The Road Trip

by Not Anyone

Copyright© 2011 by Not Anyone

Sex Story: Don and Cindy's road trip starts out with a bang; for both Cindy and the young man they meet.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   Cuckold   BDSM   Spanking   Light Bond   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Cream Pie   Slow   .

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Cindy and I had decided that we needed to get away for a little bit so I took a week off work and we took off on a road trip. We're lucky that we can do it since our kids are grown and we're "empty nesters".

Our road trips are usually pretty much unplanned–we both like to do things spontaneously. Cindy's a lot more spontaneous than I am but you'll see that in a bit.

As usual, we left the house on Monday morning and, also as usual, didn't decide what direction we were going to go until we were heading out of the driveway. We let a couple of coin flips decide the general direction to start out and just went that way. We always say we just follow the front of the car wherever it takes us. After all, we have no place that we have to get to and all week to get there. Since we've seen and done most of the local attractions we jumped on the interstate highway and spent the first day getting to new, unexplored territory.

We decided to call it a day fairly early in the evening when we saw the sign for a motel chain that we recognized. The attractive thing about this chain is that they always have a restaurant and a bar on the premises. Nothing fancy but we're almost never looking for anything fancy. We pulled off the interstate and were surprised that the motel and one gas station were the only businesses at the exit. There didn't seem to be very many other cars in the motel parking lot, either. We parked and walked into the motel and were pleasantly surprised at how nice it was. The desk clerk indicated that they had plenty of vacancies as the weekend was usually the only time they filled up. Sometimes when there was some big event at the local college, too. I verified that they did have a place to eat and she confirmed that the restaurant would be open until eight o'clock and that the cocktail lounge would be open later.

After I checked in, Cindy and I got our things from the car and went to our room. I don't know why, but they gave us a room pretty far away from the lobby area. Cindy made a little joke about the place being so full that it was the only room they had left. We both had a good laugh about that. I would have bet that there weren't ten other guests in the place.

We settled into our room and, while I fixed us each a drink, Cindy checked out the information packet that she found in the room. She said, "According to this, we are fairly close to a town with a college. Not a big town or a big college but I guess that it must be enough to keep this place going." I laughed and replied, "That and us lost travelers who stumble in off the interstate!"

Cindy said that she felt a little grimy after riding in the car all day and was going to grab a shower before dinner. I said that I thought it was a great idea and I'd join her in the shower. Now it was her turn to laugh as she said, "Hold on guy, if you do that we'll never make it to dinner by the time the place closes!" Did I mention that, even though she's had two kids, she's still quite a good looking lady. And, even though we've been married for awhile I still get very turned on by her and we still have a hell of a sex life. She said, "You'll just have to wait till later. And, I'll bet that you'll think it was worth the wait!"

Cindy rummaged around in her suitcase and grabbed some clothes and took them into the bathroom with her. I didn't get a good look at what she had picked to wear and was surprised when she came out of the bathroom later. She was dressed in a pair of tight shorts and a blouse that she had left opened enough at the top to show quite a bit of cleavage. The blouse wasn't too tight but it was pretty thin. I'd have bet that I could see the outline of her nipples through the top. I figured that I was probably imagining that but she did look nice. I gave her quite a stare and followed it up with a good old-fashioned wolf-whistle. "Wow, nice outfit!" I said. Cindy grinned, "I know that I'm dressed more for a backyard cookout than going out for dinner but I thought that, since there probably won't be many people in the restaurant, I'd dress to please us."

"Well, you've most assuredly pleased me," I said. "In fact, you're pleasing me so much that I'm going to try to convince you that we don't need to go anywhere for dinner. I'd be more than happy to "eat at the Y" all night."

She just laughed and said, "As great as that sounds I don't think either of us can provide enough calories to make it through the night without supper. Let's go eat and then we can come back here for dessert." "Remember," she said, "good things come to him who waits! Or maybe it's good things cum to he who waits." "Shit, who gives a rats rear end whether it's 'him' or 'he'; all I care about is the 'cum' part. That'll happen later, I'm sure." She smiled, again, and said "Meanwhile, I'm hungry, so if you can please put your pecker on hold, let's go to dinner!"

Much to my disappointment, we left the room and walked to the restaurant. As we arrived, a younger man leaving. He was very polite and wished us a good evening. When we returned his greeting he stopped and said with a smile, "Don't let the crowd in there discourage you, the food is very good." We thanked him and turned to go in. I couldn't help thinking that he was taking the opportunity to really check out Cindy. I couldn't blame him for that, she looked good enough to be on my menu! That's for sure!

