Anger Management

by Huedogg

Copyright© 2011 by Huedogg

Flash Story: After reading a story about a guy's wife cheating on him because he went to a strip club. She thought he cheated and of course he didn't. But she cheated anyway. She tried to make things even but getting the wives of the guys she fucked to fuck her husband to make things even, but he pussied out and said he would cheat on her. So here is my take on that story.

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You know counseling really sucks, why do I need Anger Management? Shit I only did what any normal guy would do. I mean come on how bad could it have been. Sure a few people got hurt but they deserved it. They caused my life to spiral out of control and now theirs are to, so what's the problem.

Hi All, My name is Hank Wilson and I have anger issues. This group counseling was court ordered. I am 35, married (for the moment) and have 3 kids. Two boys and a girl and I love them to death.

Jeff the appointed group counselor asked me, "Why did the court make you come here today Hank?"

"Well now Jeff, it's a long story," I said

"Well, Hank we're all here for the next 3 hours take all the time you need," said Jeff.

I cleared my throat and began telling my story, "I won't go into how I met my wife but I will tell you her name is Amanda, and at one time I thought she was the sexiest woman alive."

"This all started because I went to a stag party. My brother was getting married and we were sending him out with a bang. We went all out strippers, a hooker and even a nude candy gram. After all this was my little brother. I told Amanda about every little part of it, I didn't want anything coming back on me.

The party was a blast. It started about 3 pm on Saturday and ended Sunday at 7:00pm. It only ended then when the cops came to the room because of the noise. I had talked to Amanda at least 12 times over the length of the party.

My brother got married and they left for their honeymoon. It had been about three months since the party and life was back to normal or so I thought. I came home from work, and went to the bathroom and took a long shower. I will be the first to admit it, I smelled like ASS. I am a fisherman by trade, but I love working on the docks. I think it because the guys can be guys ya know. We hang out, talk shit and work.

I was just coming out of the shower and everything went black. It had to be a truck, but how in the fuck did it get in my bathroom. I tried to get up but for some reason I couldn't move. I looked around and everything was fuzzy, all I could make out were two figures in front of me. As my eyes came in to focus, my wife and her sister were standing in front of me.

"So you want to cheat on me you fuck," said Amanda.

"What in the fuck is wrong with you?" I said and tried to get up and finally noticed that I was duck taped to the chair. And when I say duct taped I mean it was wrapped around my ankles at least twenty times. I couldn't move one freaking inch.

"Let me go right fucking now," I said.

"I will after I get even with you, you bastard," said Amanda.

Get even, what in the world was she talking about. I didn't do anything. My brother and I made sure we broke none of the rules that were set.

They both left, I must have sat there for an hour before they came back. Amanda strolled in followed by five of the guys from the stag party. I looked up and told them to set me free.

Mark had always been one of my oldest friends. I've known him for more than 20 years. He was my best man, and I named my son after him. His wife was the only woman in the world other than my wife that I truly trusted.

Mark bent down and looked me straight in my eyes and said. "Hank you shouldn't have cheated on Amanda."

And before I could respond Amanda shoved a ball gag in my month. Cheat on Amanda, that fucker knew I had never cheated on Amanda.

Needless to say they fucked for 3 hours straight. She took it up the ass, she was dp'ed and she even had a dick in every hole. When they finished she went in the shower and left me alone with my five ex friends.

Mark said, "To bad we didn't tape it".

I just sat there not moving, one of the other guys removed the ball gag. I flexed my jaw and just looked at them.

Mark walked up and said, "She was one hot fuck. I have always wanted to fuck her. I just couldn't pass up this chance. I know after this we won't be friends again but I just had to do it."

I didn't say anything I just looked at him and smiled.

Mark said, "Hank let it go because if you don't some one will get hurt."

Then he punched me in the face with what I don't know but I woke up about a couple hours later in the hospital. I looked over and saw Amanda sitting in the chair. She must have dozed off, so I got the nurses attention.

