Tea for Three

by harry lime

Copyright© 2011 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Brenda feels "over the hill" at 35. Life is passing her by. Then in a single day she finds lust with Jeremy her co-worker, manages to have sex with the firm's attorney, and makes two new friends in 18 year old Daphne and her attractive mum, Joyce, who is the same age as Brenda. They have a nice tea time together that insures their lasting and rewarding friendship with some very satisfying benefits.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Daughter   Spanking   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Squirting   Cream Pie   Workplace   .

Brenda was "over the hill" according to the young girls in the data entry pool at Wincott, Smythe, and Copperman LTD.

She no longer possessed that youthful look one needed to advance up the ladder of corporate success. Sure, any guy would love to give her a tumble if he met her at the pub, but in the business world, her age was an anchor that meant she would only be spinning circles in the public relations department until she was eventually found redundant.

Jeremy Smythe, the nephew of one of the partners in the firm certainly did not consider Brenda to be either over the hill or redundant. In fact, he was hatching endless plots to get her into the sack this very moment.

"I say, Brenda darling, do be a pet and come help me pick out a proper tie for the Christmas party."

Brenda Wiggleson was deep in thought about her humiliating debacle the night before at the gifting party for the young secretary for Mr. Wincott. The girl was only 28 years old and she already was an assistant manager for research and engaged to the firm's handsome barrister, Lance Smitherswood. The soon-to-be Mrs. Smitherswood had only been with the firm two short years and was already engaged, pregnant and an assistant manager. Brenda pondered her unenviable position as a senior data entry clerk with no fiancée, no little one to brag about, and an upcoming birthday that proclaimed her to be 35 years old.

"What did you say, Jeremy?"

Brenda considered Jeremy to be only a work buddy and not anyone to waste time on. He was only a mere 26 and on the same level as her in the firm hierarchy. True, he was handsome in a geeky sort of way with wavy blond hair and those awful black rimmed glasses. He had cornered her under the mistletoe last year and gave her a wet, sloppy booze-induced kiss that left her wondering "where's the meat?" Since that time, she had granted him some playful finger access in the lift and even let him lean up against her on the tube when they sometimes met accidently. It was at those times that she became aware of the impressive size of Jeremy's shaft.

She just did not consider him serious boyfriend material.

"I wanted you to help me pick out a tie for the party on Friday. I am so handicapped at color combinations. I will treat you to some chips before we come back."

Brenda was proud of her fashion sense and since she had no other plans at lunch, she figured helping the poor lad with his costume was a fair trade for some free chips and a drink.

"We have to hurry, Jeremy, remember we only have 45 minutes for lunch and I have been late from lunch twice this month already."

They were able to select a proper tie in record time and Jeremy was true to his word at buying them both a nice meal of fish, chips and a draft. They were both seated in a corner table and had to squeeze close together because four females from another firm boxed them in for lack of seating space.

Brenda ate her chips slowly as she felt the heat from Jeremy's long muscular leg rub the entire length of her own soft thigh. It felt so nice to her that she made no attempt to pull away from the contact.

They finished the food and sat sipping their drafts. Brenda felt the unmistakable touch of Jeremy's fingers starting to explore her inner thigh right up close to the edge of her knickers. They looked into each other's eyes with complete innocence and she encouraged his outrageous aggressiveness by opening her legs wide enough for his hand to slide up right onto her unseen womanhood.

She was still talking nonstop because of the four other girls at the table but she was forced to gasp noticeably several times as his fingers played with her protruding clitoris and her "getting wetter by the second" vaginal slit. Brenda noticed one of the girls smiling at her with a bemused look. She recognized her as Daphne from another firm in their building. The other girl was only about 18 years old and was the daughter of one of Brenda's schoolmates. She remembered the scandal when the 17 year old had to leave school early because of advanced pregnancy. She and her mum lived directly across the street from Brenda's efficiency apartment.

Jeremy's hand was so efficient that before she finished her beer, Brenda was in the throes of a very nice orgasm. She struggled to hide her quivering pleasure but was certain Daphne was well aware of her predicament.

Brenda and Jeremy ran back to work so as not to be tardy and in the lift Jeremy explored her hidden bum at the rear of the elevator with a very slow and sexy hand. Her face was a little flushed when they came off the lift.

All afternoon she sat in a puddle of her own female juices due to the over active hands of Mr. Jeremy Smythe. Just before quitting time, she was called in to take some dictation from Mr. Smitherswood. It had to be typed before the morning so she knew she would be working late this evening.

Thus, it was about an hour after quitting time, she read back the typed verbiage to the young Lawyer who was perched on the edge of her desk. She could not help but notice the long sausage extending down the inside of his leg and she was immediately jealous of his young bride-to-be. During her recitation, she accidently dropped her pen to the floor and went down on her knees to pick it up.

This was her first mistake.

Her face and most importantly, her ruby red lips were now only a couple of inches away from that juicy sausage inside Lance's tight trousers. The proximity of her face to his member caused poor Lance to unfurl his impressive member. Brenda's eyes opened wide as she realized the length of the young lawyer's shaft.

"Miss Wiggleson, I believe you are just going to have to pop me in your pretty little mouth for a little throat tickle."

When Mr. Smitherswood released his long, thick shaft right next to Brenda's face, it bounced delightfully on her nose, her cheeks and right into her willing mouth.

Brenda sucked as hard as she could. Her saliva ran in a little river down her chin and onto the white carpet below. Lance grasped the back of her head and pushed her face hard into his groin. He was fully inside her pretty mouth and she could feel the thick cock stretching her throat muscles wide as he slid deep inside her. The sudden churning in the sac she held gently in her hand warned her of the coming flood. When the spurts of salty cum splashed inside her mouth, she was ready to receive it. She swallowed faster than she had ever swallowed before. An explosion like this had not taken place in her mouth since her school days when she had serviced several of the football squad to reward them for winning first place.

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