We walked in and, to our astonishment saw that, other than the wait staff, we were the only ones there. The hostess seated us, gave us menus, and said that someone would be there shortly to take our order. We both looked around and Cindy said laughingly, "I guess we didn't need to call ahead for reservations!" About that time the waitress arrived at our table. She had overheard Cindy's comment and smiled at it. "We get that remark a lot during the week," the waitress said. "We get busy on weekends and sometimes during the week if there's some kind of conference at the college. But, usually this is the way it is. I'm not the boss so I don't know for sure but I'd guess that we take a real beating profit-wise during the week. I think that we make it up on the weekends. But, one of the rules about keeping our franchise is to have a full-service restaurant open every evening. That plus a bar." "Anyhow, enough of my prattling on," she said, "let me take your order."

The food was surprisingly good and Cindy and I had a very nice meal. We lingered a little and had some very nice conversation. Much of it revolved around what we were going to do to each other when we got back to our room. We finally finished our meal and walked out of the restaurant–I was feeling so good I left a very good tip!

In spite of the dinner talk making us both horny we decided that we'd stop at the bar for an after- dinner drink. We weren't too surprised when we saw that the bartender was the only other person in the place. We sat at the bar and ordered a couple of drinks. When the bartender brought our drinks I said to her, "Looks like a slow night. Are you planning on closing early?"

"Nope," she said, "like the restaurant, the franchise says that the bar stays open until legal closing time, 2:00 A.M., every night during the week–later on weekends. It's a real drag because most nights during the week are dead like this. The college is a real strict religious school so we don't get any of the kids in here and their parents are just as bad. The restaurant gets some business when the parents are here for a special event but nothing in the bar. We do have a country band in here on Friday and Saturday nights and it gets real busy then." "Even a bit rowdy, sometimes!"

She continued, "It's not too bad, though. The boss understands that I don't make much in tips during the week so he pays me enough so that it's worth my time to come in. Also, he doesn't care much what I do while I'm here as long as I take care of the few customers who wander in, keep the coolers stocked, and keep the place clean. Other than that, I'm pretty much free to do whatever I want. Actually, I spend a lot of time on my laptop." "Before you get the wrong idea," she grinned, "I'm finishing up my college degree taking on-line courses–not surfing those other kind of sites."

I smiled and said, "That's great that you can do something productive, like study, while you're here. We won't think we're being ignored if you want to continue studying. We're probably not going to stay very long. Besides, if we decide we want another we'll just yell for you." The young lady looked relieved that she wouldn't have to try to entertain us and went over to the end of the bar and opened her laptop.

Cindy and I talked a little more and laughed a little more and were having a really nice time together. It's surprising how relaxing it is when you're out away from the house and other responsibilities. We had just about finished our drinks and were thinking that it was about time to go to our room when I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye. I turned just in time to see the young man that we had seen earlier walk up to the bar. I nodded to him and said, "I'm glad that we took your advice and ignored the crowd. The dinner was very good." He replied, "I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I was surprised at how good the food was especially considering their lack of business." "I was afraid that they'd just be serving something simple–like leftovers," he smiled.

While we were talking, the bartender had come over and overheard the conversation. "I hope that you don't mind me butting in," she said, "but that's another of the boss's rules. The kitchen is supposed to do their best, whether they're serving hundreds or a single meal."

Cindy chimed in, "You can tell the boss that the kitchen did fantastic tonight as far as I'm concerned."

"I'll second that," the young man said. Turning to the bartender, he continued, "Also, if I may, I'd like to have bourbon on the rocks and if these two people don't mind, I'd like to buy them whatever they're having."

I was going to tell him that we were about to leave but a glance at Cindy told me that she wasn't ready to call it a night yet. I held out my hand to the young man and said, "We really appreciate the offer. I'm Don and this is my wife, Cindy." He shook my hand and extended his hand to Cindy and said, "I'm Jerry and I'm very glad to meet you two." "Please excuse the way I'm dressed. I really didn't expect to see anyone else down here."

Actually, I didn't think there was anything wrong about the way he was dressed. When we had seen him earlier he was wearing a suit and tie and now he had on a nice pair of jeans and a pullover shirt. He was trim and looked pretty athletic.

