Christmas With Alice Blue Gown

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2011 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: A deadly fire claimed her Mom and baby brother, now little Alice is going to her Aunt Amanda's to live a new life, and then along came the cop.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Oral Sex   .

The ride home for the two of them had been a bit silent; really all the weeping had been done in the days following the fire. Now, Amanda was taking little Alice home with her. Driving through the early evening, she was trying to put her own sorrow aside so that she could begin to be the kind of resource that Alice might need.

It had been swift and fairly catastrophic, the fire. He sister and little Ben had both died of smoke inhalation but amazingly Alice, 8 years old, had made it out of the house safely into the arms of firemen who saw to her needs immediately.

They'd found material that indicated that she was the nearest relative and she was called and sent for. She had the whole journey from Charlottesville to indulge her grief.

She got time off from the library, where she was head librarian, to make all the arrangements and wind up affairs. They'd been through all of that together, with Little Alice, or, as Amanda always called her lovely niece, Alice Blue Gown, simply clinging to her.

It felt strange, when she allowed herself to think about it at all, for Amanda Reese to become, in essence, a mother at 33 and herself unmarried. But whenever she thought of that, she always reflected on a life lived in her sister Winnie's shadow. Winnie was the lovely one, and Amanda always 'Winnie's sister'. Yet it never disturbed the love between them and Winnie was never anything but a loving sister, pal, best friend and fellow adventurer.

From the very start, from the birth of Alice, Amanda was in love with the little girl, with her flaming red hair, freckles and, these days, the front teeth gap that added such pizzaz to her smile.

Then the disasters came stalking them, or so it all seemed now. First it was Joe's death in that auto accident, and now this fire, taking away the lives of her beloved sister Winnie and little Ben, only a baby.

But Amanda consoled herself with the fact that she had Alice and they had gotten through the funeral and all those arrangements together, and now it was home to build a new life together.

Amanda had always been the 'studious' one, while Winnie was being the glamorous one, and Amanda's 'plainness' as only in evidence in when compared to Winnie's loveliness.

Amanda, at 33, was, and had been for a long time, athletic; she kept herself fit and had a shape that could certainly turn heads, as she entered that glorious time in a woman's life, when she became radiant, sexy and fully the woman that she was intended to be.

But Amanda, was the quiet one, playing the pal and companion to Winnie's glittering glamor. She'd dated, had a few affairs but nothing that moved her heart.

And now it was she and her Alice Blue Gown, and she'd made the decision to concentrate on that new relationship.

They'd done their weeping, copious weeping and were leaving for their new life, in Charlottesville as fast friends and bosom companions.

As they moved through the growing dusk, the car engine began to make, what Amanda thought was strange noises. They continued and Amanda pulled off to the side of the road, and let it set.

"What is it?" Alice asked in a voice with some concern.

"Not sure, love," Amanda replied. "I know about libraries and books not about automobiles. I was hoping that you'd tell me what was going on."

Alice giggled at that, and they both enjoyed a giggle, as the engine sound seemed to fade.

They went on but in about another five miles, the sound returned. Amanda pulled off to the side of the road again. Only this time, a vehicle pulled off behind her, after she'd been setting there for only a few minutes.

"Who's that, Aunt Amanda?" Alice asked softly.

"It's, uh a policeman!" Amanda replied.

"Oh," Alice moaned, "Should I throw the drugs out the window?"

Amanda giggled and said: "Don't you start with me, Missy!"

"It's Alice, not Missy," Alice said with a grin.

"Yes," Amanda said, stroking the little girl's face, "My Alice Blue Gown."

Then the policeman was standing next to the window.

"Ma'am? Everything okay?" he asked.

"I'm not sure, officer, er Malone," she said, looking at his name shield. "It has been making a strange noise on and off for the last seven or eight miles. It seems okay now but when I start again, it happens."

"No idea?" Officer Mike Malone asked.

"Oh, no," Alice put in, "My Aunt Amanda's good with books, not cars; she just told me so!"

"And you are?" Mike said grinning at the shining, smiling little girl.

"I'm Alice; Aunt Amanda calls me her 'Alice Blue Gown'."

"Oh, yes," he said, "Sinatra! I remember that one. Pleased to meet you Alice Blue Gown."

Amanda spoke up then: "Sorry to have bothered you, officer..."

