The Christmas Gift

by WVBoy

Copyright© 2011 by WVBoy

Erotica Sex Story: At Christmas time everything is magical, you never know what you will find under the tree. Shelly has one of those magical Christmas's. This story is fantasy but is based on a true event.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Swinging   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

"Merry Christmas", I whispered to my lovely wife, Shelly, as she lay beside me.

This was our third Christmas together as husband and wife and the past year had been a hard one. First, in the spring, the company that I worked for had closed with almost no notice and had put more than a thousand people out in the cold, without jobs. With so many people out of work, neither Shelly or I could find full time work, only part time and even then not many hours. Several times during the year our car had broken down and we had put it back together with chewing gum and a prayer. And now here we were at Christmas time and the unemployment had ran out three weeks ago and still no hope of a good job. The savings were now gone and every card was maxed out.

We had talked about it, but still it didn't seem fair to have Christmas without any presents. We had tried but there just wasn't any extra money. Shelly had put up the decorations and had the apartment looking great, but still there was very little joy inside.

Actually there would be one present under the tree, Shelly had no idea that it would be there. A couple of weeks before Christmas we had been at the local mall just window shopping and wasting time. We had walked into a lingerie store and Shelly saw a baby blue teddy that she fell in love with and I knew she would be able to fill it to its fullest. She looked all over the store but kept coming back to this one item. After we left the store she made comments about how she really loved it, but that we just could not afford it.

Shelly did not know that I had a little money hidden that I had earned doing odd jobs, so the next day, I slipped back to the store and bought the blue teddy, had it wrapped with bright Christmas paper and ribbon, then I had placed it under the tree Christmas Eve while she was asleep.

As I lay here beside Shelly, I still couldn't believe that she had married me. She had been the homecoming queen in high school, the one girl that every guy wanted to go out with, but by a strange turn of events, I ended up with her.

It all started in our senior year at the annual New Year Celebration dance. Shelly was there with her date, you know the kind, football jock, Mr. Handsome, full of himself and not afraid to tell everyone he met that he was the best. As for me, I was there with my usual date, myself.

I loved to go to these dances to listen to the music, but never brought a date or even danced when I had a chance. I could talk to girls, but was never comfortable around them. Shelly's boy friend was half drunk when they arrived and he had been sneaking drinks from a bottle all evening. When the dance was over, she was afraid to ride home with him. Shelly and I had several classes together and she had seen that I had been alone all evening so she asked me if I would drive her home. On the way to her house she asked if we could stop and talk. While talking we discovered that we had a lot in common. When I walked her to the front door of her home, she thanked me and gave me a light kiss on the cheek, I was in heaven. The following week at school, she said hi to me every time we passed, that turned into carrying her books then we started by being just good friends, then it developed into a romance and then marriage.

Even with Shelly being as popular as she was and having many dates, she had never let any of them get past touching her through her clothes. She had told me that on the night of the dance, she had planned on going all the way with her boyfriend, but due to him acting like such a jerk, she never went any further. Even after we were engaged she wouldn't let things go too far. On our wedding night we were both virgins. Neither of us knew what to do or exactly how to do it, but over the next three years, we had managed to work our way into a very satisfying sex life together.

Now five years after that time at school, she was as beautiful as ever, not tall, only 5'4", at 105 pounds, every inch of her was as solid as she had been in high school. Shelly had spent a lot of time at the gym while I had been working and it had paid off with a perfect hourglass figure and heart shaped ass to die for. As I watched her wonderful 34C breasts rise and fall in rhythm with her breathing, I could see her long nipples making tents in the thin fabric of her nightgown. I had tried to convince her to shave her pussy many times but she just wouldn't surrender to that train of thought. She kept it trimmed enough that she could wear a bikini but that was all she would ever agree to.

We had talked about children and had been trying hard, but now with all of the problems we were having, we just were having no success.

As I whispered the words, "Merry Christmas," again into Shelly's ear, she began to stir. I loved to watch her as she woke up, she was like a cat waking from a nap, stretching all over, not sure whether to wake up or go back to sleep.

