Monster Rape

by ozymadiaspoem

Copyright© 2011 by ozymadiaspoem

Erotica Sex Story: Monsters always get what's coming to them.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Rape   Slavery   Heterosexual   Fiction   Zoophilia   Furry   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Size   .

Princess Terra admired her horse-slave in the bedroom. He had short white fur, neatly combed down his big muscular body. His mane was a long spikey streak of gold that fell down the length of the back. His tail was a natural stub, a little ball of gold that sat above two big well-rounded buttocks. The horse was a giant: He stood well over ten feet tall on two hooves. His hands concealed his sheath. But the Princess could still see his big balls.

Terra ordered the horse to lie down on the king-size bed, which he did, reluctantly but without hesitation. He kept his hands over his sheath. Not that it mattered to the Princess ... yet. She went up to the horse's long face, her eyes half-closed with lust. She could see a hint of fear in the horse's big blue eyes. Nevertheless, Terra gripped the sides of the horse's face and gave him a big wet kiss. She grinded her little body against the horse while she sucked on his mouth and licked his big tongue. Saliva trickled from the Princess' mouth. When the horse couldn't take it anymore, the Princess released her grip and pulled away.

"Oh horsie!" Terra panted, a long linw of saliva hanging from her lips. "My beautiful horsie..."

With those words Terra trailed down the horse's neck with deep kisses. She licked and nibbled on the white tower, her mind clouded with perverse thoughts of how hard and fast and how long the horse would fuck her. Terra kissed and licked the horse down to his chest - where, without hesitation, she buried her face between the warm pecs. She gripped a handful of each meaty muscle, as she sniffed up and down the horse's hot cleavage. Terra breathed in the musky odor which only a beautiful horse could produce.

The musk was enough to drive the Princess' hormones through the roof: Her body trembled and shook; without warning Terra pounced on the horse's face and licked him like a ravenous animal. Her tight little butt was shaking the whole time. Terra than went down the horse's body with a quick sequence of kisses, until she came to the sheath. By now she was drooling and panting with lust. The horse was afraid of what would happen next.

But to his surprise, the Princess cupped his sheath in her hands. She leaned down - her butt facing the horse - to lick the rim of the sheath. She could taste some kind of natural lubricant that leaked from the horse's dick. Terra licked the inside of the sheath, to taste more of the lubricant. But no sooner had she began to lick than the horse gave a gasp, and his dick began to rise out of the sheath. Satisfied, the Princess sucked on the dick: She tried to wrap her mouth around the head, but in vain.

So she licked up and down the length of the dick, as it continued to grow and grow. The dick belonged to her. Terra squeezed the shaft in her hands, and, satisfied at how hard it felt, she rubbed it up and down - which made the horse even harder. She kept up her dick assault for as long as she wanted, until the member glistened with her saliva and was so hard that it turned a dark purple. Terra listened to the horse whine and snort furiously, knowing full well that it needed to cum immediately.

She grinded her body against the dick, when, without warning, the horse's hips jerked up off the bed and a white stream of semen shot up into the air. The semen splattered all over the ceiling of the bedroom. It was so thick and copious that it painted the ceiling pure white. The Princess laughed at the sight; far from filling her with a sense of dread, it made her even more hungry for the horse. Her slave fell back down on the bed, spent.

"You look exhausted," Terra smiled. She began to hump up and down the horse's dick again. "But we're not finsihed yet."

Terra let her body get covered in watery lubricant and thick semen as she slid along the horse shaft. When her feet pressed down on the horse's balls, the Princess got another idea. She turned about to face the base of the dick; and as she continued to grind against the dick she played with the horse's balls. Terra cupped handfuls of the balls. The things were more than twice the size of her hands, and they felt so hard, so full of hot semen. The Princess took the balls in her mouth.

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