Double His Pleasure

by Harvey Marcus

Copyright© 2011 by Harvey Marcus

Sex Story: Mr. Marcus finally meets Ella's sister Melanie. The same day, young scientist Lillian Mutzman asks him over. Just how much sex can Mr. Marcus handle in the span of a few hours?

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Humor   Safe Sex   .

A ringing phone woke me from a deep sleep. I came out of a dream about getting caught by Harriett while I was fucking Rose to an extreme orgasm. Just as I was about to cum, Harriett burst through the basement door. I pulled out of Rose and blasted cum all over Harriett's face. She turned beet red and stormed out of the house, shouting threats laced with obscenities. So much for pleasant dreams. I pulled on a robe and dawdled downstairs. Harriett and Winifred were already dressed. Winifred's plate was spotless, not unexpected.

Harriett waved her hands as she spoke. In the past, I'd caught what she'd said were unintentional slaps. "I'm taking Winifred on a sightseeing tour. You know, the Mag Mile and maybe some of the museums."

I thought most of the museums were closed on Sunday, but Harriett could suffer with her own lack of planning. "Who called?"

'"Oh, yes. Someone invited you to an open house. She left the address." Harriett pulled a piece of scrap paper off the counter and handed it to me. "Are you looking at houses without talking to me?

Our house was really Harriett's house, a gift from her folks. "Nope. They must have me mixed up with some other Marcus."

"Another Harvey Marcus? Not likely. You're going, aren't you?"

"Heck no." I wanted a calm restful Sunday to prepare me for the onslaught of demands Tashun would have waiting for me. If Harriett and Winifred were out, I could relax with a Penthouse Letters or maybe I could assemble the RAID array and watch fathers and daughters fucking. "Besides, this is a nice house." Despite the fact that it was hers.

"But they made it sound urgent. Almost as if they expected you to be there. Someone might be waiting. It wouldn't be nice to disappoint Max."

I swung my head around so fast I pulled a neck muscle. "Max? Was that the woman's name?"

"No, that was a direct quote, or close to it. 'Don't disappoint Max' is what she said."

The only Max I'd met was Maximillion Vinibaldi, Chairman, MultiMax International, whose wife Ella I'd accidentally fucked in the storage facility. [Author: See Pub(l)ic Storage]. The light bulb came on. Max was coming through on his promise. Maybe I'd be coming too, inside Ella's sister. "I don't think I know Max." Lie.

"Go ahead. We'll be out anyway and it's not far. It could be important. You never know what kind of networking opportunity it might be."

If she was who I thought she was, the networking would have me plugging cock into pussy. "Okay, after I have a bite to eat."

I got cleaned up, dressed and had a bowl of cereal. I'd put Groats on the shopping list, so Harriett could try some. She deserved the experience.

I drove to the address, in a development not all that far away, and still within the bounds of the high school district. It was a typical two-story, where the second floor ended where the main floor garage started. Wasted opportunity for usable space. A bright blue sign announced 'OPEN HOUSE' with an arrow pointing the way.

At the door, a vaguely familiar dishwater blonde in a yellow zip-up dress met me. "Mr. Marcus?"

"Yes, that's me." I entered the house.

"I'm Melanie Ferguson, Ella's sister." She extended her hand. I shook it. "You asked Max to meet me?"

Max had come through on my request. "Yes, I did."

She didn't let go, evolving the handshake into handholding. "You and Ella had quite an encounter, eh? I would have loved to have seen Max's face."

Speaking of faces, Melanie didn't have the luxury of Max's millions. That meant no orthodontia, no plastic surgery, and no nose job. In addition, she'd had no breast augmentation of size or support, and anything else Ella had done to her body. Still, her tits were of nice proportion.

"So, we should get started. Go upstairs to the daughter's room while I pull out the Open House sign."

I climbed the stairs. The daughter's decidedly pink room was obvious by its messy decor, wall posters and photographs on the wall above the headboard. The strewn clothes led to a walk-in closet, whose doors had shutter-style vents. In the corner, a small table held a desktop computer with a good size screen and one armless rolling task chair. On the wall, one of the posters was for a teen rock singer named Hannah Banana. Never heard of her, although she was kind of cute. Too bad I didn't travel in those circles. A couple of Morse High School banners flanked the photo collection, along with a poster for the Morse Dashes basketball schedule. Circled in pink was a game the following Friday, evidently against a rival school. The occupant had written 'Kick their asses!" alongside the date. Hundreds of photos were pinned to cork squares glued to the walls. I knelt on the bed, checking out the pictures. The photos showed young women, lots of them. It was easy to tell which one lived there - her face showed up in almost every shot, including a traditional family photo with Mom, Dad, sis and an older brother. She was very cute, with a round young face that didn't match her voluptuous body. In one beach shot, the size of her breasts was obvious. My cock responded, as I thought about being in that young ladies' bedroom. My imagination is quite advanced. In several shots, I was surprised to see Jaqi, my buddy Smith's daughter. She was a friend of the resident teen? That lent additional firmness. No, no way, Jaqi was off limits, despite our encounter at Annie's sweet sixteen sleepover [Author: See Sweet Sixteen Sleepover].