"Oh, it's no bother at all, Ma'am," he said.

"Where are you two lovely ladies going?" he wanted to know.

"Charlottesville," she said, "It's not too far now."

"Tell you what," he said, "I'm heading in now myself, and going there also. You go on ahead and I'm going to follow you just in case anything is really wrong with the car. Don't want you and your pretty Alice Blue Gown to be stranded out here at night."

Alice gave him a huge, toothless, winning grin, as he said that.

"Oh, thank you, officer!" Amanda said.

"It's Mike, Ma'am," he corrected.

"Well then it's Amanda," she corrected in return.

"And it's still Alice!' little Alice put in with a grin, causing both of the adults to smile.

"Have Alice Blue Gown for the holidays?" he asked, conversationally, and with the intention of not letting this lovely lady go too quickly.

"Actually," Amanda said, "Alice is coming to live with me..." she broke off then.

"My Mommie and brother Ben died in a fire last month, and I'm going to live with my Aunt Amanda," Alice said then, she began to sob, when she said it.

"Sorry, Ma'am," Mike said, "Didn't mean to pry."

"You're not prying, Mike," she said, "You're being very caring and Alice and I appreciate it."

"Well," he said then, "I'll let you get on; I'll be following you to make sure you get where you're going okay."

"Thank you very much," Amanda said.

"You're handsome," Alice chimed in then.

He kind of stammered and said 'thank you', while Amanda just laughed.

He went back to his car and Amanda said: "Well, Missy?"

"It's Alice," Alice said with a smile, "Not Missy, and he is handsome."

"Yes," Amanda said, agreeing, "You're right, he is handsome."

"Maybe he's not attached!" Alice went on, still grinning.

"Missy, Alice, whatever your name is," Amanda said blushing a bit but with a huge grin on her face, "This conversation is over!"

"Yes, Ma'am," Alice said.

"But he's handsome!" Amanda said one more time and they both laughed, as they pulled out onto the road again and cruised towards home.

Mike Malone followed them to make sure that they didn't have any car trouble between their location and where they were going.

When they did arrive home, Amanda pulled into the driveway and Mike pulled into the curb with his cruiser.

Amanda and Alice stood in the driveway and waited for him, as he walked in their direction. As usual, Alice spoke up first:

"We're gonna have Christmas together, my Aunt Amanda and I, and maybe I'll get a kitten. My Momma was allergic and Aunt Amanda isn't, you see," she said, all in one breath.

"Sounds like a great plan," Mike said smiling.

"My Aunt Amanda is gonna be my Momma now," Alice continued. Her voice quivered just a bit and Amanda hugged the little girl to herself.

"Bet she's gonna be a good one," Mike said.

"Yes, I think so," Alice said and then in a different direction: "Who you gonna have your Christmas with? Your family?"

"It'll be me and Anthony," he said, "Just like always."

"Who's Anthony?" Alice asked next.

"Alice!" Amanda said but Mike intervened: "It's okay; I don't mind answering her questions."

Then he went on: "Anthony is my pal, he's my chocolate lab. He and I spend the holidays together."

"Sounds sad," Alice said, and Amanda just got red in the face, but Mike laughed.

"No, not at all," Mike answered, "We're good company for each other."

"Can I meet him?" was Alice's next question, "I might like Anthony."

"Well, maybe we can arrange that," Mike said, "But I need to let you go and get settled."

"You and Anthony could come and have Christmas with us!" Alice said then.

Both Amanda and Mike laughed at that.

Mike replied: "Well, your Momma Amanda and I would have to talk about that!"

"Good night, Officer Malone!" Alice said then, "Thank you for being so nice and greet Anthony for me."

He knelt and hugged her and said: "Alice Blue Gown, you're the prettiest little girl that I know."

Alice hugged him back and then flashed a huge, gap toothed grin at Amanda, who watched with teary eyes.

"Now hug Aunt Amanda," Alice said then, "And tell her that she's the prettiest librarian that you know; because she is!"

The two adults laughed again and Mike have Amanda a quick hug, with her whispering into his ear: "Sorry about that!"

"No," he responded, "She's just the loveliest!"

Then he stood back and said: "Amanda, you are the prettiest librarian that I've ever known."

