dog horny and hard, but it would just slip out a little, all shiny and pink, and then slip right back inside his furry sheath.

I'd have worried about myself, if I hadn't had like 5 boyfriends at that time. When Stud! would reject my attentions, I'd call a guy up and ask him if I got him excited and they always said yeah. They'd come by and get me and we'd go out and I'd end up sucking the guy off, or letting him go down on me, or both ... and then we'd fuck really hard! But I was always pretending it was Stud! and not my boyfriend I was with, and I kept wondering why my dog wouldn't do anything with me.

And then, a short time ago, it all became clear. I brought a guy home for a change, into the little apartment I shared with Stacy, since she was gone for the weekend. Usually we have a little rule about bringing guys around ... Don't! because once a guy gets in your apartment, they never leave. Ever notice that? Afterwards it's always "Let's go to your place, baby!" and we don't need that. But, with Stacy gone and this guy being so cute and his car being a motorcycle and his apartment being filled with his 23 friends ... uh, I broke the rule.

Stud! really liked the guy, which was cool at first, cause I was a little worried. He didn't get out a lot and I wasn't sure how he'd react to a stranger being in the house. But Stud! just wagged his tail and sniffed the guy and generally made it known that he liked being scratched behind the ears, so Dave (my boyfriend) scratched him.

Later, me and Dave started getting down to what we really wanted. He's a good looking guy too, not really big or anything, like 5'8 maybe and 160lbs, but so cute with his green eyes and light brown hair. We were making out at first, just kissing and he was feeling my tits and I was rubbing his dick. And the whole time Stud! was there, sitting on the floor watching us. It didn't bug me, but I think it made Dave a little nervous.

I was thinking, wow, maybe Stud! will get the idea, you know? Like maybe even jealous or something if sees some other guy doing his bitch, meaning me. I hoped so anyway, so I really made a big show of being turned on. I was moaning and purring and acting like a total porn slut, or something, but Dave didn't mind. I pulled his cock out, a nice one like 7 inches maybe and thick, and I started sucking him slowly, watching Stud! out of the corner of my eye.

The dog seemed fascinated and stared at me as I swirled my tongue around the swollen head, kissing and licking down the shaft slowly. I took the head in my mouth and washed it thoroughly, flicking the tip of my tongue against Dave's little pee hole and everything. He was really digging it too, he had his hands in my hair and he was moaning and pulling me mouth down so his dick stretched my lips into a tight O shape. I deep throated him a little too, sinking my face all the way down until Dave's pubes tickled my chin.

Then I got the surprise of my life! Stud! came over and started tonguing Dave's dick too! I'd lifted my mouth off him, catching a breath after deep throating the guy, and then there was my dog, licking happily away at Dave's cock.

I was like, "What are you doing?" I pushed the dog away and Dave just laughed.

"That was weird," he said and then it got weirder because a second later Stud! was back, licking Dave's big dick like an ice cream cone!

"Stupid dog!" I grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and dragged Stud! into my bedroom and closed the door. He'd never licked me like I was ice cream, that was for sure!

Anyway, so we got back to it, Dave and I, and it wasn't long before I straddled his beautiful big cock and bouncing away on it happily. I'm blessed with a really orgasmic body or something, I don't know. Some of my girlfriends say they hardly ever cum, but I always do, or so it seems, and that night was no exception. I hugged Dave tightly and climaxed hard, like one orgasm after another, and it was soooooo good! But Stud! kept whining and scratching at the door and making all kinds of a fuss ... It got sort of distracting, you know? Like my orgasms were good, but not as good as they'd have been if I could really concentrate on them.

Dave had already cum inside me once, but he was into this weird tantric sex thing, or maybe he was just multi-orgasmic too, I don't know. He could cum and just keep fucking me, not going soft at all, and then cumming again. He'd done it like 4 times with me before, like a solid hour of sex, and he told me his personal best was 6 orgasms in two hours ... That's what I wanted!!

"Just let him out, it's okay," Dave told me and I guess he was feeling the same way I was.

I took a deep breath and slipped off Dave's cock, feeling all the wetness from our fucking running down my thighs. Dave had shot a pretty big load up in me with that first one and I really hoped he had a lot more where that came from. I walked over to the bedroom door and opened it and Stud! darted out, past my legs, and then stopped, lifting his nose and sniffing a little. That dog homed right in on my cunt, a lot more so than he ever had with peanut butter, that's for sure. His tongue lashed out and he was all over my pussy, gobbling me up like the dog was starving or something!

