On the Fifth Day of Christmas

by mostera1

Copyright© 2011 by mostera1

Romantic Story: After six years, Mike sees his ex-wife Leeann. It's Christmas! Do you believe in Miracles?

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   .

Thank you for opening my third story. I hope you enjoy it!

Special thanks to SoCalOvid for his fine editing. Without his skill, the read would be tense.

Honkkkk! blared the car horn. Mike Merrill jumped back, his mind on other things completely unaware of stepping in front of the red minivan. Looking up at the young woman, her three kids strapped tightly in their car seats, he smiled weakly as she glared at him shaking her head.

Continuing his walk towards the mall entrance, he passed a red Salvation Army kettle. Putting a few bucks in, Mike strode into the holiday madness known as the Christmas season.

Walking over to the Circle Centre Mall directory, he scanned it for 'The Collectors Den' location. Finding it on Level Three, Mike headed over to the escalator wondering how much an autographed Peyton Manning jersey would set him back.

"I sure hope my sister's kid appreciates it," he thought to himself.

Riding up to the next level, he began to think how many times he and his ex-wife Leeann shopped together during the holidays. It seemed like eons ago. They would stroll through the different shops finding presents for their family. Having no children of their own, they walked hand in hand, stopping at a restaurant for dinner, or simply a pretzel and a pop when they were in a hurry.

Mike recalled Lee resting her head on his chest. She enjoyed sitting near Santa Claus, watching all the cheerful squealing kids climbing onto his big lap and telling him their hearts desire. Mike at the time didn't care about that. He was enjoying Santa's helpers, those green tights and short skirts always got him going. He sadly thought back to when Lee asked him about starting a family. He got mad at her, telling her he wasn't ready yet. He wanted to have more fun. June 22nd; six months later they were divorced. He shrugged his shoulders and got onto the next escalator heading to the third level.

Getting off he headed over to the Den. Walking through the mall, he sidestepped a man with two children; looking back he started to curse, when he saw her! Sitting inside Teavana was Lee, his ex-wife. "God, she looks good," he thought. He could see a glow about her.

Mike glanced at his reflection in a window, brushing his hand through his hair. He turned towards the café. Walking slowly, he drank in her beauty. His mind remembered every curve, every nook, and every cranny. He loved the way her long auburn hair draped sensuously down the front of her blouse. Lee's top was light green, swirling with candy canes, and reindeer. His eyes lingered on her full breasts; her tiny nipples were always erect. How he used to lavish those peaks, teasing the taut tips with his tongue. He would travel further down, arriving at the junction of her luscious legs. He treasured her landing strip; her labia always opened up like the spreading wings of a butterfly. Try as he might he couldn't recall her scent when he kissed her nether lips tasting the sweet nectar all those many years ago.

"I wonder how she keeps it now," Mike thought feeling his cock start to grow. He followed her legs finishing at her tiny feet. Seeing her boots, with the three-inch heels; he thought about the time she was a dominatrix stalking him. Wearing thigh high boots and a smile, she teased him unmercifully with a feather whilst his hands were tied to the headboard. Imperceptibly he groaned at the memory. Almost at the entrance, still seeing her glow, he glanced at the book Lee was reading. It was by Debbie Macomber called 'Mrs. Miracle.'

"She reads that book every year," he said quietly to himself.

Leeann loved that story. She always started crying near the end. 'Mrs. Miracle', he recalled, was the story of a widower, and a teacher. Two lonely people unwittingly pushed together by his boy's mysterious nanny. The father Seth, who couldn't play the piano after his wife's death, and Reba, who lost her fiancé to a jealous older sister a few days before her wedding. Old, Mrs. Merkle worked her magic on the two lost souls. After a few setbacks and plot twists, she successfully joined them together at stories end.

Looking at the teabag on the table, Mike instinctively knew it was holiday chai. Lee always drank it this time of year. She slowly sipped the tea getting ready to turn the page. Mike looked at her fingers; nails polished a bright red, snowflakes decorating the tops. He started moving up her arm when he stopped. His eyes returned swiftly to her left hand. There was no ring on her finger!!

Mike froze. Questions flooded his mind. After all these years, Lee isn't engaged or married? Is she seeing someone? Did she love him so much she couldn't be with anyone else? The possibilities were driving Mike insane. His breath quickened. He still loved Lee. Could this be fate, he thought? Can this be a Christmas miracle? Could it be his miracle? He quickly approached the table.