The bartender brought the drinks and went back to her computer. Jerry continued standing at the bar. I suggested that we might be more comfortable if we sat at a table or booth so we all sat down at a small table in the corner.

Cindy started the conversation by asking what brought him to a place this far from everywhere. She told him that from the way he was dressed earlier he looked like he might be a salesman but she didn't see many places to sell to around here. He laughed and said that we might be surprised at all the business people that came to sell to the college. He went on to explain that he wasn't actually a salesman but that he worked for a company that had a contract with the college. Part of his job included a trip here a couple of times a year just to make sure that everything was going smoothly. He said that it wasn't a big deal but he hated being away from home for the week that he had to spend here. Seems that he was a bit of a newlywed and didn't like to have to leave his bride for that long. We talked awhile about being married and he couldn't believe it when we told him how long we'd been married. He looked over to Cindy and said to me, "You must have really robbed the cradle because there's no way your wife looks old enough to be married that long." As he said that he blushed and started to apologize. "I'm sorry," he said, "I'm usually not so forward and I shouldn't have said anything like that about you or your wife." He turned and apologized to Cindy and she told him that it was no problem. She was sure that he just was trying to pay a complement and she didn't mind that at all and that she was sure that I didn't either. She said, "Don gives me compliments a lot and I really do appreciate every one of them. But, I really love it when other men say nice things about me!" When I heard her say that I thought to myself that I think that this young man is in for a treat if he goes for it.

I'd better explain. The bottom line is that I'm a cuckold! A willing cuckold, but a cuckold none the less. A long time ago we were partying with another couple and, before the night was over, Cindy was well-fucked by Jack, the husband. I never did get to fuck Trish, his wife. The only thing she allowed me to do was watch and even help while Jack played with my wife. That was the first time Cindy had ever been with any man other than me. It was the night that Cindy found out that she liked being with other men and the night I when I found out that I liked the idea of Cindy being fucked by other men.

Also, I figured out a long time ago that, while I was sure that Cindy loved me, she wouldn't or couldn't be satisfied with having sex with just me. She liked sex a lot and, while I liked it a lot, too, I decided that there was no way that I could keep up with her. Plus, it turned out that she liked the variety that other partners offered. That's when we came to an understanding that it was okay for her to date other men as long as she didn't neglect me or the kids. And, as long as she came back home to us. She had no problem with that as she liked being married to me and having a family. She even liked coming home and telling me some of what she did or what was done to her. I loved hearing about her adventures.

As it turned out, that time when Trish made me watch and help while Jack fucked Cindy was the only time I've ever been allowed to watch Cindy have sex with someone else. I've seen pictures that people have taken of her and she comes home with plenty of evidence on her and in her of the fuckings she's had.

Most of the time when she comes home I get to give her sloppy seconds or thirds or whatever. Of course that's after I finish licking her clean, inside and out. She really enjoys it when I go down on her freshly-fucked pussy and use my tongue to clean her out. She doesn't do anal very often but once in awhile she does and I get that creampie, too. To be honest, I love putting my tongue in either hole.

Getting back to the night at hand, the three of us were just sitting there talking and having a good time. I was watching Cindy as she started flirting a little more with Jerry and I was wondering how far this was going to go, especially since he was a newlywed. Would she really try to seduce this young man?

As the conversation moved on we found out that Jerry wasn't as young as he looked. While he was quite a bit younger than we were he was about ten years older than we had guessed. We also found out that, while he was a newlywed, he and his bride had been living together for a few years before they got married. When she heard that, I think that I could actually see Cindy's eye's brighten up. In anticipation or hope, maybe?

Cindy excused herself and went to find the ladies' room. While she was gone Jerry took the opportunity to apologize to me if I felt that he had been acting too forward towards Cindy. I assured him that I didn't have any problem with anything he had said and that if Cindy had been offended I'm sure that she would have said something. I told him that she wasn't the kind of woman to hold anything back. I knew that what I had said could be taken a couple of different ways and I wondered how he took it.

When Cindy came back from the ladies' room I noticed that she had untucked her shirt from her shorts and knotted the tail up under her breasts, baring her midriff. From the way his eyes almost bugged out I was sure that Jerry noticed, too.