I was liking it, but sort of annoyed too. I mean, why now? Dave was here, his dick was hard as a rock and waiting for me, and now Stud! wants my pussy? "Too bad, dog!" I pushed him away and walked back over to Dave, climbing on his cock and sinking down slowly, feeling our fuck juices squishing around him as he went all the way inside. Dave grabbed my ass and thrust up nicely and soon we were right back where we left off, except...

"What the hell is that?" I gave a little gasp and turned my head. There was Stud! lapping at Dave's balls while he fucked me, slurping up his sweat and the juices that had run down like it was the best tasting stuff in the world! Stud!'s nose was cool and wet and poking right against my little butthole too, and that bothered the hell out of me!

"Don't..." Dave breathed, holding me even tighter, " ... it feels really good!"

I couldn't believe my boyfriend was getting off on my dog's tongue! But it was true, and as if to prove it, Dave was soon cumming deep inside me. He was moaning and groaning like I hadn't ever heard him before and I swear, I could feel his hot jizz surging up into my womb like a geyser! It had to because Stud! was tonguing Dave's jewels, not because he was fucking me. I lost the mood completely. Like who wouldn't?

"Let me up!" I pushed at Dave's chest and he stared at me with a little disbelief. "Let me go!" I told him again and I finally slipped free of Dave, knocking Stud! out of the way.

"Baby, what's wrong?" he wondered stupidly, sitting there with his cock still big and hard, and still jerking just a little so that cum ran out of the tip and down the shaft.

"Don't baby me." I frowned. Stud! was back on Dave's balls, and now with me out of the way, his long tongue worked the length of my boyfriend too, seemingly wrapping all the way around the shaft. And Dave wasn't pushing him away either, I noticed.

"What's wrong?" Dave looked so confused and that just annoyed me even more.

"Nothing," I said curtly and I walked out of the room, into my bedroom and slammed the door.

I fully expected Dave to come knocking a minute or two later. I mean that's what boyfriends do, you know? All my other ones did. But when 5 and then 10 and finally 15 minutes passed, with me just laying there, staring up at the ceiling with Dave's cum leaking from my still hungry hole ... Well, What was wrong? Had he left? That was unimaginable!

So, I got up, deciding I'd just peek, see what he was doing, you know? I opened the door slowly, peering around the doorway, down the few feet of hallway and into the living room and there, if you can believe this, was Dave, my boyfriend, laying back on the couch with his legs spread, while Stud!, my dog, was sucking his cock!

Well, not sucking it, I guess, but he might as well have been. I stared as that dog worked his mouth all over Dave's big shiny dick. The animal was gentle even, like he knew he had to be careful. It was surreal. He licked and lapped and even took some of Dave's cock in his mouth. I kept wondering why those teeth didn't hurt, but all Dave did was sit back and smile and rub Stud!'s head once in awhile. My boyfriend was acting like it was the best blowjob he'd ever gotten in his life!

Just a few minutes later, when I was about to return to my bedroom and call 911 to report a dog molester, Dave started groaning!

"Here it comes, big boy! Ohhhhh shit ... Here comes my load ... Eat it up, bitch ... Eat my cum!" His sperm shot like a foot in the air and Stud! was all over it, licking it up as quickly as he could, even trying to catch it in the air, I think. He was swallowing Dave's cum like a shaggy whore from Jersey!

"What the fuck!" I practically shouted, walking into the living room with my hands clenched into little fists of outrage. "What are you doing to my dog?"

"Huh?" Dave looked at me, startled and a little embarrassed, as his face reddened noticeably. At least he had that much decency left. "He was ... I was ... Uhhhh ... It felt good so I ... errr..."

"My dog is eating your cum!" I grabbed Dave's arm and yanked him. "Get out of here you perv! Go on, get the fuck out!"

Stud! jumped out of the way and sort of looked at us confused. But when Dave finally did get up, sort of biting his lip so he wouldn't say anything to me he'd regret later, Stud! started wagging his tail and reared up on his hind legs, wrapping his paws around Dave's waist from behind.

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