Lee peacefully relaxed; she appreciated the short respite away from the hustle of the mall. In Teavana by the fireplace she sat enjoying her book. Debbie Macomber was her favorite Christmas author. For all the times she read 'Mrs. Miracle' Lee happily anticipated opening it up every holiday season. When she turned the page, Lee noticed someone standing in front of her. Looking up she couldn't believe her eyes. It was Mike. She hadn't seen him in six years. Quickly sizing him up, she had to admit he was still quite handsome.

"Hi Lee, it's been a long time. How are you?" Mike asked his voice a little unsteady.

"I'm doing well Mike, and you?" Lee replied.

Mike seizing the opportunity said," Until today I haven't been doing to good. I miss you a lot, but could never get the nerve up to call you. My life seemed to be on hold. Seeing you here, you look more beautiful than I remember Lee. It is so good to be with you again."

Lee blushed slightly at his comment. "It is good to see you too Mike. I'm sorry you've had it rough, please sit down if you like," she said marking her page as she set the book down on the table.

"Would you like something to drink?" she asked.

He shook his head no, pulling the chair out he sat down, and gazed into her eyes.

Returning his gaze, Lee asked him, "What's going on Mike, it's been six years since we last spoke?"

"Not too much Lee. Since the divorce I got a little wild, but grew bored with it. For the past four years, I pretty much just eat and sleep. I visit my sister on occasion, and I still travel for work. But all in all it is a lot quieter now." He said looking down.

"I've always wondered how you were doing," raising his eyes back to hers.

"Well Mike, I," she started to say before Mike interrupted her.

"Lee I really miss being with you. When we got divorced, I felt like a piece of my soul ripped away. We had such good times together, until that day in the mall. What happened to us Leeann?" Mike asked his voice cracking.

Lee taking a deep breath tried to put her life with Mike in perspective. She met him in college. She was a business major, and he was in marketing. They had a single class together. Liking the way he looked, she started sending signals she was interested. He didn't respond. That was puzzling to her; most guys picked up right away, but he just didn't seem to catch on. Finally taking the initiative, Lee sashayed over to Mike and introduced herself. She was surprised how very shy he was. This strikingly handsome introvert was turning her on! Lee decided he would become her project. She would seduce him, and open his eyes to the world.

By two months into the relationship, Lee had learned a lot about Mike. She was his second girlfriend. He wasn't a virgin, (too bad, she thought) but relatively inexperienced. She found herself falling for the big lug. She decided it was time to check out the total package. Lee invited Mike back to her room to study; her dorm mate was out of town for a few days, they would be alone. Lee put on a tight light pink top, with no bra. Her tiny nipples poked invitingly through the thin material. Sliding on even tighter white shorts, she got a little damp wondering how Mike would like her camel toe. Completing the outfit, this alluring seductress pulled a pair of white boots on; Lee enjoyed how the boots felt encasing her well-muscled calves. Admiring herself in the mirror, it was time for makeup. Lee magically transformed her face from a sweet virginal college girl to a temptress. She became the predator, with Mike the prey. The stage was set. Satisfied everything was in place she lay on her bed awaiting Mike's knock on the door.

Mike arrived at Lee's room. He enjoyed her company these past few months. His feelings for her grew every day. They talked a lot. She seemingly took a genuine interest in him, which made him very comfortable. Mike began wondering if this was love. Gently he rapped on the door.

Head bowed, Mike heard the knob turn. Slowly the gateway opened. Mike's heart beat increased rapidly as a pair of boots stood in front of him. Tentatively his head began to rise. He took in every curve, every nook, and every cranny. He feasted on her legs, his cock stirring as the deep cleft between her swollen pussy lips came into view. His eyes froze at the sight; watching in awe, a wet spot began to form. Mike stared unmoving, until he heard a gentle cough.

Resuming his journey he saw her full breasts; nipples straining to be set free. He found her lips, her tongue licked the perimeter sensuously stopping near the tip of her nose; and then he saw her eyes. Those eyes bore into his soul setting him afire with the lust of primal man. Lee grinned wickedly, dragging him into the room. Turning, with a swift back kick, she closed the door.

Lee fell in love with Mike. They were inseparable. The love these two shared was one for the storybooks. Together they explored their sexuality, intertwining her experience with his willingness. Eventually they became equals in lust. It was inevitable that they would bind themselves together in holy matrimony. Two years out of college they became husband and wife.

"Lee, honey?" Mike spoke; he wondered why she wasn't answering.

"Earth to Leeann Merrill," he said again.