Before she sat down Cindy said, "Hey, Jerry, while I'm thinking about it would you mind if I took a couple of pictures of you and Don. I like to take pictures of places we go and people we meet on these road trips. I don't have my good camera with me but I think that I can use my cell phone camera in here." Jerry didn't object so she snapped a few pictures of the both of us. After thanking us, she looked the pictures over and surreptitiously sent one of Jerry to my cell phone.

Cindy looked at our glasses and asked me to go up to the bar and get us another round of drinks. When I came back to the table I noticed that their chairs were scooted a little closer together. I was only sitting down for a few minutes when Jerry looked over at me and said, "Would you mind if I asked Cindy to dance?" It took me a minute to even realize that there was a dance floor in the place and that there was music playing on that side of the room. I quickly said that it was up to Cindy and not me. "She can do whatever she wants," I said.

With that they both got up and Jerry led her to the dance floor. The first dance was a fast dance but they stayed out on the floor when the next song started. It turned out to be a slow song and pretty soon Cindy was snuggling up in his arms as they moved around the floor. I thought that they looked very nice out there together. I could see that they were involved in some serious conversation, too. Another slow song started and while they danced I could see Jerry's hands roaming around her bare waist and, when he thought he had her turned away enough so that I couldn't see, slide down and rub her ass. Again, while this was going on they were still talking.

When the song was over they came back to the table and sat down. I noticed that Jerry seemed pretty nervous and I made some small talk to try to calm him down. I guess Cindy thought that it was time to let me know that things were moving along as she planned. She said, "While we were out dancing I mentioned that you and I like older music and one of my favorites was the Steven Stills song that has the line 'If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with!' Jerry said that he liked that idea, too." I looked over at Jerry and for the first time tonight he seemed at a loss for words. He finally managed to blurt out something about having to leave and he was so glad to have met both of us. I reassured him that he needn't be so nervous. I told him that I knew Cindy pretty well and I could guess what they were talking about out on the dance floor. "Don't worry about anything and just go with the flow," I told him. I also told him that he should just enjoy the rest of the night. I was sure that he got my meaning. With that he finished his drink and left the bar.

I looked over to Cindy. She said, "I hope that you don't mind but I asked Jerry to come to our room in about ten minutes." I wondered for a minute if she meant for me to be there, too. That thought didn't last very long, as she said, "You'll be okay staying here, won't you? I'll call you when we're finished and you can come to the room after he's gone. I'm sorry to put you out like this but I'd feel much more comfortable in our room. Jerry said that his room is very close to the lobby and he has neighbors on either side. I don't think that we have anybody in any of the other rooms back where we are." "The bar is open until 2:00 A.M. and that's about four hours from now. I'm sure that we'll be finished before then," she said with a grin.

I assured her that I'd be just fine; that I had noticed there was a computer in the lobby and there were games in a small arcade next to the bar. I wasn't really interested in either but maybe they'd help kill the time if I got tired of sitting in the bar.

With that, she gave me a long kiss and thanked me for letting her have some fun. I smiled and told her that I hoped she'd have a lot of fun! "Oh, I plan to," she said as she walked away.

I walked up to the bar and ordered another drink for myself. The bartender asked if I'd like her to fix another for my wife and our friend. I just told her, "No, Thanks" and said that I thought that our friend was gone for the night and that I'd order for my wife when she got back. With that she just fixed my drink and went back to her computer.

I sat back down at the table and looked at Jerry's picture that Cindy had sent me. I thought that it was a pretty good likeness, at least good enough, and forwarded it on to an email address that we only access from home. Just to explain, this is one of the things we do to try to help keep Cindy safe when she's out with somebody new. Before she goes anywhere with a new friend she meets them in a public place and she takes their picture and sends it to me before they leave. If they object she tells them, "No picture, No date!" She hasn't had to carry through on that threat yet. But, we figure that it might just keep her a little safer if the person she goes with knows that there's a picture out there the could connect them with her.

I was sitting there for about an hour after Cindy left when my phone rang. I quickly answered it when I saw that it was Cindy calling. "Hi Hon," she said. "I hope that you don't mind but I think that we're going to be here for quite awhile. Would you believe that we've been in the room for this long and I'm still not undressed? I'm going to be naked real soon but for now, Jerry is the only one naked. I stripped him about two seconds after he got in the room and, boy, am I glad that I did. He's got one heavenly cock! Not too thick but one of the longest that I've had and I can't wait to feel it in me. He's got some kind of staying power, too. He can go almost as long as you without cumming, even when I'm trying real hard to make him cum! Oh, and he's got some kind of recuperative power, too. I got him off by hand once when we first started and I've given him two blow jobs since then. I can't believe how much he came each time. I had everything I could do to swallow both loads. By the way, he's really a nice guy; he offered to use a condom but I told him that, if he didn't mind, I'd rather go bareback. I told him that I hoped that he was safe and, besides, unless he had a whole lot of condoms we'd run out before the night was over. He didn't argue." "Okay, I think that it's time to move on so I'm going to hand the phone to him so he can describe what I'm doing."

