What Bad Boys Get for Christmas

by Many-Eyed Hydra

Copyright© 2011 by Many-Eyed Hydra

Horror Sex Story: A group of lads out on the town encounter some naughty little bondage elves.

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Horror   FemaleDom   Light Bond   Harem   Sex Toys   Caution   Prostitution   .

Christmas wasn't Christmas until you'd stuffed a Santa face down in a wheelie bin and set his ass on fire. That's what Rick Burton said.

Rick couldn't be out with them tonight; he was currently serving a three year stretch for beating up a moaning old bastard. Tim Selick had some sympathy. His own life had felt like a prison for the past six months.

Not tonight. Tonight he was free. Screw Denise, screw Henry Di-fucking-Novi; tonight he was gonna hang with the lads and get totally off his fucking face.

They hadn't intended for the night to be a special dedication to Rick or anything, but when they saw the drunken Santa staggering around behind Woolies, well...

It was past midnight and the town centre was deserted. Once the shops closed, most people left the main shopping thoroughfares and drifted away to the pubs, clubs and kebab shops on the fringes. Tim and his mates were here because they were too broke to afford anything other than cheap cans of special brew from the offie.

Santa was a mess. Tim couldn't tell if that was his actual beard or a fake. The long white hairs were filthy and matted. Various foodstuffs and other stains were tangled in the mess. He smelt foul--a rancid mixture of strong liqueur and unwashed sweat.

"Ho ho ho. Merry Chrissermas." Santa noticed the lads and saluted them with a bottle hidden away in a brown paper bag. He tottered unsteadily on his feet.

"Fucking disgrace," Tim heard Danny McDowell mutter next to him.

The gang ranged around the Santa like a pack of jackals. Tim felt a little thrill of excitement. He'd missed this buzz.

The drunken Santa watched them warily, fear penetrating his haze of alcohol.

"Now now, lads, you wouldn't want to hurt a harmless old man," he said, giving them a nervous smile.

Tim exchanged glances with Danny and Mikey Elfman.

"Geddim!" Danny shouted.

The gang surged forward as one. Ignoring the protests of the drunken man, they took his bottle off him and lifted him up off the ground. They carried him around the corner and dumped him headfirst into a blue wheelie bin. They stood around and laughed while Santa's legs kicked up out of the top of the bin.

Fucking hilarious, Tim thought, like one of those cartoons where Santa gets stuck in the chimney.

Danny took a sniff of Santa's bottle and jerked away, his eyes watering.

"Fucking hell, that's strong," he said.

He upended the contents over the struggling Santa.

"Should go up a treat," Danny said, flipping open his zippo.

"Do it," Mikey said. "Do it for Rick."

Danny sniggered and put the bright yellow flame to Santa's sodden ass. The alcohol-sodden trousers went up immediately, blue and yellow flames shooting up into the night sky. Drunken Santa's yelled obscenities changed to loud bellows, muffled by the plastic of the bin.

"Someone dial 999. Santa's on fire!" Danny laughed.

"Santa barbeque!" Mikey sniggered.

The gang stood around the bin. Flames reflected in Tim's eyes as he watched Santa kick out. It looked like fire was shooting out of the old bastard's arse. Tim felt a kind of savage glee. He felt powerful, part of something, and that was a thousand times better than feeling like a piece of shit as he doled out fried crap at Burger Whore.

Santa was screaming louder and louder. His muffled bellows had changed to high pitched wails of pain.

Tim blinked. Was the old tramp sobbing inside the burning plastic container?

They heard sirens off in the distance.

"Leg it!" Danny yelled.

"We gonna leave him like that?" Tim asked.

Drunken Santa was still kicking away as his trousers burned.

"He'll be fine," Danny said. "Might take his pubes a while to grow back," he laughed.

The gang dashed off down the alley. Tim glanced back at the still struggling tramp. He planted a solid kick on the side of the bin, toppling it over. Old coot should be able to get out now, he thought, before running off after the others.