With that and a wave of his hand, he went to his cruiser and left.

Amanda and Alice watched him go and then Amanda turned to Alice but before she could say anything, Alice said:

"Sorry, Aunt Amanda; but he's so handsome."

Amanda laughed and said: "Yes, honey, I agree that he is but he's gone now and you and I are here. We're beginning a kind of new adventure for us. Welcome to our home."

"I think that I'll like living with you, Aunt Amanda,"Alice said then, "Even if I do miss my Mommie and Ben."

She hesitated and was on the verge of tears again, but went on:

"Aunt Amanda, will you be my Momma now?"

"Yes, honey," Amanda said, "I'll be happy to be your Momma. It'll be Christmas now for you and me."

"And maybe for Officer Mike and Anthony?" Alice said smiling.

Amanda laughed and said: "Maybe, we'll have to see what happens. Now it's milk and cookies time."

They were holding hands, as they went into the house. Amanda was carrying Alice's things, though much, if not most, of her things were destroyed by the fire.

"We need to shop for you, sweetie," Amanda said.

"Oh, that'll be fun, won't it, Aunt Amanda?" Alice said and, after a hesitation put in:


"Yes, it'll be fun."

"Chocolate chip cookies before bed?" Amanda asked.

"Yes, please," Alice said and then in a tiny voice:

"Momma, can I sleep with you tonight, maybe for this first time? Can I?"

"Yes, love," Amanda said, now with tears in her eyes, "You can sleep with me."

They had cookies and snuggled down in bed afterwards, after a bath. In the dark, Alice spoke up in her tiny voice:

"Mommie always let me say my prayers," she said.

"Well, let's do that then," Amanda said.

Alice said her prayers, including prayers for her Mommie and baby Ben, for he new Momma Aunt Amanda and finally for Officer Mike Malone and Anthony. It all brought a smile to Amanda's face.

Soon enough, Alice, snuggled up against Amanda, was asleep, and Amanda said her own prayers including prayers for her beloved sister Winnie, for baby Ben and then for the chance to be a Momma to Alice, her Alice Blue Gown.

Two days later, it was later in the morning and Amanda was finishing up some paper work in her office, when one of the newly hired library aides poked his head in the door and said:

"Ms Reese, there's someone here to see you."

"Thank you, Michael," she said and went out to the desk area.

There stood Mike Malone. As soon as he saw her, he got a grin on his face and waved. She smiled and waved back. She went to him and extended a hand in greeting, but thought better of it and gave him a hug.

"I was wondering if you were calling our friendship off?" he quipped about the handshake gesture and the hug.

"If I did that, I think that the minor force of nature with whom I now live would not let me live it down!" she said.

"Yes, how is her nibs?" he asked.

"Settling down," Amanda replied and took him into her office. "It's taken a few nights of letting her sleep with me to get her settled but I think that it's working."

"I envy her then!" he said, grinning.

"Don't you start with me, Mr," she said with mock severity,"I have my hands full enough just now with Alice Blue Gown."

"Well, look," Amanda said then, "I was about to leave for lunch and then some Christmas shopping."

"Mind terribly if I tag along?" he asked. He went right on and said: "And 'no' is a totally acceptable answer. I don't want to be crowding you."

"You're not crowding and I think that it would be a lovely idea if you 'tagged along'; I'll even treat you to lunch for being so nice to us the other night."

They went out and had lunch, talking generally. She gave him in précis her story, of being the overshadowed sister, and not really minding it, because in her sister's shadow she'd grown to be shy enough that being to herself was always okay with her.

"But you're so truly lovely!" he said in protest.

"Winnie was dazzling!" she said.

"She must have been!" was his reply.

"I miss her terribly," she said then.

"I understand that," he said. "I stayed at home to take care of the folks, when they got older and infirm. It was me and them and Anthony for while. They both slowly faded one after another and then he died and shortly after that she did, very little will to live any longer."

"Yes," she said, "And here we are; and it's as if, at least with me, that Alice is a new light in life."

"She certainly seems to be that," he said. "So what are we shopping for?"

They went over shopping plans and went off to the stores companionably looking for some clothes and some toys that would please an 8 year old girl.

Their shopping foray was a successful one and, when they were back at the library, to pick up her still balky car, she said to him:

"Thank you so much for shopping with me and lunching with me, but I need to ask, any chance for you to come tonight at about 8 PM with Anthony for dessert? You know who would really, really like that."

