Tim Me and Big Willie

by SizeQueen

Copyright© 2011 by SizeQueen

Sex Story: A young newly wed, selling realestate, sells the house next door to her to a Black family. Not long after moving in she's invited over for a Margarita. Not being much of a drinker she soon finds herself under the spell of this handsome Black man as she is unable to break the trance she seems to be in. But we can't really blame her, after all, she's a young white woman and has never seen anything quite like what shes looking at.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Drunk/Drugged   Fiction   Slut Wife   Wimp Husband   Cuckold   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Size   .

This story may anger some of you, some of you may find it hard to believe and still others may think it's a funny story. In truth, now that I see it written down, I find it to be all of these things.

It actually started five years ago when Tim and I got married. Well, maybe it was never meant to be from the day we met. We were both in our last year of collage. We met at a graduation party. Having had two classes together, I knew who he was, but he hadn't really been someone who interested me in any way, other than I knew he was very bright and would probably go far in life. To sum him up, he was a geek, a nerd, somewhat of a wimp in my opinion.

I was somewhat the same type person, although I always had guys calling, asking me out, but I was more interested in getting my degree, than I was in finding a man. I was twenty two years old and still a virgin when I went out with Tim, my future husband. It wasn't that I never dated, I'd just never put out to anyone. I went out, enjoyed myself and left them standing outside my dorm, with only a kiss goodnight.

But this night was different, I was ready to graduate and I'd been studying hard on final exams, but now that they were over, I needed relief from all the stress. What better way to relieve the stress, than to go get laid for the first time. According to my room mate, who had went out with Tim, he was still a virgin. Why this interested me I'll never know. Maybe I didn't want anyone to know I was still a virgin, I'm not sure, maybe I wanted us to learn together. I immediately set out to get Tim into bed with me that night. I wanted to be his first and him to be my first.

He proved to be what I had perceived him to be, not exactly a wimp, but a bit on the soft side. I did find him to be a gentleman, not at all rude and obnoxious, like most of the other students I'd dated. Most of whom tried to be the life of the party and ended up drunk on there asses before midnight and then suddenly thought they were irresistible love machines.

I did manage to get Tim to dance with me and he even had a couple of beers, but taking me to bed was out of the question. I all but told him, now that I was about to graduate, I was ready to become a complete woman, by giving it up to him. Either he didn't comprehend what I was offering him, or he was to much of a gentleman to seize the moment and take me to bed. We hung out at the party until around one AM, then he asked me if I'd like to go have breakfast with him.

That's how our relationship started. A bit on the slow side? Oh ya, but the more we went out, the more I liked him and realized with any luck at all, we would have a very rewarding future together. When he asked me to marry him three months later, I excepted without even thinking it over.

Our wedding was small, mostly family. My mom and dad and two sisters, his mom and dad and his older brother and a few close friends. When we got back two weeks later from our honeymoon, it was pack up everything and move to the west coast. Tim had sent out resume's before graduation and had several offers for great jobs, but all were out west, from Seattle to southern California, neither of us liked the rain, so we chose California.

Tim did well in his job and after a year we bought a house in one of the housing projects. Soon after that, he became head of marketing and this required him to be gone once in awhile which was alright by me. I had a job in sales, with a large reality company which kept me quite busy, at times not getting home until nine o clock or later. I didn't like that part of my job, but it sometimes meant the difference between making a sale or not.

About six months after we'd moved into our house, the house next door was put on the market. Since we'd become friends with the people who lived there, they listed the house with me. After being on the market only about two weeks, a couple in there late thirties came in and asked if I knew anything about this place. Smiling I said, "I just happen to know quite a lot about that place, since I lived next door to it." I explained to them it didn't have much yard area, but it did have a very nice pool area. That brought a smile to the mans face as he said he didn't want a place with a lot of work, he preferred a place to rest and enjoy.

Once they saw the place it was a slam dunk. He loved the pool and the quiet neighborhood, with our house and their, s being on the end of a cul de sac with the pool out back on our side of the house. William, who asked to be called Bill, was quite the opposite of Tim. He had to be close to six foot tall, a hundred ninety pounds, dark Ebony skin, an almost athletic body and dominating attitude. His wife Ella, was a little on the plump side, with a protruding butt and very large breasts. Tim is very light skinned, sandy blond hair and an almost frail body, at five foot seven, a hundred and thirty pounds. I'm five foot three, blond, a hundred and ten pounds with small, but firm perky breasts, quite the opposite of mrs Roberts.

