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by Pretty in Pink

Copyright© 2011 by Pretty in Pink

Erotica Sex Story: The Construct started as a maker of cartridges for Home VR equipment. Tom is trying a new one where he and his girlfriend view a new apartment.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   .

When the waitress came to the table he slid his hand up her skirt. She wasn't wearing panties, and her pussy was moist. She pressed forward against his hand, but her face didn't show any sign of what he was doing.

"And you, sir?" the waitress asked when she'd taken his girlfriend's order.

"Cheeseburger, no onions, medium fries, and a beer."

She was beginning to gyrate her hips. He stiffened his fingers, and found the opening in her pussy. He could sense how she tensed when he slid in as far as his first knuckle.

"Very good, sir," she said, her voice a little higher pitched than before.

He pulled his hand out and smiled at his girlfriend. "What do we have on tap for today?"

"We're looking at that new apartment," she said. "The rental agent is supposed to meet us in an hour."

"Then we should dig in."

Gloria tossed her dark hair back over her shoulder and smiled. She'd worn the green turtleneck sweater than she favored, the tight one that made her boobs look bigger. Her white skirt was shorter than normal, and quite a few guys passing their table checked out her legs.

The waitress brought the food, then bent over to take the order of a couple at another table. He followed the line of her legs up to the hem of her skirt. If it was any higher he would see everything. As it was, she was being a big tease.

Dinner went quickly It seemed as if in no time they were headed out the door. Gloria attracted plenty of attention with the way she was walking, parading her legs and boobs for everyone to see. She slipped her arm through his to remind everyone that she was taken. He did regret that she was beside him; he'd rather watch the way her ass moved under the skirt.

They only had to walk half a block to the apartment building. The rental agent, a blonde-haired woman in a red dress, met them at the door.

"I think you'll like this particular apartment," the woman said. "It fits every single criteria you listed."

"I'm looking forward to it," Gloria said.

The rental agent unlocked the door to the apartment. "Why don't you look around first," he said to Gloria.

She nodded. "Sounds good."

He turned to the rental agent, running his hands over her breasts and then down to her waist. She kissed him, her own hands on his butt.

He got the hint and lifted her hem. No panties, and her bare slit was slick with her moisture. Her fingers pulled his pants down and began stroking his cock. In almost no time he was hard.

She backed up to the kitchen table, hooking her legs on his hips. He guided his cock into her. She sucked in her breath at the first contact, and made an "uh, so big" as he pushed in.

She was tight, and with her hands on his neck, she began heaving up at him as he thrust. He was nearly everything he wanted in a woman: tight, wet, and fiery. He could feel his blood boiling as he gave her his meat.

She began to moan with each thrust. That only spurred him to greater efforts. Her whole body was shaking with each thrust. She suddenly caught her breath, and he felt her pussy squeezing his cock as she came. That was enough. He groaned as he blasted his seed deep into her.

They relaxed, breathing hard. She was a kisser, and dropped little ones on his cheek, chin, and lips. When he finally pulled out she straightened up her clothes as if nothing had happened.

It took him a few moments to get put back together. Gloria met him in the bedroom. "This place looks good."

"I like it so far."

She nodded. Her eyes went to the rental agent. They must have shared the same thought. The blonde woman unzipped her dress and stepped out of it, her bare breasts looking impossibly large in the light. Gloria had pulled her sweater off, her dark nipples already stiff with desire. The rental agent helped her with her skirt, and the two fell onto the bed kissing and fondling each other.

He watched them for a bit. Their mouths were all over each other, kissing, sucking, tongues probing, and then they switched around into a 69. Gloria looked up from the rental agent's pussy. "Tastes good."

That was too much. He practically tore off his pants. Gloria's pussy was right in front of him, and his cock hardened right away. He shoved it between her puffy lips, singing into her depths with his first thrust.