"It's a date," he said, "Anthony and I will be there on our best behavior."

"I'm going to make a pie," she said, "Apple."

"I'll bring the ice cream!" was his next reply.

"Yes," she said,"It's a date, and maybe we'll keep it a secret and make it a surprise for Alice."

"Lovely," he said and moved in her direction.

The hug was longer this time; it was the hug of people who'd kind of found each other after a long period being apart and not liking the separation.

"Ohhh," she said, once the hug was breaking up and went on tiptoes, before scurrying into her car, and kissed him briefly on the lips."

"Ohh yourself!" he said smiling at her.

"Dress code?" he asked.

"For you or Anthony?" she said, laughing.

"Well he's always at his chocolate best; I mean the scruffy cop!"

"Oh you clean up just fine," she said, "That much I've already observed; casual is fine. I'll wear jeans and a tee shirt probably."

"And... ?" he said grinning.

"That's not information that you need to have yet, Officer Malone!" she answered, blowing him an air kiss, as she got into her car.

He waited until she left and then climbed into his pickup, smiling to himself and saying:

"Alice Blue Gown was right, pretty, pretty librarian and feels so nice to hug."

That evening Amanda and Alice worked together to clean up from dinner. Amanda took the time in the later afternoon to bake the pie, and all was ready.

"Have a surprise tonight, sweetie," Amanda said.

"Surprise?" Alice said, her face lighting up with the joy of it.

"Yep," surprise that will happen soon.

At five minutes to 8 PM, the doorbell rang, and Amanda said to Alice, who was at the computer it the little office off the kitchen:

"Alice, surprise time."

Alice came hurrying to the door with Amanda and positively squealed with delight, when she saw Mike standing there with a lovely chocolate brown lab, his Anthony.

"Officer Mike!" Alice said in delight, "And this must be Anthony! May I pet him?"

"His most ardent wish!" Mike said, and they both watched as Alice went to Anthony and began to pet him, making a fast, lifelong friend immediately."

Amanda looked at Mike and smiled and went to him for a welcome hug, while Alice and a very excited Anthony were getting to know each other.

"Thanks for coming and bringing him," Amanda said, holding on to him tightly. "You feel so good," she said after a few seconds.

"You feel so wonderful, all casual and all," he said.

"And you still don't get the secret information yet," she said giving him a quick kiss.

"I know but I'm working on it! I'm a cop and I have my ways!" he said to her an they both grinned at one another.

"Dessert anyone?" Amanda asked, and at that point Mike gave her the bag with the ice cream in it.

"Apple pie!" Alice said clapping her hands and laughing at Anthony's barking.

"And ice cream!" Amanda said then holding up the ice cream that Mike had brought.

"Oh, goodie!" Alice said, "Can we give a little, little piece to Anthony?"

"He might enjoy just a little!" Mike said, winking at Amanda.

They had their pie and ice cream, with Anthony getting his share.

"What is your schedule for Saturday?" Amanda asked Mike.

"Day off this week," he said, "Kind of a compensation for me working the shift until 3 AM these days."

"Come to dinner and help us decorate for Christmas?" she asked next.

"And bring Anthony?" Alice put in quickly.

"And bring Anthony," Amanda said in happy compliance with the request.

"Happy to," Mike answered, "Both of us, time?"

"Oh, say 5:30ish?" Amanda said.

"Good as done, eh, Anthony?" Mike said, and Anthony barked his approval.

When the dessert was done and the dishes put away, Amanda wrapped up a large piece of the pie for Mike to take with him. Then she put Alice, with Anthony in attendance, down in front of the tv until her bed time.

She and Mike talked for just a bit.

"So, you're working until 3 AM?"

"Yes, that's my schedule for tomorrow at least," he said.

"Uh," she began, "Come and see me, when you're done and I'll give you some pie and coffee; make another one, if I need."

"At 3 AM?" he asked softly.

"Oh, yes!" she said, "I promise to be ready for you."

"Well, if you're not, remember that I'm a cop and I can break doors down!" he said then grinning at her.

She giggled and they went into an embrace. It was to be their real first kiss. It was everything that she had or could have hoped for. The kiss for both of them talked of the promise of the relationship that was occurring and building.