"I'm ready." Melanie stood in the doorway, the dress unbuttoned and hanging loose from her shoulders. Ella had mentioned Melanie's 'wanton lifestyle.' Perhaps this would just be a quickie for her, another notch on her garter belt. The teen's bed was much better than the public storage shed's pile of cardboard cartons.

Melanie came over and put her arms around my neck. Her buckteeth were prominent against my mouth. The kiss wasn't bad, just a bit moist. Melanie was drooling at the opportunity. Me, I wasn't as worked up about her as the young woman whose room we were in. "Now you can make a comparison - the real thing versus the artificially enhanced model." She shrugged and let the dress fall off, leaving her in bra and panties. "Your turn."

Melanie didn't work out, at least, the lack of muscle tone bore witness to a sedentary lifestyle. Perhaps horizontal was a better description. Her bra struggled to keep her breasts up. Her posture was worse. Her hair was uncooperative, strands escaping in all directions. Her knees were bony. God, she was a mess. A horny mess, but someone I had little interest in fucking. Except there was her brother-in-law Max, who expected me to perform. After all, this was my big reward. How pissed would he be if I didn't? Too bad I hadn't a clue just how many repairs Ella had received until seeing the 'before' image of her identical twin. I certainly would have picked something or someone better than this.

I pulled off my pants and jockeys, struggling to stay erect. Melanie's wide eyes showed she was impressed, even if I was only half hard and losing ground fast. Instead of keeping her distance, she moved quickly to me, hugging and kissing. She reached behind and unclasped her bra. It fell off, her breasts throwing the garment to the floor. She laid on the teen's bed and pulled off her panties. A shaggy scruff of pubic hair looked nasty, like it had never been groomed. Or maybe even washed. And I was supposed to get my cock near that? I lost my erection at the sight of her splayed leg naked body but climbed up between her legs anyway. Maybe she'd be satisfied to just suck me off. Her lips gobbled my prick, her buckteeth unable to be pulled back safely behind her lips. I looked up at the photos mounted on the wall above the bed. The one at eye level was Jaqi and the mystery girl in bikinis in a backyard. My fantasy, being with them instead of Melanie, reinvigorated my cock. My erection had strengthened enough for penetration, as long as I had sufficient photographic stimulation for my imagination. I closed my eyes and pretended it was the mystery girl, the normal occupant of the bed, sucking on the head of my cock. Melanie did the honors, dragging me lower by my hips, getting me in position. I let her line me up until I knew I had a direct line of penetration and tossed my hips forward. Melanie shouted something obscene. I tried to ignore her voice, because it ruined the story in my head. I dreamed of ripping off the mystery girl's bikini top and fondling those big tits. What kind of nipples did she have? My desires translated into physical action, drilling Melanie hard, throwing her into a fit of uncontrolled orgasms. She squeezed my ass and threw her legs across my back. I closed my eyes, the images of Jaqi but mostly Mystery firmly in my mind, pummeling the pussy in front of me. Melanie screamed and shouted about how this is the best fuck she'd ever gotten. I opened my eyes and focused my attention on Jaqi's face just my cock exploded. No, never. Smith would have my head on a stake. I couldn't do that to my friend. On the other hand, Mystery was a stranger, and I really enjoyed strange.

Melanie was wasted, legs spread and bent like a broken doll. I got dressed and put the Open House sign back on the lawn. I wondered what would happen if any house hunters would arrive before Melanie regained consciousness. If they were male, perhaps they'd get sloppy seconds. At least when Melanie reported back to Max, I'd get a superior rating.

The short ride home left me with mixed emotions. Yes, Max had come through with his promise, and I'd cum through sex with his sister-in-law. But only by fantasizing about the house owner's daughter. I didn't even know her name despite memorizing her face and figure. God, those tits!

I was surprised to find Harriett and Winifred still at home. "I thought you two were going downtown for museums and shopping."