Gloria let out a squeak. He began to thrust, and felt the rental agent's tongue on his balls. That was enough to drive any man up the wall. He hadn't thought he'd come too fast, not after the blonde had tried to drain his balls only a few minutes before, but between Gloria's tight pussy and the agent's tongue on his balls he knew he wasn't going to last.

He could look over Gloria's shoulder as he took her. His girlfriend's tongue was fluttering against the rental agent's clit, and then sliding down between her wet pussy lips.

Gloria's pussy began to rhythmically squeeze his cock. He could feel her whole body quivering beneath his as she came. That pushed him over the edge. He reared back and blasted a load of come deep into her pussy.

When he finished coming he had to roll off the two. They continued licking away, both smearing each other's juices all over their faces, both quivering as orgasm after orgasm wracked them.

He lay, spent, beside them, occasionally running his hand over this breast or that butt. He supposed he could get it up again pretty soon, but he knew he wasn't going to get off for a bit. Two hot women were worth it, though.

He heard a beeping in his ear. He knew what it was, but didn't want to stop. He had no choice, though, and...

Tom lifted the front of the VR helmet from his face. "Wow. That was fucking fantastic."

His friend Ed smiled. "Told ya."

Tom put the helmet on the bed. "I can see where that would get addictive real fucking fast."

"Yeah, it's much better than beating off. Oh, you do, but..."

"Gloria looked a lot hotter than in real life. Dark green sweater, short tight white skirt, no panties, and no bra." He chuckled. "Almost a wet dream."

"I did the same with Anna," Ed said. "I like how we don't get no fucking bullshit. All of the girls are willing, and you don't got to spend hours talking them into what they want."

Tom nodded. He hated to tell his friend, but as far as he could tell, girls didn't spend all of their time obsessing over a guy's body. He'd listened in to his two sisters, and they seemed more concerned with their hair and clothes than getting it off with a boy. He could understand his younger sister, Giselle was only 14, and their parents weren't letting her date just yet. But his older sister, Sandra, was 17, and he knew for an absolute fact that she'd fucked at least six guys. The talk at school was that she'd only done it with two guys, which was considered quite normal, but he'd overheard her talking with a friend from another school, and she'd named all six guys.

He'd even spied on his two sisters when they'd gone to the beach, if you could call it spying. Both girls had calmly stripped off their tops and lay out for everyone to see. Giselle was still growing her tits, so there wasn't much to see. Sandra, on the other hand, had as nice a rack as a guy could want to suck, large, round, and topped with strawberry-colored nipples.

They knew he'd seen them, and there hadn't been any of that frantic grabbing of clothes to cover up. He had caught the hint that he wasn't to share their near-nudity with their parents. They'd have an absolute fit. Instead he'd tucked fantasies of Sandra in his memory and thought about her when he was alone in his room. He didn't really want to fuck her, but he figured she could introduce him to some girls at school who did want to do it.

Then Ed had shown up with a new VR cartridge. Where he'd gotten it was anybody's guess. His parents did a "work at home" thing and they had a lot of products flowing in and out all of the time. He'd probably slipped it into an order of some kind, and here it was.

Home-use VR helmets were a logical extension of the home computer games, and had been around for a few years. Only in the last two years had they gone to the "total immersion" concept. With a flip of a switch a player could be experiencing everything in a game world without any of the cartoony feel that had plagued earlier efforts.

Most of the guys at school owned one, and rumor had it that the Pentagon used them to train soldiers. You had everything: sight, sound, smell, taste, feel of the world you were in. It had been a revolution in gaming, and other applications soon followed. Rumor had it that one company was working on a giant VR based world where people could interact and live, much like the giant multimedia role playing games that had swept the gaming world a decade before. He'd have to talk to his Dad. If this was any example, it might be worth investing in that company.

"What other cartridges do you have?" Tom asked.

Ed pulled a battered catalog out of his hip pocket. "This one is "Apartment Hunting"," he said. "I ordered "Dorm Party" and "Pool Party". The first one is college girls. The second one takes place in someone's backyard, around a pool with plenty of naked chicks."