"Hi, Don," I heard him say. "Do you mind my talking to you while this is happening?"

"I don't mind at all, if this is what Cindy wants," I assured him.

"Okay, then," he said. "Like she said she's got me naked but she still has those cute shorts and the blouse on. I have a feeling that they won't be on long, though. She's grinning and nodding her head to agree with that. She just untied the knot on her blouse and she's starting to unbutton it. Damn, she just turned away from me before she opened the blouse. She's got the blouse off but all I can see is her beautiful back and a pretty bra strap. Oh my god, she just turned around and I'm looking at her nipples. She just told me that you don't know what bra she's wearing and that I should describe it to you. Let me tell you, there's not a whole lot to describe. It's a beige colored little thing that looks absolutely beautiful on her. There are almost no fronts on the cups so most of her boobs including her nipples are just out there. I'm going to go over to her and kiss and suck on them now. Oops, she told me that was for later. She says that right now is her time to get comfortable. To tell the truth, she might be getting comfortable, but she's making my prick so hard that it's not very comfortable!" I could almost hear the grin in his voice when he said that.

He continued, "I think that her shorts are next. She just nodded and said that I was right about that, too. She's got the button open and the zipper down and turned around so her back's to me, again. Now she's slid the shorts down and off. I've got a fantastic view of her beautiful ass in a great-looking pair of panties that match the bra. I'm glad that she's not wearing a thong. Some asses look so much better in nice bikini panties and Cindy's is one of them. I can't wait to see the front view."

"She just obliged me by turning around and I have to say that it's as nice a view as I thought it would be. The only thing that I could think of that would be better if I could see her completely naked. She just told me to have a little patience but I don't know that I can. She just asked me if I'd like to take a picture of her and send it to you. Don, would you mind?"

I told him that I wouldn't mind at all so he told me to wait just a minute. He must have been a quick learner because it was only a matter of seconds before I heard the notification that I had a picture on my phone. I looked at the picture and there was my beautiful wife standing in just her shoes, a very revealing bra, and a pair of bikini panties.

Don came back on the phone and said, "Cindy's just kicked off her shoes and turned away from me again. She's unclasped her bra and dropped it to the floor. Now she's sliding her panties down and off. The view from the back is fantastic, again. I can't wait to see the front. Looks like I'm going to have to wait longer, though. She's just spread her legs and now she's bending forward. I've got a wonderful view of her bottom. What a beautiful pussy and ass. I don't see a bit of hair anywhere down there. She just said that she bets it won't be too long before my prick is in her pussy. I can hardly wait. She is one beautiful lady. Oh shit, she's just said to me that she's been told that she's one beautiful fuck, too. If she fucks as good as she gives blow jobs I'm going to be in heaven."

Jerry continued, "Cindy's just turned around and I wasn't wrong; the front view is even nicer than I hoped. Her beautiful tits are standing up perfectly and those cute little nipples look awfully hard already. I can't even begin to do justice to the beauty of her pussy. As you know, it's completely hairless and the lips are already red so I'm going to assume that she's almost as excited as I am. Ohhhhh, she's spreading the lips so I can get a good look at her clit and her hole. I can't wait to get my lips, teeth, and tongue down there. She's already so wet down there. I can see that from here.

"By the way," he continued, "I've been taking pictures this whole time. Would you like me to send you a couple?" I told him that would be great if that's what Cindy wanted.

The next thing I heard was Cindy's voice. "I'll send you the pictures of me plus I'm going to send you one of Jerry. He's sitting in the straight chair and his cock is sticking up like a telephone pole. As soon as I finish sending the pictures I'll be riding that pole. Will you be thinking about that while you're looking at the pictures? If you will be, maybe you'd better go out and sit in the car or someplace else private."

This was the first time I had ever talked on the phone with Cindy while she was with another man and I was thoroughly enjoying it. I know it sounds as if she was being mean by talking like that but I have to say that I love it. And she knew it.