They moved in and we soon became friends, having barbeques and get together, s at each others pools. About three months after moving in, Bill was laying out alongside the pool on a lounger when I came out of our house, wearing only a bikini bottom and a string tie, halter top that didn't cover much of my pert round titties. He waved and asked if I'd like to come over. I Grabbed my glass of ice tea and walking over I said, "why not, Tim's out of town for a couple of days."

Instead of sitting up when I approached, Bill stayed lying on the lounger and I couldn't help but notice the swelling in his Bermuda shorts. I'm not sure if he was watching me behind his sun glasses or not, but he did smile as I stood staring at the bulge, unable to look away for what seemed forever. When I was finally able to pull my gaze away from his swollen manliness he said. "That makes two of us being alone, Ella had to fly back east for a family get together with her three sisters whom she hasn't seen in about five years."

When Bill started talking, I knew he'd been drinking and wondered if it was a good idea me being there alone with him. He had never made any sexual advances towards me, but we'd never been alone before either. I finished my iced tea and he told me to pour myself a frozen Margarita out of the container that was sitting on the table between us. I hesitated, but he said, "go ahead, one isn't going to hurt you Lisa."

Laughing I said, "you're not trying to get me drunk are you Bill, I'm not much of a drinker you know."

"Now Lisa, why would I try to get you drunk, you're not afraid I might try to take advantage of you are you?"

I felt my face flush as the conversation had suddenly turned sexually charged. Ah no, no of course not.

I poured my glass full of Margarita and sat down, by the time I'd finished it, I had a pretty good buzz going and was thinking about going home, when Bill got up from the lounger saying, "don't run off, I'll be right back. I watched the muscles flex in his broad back as he left the pool area, staggering slightly as he made his way into the house. I sat sipping on my second glass of Margaritas when Bill came back and laid back down on the lounger. Picking up his glass and downed it, then in a slurred voice, "damn them are good, don't you think so Lisa."

Giggling I said, "yes they are pretty good, but I better not have anymore, or I won't be able to get across the yard to my house."

Picking up the container, he filled his glass, then said, "hold your glass over here Lisa, there's only a little bit left and we don't want to waist it." With that he emptied the container into my glass half filling it again. As we talked I couldn't help noticing the position of his manliness had changed, instead of being a somewhat large bulge in his shorts, there was a rather long straight tube lying along the inside of his thigh, allowing the head of his cock to almost be seen out the leg of his shorts. He sat his glass down and moved around a bit as if getting more comfortable, which also moved the legs of his shorts higher up on his legs, Then placing his hands behind his head he said drunkenly. "This is the life isn't it Lisa, a pitcher of great Margaritas and a beautiful young woman to share them with, life doesn't get much better than that."

I was sitting there staring at what was now protruding out of the leg of his shorts and finding it hard to believe that the head of a mans penis could possibly be that large, I'd always thought Tim's was probably about average for a man, but Bill's was much larger than Tim's.

I have no idea what prompted me to slip out of my lounge chair and onto my knees, thinking back now, it was almost as if I was in a trance, brought on by the sight of Bills huge cock head. As I knelt there staring at the huge black cock head, I reached out and wrapped my fingers around the shaft just below the swollen head. My god it felt good in my hand. I began moving my hand slowly up and down and it wasn't long before a drop of pearly white liquid oosed out of the hole in the huge head. I sat looking at it wondering what it might taste like. Back in collage I'd heard some of the girls talking about having sucked off their boyfriends and wondered if they liked the taste, I had always assumed they had, they talked about doing it after every weekend.

I pushed the leg of his shorts up as high as I could, holding his very hard throbbing cock straight up, I lowered my head and put my lips around the huge head, locking them tightly in the deep groove between the head and the shaft and began slowly licking and sucking on Bills black cock. After I'd tasted it and found it wasn't as bad as I'd always thought it would be, I began bobbing my head up and down taking more and more of Bill, S huge cock into my mouth. I have no idea how long I'd been sucking, when I felt his cock growing larger and harder. I started to slide my lips up the long black shaft when he placed his hands on the back of my head, groaned and said, oh fuck ya Lisa, suck my black dick. I clamped my lips tighter as It began jerking, filling my mouth to over flowing with his black mans juice. I choked and gagged but had no other choice than to swallow it all.

When it was finally through spewing it's creamy liquid, I tried to pull my mouth off the still, almost hard cock. Still holding my head in his hands, Bill groaned, "don't stop baby, suck it good, make it nice and hard again."

In a matter of minutes it was hard and throbbing in my mouth. He said, "stand up Lisa."