"Oh," said Lee coming back to the present. "Sorry Mike, I drifted away, but I'm back now," she said.

"Merrill? That isn't right, I haven't gone by that name for five years," she thought to herself.

"Back now, she said," Mike thought. "Could it be she wants me back?" His heart skipped a beat.

"Oh Mike, I really want to tell you something," said Lee softly.

Hearing those words Mike thought about what happened the last year they were married. In the beginning, Mike was very happy living with Lee. She was his soul mate. Lee brought him out of his shell, and together they explored the wondrous world of sex.

After two years, Mike began regretting his early life as an introvert. He believed he missed out. Mike was jealous of Leeann's experience. He started to resent her. Mike had a brainstorm. He started doing some research, then one day; he sat Lee down to talk. As the discussion progressed, Mike started to get angry.

"Why not Lee? You've had a lot more experience with other partners, how come I can't?" his voice rising in timber.

"Mike, honey, sweetheart; when we got married, we took vows. To do what you suggest would break them. I love you, but I won't do that." Lee said, getting very upset.

Her hackles up, she yelled, "Oh come on Mike, how could you want to do that? What don't we do? My goodness Mike, having other partners is not what I want! You are more than enough for me!"

Calming down she continued, "Please honey, forget this idea, let's go to the kitchen, and play with some vegetables." "I love a good salad," she said seductively, rubbing his shoulders.

"NO!" Mike yelled. "Lee, I really want to give this a try. Please honey, just do it once, for meee, pleeez!" he pleaded with her.

"Mike, I wouldn't feel right, I'm sorry but I can't." She implored. "Rather than the kitchen, why don't we go downstairs, and you can spank me. Mmmh, my love, I've been a naughty girl." Lee cooed.

"Damn it Lee, NO! This is bullshit. I just want to try it once, and you're too stuck up. How many guys did you fuck, six? Seven? Twenty? I fucked two, you and some bimbo from high school. C'mon Lee it isn't fucking fair!" He whined.

"Michael Merrill, how dare you talk to me that way!" Lee cried. His words ripped her apart. "I'm sorry I've had more experience than you. But you have no right to throw it in my face. I love you with all my heart; you are man enough for me. Please Mike, stop this now before it's too late." She sniffled, tears rolling down her cheek.

"Screw you Lee, this is shit, plain fucking shit. If you love me you would do it for me. I'm outta here. I'll call you later," He fumed storming out the door.

"No, Mike, Mike, don't go, MIKE!" she yelled crying profusely as the door slammed in front of her. Lee ran to the bedroom bawling her eyes out.

Mike came home later that night. He went to the spare bedroom and locked the door. Lee tried several times to talk with him. He refused. For two weeks Mike and Lee didn't speak to each other except to handle routine things. Lee did everything she could to convince Mike that this wasn't a good idea. He rebuffed her at every opportunity.

Finally having enough, Lee said, "Okay Mike you win. I'll do it once. After that I'm finished and you're finished. Agreed?"

Mike beaming said, "Yes, Lee, no problem. Thank you, thank you, thank you." He gave her a big kiss.

"It could take a long time to find another couple, maybe months." Lee said, hoping that she could sway him back before he found someone.

"But before we start looking, lets head to the bedroom and make up for lost time," she said rubbing his shoulders.

"That sounds like fun Lee, but I've already done research, and found the perfect couple." Clicking on the computer he pulled up a web page with two young people. Lee was stunned — she hadn't planned on this.

"Oh honey, they're too young. Why they look like they are still teenagers," she said.

"Nope, they're a couple of years younger than us, and have been swinging since before they were married," he told her with a smile. "They're clean, and attractive. I sent them a picture of us, and they have agreed to meet us when we are ready. I'll call them tonight," he said.

Lee resigned to her fate, just nodded her head. Fear ran through her heart.

One week later, Lee was crying as she ran through the door. She rushed to their bedroom and threw herself on the bed. She had just broken her wedding vows. Mike came in shortly afterwards. He walked in to find his wife sobbing. Sitting down, he tried to talk with her.

"Lee, didn't you have a good time with Jim?" he asked rubbing her back. "C'mon Lee it's all right. I thought you enjoyed yourself, like I did with Olivia."

"Shut up Mike. I did what you asked, and it's over. We broke our vows. It hurts, Mike, it hurts a lot. I hope you're satisfied," she cried.

"I'm sorry you feel that way Lee. I had fun, and would do it again."

"What?" Lee cried.

"Yeah, I could get into this," he said with a satisfied smile.

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