Lucy Gets a Shock

by John D

Copyright© 2011 by John D

Erotica Sex Story: Lucy gets a surprise when she visits the house of her student boyfriend and all was not as it seemed. This a very short story came out of a discussion with another author on the Scipio Forum when we agreed that a sentence that was written would make a good first line of a short story

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Nudism   .

Lucy skipped as she walked down the tree-lined avenue towards her boyfriend's small house and had to check her directions; she had only been there once before and it had been dark then. Since that time Jack had expressly forbidden her from going back, saying that he lived in a dangerous part of the town and that she would be at risk if she visited.

Lucy didn't feel in any danger. The road was well lit and although the Sun had long since disappeared below the horizon, being replaced with a fearsome wind in the night sky, there were enough cars and people about to make her feel safe. She had thought of ringing him and asking him to meet her at the bus stop but that would have spoilt the surprise – it was his birthday in three days and although their relationship was new, she wanted to treat him. She wanted him to not expect her and then offer him a present, and a night of lustful satisfaction.

She felt a warm glow as she remembered how they had met, two lonely pairs of eyes glancing at each other over the dance floor in the Student Union nightclub. He looked rugged but appealing and she had watched as he walked around the sweaty, writhing masses of drunken students and sat down next to her in the seat vacated by her friend who was now just a few feet in front of them doing wild pelvic thrusts to the music.

He had smoothly introduced himself, told her that she looked lovely and offered to buy her a drink. Lucy felt under a spell, few people ever came up to her to talk to her, she was "too flat-chested" for men to take a real interest in her, and gleefully accepted his charm.

Jack enticed the girl onto the dance floor and plied her with drinks, causing her classmates to look on enviously. It was unheard of for the diminutive girl "to pull" and they not find anyone to even dance with but despite the obvious attempts at ensnaring attention, they had not managed it with ever shortening skirts or increasing cleavage.

Lucy was whisked away at the end of the night, barely able to stand up and leaning on her date, into the town centre and then guided back to her house. Jack had taken the opportunity to wrap his arm around her and although he certainly felt her left breast as she walked, made no moves on the drunken girl. Lucy was too drunk to notice and if it wasn't for her address on her provisional driving license, Jack would have had no idea of where to take her.

Jack had calmly deposited the girl with Nina, her red-headed house mate, who had had to be raised from her bed, and left his phone number on a piece of paper in her purse. She had been too paralysed to notice that evening and he'd wondered if she'd notice as he had idled back to his house a mile and a half away.

Lucy had rung his mobile, and ended up arranging to meet him in the small Irish pub for a late lunch the following day, which they had ended up with Jack taking her to feed the ducks at the nearby pond. She warmed to him; he was kind and calm with her and certainly arranged to meet him again as he seemed genuinely interested in her.

Their trip to the cinema ended up with them at her house in bed and for the following month they had met every other day on campus, in town or at her house but she had only been to his house once, but had not been inside.

Lucy had not had a proper boyfriend since she'd had left the small town of Worcester to go to University and found the new relationship exhilarating. She loved finding out about her partner, his likes and dislikes. He was enchanted by her tattoos on her waist and she was thrilled he loved her back massages.

She was still reluctant about being naked around him. She was only a 34A cup size and most of her friends were much bigger. Although she used to "fill out" with "chicken fillets" and padded underwear, she didn't want him to see the real her, no matter what he said about liking all of her. Men lied and if breast size was not important then why was Jordan so popular?

Due to her self-image, their carnal activities were conservative and conducted with Lucy retaining a degree of coverage, whether it be her nightie, top or bra. She just couldn't be naked, much to her new partner's frustration.

Lucy held the present in her hand; she had three days without lectures and she knew Jack was similarly unoccupied. They could have two nights together and she could meet his house mates. He talked a bit about them but she had never actually met them.

She'd written the directions down when they had had to visit him a couple of weeks ago and she looked up to see number 32, a terraced house with a battered Fiesta in the drive. Lucy smiled and strode up to the house, knocking loudly; she could hear music from inside and bit her lip. Jack would be surprised to see her.