As they embraced, after the kiss, she said into his ear: "Secret: pink top and bottom!"

"Oh, that gives me something to work with!" was his reply.

"Don't forget tomorrow night!" she said. "I'll be sleepy and in my nightie but I'll be here!"

"Wouldn't miss that for anything!" he said.

"And for Saturday," she went on, "Bring your jammies! Please stay over; you and the big guy. He can sleep maybe with Alice Blue Gown."

"He'd like that, and so would I but I don't wear jammies!" he said.

She licked his lips and said: "Then bring Mike the cop and we'll improvise!"

"Sounds like fun!" he said. "I'd better get Anthony before he decides to defect and stay."

She laughed at that, as he went and fetched Anthony, who received a 'good night' kiss on the head from Alice, before Mike got a kiss also.

"Thank you for coming and bringing Anthony!" she said. "We'll decorate on Saturday?"

"Sounds like a plan, sweet Alice Blue Gown!" he said, heading for the door.

Amanda and Alice both stood in the door way and waved the two of them, man and dog off into the night.

Amanda and Alice remained there a bit and watched the taillights of his truck recede down the street.

"I think that Officer Mike likes you, Momma," Alice said, fitting her hand into Amanda's.

"Well maybe he does!" she answered.

"Do you like him?" was the next question from the little girl.

"Oh, I do!" Amanda admitted, "He's so nice!"

"And he's got Anthony!" Alice said next.

"And he's got Anthony!' Amanda agreed.

Alice was in bed and Amanda sitting on the side of the bed tucking the covers around her chin. They had already said their prayers and were at the 'good night kiss' stage.

"I wish that Anthony would come to live here!" Alice said.

"Well on Saturday, when we put up the Christmas decorations, we can ask if Anthony and Mike want to stay over; how does that sound?" Amanda asked.

"Is Mike your boyfriend then?" Alice asked.

"I think that maybe he is!" Amanda said.

"Then it's a spiffy idea!" Alice said.

Amanda got up to leave the room but Alice held out her arms for one more hug.

"I love you, Momma," Alice said. "I miss my Mommie but I love you so!"

Amanda went into the shelter of those small, thin arms with tears in her eyes and said:

"I miss your Mommie too and I love you, love you!"

Her alarm went off at 2:3O AM the next night. All that she did was comb her hair to make it more manageable. It was short and auburn, almost a reddish shade of black. She looked in the mirror and said:

"Wait until Mike sees me!" she laughed at that, full of joyful anticipation.

She waited with a light on in the kitchen and a light in the living room, off of the front hall. She saw, at about 3:10 AM, his cruiser pull into the driveway, and watched as he got out of the cruiser, walking toward the house.

She opened the door and stood in the doorway with the light behind her, showing her nakedness beneath her long nightgown. (It was pearly white and had spaghetti straps, showing her 38c breasts to great advantage.)

He stopped on the walk up to the house and said:

"Librarian, you could cause a riot dressed like that!"

"Yes," she said, "But I have police protection!"

"I guess you do!" he said, taking the strides forward to get to where she was standing and waiting for him.

She all but threw herself at him, when he finally got to where she was. She kissed him, and pressed herself against him, shifting her hips sideways in both directions in order to press against him as tightly as possible.

"Something's growing there!" she said, "For me?"

"Could be, Librarian! Where and how would you like it?" he asked.

"Truth, Mike," she began, "Any way that you want to give it to me! 'No' is not going to be in my vocabulary!"

"Now you've got this boy's interest"!" he said. "Out working on the bad guys and coming home to this makes sense!"

"Then welcome home, Mike!" she said. "You tell me what's first? I promised pie and I have some. Do you want pie first or do you want to play first?"

"Well," he drawled, "I think that I'll have the pie first; I want to have some time to simply look at you dressed in that nightie."

"And nothing more!" she said softly.

"And nothing more!" he agreed. "I never remember librarians looking like this, ever!"

"But I'm not an ordinary librarian," she answered, kissing him, "I'm your librarian!"

She giggled then and when he gave her an inquisitive look, she said: "Alice asked me if you were my boyfriend! Are you?"

"At least!" he said. "If I were to tell the truth," he went on, "I'd have to say, Amanda, that I'm falling in love with you!"