Since today was Christmas day, we had invited Bennie to join us for the day. Bennie and I had met in Jr. High School where our lockers were next to each other. Over the years we had become close friends. We did everything together, learned to jack off together under the bleachers, look up girl's dresses, grabbing small feels and all of those other things that teenage boys are interested in. I had been the best man at his wedding and he returned the favor at mine.

Bennie had married Kim right out of high school; she was from a well to do family and was accustomed to the finer things that life could offer. To her family, Bennie was way below their standards. Bennie and I had worked together at the same plant, he had been in management and I was just a production worker. We were both laid off at the same time. As soon as Kim saw that the money was about to stop coming in, she was history. Bennie came home one day after putting in job applications and found her things gone and divorce papers on the kitchen table.

The divorce had been simple and quick; Kim had taken her clothing and personal items and had left Bennie with everything else, including all of their debts and payments.

Bennie really had no family, his mother and father had been killed in an auto accident right after him and Kim were married and having no brothers or sisters, we knew that since the divorce, he would be alone for Christmas. When we invited him to join us, we told him that it would not be very fancy but Shelly would cook up something that would stick to our ribs.

Bennie was never the athletic type, although he had the body for it. He had the body of a weight lifter, solid abs, and an all round solid body. Bennie was tall, around 6' 4" but with his strong build he didn't look that tall.

We really hadn't planned anything special; just spend the day together as good friends, maybe watch a little TV and drink a few glasses of wine. Shelly rolled over and looked at the clock, ten o'clock, she jumped out of bed, "I've got to get our meal started."

I just lay there and watched as she peeled off her nightgown, and went running for the shower. When I heard the water start running, I slipped into the bathroom and tried to get into the shower with her, but she wouldn't allow it because of the time, so I went back and lay down on the bed, from that vantage point I could watch the show when she came out to dress.

The show was not a disappointment, Shelly was still the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen, and she knew how to show it off. As she began to dress, she would bend toward me to show off her great tits, then turn around and bend over to show off her heart shaped ass. Several times I jumped off the bed and tried to grab her, but she kept saying, "Later". Shelly dressed in her normal around the house blue jeans, a loose sweat shirt and her old tennis shoes.

I slowly got dressed. I wanted to let Shelly go down stairs before I did and find the gift from "Santa". I held back as she started down the steps, then I heard a squeal, it almost sounded like a little girl who had found a new doll under the tree. As I came down the steps I saw her sitting in the middle of the floor, surrounded by torn wrapping paper, ribbon and pieces of the box that had been holding the blue baby doll nightie and she was crying. She said between sobs, "I love it, but I didn't get you anything, I'm so sorry."

I told her, with an evil grin on my face, not to worry about it; she could make it up later. I tried to get her to model it for me, but she said that there wasn't enough time now but she would do it later. The rest of the morning was filled with scurrying here and there preparing lunch, putting the last touches to the Christmas decorations and getting ready for Bennie to arrive.

Just as planned, around noon, Bennie was ringing the bell at the front door. Upon letting him in, I found that he had brought two bottles of wine with him as Christmas gifts, I escorted Bennie into the living room, Shelly jumped up and wrapped her arms around him, gave him a quick kiss and wished him a "Merry Christmas". This was nothing unusual, she always greeted him this way. She then escorted the two of us into the dining room where she had the table set with the fine china that we had received for a wedding present. Although a simple meal, everything looked and smelled heavenly.

After eating our fill, the three of us cleared the table and retired to the TV room, to vegetate while the effects of the meal wore off. Soon the wine began to flow and we began proposing toasts to a "Merry Christmas" and to great friends. As tongues began to loosen up, we asked Bennie what he had gotten himself for Christmas, and he told us being by himself for the first time, he wasn't in the mood for Christmas and hadn't bought anything other than the wine the three of us were now sharing. I explained to him that we were so short on money this year that we hadn't bought presents for each other either. Soon Shelly began to tell about her mystery gift and how much she really loved it, because of embarrassment, she would not tell Bennie what it was.

As the wine continued to flow, we were getting into the holiday spirit even more and Bennie kept trying to talk Shelly into telling him what her present was. After another glass of wine she finally agreed to tell him what it was. She began telling about seeing the baby doll outfit in the store but knew we had no money to buy it and how much she really loved it. Bennie asked if she would show it to him.