"We just couldn't get up the energy," said Harriett.

Winifred extend a hand with a slip of paper. "You certainly are popular, Mr. Marcus. I took the message. Who is Lillian?"

Lillian called? I swallowed hard and snatched the slip from her hand. "A student I met at the Science Fair." Who I practically raped in a chemically induced stupor. "Nice young lady with an unusual project." And a tight pussy.

"She wants you to come by her house," said Winifred. "She has something important to discuss. I don't mean to pry, but is this normal, for a judge to meet students outside of class?"

"I signed up for an advisor program." Not really. The sign-up sheets had been part of the packet for judges but I was too busy with work and having sex with strangers to tutor students. Although, maybe I should reconsider next year.

"Harvey has always been good with Annie and her friends, haven't you?" Harriett was pushing papers around the island counter, probably business documents. "Very popular."

Winifred shot me a knowing glance, as if she'd just mind-melded with me and knew every one of my lascivious secrets. There was no phone number. "I'll look up her number and make it some other time."

"No, no, you should go now. It must be important if she needs to see you in person," said Harriett. "No need to babysit us. I don't have anything on the errand list. Go on. If you're around the house, you'll just distract us from client planning."

Winifred's expression changed to one that shouted 'Save me from this workaholic!' I shot her a 'Sorry I can't rescue you' look and wandered upstairs to my computer. Why did Lillian need to see me in person? Was she pregnant? My God! Had she told her parents or minister that we'd fucked? Perhaps the police were with her, ready to take me in. Damn her, drugging me! Suddenly, seeing Lillian again filled me with dread.

I looked up 'Mutzman' in an online White Pages. 'Unlisted Number.' Damn, no chance to call and learn more, and potentially decline her invitation. I'd have to drive there. Harriett and Winifred ignored me as I walked past them towards the garage.

The Mutzman house was a brick bungalow on a tree-lined street in a neighborhood, which is what builders used to construct before developments were invented. It was six concrete steps up to the front door. Lillian answered a microsecond after I pushed the doorbell. "Hi."

Lillian looked dolled up in a fancy print dress, her hair styled in spiral curls and a touch of make-up. Infinitely more presentable than the way she looked at the Science Fair, a smart but plain waif. If she'd dressed that way at the Fair, I might have considered fucking her without being drugged. "I got your message. What's up?" Hopefully, not her weight and the circumference of her waistline.

"I have something for you, and I wanted to deliver it in person. Come on in." She held the door.

The Mutzman living room hadn't been redecorated in probably twenty years, assuming it had been decorated back then. The living room was open to a formal dining room, with doors off to the sides, probably bedrooms. I'd promised myself on the drive over that I wouldn't have sex again with Lillian. She was definitely cuter than the last time I saw her - school girl cute, not womanly cute - and still a scrawny stick of a young woman. I was determined not to breathe in any of her formula.

"So how have you been?" I was not privy to the deal she'd made with Zenellis Industries for her pheromone fumes. Hopefully she got her payment up-front before the escaped gas turned the company into a flash orgy.

"Pretty good, actually. Your introduction to Mr. Zenellis paid off real well. Even though I didn't win the Science Fair scholarship, what Zenellis paid me was even more. And I'm still inventing." She swayed back and forth, her hands behind her back. Her small breasts pressed forward. I pretended not to notice. "I have a new formulation that eliminates one of the original ingredients. The reason we both saw enhanced versions of each other was a hallucinogen. That's gone, replaced by a refined and more potent formula."

"Sounds like you've been hard at work." I was trying not to get hard, and pretty much succeeding despite the topic of conversation. "So, what do you have for me?" A policeman with handcuffs waiting in the next room? Your father with a shotgun?

She reached into a pocket of her flower print dress. "Here." She held out an envelope.

I took it, folded it, and put it in my pocket. "Is that all?"

"You're not going to open it?" For the first time, I notice Lillian was knock-kneed. Just a bit. It was sexy.

"I thought I'd open it later, in private."

"But I want to see your expression." She pouted.

I hate pouting. I pulled out the envelope and opened it. Inside was a piece of paper that looked like a check. It was, a cashiers check made out to me, my name properly spelled, in the amount of $50,000. "What's this for?" The paper felt gritty.

"Your fee." She smiled.

At least the pout was gone. "I don't understand. How did I earn a fee? For introducing you to Zenellis? A percentage of your licenses?"

"No, silly. The way I figure it, I wouldn't have known that my invention worked if you hadn't tested it with me."

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