Their exhilarating dash through the back streets soon slowed down to aimless meandering. It was late and there wasn't anything to do. One by one, the younger members slunk back home, until only Danny, Mikey and Tim were left.

As they wandered through the empty streets Tim caught the whiff of a strange scent. It was spicy and enticing, like an exotic perfume. He sniffed the air, trying to catch more of it. All of a sudden he had an itch he really wanted to scratch.

He was not alone. Mikey was grabbing his crotch and staring absently around him.

They came to a junction. The scent seemed to be strongest from the right, so that was the direction they took.

It was hard to describe the smell exactly, Tim thought, or their actions. It was kind of like if you were hungry and you got the whiff of burgers on a grill, you'd follow the smell back to the burger van it came from. It was the same, but with sex. That was the best way he could describe it. You caught a whiff of it and it reminded you that you felt horny.

There wasn't a burger van waiting for them at the end but girls, plenty of girls. They came to a deserted thoroughfare with scantily-clad girls clustered around lampposts on either side of the entrance to a quiet side street. The side street was curtained off and hidden behind a pair of heavy red drapes. Lured on by the scent and the promise of sex, they approached the girls.

The girls were dressed like the street hookers Tim had seen on Skellington Road, but they looked nothing like the wrinkly monsters and worn out chav moppets he and the other guys used to take the piss out of. They looked like girls Tim would actually think about paying to fuck, if he had the money.

The girls' outfits, what little they were wearing, were clear advertisements they'd quite happily accept that money. They wore high black stilettos and black fishnet stockings that went up to the top of their legs. Above their waists was nothing more than kinky black fetish-wear. They had studded black dog collars around their necks and studded black straps wrapped around their arms and midriffs. The stretched black rubber looked glossy beneath the streetlights. Far more flesh--ghostly pale--was revealed than hidden.

They must be fucking freezing, Tim thought.

"Fuck, I'm feeling horny," Danny said, grabbing his crotch.

The girls stared suggestively at them with wide, large eyes picked out with heavy black eyeliner. They pouted full red lips and struck up poses against the lampposts like girls being photographed for smutty magazines.

"They look a little strange," Tim said.

He couldn't put his finger on it. They were skinny and very dainty. More like ballet dancers than the heavy breasted women Tim jerked off to on the internet. Pretty too. Really pretty. Far prettier than he would have expected for a street hooker.

"I bet they're Lithuanian," Mikey said.

"Lithuanian?" Tim questioned. That could explain it, he supposed.

"Yeah, I read about it in the paper," Mikey said. "They're setting up knocking shops all across Britain. The girls are supposed to be well fit."

The erection in Tim's pants agreed with that. One of the girls leaned forward and blew him a kiss.

"Fuck, I wish I had a fifty," Danny said.

"I thought you were still with Caroline," Tim said.

"She's up the duff again," Danny said, "won't let me go near her while the baby's inside her. She doesn't understand a man has needs and can't wait that long."

"Denise has got a strop on because I got fired from Burger King," Tim said.

The same girl beckoned eagerly to Tim with a smile on her lips. Her eyes were big and bright.

"No money," he said, turning out his empty pockets.

That didn't discourage the girl. She beckoned again and pouted her lips. Then, when Tim showed no inclination of moving, she and a friend stepped forward, grabbed an arm each and tugged him towards the red curtains.

"We're broke," Tim said.

The girl on his left put a finger to his lips. The other girl caressed his crotch, sending an electric shiver through him. He looked over to Danny and Mikey. Both of them had girls on each arm.

Danny shrugged. "Maybe they're nympho and business is slow tonight."

The girls led them to the curtained-off street. Another girl looked up and down the street with quick, bright eyes before pulling aside the curtain to reveal a short flight of wooden stairs leading up to a pair of big wooden doors.

Didn't there used to be a side street here? Tim thought. They walked through the doors and into a narrow hallway with plain wooden floors and walls lined with rippling red curtains. To Tim it looked like they were walking down the tunnel of a giant velvet vagina.