Meanwhile, my phone notified me that there were more pictures available. I couldn't wait to look at them.

But, that would have to wait as I heard Jerry come back on the phone. "Cindy just came over to me and handed me the phone," he said. "As she said, I'm sitting in the straight chair and she just knelt down in front of me. Oh damn, she just took my cock in her mouth and it feels as if she's trying to suck the whole thing in again. Don, she's damn good! I haven't ever found anybody who can deep throat me all the way like she can. She told me earlier that what she's done so far is nothing compared to what she'll let me do after I fucked her pussy. Then she asked me if I'd like to fuck her face later. She said that she meant to really fuck it–lay her down and drive into her face with my cock just as hard as if I were fucking her pussy? I told her that I didn't think she could handle anything that rough with a cock as long as mine. She just smiled and said that I might be surprised." "Don, I gotta go. Your wife is straddling my lap and I think that she's about to lower her pussy onto my cock. One of us will call you later!"

I sat there for quite a little while before opening the picture of Jerry. That was the only one that I could trust myself to look at while I was in such a public place. I wasn't even sure about that one but my curiosity got the best of me. I knew what it was going to be since Cindy had told me but I just had to see if his cock was as wonderful as Cindy gushed about it being.

As I looked at the picture I could see why Cindy was impressed. As she had told me it would be, the picture was of Jerry sitting in the straight chair. She had taken the picture so I couldn't see his face but I sure could see his cock. Now, I usually don't get a thrill out of any cock except my own but I have to admit that Jerry's was impressive looking. It's hard to judge from a picture with nothing to compare it to but I could tell that while it wasn't massive in girth it sure looked long. I had to guess but it looked longer than any of Cindy's vibrators and she had some long ones. I had to wonder how she was doing since the last time I talked to them she was about to take it into her pussy. I'm sure that if she was straddling his lap he'd have that whole length up in her.

At that thought, I figured that I could steal a glance at the other pictures. I was pretty sure that I could handle them without having to go outside or to the mens' room. Most of the pictures were just as Jerry described as he as taking them–Cindy doing a nice, slow strip tease. What he didn't warn me of was how good he was at taking the pictures and how great Cindy looked in every one of them. Of course, I knew that Cindy is beautiful but she looked as if she was really, really having a great time. Positively glowing, was how she looked. The one that showed her spreading her pussy lips almost made me cum and I was already regretting not going someplace more private to view them. Also, Jerry must have forgotten to mention a little detail when he told me about her bending over when she had her back to him. The first picture showed her bent over so far that her hands were almost flat on the floor in front of her. In addition to being able to see her beautiful ass and bottom I could clearly make out her smiling face looking back at Jerry from between her knees. In the second picture of the series, she had taken her hands off the floor and reached around behind her to spread her ass cheeks wide apart. That was quite a view that he was getting of her pussy and asshole from that angle. The smile on her face was still there. I don't think that I've ever seen a more "come hither" smile than that one.

I had just about decided to go out to the car when my phone rang, again. When I answered I heard Cindy's voice, "Hi, again, Honey," she said. "Are you still at the bar?"

When I told her I was she continued, "I hope that this isn't too much to ask but would you mind staying away for awhile longer. We'll try to be finished by the time the bar closes but I'm not sure that'll happen, we're having such a good time. At least I am and I hope Jerry is, too." "He just nodded his head and said that he's having a hell of a good time." "I hope so, because I have to say that he's a great fuck!" "Since we talked to you last time I've been fucked a couple of times, he's gone down on me more than once and I've given him another blow job. He says that I'm really good at giving blow jobs and I will tell you that he's great at eating my pussy. Maybe not quite as good as you but I think that he's trying hard. Oh, and he hasn't licked my asshole, like you do and I miss that." "Okay, he just told me that he'll work even harder the next time he goes down on me and that he'll have his tongue up my ass so far that it'll feel like a French kiss. He said that he didn't do that earlier because he wasn't sure I was into that. Silly, man. Before the night is over I'd like to show him that there's almost nothing that I'm not into." "Anyhow, are you okay with him staying here longer?"

I assured her that he could stay as long as she wanted him to and that I would be fine. She said, "Don, I know that I'm asking a lot leaving you down there by yourself but I am really having a good time. If you're tired of hanging out in the bar I really wouldn't mind if you got another room for yourself. I hope that you don't take that wrong, I don't want you to think that you're not welcome back into our room and my arms after Jerry and I are finished, I just want you to be comfortable while you're waiting."