Slipping my mouth off the long black tube I stood up and he rolled off the lounger onto his knees in front of me, grabbed the waist of my bikini bottom and pulled them all the way down and off, gasping I said, "no Bill, please don't do that, I shouldn't have done what I did and I'm sorry."

Sorry! Hell baby, you got nothing to be sorry for, you suck dick real good, now I'm going to repay you for the favor. Reaching behind me with both hands he pulled me up close to him. When I felt his thick full lips pressing against my pussy lips, I almost collapsed. I'd never felt anything like it in my life and not wanting it to end, I spread my legs giving him all the room he needed to pleasure my hot sopping wet cunt. It took only minutes until I felt my stomach tighten and I knew I was about to have my first real, honest to goodness orgasm. Bill had felt me shiver and heard my squeal and had stuck his tongue into my pussy as deep as he could get it, then licked my pussy all the way out, as his tongue slid over my clit his soft full lips took over and sucked on my clit until my body convulsed and gushed my juices for the very first time ever.

He gave me ample time to recover before he reached up, placed his hands on my shoulders and brought me down to my knees. Then placing his soft full lips on mine began sliding his tongue in and out of my mouth as if it were a cock. When we broke the kiss I thought it was all over, but it had actually just begun. He grabbed the cushion off the lounger, threw it down behind me and laid me on my back, then picking up my legs, he moved between them. I pleaded with him to stop but there was no way he would be denied what he wanted. As I was pleading for him to please not do that to me, he was pressing the huge cock head between my pussy lips, moving it along the now very wet slippery opening, pushing harder and harder until it finally entered my pussy.

I let out a deep groan saying, "oh, oh, oh my god Bill!!! It's to big, you're hurting me, please stop Bill."

"Take it Lisa, you hot little bitch, I've wanted to get my black dick in you since the first day I saw you, now take it, fuck it good." "Damn baby, that's the tightest pussy I ever had my dick in." He pushed in and pulled out going deeper with each thrust until reaching close to the bottom of my cunt.

"Ooooohhh uugghggh oh my gawd Bill!!! Its hurting me, it's stretching my pussy ohhhh my god." He held it all the way in until I'd gotten somewhat used to the size before he began pumping in and out of me again, using long deep thrusts, all the way out, then all the way back in. He began slowly picking up speed, until he was pounding me hard, deep and fast. I'd had four, huge explosive orgasms when he grabbed my ass cheeks, lifted me up and pushed every inch of that black cock into my pussy and emptied his huge balls into my womb. I laid there gasping and moaning as I felt myself being filled with this black mans fertile cum. I'd never felt anything so wonderful in my life as I dug my nails into his back and hung on, not wanting it to end.

We laid in each others arms until we had recovered enough to get up. I told Bill I had to go home and started picking up my clothes. He picked me up carrying me into the house saying, "I got to have more of that tight white pussy baby. We went into the house and fucked until we were both totally exhausted. When I was finally able to move, I got up, grabbed my halter top and bottom and went home. When I got up the next morning I could hardly stand to walk. Once I'd gotten a good long shower, I felt a lot better. That day at work a couple of the girls asked if I'd fallen, all I could think to tell them was, I'd slipped out by the pool and hoped I hadn't blushed after I'd said it. When I thought about it later it wasn't that far from the truth, I had slipped out by the pool. When I got home that evening Bill was lying on the lounger by the pool, waiting for me to come home. I was getting out of my car when he waved calling out to me. "Come on over Lisa, relax, have a drink."

"I don't think that would be a very good idea Bill, not after what happened last night."

"Oh, why is that, didn't you enjoy what we did last night, sure seemed to me you were enjoying it."

"I, I, didn't say I didn't enjoy it, what I meant was, I didn't think it would be a good idea to have a repeat of last night, I was so sore this morning I could hardly walk."

He laughed saying, "you know what they say about riding a horse, you won't hurt near as bad, if you get back on and ride it some more."

"Ya, well, that's almost what it felt like I'd been doing, riding a horse." All the while we'd been talking, I'd been walking in his direction without even realizing it. I was now standing in front of him.

Reaching out he took my wrist and pulled me down on top of him. "I knew once you got a taste of my black dick you'd be back." "You liked that big dick didn't you slut. I'll say this baby, Tim's a lucky guy, that's the tightest pussy I ever had my dick in. Remember how good it felt Lisa, you loved my big dick stretching that tight little cunt didn't you Lisa."

While Bill had been talking, I'd been filling my mouth full of cock and was only able to nod my head, yes. It only took about ten minutes of sucking before Bill filled my belly full of liquid protein.