Fuck, he really needed to get laid.

This was all a bit too fancy. It looked like one of those VIP-type clubs he'd seen on the telly. Except he couldn't hear any dance music. There was no heavy thump of a bass drum reverberating through his body. The only music he could hear was tinkling silvery bells--sensual New Age sounds--turned down real quiet. The girls beckoned them on.

"Look, we want to, we really do, but none of us has any cash," Tim said.

Tim wanted to be clear about that. He didn't want some big shaven-headed bastard kicking the shit out of him later for non-payment of services rendered.

He reached down for his wallet, but one of the girls stopped him and shook her head.

"On the house?" Danny queried.

The girl nodded and smiled.

"Oh, oh," Mikey said. "I read about this as well, I think. They like to give out freebies when they set up in a new town. So's the blokes go and tell all their mates afterwards. Good for business. Word of mouth." Mikey tapped his nose.

"Sweet!" Tim said. It was their lucky night.

"We'll be sure to tell everyone," Mikey said.

Two girls led him through a curtain in the right wall. He turned back and smiled at them before the curtain swung back down after him.

"See you later, Ginge," Danny said. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do." He walked through the curtain at the end of the corridor with a girl hanging off each side.

Tim was left with two girls. They looked up at him with a predatory gleam in their black-limned eyes. Nasty, Tim thought. His dick twitched in eagerness.

"What're your names?" he asked.

The girls didn't answer. The one on his right put a finger to her bee-stung lips. Tim dubbed her Extreme Curls in his head, after her mop of curly black hair. She looked a wild one. Her pale complexion was flawless apart from a few cute freckles on either side of her petite little button nose. Her outfit was more than wild, it was X-rated. She wore black stilettos and fishnet stockings. Her top was a glossy black one-piece with holes cut in the side and only a narrow black thong to cover her private parts.

The other girl had her straight black hair cut in a medium-length bob. Tim would have called her Black Bob, but then he thought about it a bit more--

"What did you get up to last night?"

"I was fucking Black Bob all night."

--and decided to go with Ms Cleopatra instead. Her hair and the heavy kohl around her eyes made her look a little like an Egyptian princess. Her snow-white complexion and X-rated bondage outfit didn't quite complete the picture. She wore a tight black corset with laces on the front and a zipper over the crotch. With her high spiked heels and elbow-length black gloves, she looked like a classic dominatrix in miniature.

They led him through a curtain in the left wall and down another wooden-floored corridor. A third girl with long black waves for hair--um, Wavy Black Hair--waited at the end. She pulled one of the curtains aside and posed provocatively next to it. Her kinky black boots went up to her thighs and covered more of her pale skin than the rest of her clothing put together. Not hard as the rest of that clothing consisted of nothing more than a short leather miniskirt and some looped straps to cover her nipples.

Ms Cleopatra took his hand and pulled him towards the open curtain.

"Here?" he asked.

Ms Cleopatra turned towards him and smiled. She wiggled her hips enticingly as she took both of his hands and pulled him forwards. Extreme Curls put her dainty hands on his buttocks and gave him a push for good measure.

They were keen, Tim thought. Awesome.

Most of the room on the other side of the curtain was taken up with a massive wooden bed. It looked like an antique, like something out of an old-fashioned fairy tale that was shown on TVs every Christmas. The wood, rich and dark, was carved into swirling shapes. The bed--and the rest of the room--was covered in soft white furs. It looked like someone had slaughtered a whole pack of wolves and draped their furs around the room.

Classy. Really classy. The kind of room where you'd expect to see James Bond seducing or being seduced by a glamorous sexpot Russian spy. Tim really hoped this was on the house. There was no way he could ever afford it, especially as Wavy Black Hair had just followed them into the room.

Three girls. Really? He wasn't sure what to do with two girls, let alone three.