Shelly walked over to the tree on shaky legs and retrieved the box and opened it up to show the light and airy fabric. The fabric was so thin and sheer that even the smallest movements in the air made it come alive. I said, "The only thing that would make it look better would be if you were modeling it for us." Of course Shelly refused.

Even though Shelly had always been the most beautiful and most popular girl in school and now a beautiful young woman, she had never done anything to bring attention to her body in public. I had described her body to Bennie many times when the two us were engaged in those "guy talks".

I told her, "There is no one here except the three of us and we are friends; there is really no harm in showing it off, after all Bennie has seen you in a bikini many times."

"Yes but, if I model this he will be able to see my boobs."

"I don't think he will mind and you could cover them with your hands." After a few seconds of thought Shelly said, "OK, but only a quick look, I'll be back in a few minutes." With this, up the stairs she went with her package under her arm.

Bennie and I had expected her to only take a minute then make a quick appearance on the stairs, then go back to change back into her normal clothes. Bennie asked, "Are you sure you are ok with this."

"Yes, I am. You and I have always been close and shared many adventures together; there is no reason that I can't share the beauty of my wife with you."

After a several minutes had passed we heard a voice from the top of the steps "Is everyone ready?"

In unison we replied, "Yes, come on out."

I moved to the couch and sat on the end opposite Bennie, this way both of us had an unobstructed view of the stairs. With great anticipation we watched the top of the stairs. The first thing we could see was Shelly's great calves and that she wasn't wearing the tennis shoes anymore, in their place were a pair of white three inch heels. The high heels were making her legs take on a great shape. Slowly she descended the stairs, pausing at each step, displaying a few more inches of her beautiful legs with each step. Now the hem of the blue baby dolls came into view, followed rapidly by the blue panties. A couple more steps and we could plainly see her beautiful breasts with their dark nipples showing through the fabric. At this point both of us had expected her to turn and ascend the stairs again, but to our surprise, she kept descending, taking her time and making sure that each step revealed her best assets.

When she reached the bottom of the steps, she continued to where we were sitting and sat down between us. The movement of the fabric had excited Shelly to the point that her nipples had become hard and almost an inch long. Her panties were normal bikini panties, they were opaque and not allowing us to see anything that was within them, but both of us could see that there was a rapidly growing wet spot between her legs. At first she tried to keep her breasts covered with her arms, but soon found that she couldn't do that and drink her wine at the same time. The battle was over, she surrendered and allowed her arms to lazily fall into her lap completely revealing her beautiful breasts hidden only by the thin light blue fabric. Bennie could not take his eyes from them and by the quickly growing tent in his pants I could tell that they were having an effect on him.

We sat quietly for a few minutes, almost afraid to say a word, finally Bennie said, "You were not kidding when you said that Shelly had beautiful breasts."

Shelly began to laugh, "I can only imagine what else you have been telling Bennie about me."

Now the three of us were only half paying attention to the movie that was playing on TV, Bennie and I were having a much better time watching Shelly. I started moving close to her and began brushing my arm against the hard nipple of her right breast. She began to moan. Shelly turned and gave me a deep kiss, allowing her mouth to open and accept my tongue. As I explored her mouth with my tongue, my hand was exploring her breast. I could feel the vibrations in my mouth as Shelly continued to moan.

As we brook the kiss, I said, "Shelly you are ignoring our guest." With that she turned toward Bennie and gave him a kiss just like the one she had just given me, pressing her breasts into his chest. Bennie looked past Shelly with a questioning look; I nodded my head to indicate that it was ok. Slowly his hand began to explore first her back, and then as he began to move it on to her arm and started to touch her breast, she blocked that move with her arm.

"Shelly, it's OK, it is Christmas and I know that Bennie has been alone now for several months." Without breaking the kiss, she slowly lifted her arms and wrapped them around the back of Bennie's neck, indicating surrender; Bennie now was cupping her breast with his hand and moving his thumb over her nipple. He was tracing circles around her nipple and Shelly was starting to squirm and moaning louder and louder into his mouth.

As they began to break apart, Shelly, now almost out of breath whispered to him, "Merry Christmas, Bennie."

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