"Ohhhhhh, Mike!" she said, kissing him again.

This time during the kiss, his hands swept slowly down the plane of her back to the swell of her hips and ass cheeks; they came to rest there, and she wiggled her hips against him.

"Woman," he said in to her ear, "You're gonna make me explode in my pants, if you keep that up!"

She giggled and said: "Okay, up for air; big show now; I'll walk around and you look. Enjoy the view Officer Mike Malone, owner of Anthony, both of you true loves of my Alice Blue Gown and me! You just look!"

"Wow!" he said after a minute, having closed the door, watching her walk across the lighted living room. "What an ass on the librarian!"

She stopped, looked over her shoulder and smiled at him. Then very slowly and deliberately she reached down and pulled the hem of the gown up until it was up at her waist. She wiggled her ass again at him.

He moved quickly, getting a surprised squeak from her and landed on his knees behind her, kissing each of her ass cheeks.

"Mmmm," she crooned, "Lovely! But pie now?"

"Pie now, and more looking at the librarian!" he answered.

"Front or back?" she wanted to know.

"Both!" he declared, and watched as she walked off to get the pie.

To accommodate him, once she got into the lighted kitchen, she stopped, put her arms up in the air and slowly turned around, showing herself from all sides.

He gave a subdued cheer and clapped for her, causing her to bend deeply in a bow, which simply showed her large, well formed breasts. He clapped again.

It was then that she heard the tiny footsteps on the stairs. She hustled into her gown and went to see what Alice was up to.

"Honey?" she asked, letting Alice come into her arms. "Were we making too much noise for you?"

"I heard someone cheering and clapping!" Alice said in a sleepy voice.

"That was only Mike the cop acting the fool!" Amanda said, still hugging the warm little girl.

But just then Mike came into the hall, where the steps went up to the bedrooms.

"Alice Blue Gown, my love!" Mike said, holding his arms out for a hug from her too.

"Anthony?" Alice asked.

"Home, sweetie," he said, "I'm on my way home from work; it's very, very late, so let's get you back in bed."

He carried the very content little girl up the stairs and he and Amanda both got kisses from Alice, who said in her sleepy voice:

"I love you, Momma Amanda, I love you Officer Mike!"

She got another hug from each of them and slipped into sleep very quickly and contentedly.

Amanda and Mike went downstairs again then. As she entered the kitchen, she shed the robe again and put herself on display.

"I'll be quieter," he said, "And you still look positively wonderful!"

"I'm glad you like what you see," she said, and then, being earnest for a brief moment, she went on: "Mike, I really mean that!"

He went to her and put his arms around her, saying: "I know that, honey; and I assure you that I really mean it. Feel!"

"Oops," she said with a grin then, "He's coming out to play again?"

"Yes," he went on, "If something doesn't happen soon, I'm going to mess my pants from all this excitement."

"Can't have that," she said, taking him by the arm and leading him to a kitchen chair, where she sat him down, and got on her knees in front of him.

"Oh dear!" he said, unable to make any other noise, as Amanda fished his erection out of his uniform pants.

She looked up at him and said: "Are you sure that you'll let me off, if I do this, officer?" She gave him a sly smile as she said it.

"Of course," he said grinning, "You can trust me, I'm a policeman!"

Amanda put her hand over her mouth to suppress the hoot that she was making just then and then she lowered her head and went to work on him.

"Library was never like this!" Mike said, setting back and preparing to enjoy himself.

"Never came across this librarian!" she said, sticking out a tongue and licking her way around the head of his cock and paying special attention to the underside of it.

"Won't last, Amanda honey," he said, "Much too much stimulation for this boy."

"Come when you can," she said brightly, "And Amanda will swallow!"

"Oh, my," he said, his breath rasping from her continued movement of her lips up and down the length of his erection, "She swallows!"

"She swallows you!" she said, "Others get spit out!"

Now it was Mike's turn to barely suppress a hoot with his hand.

"You are a wild woman!" he said, his excitement reaching a kind of fever pitch.

"Never suspected it under these overtly plain librarian's clothes, did you?" she asked in a coy voice, jerking him with her hand, when she took her mouth off of him.

"Never suspected that you were so fucking beautiful, woman; thought you might be though!" he said.