The girls seemed to know what to do with him. Extreme Curls and Ms Cleopatra shared a glance before rushing forwards and shoving him back onto the bed. It was deep and felt luxuriously warm and soft. He'd have struggled to climb out of it under normal circumstances; it became impossible when Ms Cleopatra scrambled up on top of him.

She must like being on top, Tim thought. He was unused to girls taking the initiative and decided he liked it. He also really liked her kissing. She bent down and pressed her soft, sensual lips against his. She wasn't afraid to give it a bit of tongue either.

He was so engrossed in her attentions he barely noticed other hands sliding his legs into the centre of the bed. Small hands undid his belt, unbuttoned his trousers and pulled them down along with his underwear.

He sat up and took notice when the other girl put her lips around his bell-end and started to suck.


Ms Cleopatra slid off him and settled next to his side, allowing him to watch as Extreme Curls, on her knees between his legs, bobbed her head up and down in his lap. He shivered in delight as he felt her moist lips brush up and down his shaft. Oh man, she really knew what she was doing. She took him all the way in and he felt the back of her mouth contract around and squeeze the swollen head of his cock as she deep-throated him.

He was going to tell everyone about this place for sure.

Ms Cleopatra lay against him and nuzzled against his neck with her soft lips. Her fingers slid across his chest and toyed with his nipples.

Wavy Black Hair stood by the entrance curtain and rang a little bell. The silvery chime sounded like icicles in an untouched winter cave.

Her blue eyes sparkled as she looked at Tim. His thoughts on whether she'd be joining in were quickly answered as she jumped up onto the bed and lay down against him on the other side to Ms Cleopatra. Sandwiched between two cute girls while a third sucked his dick, how fucking awesome was this?

He wondered if they were sisters. They looked a little similar. Maybe it was a Lithuanian thing.

Ms Cleopatra took his hand and placed it against her warm crotch. He knew what she wanted, dirty bint. No princess this one for sure. Her crotch was covered with some kind of smooth, glossy material--latex or vinyl. There was a zipper above her pussy. Tim eased it open with his finger. His questing forefinger slipped over a ledge of cold metallic teeth and found itself another, softer, ledge. He played there for a while, stroking his finger along the soft flanges of flesh lining her pussy. Then he plunged deeper, into the moist crevice beneath. The girl stiffened. The tight walls of her vagina squeezed around his probing finger. She sighed into Tim's ear.

Wavy Black Hair didn't want to be left out of the fun. She took his other hand and brought it up into the humid space underneath her short leather skirt. She wasn't wearing any underwear and there was nothing to impede Tim's finger as he wormed it up into another warm and deliciously soft crevice. He moved both of his fingers around, enjoying the little gasps his motions elicited from the two girls. He gasped himself as Extreme Curls, Mistress of the Blowjob, lightly rubbed her teeth against the ridge of flesh where the mushroom head of his cock emerged from its shaft.

Fingers in two different pussies, another girl giving him an incredible blowjob, this was beyond fucking awesome. Christmas had well and truly come early.

And brought with it Santa and a huge sack of prezzies.

Okay, not Santa. It was one of his little helpers--another Lithuanian girl. She even had a pair of prosthetic elf ears. They were pointed and stuck out from the side of her head. Metal studs and even a safety pin adorned their length. Her short black hair stood up in punky spikes.

Punk rock elf, Tim thought. Santa's Naughty Little Helper. Her outfit was very naughty indeed. As explicit as the other girls' outfits were, they at least hid their bits. Naughty Little Elf's nipples and the shaved cleft of her pussy were on display for all to see. They were surrounded by polished metallic hoops. These hoops were connected by a complicated series of black straps and buckles, and the whole outfit looked like some kind of perverse harness. A spiked dog collar encircled her slender neck.

Wavy Black Hair extricated herself from Tim's finger. She bounced on her knees, clapped her hands and giggled with excitement. He was a little bit disappointed when Extreme Curls, Mistress of the Blow-Job, stopped sucking on his cock and turned her attentions to the sack. It was probably for the best. He was very close to making a mess in her mouth and--after feeling how tight their pussies felt--he wanted to save that for when his dick got to visit where his finger had been moments ago.