Fifteen minutes Later I was screaming, Oh my gawd Bill!!! fuck me deep and hard, give me that big black cock, fill me with black cum. I felt his cock stiffen then jerk inside me, as my juices gushed, flooding the thick black pole stuck deep in my pussy. It was after midnight before we'd sated our appetite for each other and I went home to my bed.

The next afternoon Tim came home. I felt real guilty about what I'd done and could hardly look him in the eye. I was sure if Tim and I had sex that night he'd be able to tell my pussy felt somewhat larger than it had before he left. I begged off having sex with Tim that night, but gave in and had sex the next night. Although he didn't seem to notice any difference, I sure did. I closed my eyes and thought about Bill as Tim fucked me with his slim, five inch cock.

As Tim fucked me, I Laid there thinking about how good Bills eight inch, very thick cock, had felt stretching my tight pussy lips almost to the point of tearing them the first time he fucked me. After the fucking Bill had given me those two nights, I barely felt Tim at all. As Tim and I went through the motions, I laid there wondering if I could ever be satisfied by Tim again, or would I have to keep going back to Bill to get what I needed. Would Bill be the only one who could satisfy me?

Tim lasted his usual ten minutes, then shot his spunk. Leaving me hanging once again. I wasn't even close to having an orgasm when Tim had cum in me then rolled off and went to sleep. I had been content with Tim in years past, but never really satisfied at least not the way Bill had. As I laid there comparing the two, I had my doubts Tim would ever be able to satisfy me, even to the point he had in the past.

After the first time, Bill and I got together every chance we got. I just couldn't get enough of his big black cock. I loved the feeling of being stretched and filled by a nice big cock and I was having at least four or five orgasms by the time Bill pumped me full of his black seed. Their was no way Tim was able to satisfy me no matter how hard he tried. I needed it big, hard and deep.

It was after one of our nights together that Bill said he and Ella would be gone for awhile and his nephew Arron, who was nineteen and out of collage for the summer, would be house sitting for them and asked if I would kind of look after him a little. He wanted to make sure Arron stayed at the house like he was supposed to and not out running around like most guy's his age wanted to do. I groaned, "oh baby," "how will I be able to make it without getting any black cock until after you get back."

Smiling he said, "well with a little luck, maybe you'll get to meet big Willie. If you do, you'll be damn well taken care of."

I pressed him to tell me who big Willie was, but he just laughed saying you'll know him when you meet him. The day before they were to leave, Bill's nephew Arron, showed up. He wasn't at all like I'd expected him to be. He reminded me of Tim in a lot of ways, he was quiet, wore large horn rimmed glasses, about five foot nine inches tall, a hundred and fifty pounds, medium dark skin and a large friendly smile. I liked him right off, but I'd been hoping for somebody to take Bills place until he got back.

A few days after Bill and Ella had left, I'd just gotten home from work when someone knocked on my door. Looking out I saw it was Arron and yelled for him to come in. Smiling as he came in I asked is everything okay?"

"Yes everything is fine, I just wanted to talk to someone."

I asked, would you like an ice tea?"

I'd like something a little stronger if you have it, like a beer maybe. I knew he wasn't old enough, but also knew he wasn't going anywhere, so I went to the fridge and got a beer for both of us.

We were sitting at the table drinking our third beer, when Arron said. "uncle Bill said he had a cute little neighbor, but I didn't expect she would be cute as you."

I felt my face flush as I said, "well thank you Arron, I'm glad you think I'm cute." I couldn't believe this nineteen year old kid was hitting on me, had Bill told him about us, my god he surely wouldn't have done that, would he?

"I think you're a lot more than cute, I think you're a real hot little housewife. I bet you love having a big dick in you, don't you Lisa.?" I know for sure, if you been hitting it with uncle Bill, you got a thing for big dick, ain't that so."

Caught off guard by the young man, I stuttered saying, "I think you should go now Arron, my husband will be home at any time and he might not like finding me sitting here drinking beer with someone who is underage."

"I bet he'd like it a lot less if he come home and I was pounding my black dick in his little wife's white pussy." "besides, I heard your husband tell you on the way to his car this morning, that he should be home in a couple of days, so lets cut the bullshit. I know what you crave and I have just what you need to satisfy that craving in a way you can't even imagine."

"Please Arron, just go." I was becoming a nervous wreck listening to Arron tell me he could satisfy my craving. He had no idea what it took, or did he? It was beginning to sound more and more like uncle Bill had told his nephew a lot more about him and I, than he should have.

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