I told her that I would be fine. I thought to myself that it might be fun to be in the room next to them so I could listen but I didn't say that to her. I thought that it might just "cramp her style" if she knew that I was next door like I was spying on her or something. Not that she wasn't something of an exhibitionist but she liked to bare it all without me around. That is, unless the show is just for me which happens quite often.

When she heard me tell her that I was fine with Jerry staying longer, she said, "Since you don't mind us being together longer I'd like to ask you to do something else for me, please. Would you, please, go out to the car and get my travel case and bring it to our room?" "Don't use your room key. Just knock on the door and one of us will come to the door and get the case."

I told her that I'd get the case and I'd be there in just a few minutes. She told me that was okay but that if they didn't answer my knock right away I should just wait. She said, "Jerry looks as if he would enjoy another blow job right now so I'm going to give him one as soon as I hang up the phone. I hope that I can get him to cum quickly so you won't have to wait long."

I told the bartender that I'd be right back and my mind was going a mile a minute while I walked out to the car. I wasn't real sure what was in the case. It was something that Cindy carried in the car all the time and she said it was her "make-up case" for when she went out on her dates. The way she smiled when she said it I had to think that there was something in it other than make-up, especially since she very seldom wore any make-up. She looked great without it.

I retrieved the case from the car and thought about it as I walked back to the room. I assumed that there was probably a vibrator or two in there but other than that it was anybody's guess. I knew from what she told me, Cindy was into a lot of things with her "friends" that she and I didn't do, so there could be just about anything in there that would fit. Cindy's arrangement with me didn't require her to tell me everything that she did and I never pushed the issue. She did tell me that sometimes she did things, or let people do things to her, that might bother me so she was going to keep some secrets. That was okay with me. Sometimes I think that I get about as much from my imagination as I do from her descriptions. Since the case was about the size of a large briefcase or even a small suitcase, it could hold a lot of things. Or maybe just a couple of bigger things. Again, my mind boggled just thinking about it. Also, I was finding it more difficult to walk since I had a major hardon thinking about the case and the pictures I looked at earlier.

I got to the room and knocked and waited. After a few minutes wait, I knocked, again. I heard Jerry say, "Just a minute, Don. We're just finishing up!" I was glad that our room was in the back of the hotel and that we didn't have neighbors to see me standing out in the hall this long. After another minute or two the door opened and Cindy was standing there in a beautiful, almost-sheer robe. "Wow," I said, "You look great.! Have I seen that robe before?"

She looked almost embarrassed when she said, "No, it's new. I was saving it to show you on a special occasion. I hope that you don't mind my saying that this has turned into a pretty special occasion."

In spite of still having the case in one hand, I put my other arm around her and pulled her to me. I gave her a very deep kiss, probing, what I assumed was, her freshly-filled mouth with my tongue. I didn't have to be a detective to confirm that I had thought right–I could taste Jerry's cum in her mouth. After, a few minutes of playing "dueling tongues" Cindy pulled away and took the case from me.

"Wait here and hold the door open," she said. "I'll be right back."

I watched her walk away and continued watching until she turned and disappeared around the corner. That's when I noticed that the dresser had been moved a little bit so that even though I couldn't see her directly I had a good view in the mirror of the bed with Jerry sitting on the edge. Again, I could see his cock sticking straight up again. Cindy approached him and put the case on the bed next to him and opened it. As I continued watching in the mirror, she dropped to her knees and, before she took his cock in her mouth, said, "Take a look through the case and check if there's anything in there you'd like to use on me after Don leaves." After she said that, I watched her mouth bob up and down on his cock for a few minutes that seemed like hours to me.

She finally stood up and walked over to me and said, "I'm pretty sure that you could see us in the mirror." "If you could, you saw that I wasn't kidding about his recuperative power. I had just sucked him dry when you were standing out here waiting for one of us to answer the door. I'm sure that you could taste his fresh cum in my mouth when you kissed me. But, as you could probably see in the mirror, he's already as hard as a rock and ready for more. Honey, you're good but I just don't want this night with Jerry to end until it has to. Is that okay with you?"

Again, I told her that I was fine with the way things were going. I'm sure that she could tell that was true just by looking at the hardon pushing out the front of my pants.

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