And still was, at least with Ms Cleopatra, Princess of Perversity. She snuggled up close and kissed him while his finger had a good roam in her hidden crack. She gripped his erection with a black-gloved hand and stroked up and down.

Giggles and a buzzing sound shunted Tim's attentions away from his dirty little princess. Santa's Naughty Little Elf had brought a big sack filled with all kinds of naughty little toys. Oh boy, was he ready for this? he thought, watching as Wavy Black Hair switched an egg vibrator on and off with a bright gleam in her blue eyes.

Of course he fucking was. Bring it!

He closed his eyes and relaxed as the girls attacked with little buzzing bundles of pleasure. Ooh, ticklish, he thought, squirming as Wavy Black Hair ran the little egg vibrator up his side. Hmm, that was nice, he thought as Santa's Naughty Little Elf rubbed a pleasant-smelling gel into his chest. Oh fuuckkk!

That would be when Extreme Curls pressed another vibrator against first the swollen head of his cock and then his balls. She giggled and passed the buzzing toy to Ms Cleopatra. The naughty little princess wasted no time in applying it to his sensitive nipples.

Extreme Curls kneeled next to his crotch and leaned over to resume her fantastic blowjob. This time she smoothly rolled a condom over his erection with her lips, taking the opportunity to give him a good suck while she was there.

Oh right, business time! Tim thought.

He suspected it would be very short time. The girls were just too good at their job. So long as he could last long enough to get a nut off in one of those super-tight pussies.

Which would it be? Extreme Curls, of course, after all the work she'd done in sucking him right to the edge. She straddled him and tugged the G-string of her glossy black rubber one-piece out of the way of the naked clamshell folds of her pussy. She pressed his erection against her flat belly and stroked a hand up it. Then she lifted her waist up, tucked Tim's penis underneath her and sat down, smoothly inserting him into her tight pussy.

Oh fuck, Tim thought. He closed his eyes and murmured in pleasure as she eased herself down his shaft. So fucking tight. Were all Lithuanian girls like this? He was seriously considering emigrating.

Three rapid up and down strokes was all it took to get Tim to start coming.

He closed his eyes and grunted as he felt his cum pulse up his throbbing erection. Fuck. Awesome.

The pleasure was tinged with a little regret. So soon. He'd wanted to hold on for a little longer than that. Couldn't be helped, he supposed. They were pro's after all. Their job was all about getting men off as quickly as possible.

Extreme Curls didn't seem to mind. She got off him, meticulously pulled his condom off, discarded it and then returned to clean him off thoroughly.

"Thanks," he said. "That was awesome. I'll be sure to get out the word."

Assuming they were done, he started to sit up. The girls had other ideas. Ms Cleopatra hopped onto his chest and wagged a finger.

What? More?


Ms Cleopatra looked over her shoulder to where Santa's Naughty Little Elf was rummaging through the big Christmas sack. Santa's Naughty Little Elf came back up with a fluffy pair of handcuffs in each hand and an extremely mischievous smile. She lobbed a pair to Ms Cleopatra.

"Kinky," Tim said.

He wasn't totally sure about the whole being handcuffed to the bed thing, especially as he didn't know any of their names. Ms Cleopatra bent down and gave him a passionate kiss on the lips to overcome his reticence. She leant over and handcuffed his left wrist to the side of the bed. Giggling, Extreme Curls did the same to his other hand.

Oh well, might as well lie back and enjoy it, Tim thought.

Tim felt moistness as Ms Cleopatra straddled his chest and ground her pussy against him. Her hands went up and ran through her hair as she bounced on his chest. He noticed she was wearing pointed ear prosthetics as well.

Maybe they weren't prosthetics. They could be real. It could be a Lithuanian thing. He looked over at Wavy Black Hair and saw the little pink points of her ears sticking out between her silky black locks. The girls did look a little like elves, he thought. Santa's naughty little bondage elves.

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