Tom read the catalog entry. It was just as cryptic as all of the others; you weren't allowed to be too explicit in advertising copy, even now. But if you read between the lines...

""The one I want," Ed said, "is on the last page." He turned to it. "This one." The title of the cartridge was "Fireside", and it was listed for women only.

"It's supposed to be a seduction from the woman's point of view."

Tom shook his head. "I asked Sandra what it felt like." He laughed. "This was just after Giselle asked me what it felt like to do it with a girl."

"What did you tell her?"

"I tried to explain what it felt like to stick my cock in a girl. It didn't do any good. She asked me some questions, and that's when I realized: she doesn't have a cock, so how could I tell her what it felt like.

"Sandra told me you have to grow up as a girl to really understand everything that's going on."

"I've heard that before," Ed said. "I mean, okay, you've got tits and a pussy. Surely you could explain it better than 'it feels really good'."

"I think I know what Sandra was talking about," Tom said. "I heard her trying to explain it to Giselle, and as far as I could tell, some of it was making sense, but not all of it. Girls are a lot more emotional than guys, and the emotions were part of what Sandra was getting at. Giselle's right at that age of trying to figure things out, and so she's asking a lot of questions."

"Huh. Well, I wish I knew." Ed shook his head. "Maybe I can make them think I'm my Mom and get it that way." He dug in his pocket. "In the meantime, I got this extra one. It's the same one as the one we tried, it just goes farther."

"Two naked chicks doing it on the bed while I fuck their brains out?" Tom shook his head. "It can't go much farther than that."

Ed grinned. "It does. They both go down on you, and a few other things. You'll see."

Tom took the cartridge and put it on the night stand next to his bed. "I'll try it tonight. When do you want it back?"

"Monday would be good. You'll have a chance to explore everything there." He grinned. "You may be too tired from beating off afterward to go to school tomorrow."

Tom laughed. "That'll be the day."

Ed looked at his watch. "Anyway, I've got to get home. I told my folks that I'd be home by dinner."

Tom walked his friend to the door. "Let me guess. Tonight you're going to think of all the ways you and Anna could do it."

Ed smiled. "Already have. I will admit, this cartridge has given me some new ideas."

Tom went back to his room. There were rules at home: first, only regular gaming before dinner, and second, homework after dinner. No gaming until his homework was done. It hadn't taken him long to figure out that if he did his homework before dinner, he could actually get some serious gaming in later on. Of course tonight, after bedtime, he wanted to see what else the cartridge offered.

This time Gloria helped him with the waitress's skirt. Her pussy seemed to wink at him, and he pushed between her coral-hued lips and sank into the raging furnace of her depths from behind. Gloria contrived to get in front of the waitress and get her pussy licked while he fucked away.

He gripped her hips, pulling her back up on him as he thrust. The waitress made muffled sounds of pleasure, and Gloria pulled the woman's head firmly against her own pussy. He stared at them, and Gloria responded by lifting her sweater to show off her tits.

The waitress's pussy got wetter, and she moaned. He redoubled his thrusts. She moaned again. He looked down. His cock was glistening in the light. She was so wet some of it was visible on the table beneath her. He felt her shudder, and realized she seemed to be coming repeatedly.

All he could think about was how hot she was. She was tighter than anything he could remember, and ... and ... He caught his breath and came, pumping his load deep into her churning pussy.

She kept bucking up against him, and then gave another moan. He felt the squeezes of her pussy muscles, and that was too much. He pulled out.

Gloria was off the table in a flash. She knelt in front of him, gobbling his softening cock. He thought he'd be too sensitive, but she was just licking him clean. Then she reverently tucked him back in his pants.

When she straightened up she still had some of his come on her lips. She licked it up, smiling at him. "Shall we go look at that apartment now?" she asked.

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