"Charmer!" she whispered and went back to sucking on him.

"Cock sucker!" he said, teeth clenched.

"You say the nicest things!" she said, lifting her head again.

"Stop talking and suck my cock!" he said in almost desperation.

She obeyed and plunged her head back down on his cock, this time taking him all the way into the first part of her throat. She fought off the gag reflex and lifted her head and plunged it again a few times but it was enough. He pushed his hips upward and put his hands on the back of her head, pushing down. She let him do it, was determined to have the full effect of this, and hung on, breathing through her nose and fighting off the gag reflex just long enough.

She spent the next minutes swallowing and swallowing. She was surprised at how much she liked the taste of him. This wasn't something that she'd done very often. She sat back on her heels in utter satisfaction, when she was done.

"Oops, sorry!" she said.

"For what?" he wanted to know.

"Forgot the pie!" she replied.

"I guess we did," he said, "But this was an emergency!"

She grinned at him and said: "I plan to take care of your emergencies, officer!"

"And spit out the rest of them?" he asked, eyeing her.

She grinned at him and put her hands in the air: "Fooling, just fooling!"

He grabbed her then and had her stretched over his lap in a trice; he slapped her ass smartly, getting a proper squeal from her and said:

"This is for fooling!"

She looked up at him with big eyes, and a really surprised look on her face, when he put her down. He thought she was angry but she said:

"I can't believe how much that turned me on! That's almost never, ever happened! It leaves me short of breath."

He gathered her up and said: "Important information for another time, I think!"

"I guess so," she said. Then she recovered and said: "Pie, Mike my Officer Mike?"

"Thought you'd never get to it!" he said.

She put on her robe and served him the pie and coffee. When he was finished, he said to her:

"I realize how ungallant it is, but I really need to go and see to Anthony."

"I know," she said, putting her arms around him.

"But you?" he said reluctantly.

"Next time, me! Saturday night, me! Saturday night me and you!" she went on.

"Oh, yes, that's a plan!" he said and kissed her. "Thanks for being awake for me at the end of my shift!"

"My pleasure, big guy," she responded, "Especially when you give me treats!"

"I'd better get before my dick talks me into staying; Anthony will have a fit!"

"Give him our love!" she said, walking him to the door.

As he got to his cruiser, with the neighborhood very quiet, and the house remote also, she slipped off the robe and stood in the doorway naked to wave him off. He flashed his lights at her and left.

Amanda went in and put off the kitchen lights, deciding to clean up in the morning. Then she went to check on Alice, who was sleeping contentedly with her pink, furry rabbit, and she went to her room. Putting her gown on again, she settled down in bed, and slid her fingers slowly and sensuously over the plane of her stomach, reaching her pubic hair and vaginal lips and suppressing a sigh.

"Thank you, Mike!" she said, "What a way to spend the early morning hours."

It took her only a little bit to achieve her own orgasm; then Amanda settled down and said her own prayers with special mention of Winnie, Ben, Alice, Mike and Anthony. She reflected, as she slowly went into sleep how very much blessed she was.

Saturday they were up early. Alice was frankly over the moon about Mike coming for dinner with Anthony. They began talking about it at breakfast:

"They're gonna stay over?" Alice asked.

"Yes, honey, they are!" Amanda replied.

"You and you're boyfriend Mike!" Alice said, then with a giggle: "That's cool!"

"Oh 'cool' is it?" Amanda said laughing.

"Yes," Alice replied, "Because it makes you so happy; I can see that."

Amanda kissed her on the forehead: "You are such a love!" she said to the little girl

"What shall we do?" Alice asked then.

"I think that after breakfast we'll have a cleaning party," Amanda said.

"Oh, can we have the 'working song'?" Alice asked joyfully. (It was a song titled 'A little Working Song' from a favorite movie of Alice's.)

"Yes," Amanda said, "We'll have the working song and work right along with it.

They did the work positively joyfully. Alice asked for and was given an apron, which had to be tied up around her chest to make it fit. She was the duster and Amanda followed her, singing along with the music, as the vacuum person.

After a bit they took a break for milk and cookies.

"What say we bake some cookies next?" Amanda asked.

"Oh what a treat!" Alice said, "Cookies for Officer Mike!"

"And for Alice Blue Gown!" Amanda said, kissing the lovely little girl then.