"Can you please call the police for me please?" I asked

The nurse was about to ask why, when I showed her my wrists. She said she'd be right back. She came back about 5 minutes later and said there on the way.

When the officers got there, Amanda had finally woken up. She asked what was going on.

I said, "My name is Hank Wilson, about 7 hours ago. My wife had some men tied me down and carried out a gangbang in front of me for cheating on her. The only problem other than her proving how much of a slut she really is, is that I never cheated. I can give you the name of each person there. I know for a fact that two of the guys are cops. So If you aren't going to do your jobs leave now and when I get out I can take the to the State Attorney's office."

The officer said, "Sir just tell us what happened."

I told him everything about the party and the gangbang. Amanda just sat there listening with her month open. I told the officer that a tape of the party was made so no husband would get in trouble. I also told him that if one of the guys had sex with a hooker it would show it on the tape.

The officer stepped over to Amanda and asked her to stand.

"Ma'am you have the right to remain silent." She was charged with assault and kidnapping. I gave them each of the guy's names that were at the gangbang. I thought to myself, its time to bring the pain. I had gotten hurt now it was time to hurt everyone involved.

As Amanda was being led out she looked back and told me this wasn't over.

"Your lying Hank and I'm going to make you pay."

The officer told her that she also was being charged with making a threat against my person.

I had a week hospital visit and formed a plan to bring the pain. I had quite a few licks to collect on. A lot of people were going to get hurt by this so I had to be sure that I really wanted to get even. So I made a list.

1. They put me in the hospital.

2. They lied on me and put me in the hospital.

3. They fucked my wife and put me in the hospital.

4. My wife is a slut and help them put me in the hospital.

Well so much for the list. They can have the slut and besides I am in the hospital. I am getting even, even if it kills me. What I had planned just might. I sat in the hospital for the next week plotting and planning.

I got out of the hospital and went to the bank. I took out 500.00 and while I was there the teller let me know that my wife had been trying take out money. She got pissed when she found out that her name wasn't on any of my accounts. Then she came back with her lawyer and was told that even with a lawyer her name wasn't on any of the accounts. They left pissed. I headed right to my brother and asked if he knew a good lawyer. He was pissed at me and asked how I could have our friends arrested. As I turn to leave, he ran out and stopped me.

"Hank what in the fuck is going on?) asked my brother.

For the next hour I explained to him and his wife all that had happened. They sat there with their eyes bugged and mouths wide open. When I finished his wife looked at me and called me a liar. My brother told her that I never lie, and she should stay out of it. She told him, he didn't know shit and to shut his fucking mouth. He asked her what in the fuck was wrong with her. If she was on that slut's side then get the fuck out. This is my brother you moron.

She looked at him and got up and left. She went in their bedroom got her purse and told him she was going out. My brother looked her in the eye and told her to let him make something perfectly clear to her. If you get involved in this and you aren't on my brother's side then let me know. We can get this marriage annulled. Because your either with us or your not. She looked at him and walked out the door. We heard the car start then, the door opened and she walked in dropped her wedding ring on the floor.

My brother said, "so be it". Then she turned and left. The first thing we both did was headed for a lawyer. We put my plan in to motion. The shit would hit the fan by the end of the week.

Friday, D-day started with a bang. At 9:00 my realtor placed a for sale sign in my front yard just as Amanda was leaving for work. Amanda jumped out the car and asked, what in the fuck are you doing? The realtor showed her the owner was putting up the paper work showing house for sale. Amanda screamed, he couldn't do this. Sure he can it's his house. While at work Amanda's boss walked in with a young guy and said that he was looking for her. The guy asked if she was Amanda Wilson? Amanda said yes, I'm Amanda Wilson. He handed her a large brown envelope and said, "you've been served".

Later that day I received no less than 50 phone calls. Five wives asked what the hell was going on, I told each and every one of them the whole story. I left nothing out. I received no less than 30 death threats I recorded each of them. While they were ranting I was laughing my ass off, it seemed to piss them off even more. What I'll never understand is when you fuck some guys' wife and beat him up. Why wouldn't you think he was going o get even.

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