There were footsteps behind the door and Lucy steadied herself, ready to throw her arms around Jack and kiss him on the lips, to slide her hands over his body and grin expectantly at him. She waited and watched as the door opened.

There were two shrieks, one from a shocked and unprepared Lucy, the other from a large naked girl standing in the hallway, faced with not her boyfriend but the shocked face of a stranger.

"What is it?" Jack asked, appearing from the lounge and Lucy's eyes widened, he was naked as well. "Lucy?"

"Jack?" Lucy called and stared at his unclothed body. "What the hell... ?" Lucy didn't quite know how to finish when a third naked person arrived from behind Jack, a completely flat-chested diminutive girl with freckles and a long brown hair.

"What is it? It's cold, come back to the warm," she cooed and Lucy shook her head slowly.

"No wonder you never wanted me to come here," Lucy started and threw her present – a bottle of whisky - at her boyfriend's feet. "You were cheating on me all along!"

"No!" Jack cried out but Lucy had turned on her heels. Without thinking the muscular student pushed past his house mate and ran down the end of the drive, still naked in the icy wind. "Lucy, come here!"

Lucy turned out of the driveway and started walking down the street when Jack caught up with her. She pushed his hand away as it touched her arm and carried on walking but he was insistent. "Lucy, it isn't what it looks like."

"Oh come on," she scoffed. "What else is there? You naked with a couple of girls?"

Jack took a deep breath and gave a shiver. "Can we go inside please, it's cold."

"No," Lucy said firmly. "I've got nothing to say to you."

Jack took a deep breath. "Well I've got something to say to you. To show you. Please." He looked at her with imploring eyes and Lucy shook her head, going to move away from him. "I'll keep following you until you talk to me," he told her. "And it is fucking freezing out here. It being November and in Lancashire, after all."

"Well you shouldn't be naked then," Lucy barked back. "And screwing those girls!"

"I'm not. Please Lucy. Come back for five minutes, I want to explain. And you can ask the girls, I am not cheating on you. But I do have something to tell you," he pleaded again, shivering.

Lucy took a deep breath and suppressed a titter at his shrivelled appendage.

"OK," she muttered and Jack put his icy arm around her. There was a toot of a passing car horn. Even for a town that consisted mostly of students, the sight of a naked man escorting his clothed girlfriend was not a common sight.

As they walked in, Lucy saw the girls were sitting in the warm lounge, silently watching them. She gasped in shock as she saw another naked woman sat in the armchair, her features well defined by the flickering from the fire burning brightly. "Take a seat," Jack offered and Lucy screwed up her face.

"I'd rather not," she said and Jack closed the door to the lounge and then persuaded her to sit down. He knelt down next to her and looked at her in the eye.

"I am not a cheat. I'm a nudist," he told her, his heart beating furiously and licking his lips. He took Lucy's cold hand in his and looked into her eyes. "I promise I have not touched my fellow house mates, but we live together in the nude. All day, and that is why I never wanted you to come here. But I never touch them."

Lucy grunted and went to speak but Jack took her hand to his mouth and kissed her hand. "We met last year and found we all wanted a nudist lifestyle," the chubby girl told her and they looked at Jack and then Lucy.

He introduced the chubby girl as Theresa who grinned back and offered Lucy a drink. She stammered, not quite sure what to say and Jack nodded. "Glass of wine please," he asked and then introduced the small-breasted girl as Olivia and the obscenely beautiful woman sitting in the corner as Lynda. "There is Robert as well but he is at his girlfriend's pad, he's coming over later."

Theresa returned with a glass of wine for Lucy and she took a huge gulp. "Why didn't you tell me?" Lucy asked and Jack shrugged.

"It is not easy to tell someone you live in the nude. I do my essays wearing nothing, I write text messages and e-mails to you naked. Hell I even cook and eat naked. It's not easy when you first meet someone, I scared my last two girlfriends away by being a 'bit unusual'," he told her, making his point with hand gestures. "I didn't want to scare you away."

