by Sylverarow

Copyright© 2011 by Sylverarow

Erotica Sex Story: A very short story written for an Ex a long time ago. Can't say much more or it would be given away.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Light Bond   Petting   .

Gentle darkness covers my eyes as a soft velvet blindfold encircles my head. I feel it gently tug behind my head. I feel his fingers slowly stroke my hair to my shoulder. I feel a bit of apprehension as his fingers touch my clothed shoulders and softly caress down my arms till they reach my own fingers. Softly he takes my hands in my own and lifts them. Warm moist air covers my palms before his lips brush my finger tips. I feel him pulling me, and I concede, rising to stand before him, his lips still sending electric tingles through my hands as he kisses them. I feel a slight nibble on my hand, a playful bite. My heartbeat quickens, anticipation of the unknown thrilling me. One of his hands release my own and I feel another tug, as the belt to the robe I wear unknots. Cool air invades the warmth inside my robe and I know it has fallen open in the front. His other hand releases my other hand. I stand there waiting and time passes, I hear nothing, feel nothing, see nothing. Just as I think he has left me I feel my robe being pulled open from behind. I know I must not move unless he instructs me to, so I remain unmoving as my robe is pulled from me. My nipples crinkle in the cool air, and the thought he can see me in all my glory. I feel a kiss on my shoulder and then nothing again. His hands recapture my own and pulls me, and though the room is not that big it feel like a long walk. He is still silent, I can barely hear the whisper of his clothes as we move. He stops moving forward, but pulls me closer.

"Turn around," I hear said in a whisper.

I do as commanded, and then feel myself being pushed back slowly. My back encounters something soft and yielding and yet firm, till I can no longer move backwards. I stand there unsure of what is to come next, so I shiver when he captures my hands in his. My wrist are crossed, and then I feel something silken surround them, binding my hand together. He slowly rotates my arms up over my head. And holds them there. I feel the heat from his body, he must only be inches away. I whimper softly, I want to touch him, but in this my needs are first and yet last.

"Lift up onto your toes," another whisper, but no less a command.

I lift myself onto my toes and feel him push my arms back more. Then he rests his hands on my shoulders, pushing me down, again I know what he wants and lower myself. But I can not move far, my wrists are held above my head. I am bound in this position, unable to rest my feet flat on the floor, my arms held over my head. I feel warmth near my lips and I ache to move my head to kiss whatever is in reach. The warmth moves away and again I am left in silence. Time stretches, and I feel nothing but the wall about me, and a warmth in my arms from being in a position they are unaccustomed to. Fear starts to worry at me, maybe he has left me here. Then I feel it, feather soft, brushing along my sides, the feeling more pronounced after the absence. It feels soft and silky as it moves down my side, slowly brushing down to my leg. The caress continues back up my inner leg and moves up, I shiver with anticipation, but it avoid my pearl and moves to the other leg, brushing down. He breathes over my belly, and a warmth blooms in me as I feel my core turn to liquid. The soft object makes it to my foot, then moves up the outer side of my leg, back up my side and to my arms. It tickles slightly as it passes against the underside of my upper arm. Then it is gone, and I am left with desire, but I cannot feel anything. Warm air glides slowly over my breasts, making my nipples stand out more painfully. He knows my buttons and he is using them. The soft feather-like item passes over my lips and I inhale the smell, just like a fresh cut rose. I realize that is what it is, a rose. The rose retreats and the breath stops.

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