They went on to their next task with great energy and got two kinds of cookies baked, and sampled. By that time it was mid morning and Alice said that she was tired. Amanda took her upstairs and got her snuggled down on her bed in the guest room.

As Amanda was kissing Alice's forehead, the little girl reached out and grabbed her around the neck for a hug.

"Nap with me, Momma?" she asked, and Amanda, smiling and tearing up involuntarily, lay down next to her and the two of them had a very nice nap.

Amanda woke from the nap after about 25 minutes and got up softly, with Alice still sleeping. She wanted to go downstairs and put the pot roast on for their dinner.

It wasn't long after that when Mike arrived with Anthony.

They embraced and kissed in the hall, once they were inside. Mike slipped his hands down to the seat of her jeans and squeezed her butt cheeks.

"Like the merchandise, Officer?" she asked, licking his ear.

"Love the merchandise!" he said. "Wait until tonight!"

"Gonna stay over!" she asked.

"Might never leave!" was his next statement.

She realized right then that he was serious and looked at him. Her immediate response was to kiss him. The kiss said everything that she wanted to say about how exciting the idea was that he'd mentioned.

When the kiss broke, he said: "So, you approve?"

"Oh, I love the idea?" she cooed.

"We can talk about it in a bit? Meanwhile, where is the princess?" he wanted to know.

"Upstairs napping, busy morning," Amanda said.

"Can we take Anthony up to wake her?" he wanted to know.

"What a delicious idea!" she said and they went upstairs, the three of them.

Alice was still sleeping when Mike invited the dog to get up on the bed with Alice. Anthony agreed with a great deal of tail wagging and was up on the bed and settled next to Alice in no time.

Alice woke at that and said a joyful: "Anthony!" putting her arms around the dog's neck and kissing his forehead, getting some face licks in return.

She looked up and said a fairly bright: "Hi, Officer Mike! Thanks for bringing Anthony! Did Momma ask you to stay the night? You are her boyfriend now, you know!"

The two adults laughed and Mike said: "Yes, honey, your Momma asked for me and Anthony to spend the night, and we'll see about what will happen after that."

"Oh, goodie!" she said.

"I think that I'm ready to get up from my nap now," Alice said. "Can I play with Anthony for a while?"

"Good idea!" Mike said, and Amanda agreed.

"Guess what we're going to do this afternoon?" Amanda said to Alice.

"What?" Alice wanted to know, her face eager.

"We're going to set up the Christmas tree and decorate!" Amanda said.

"Yaaaaay!" Alice sang out, getting a barking approval from Anthony.


They spent a lovely afternoon, with help from a barking Anthony at times, decorating the tree. It pleased them all.

"It's been a long time, since I've done this!" Mike mused as they were finishing.

"Really?" Amanda said, "I normally have one, even if it's only for me. Now it's so much better."

"My Mom always had one," he said, putting the finishing touches on with an angel at the top of the tree.

"Perfect!" Alice judged.

"I agree," Amanda said and was joined by Mike in the sentiment.

"Time now for tea and cookies?" Amanda asked, and they all sat down for a treat.

It was during their tea or milk, and cookies that Amanda asked Mike about where he and Anthony lived.

"We live in a basement apartment in a small apartment building," he said. "Some call it the garden apartment, but it's the basement."

"Does he like that?" Alice asked softly.

"Well, I think he likes more room but it's what we're used to," he went on.

"How long have you lived there?" Amanda asked.

"Ever since I bought the place," Mike said then. "You see, my Mom and Dad died a number of years back. They left me comfortable, as far as money was concerned. I took some of that and put it into an apartment building. I keep the rents reasonable, and keep the place well maintained--it's one of the things that I do, as the super, I am the fixit man there. It's always been very adequate for Anthony and me."

"Hmm," Amanda said, "I see."

They had a few more cookies and Amanda, to move on to another topic, asked Alice:

"Alice, honey, do you know what you want for Christmas?"

"Oh, yes!" Alice said immediately, "I was hoping that you'd ask. I have my list; I've thought about it, especially in the months since Mommie and Ben died and I know what I want."

Both Mike and Amanda were smiling at this point.

"Care to share it with us, and we'll see Santa about your list?" Amanda asked.

Alice giggled and said: "Yes, I'll get it."

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