Lucy bit her lip and Lynda looked across. "My boyfriend didn't like it, so we don't date any more. I would've thought he would've wanted to spend all day looking at my body but he said 'no it wasn't right' and that was that."

Lucy nodded and gulped the rest of the wine in her glass which Theresa refilled. "I'm sorry," Lucy muttered. "I shouldn't have accused you."

Jack forced a brief smile. "No, I wouldn't cheat on you. But you see why I couldn't tell you." Lucy ran her hands through her hair and looked at her partner with a smile. "You see why when I said I don't mind what size breasts you have, I mean it."

Lucy spluttered. "Well..."

"The human body is nice, no matter what. I'd love to see all of you," he told her and Lucy took another gulp of wine.

"I can't," she muttered and Olivia looked up from the floor, her legs crossed.

"Well I am a 32AA," Olivia said. "And I don't have a problem."

The well endowed Lynda laughed, she leant back in the threadbare chair and smiled at her friend. "It's why she doesn't wear a bikini."

"Got nothing to put in it. Even Jack has more up there than I do," she quipped, glancing at the pectoral muscles of the well built student. Olivia brought her hands through her short hair and looked at Lucy. "I got called a guy the other day."

Lucy bit her lip and went bright red, the sight of the naked bodies excited, repulsed and shocked her at the same time. She needed to get out of the room to think, and her eyes meeting Jack's imploringly. "I umm, I..."

Lynda took a deep breath. "We know you are scared and embarrassed," she said. "Jack's told us and been worried about you."

Lucy's eyes sparkled and she turned to her boyfriend. "You've been talking about me?"

Jack spluttered and rubbed his nose. "I've been worried about you," he admitted. "I mean, I really like you and you don't seem happy with your body at all and I can't see why. I like it. It just doesn't seem right, so I asked them, what issues they had. With self-esteem and all that."

Lucy gasped, how could her boyfriend talk about her behind her back? "I do not have self-esteem issues," she thundered and waved her finger in Jack's face. "I just choose not to undress for you to see."

Jack bit his lip and Lynda spoke. "Prove it."

"Pardon," Jack and Lucy said in unison.

"Prove it. If you have no self-esteem issues with your body join us. Everyone who comes here does. This is the nudist's house, be a nudist."

"Come on," Lucy replied and took another gulp of the wine as Theresa interjected.

"Be fair, we only date nudists or people happy with the lifestyle. We can't expect Lucy to yield to us if she's not comfortable."

Lynda snarled. "Damn you and your clothing optional ideals! It's nudism babe, because people are nude, not badly dressed. And Jack is dating her, so she should be happy with us going around starkers."

Jack stopped the well repeated argument and Olivia looked up from the floor. "You have more going on than me," she told her.

There was a pause as Lucy digested this and Lynda chuckled. "You're such a prude," she told her and looked at Jack with a grin. "I warned you. You need to go out with nudists or girls from Essex."

Jack shushed the elegant girl, leaning back in the chair to display her body and squeezed Lucy's hand. "It's up to you. If you don't feel comfortable then it's fine."

Lynda snorted. "Of course she won't."

Lucy sighed and slowly got up, her head spinning. "OK, Lynda, I will, just to show you."

Jack noticed the swaying and inwardly groaned; Lucy got very tipsy if she ingested alcohol too quickly and counted the two drinks in just a few minutes and knew that her inhibitions were lowered. He thought about stopping her; she wouldn't be doing it if she was completely sober but wondered if it would do her good. In the end, he watched as his girlfriend took of her shoes and socks, slid out of her jeans and then removed her jumper and blouse to be standing in just her underwear.

There was silence, as she slowly unpeeled her unadventurous white knickers to reveal her trimmed bush and then hesitated. "I can't," she muttered and Jack put his arms around her to hug her tightly.

"S'ok," he muttered. "Just relax."

Lucy whispered in his ear. "I just can't take it off, it is, I just can't." Jack smiled and rubbed Lucy's back, gently unclipping the bra strap and pulling the garment off as they parted from their hug.

Lucy gasped and immediately covered herself up, swearing at her boyfriend who just smiled.

"You're naked," he told her. "You've done it."

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